The Road Biking Guide for Beginners


For bike enthusiast, road biking is pretty close to buying happiness. Not only, it is a fun activity but also is the best exercise to keep you fit. You can serve many purposes on a bike like slow exploring, scenic ride, or a cardio workout with pace. It helps you cover the distance from your house to your office or nearby grocery store in an environmentally friendly way.  But for beginners, it can be scary and confusing. Don’t worry we are going to help you get on the bike easily with some beginners tips and tricks. Let’s explore:


Choosing Right Road Bike

Basically, you will find the road bikes in light and fast design to work on paved surfaces. They get made of steel, aluminum, titanium or carbon fiber. At the time of shopping, keep in mind to check the fit and comfort of the road bike. Buy a bike which is correspondent to your height and inseam length. Make sure that your leg can touch the ground when you are at the top of the bike.


How to ride Road Bike

  • Manage Cycling Cadence

As you change the terrain on your ride, you are supposed to shift gears to get steady cadence. Generally one should pedal between 80–100 times per minute. When you pedal at a faster or slower cadence then you can get exhaustion quickly. If you find it hard to pedal at an average cadence, then shift to a lower gear because you might be riding at a high gear and vice versa.


  • Pedaling

Generally, a beginner pushes the pedal down on the downstroke. But this is not the only way to ride. Instead of pushing it down on the downstroke and pulling it up on the upstroke, pull your foot at the bottom of the stroke like you are scraping mud off the bottom.


How to Shift Gears while Riding Bike

There are few important parts incorporated into the standard bicycle that helps in shifting gears and let you experience how easy it is to pedal the bike. The left shifters in the bike control the front chain while the right shifters guide the rear row. The left shifter will cause in a large jump in the struggle of the pedals, while the right shifter will make a balance in the resistance. A biker should practice getting hands familiar on gears.


Few Important Bike Rules

  • Do not ride against or opposite side of the moving traffic like you would do while walking or running. Always ride the bike with traffic and stay on the right side of the road to avoid any accidents like car doors, potholes or curbs. Move to the left-hand lane only when you are going to make a left turn.
  • If you have a companion while riding the bike, then it is advisable to ride single file rather than two side by side. It will give enough space to cars to pass safely without causing any hazards.
  • Even if you are on cycle, it doesn’t mean you are not supposed to follow traffic rules. Like everyone else, you are entitled to follow traffic rules. Don’t run through red lights and stop signs. Always use hand signals while making turns and this will alert fellow drivers of your actions.



Now, you have basics of the question-How to ride the bike for beginners. Just relax and practice the bike riding in low-traffic areas. Once you have mastered the art in low traffic area then slowly you can shift to roads. Just be comfortable and as safe as possible. It is not a science and will give you a better experience in life. So go ahead and enjoy the ride- because it is fun.

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