The 6 Best Inflatable SUP & Kayak Electric Pumps of 2019


People generally get confused about the factors they should consider if they are new to this sport. Whether you need a water sport that is unwinding and offers great aspects or you want the adrenaline of grabbing some serious tubes, with a little more security than you receive from a stand-up paddle boarding may be on your menu of things to try.It is an attractive sport for touring, training, and game. Here is what you require to know to buy Best Inflatable SUP & Kayak Electric Pumps.


The 6 Best Inflatable SUP & Kayak Electric Pumps – [2019]

  1. BTP Mano Two Stage Electric Turbo Pump
  2. Sevylor SUP and Water Sport Electric Pump
  3. AIRHEAD Hi Pressure Air Pump
  4. NIXY Elite Inflatable Paddle Board Electric Pump
  5. SEAMAX SUP 20PSI Intelligent Double Stage Electric Air Pump
  6. TOWER Premium iSUP 12V Pump

Best Inflatable SUP & Kayak Electric Pump

Best Inflatable SUP & Kayak Electric Pump Reviews

#1.  BTP Mano Two Stage Electric Turbo Pump 

BTP Mano Two Stage Electric Turbo PumpFeatures:

  • Inflate up to 15 PSI
  • 8’6” alligator clips
  • 12V lead battery
  • Comes with a carry bag
  • Shut off automatically

This Best Inflatable SUP & Kayak Electric Pump has two steps. The first step is for low pressure, which inflates the majority of the kayak quite soon. Then it changes to stage 2, which is the high- pressure form. This stage is a bit heavier but will get your kayak as rigid as it wants to be. You can establish the PSI level on the pump and it will close off automatically once it enters it.

BTP Mano Two Stage Electric Turbo Pump 2It begins with 8’6” alligator clips to attach to your car battery and a 6’ hose so there is loads of room to run. There is a free turbo pump 12V lead battery for cordless use prepared for buying if wanted. This pump appears with a carry bag and all necessary valve accessories for inflatable kayaks, inflatable SUP and other inflatable boats and accomplices.

Kayak Electric Pumps

#2. Sevylor SUP and Water Sport Electric Pump

Sevylor SUP and Water Sport Electric PumpFeatures:

  • 12V portable air pump
  • Inflates up to 15 psi
  • Auto-shutoff stops
  • Unit select button
  • Low-pressure extension hose

This Inflatable SUP & Kayak Electric Pump can easily inflate your SUP and Water Sports gears. Intended to inflate up to 15 psi, this high-pressure 12V electric pump is perfect for rigid SUP boards as well as other low-pressure inflatables such as boats and lake floats. It is powered by a 12V vehicle hole, making it an excellent choice to continue on a boat or in a car to boost items for fun on the water.

Sevylor SUP and Water Sport Electric Pump 2

Easily connect the high-pressure pipe to your board, select a pressure and the pump will automatically cease when the wanted pressure is given thanks to its adjustable auto-shutoff characteristic. The low-pressure expansion hose and included adapters enable you to use this portable air pump. The unit select button allows you to choose from psi, kPa, and mbar for combined convenience.

Kayak Electric Pumps

#3. AIRHEAD Hi Pressure Air Pump

AIRHEAD Hi Pressure Air PumpFeatures:

  • 10’ power cord
  • 20 amp outlets
  • Easy to carry
  • Inflating up to 18 PSI
  • 10’ hose

This is one of the best Inflatable SUP & Kayak Electric Pumps. You’ll relish the performance of this 120-volt air pump. It inflates and deflates swiftly and efficiently. It has peak pressure of 2.5 psi, a lot of pressure to get high-end inflatable boats, rafts and strengthened backyard items right and firm.

AIRHEAD Hi Pressure Air Pump 2You’ll quickly notice how they do better when well inflated. A Pressure Release Valve is added to limit pressure to 1.4 psi for checking over-inflating towables, pool toys and other vinyl and nylon coated inflatable things.

The accordion-style hose bolts onto the pump, reducing annoying disconnections. Four common valve fittings fit all current valves and lock onto the line. You’ll prefer the screw-on Boston Valve adapter, an AIRHEAD exclusive.

For attached convenience, there’s a carry arm and a 10 ft. long control cord. It draws 6.1 amps / 730 watts. Its volume is 460 litters/minute.

Kayak Electric Pumps

#4. NIXY Elite Inflatable Paddle Board Electric Pump

NIXY Elite Inflatable Paddle Board Electric PumpFeatures:

  • 12V DC iSUP pump
  • Inflates up to 20 psi
  • 12-V battery cables
  • Adjustable auto-shutoff stops
  • Non-kinking hose with H3 nozzle

The NIXY best Inflatable SUP & Kayak Electric Pump is a unique and affordable alternative that delivers all of the grunt work out of the iSUP inflation method. This easy-to-use pump works swiftly and efficiently, and the protection shutoff feature reduces any over-inflation risk. The pump operates in two stages — the initial (less noisy) stage quickly pumps air into your board till there is significant opposition.

NIXY Elite Inflatable Paddle Board Electric Pump 2Positioned on the top of the pump is an easy-to-read force gauge, PSI dial, and on/off switches. There are inflation and deflation ports for attaching the included hose, and the back of the pump highlights four rubber feet that are connected to springs which serve as shock absorbers.

Kayak Electric Pumps

#5. SEAMAX SUP 20PSI Intelligent Double Stage Electric Air Pump

SEAMAX SUP 20PSI Intelligent Double Stage Electric Air Pump


  • Weight 4Lbs
  • Dimension:10”x7”x7″
  • 12V DC connector
  • Built-in 12A fuse
  • Automatically shuts off

Prepared with great points, the Seamax SUP20D best Inflatable SUP & Kayak Electric Pump is a real delight to use. This intelligent 12V double stage pump highlights a compact, easy to carry design with a comfortable top handle. Positioned on the top handle are a digital LCD layout, PSI/BAR mode button, increase/decrease switches, and a control button. Seamax’s new SUP20D pump is currently an example of the best choices if you’re in the market for an effective, easy to use an electric paddle board pump.

SEAMAX SUP 20PSI Intelligent Double Stage Electric Air Pump 2

This pump is lightweight and remarkably portable, and it’s performed flawlessly for us to visit — inflating a variety of board shapes and sizes. Once the wanted pressure has been attained, the Seamax SUP20D automatically locks off. There is certainly no chance of over-inflating your paddle board — a serious problem with conventional air compressors which can appear in serious injury and a cracked board.

Kayak Electric Pumps

#6. TOWER Premium iSUP 12V Pump

TOWER Premium iSUP 12V PumpFeatures:

  • 12-volt battery cables
  • 2-stage pump
  • 12-volt cigarette lighter connection
  • Constant pressure gauge
  • Attached H3 valve

This best Inflatable SUP & Kayak Electric Pump comes with a handle, giving it easy to transport wherever you go. On top, it highlights a dial that lets you set force, as well as a pressure gauge that continually monitors the pressure. One point to note is that when the PSI is under 5, the gauge does not ever accurately describe the pressure. Though, since SUPs usually need a higher PSI, this will, however, get the job done.

TOWER Premium iSUP 12V Pump 2This stand-up paddleboard 2-stage pump is easy to install and then let finish its job, while you find the rest of your things. When its pressure means the pre-set pressure, it will automatically close down. The pump can be utilized to inflate or deflate and even though it is intended especially for use with Tower boards, it is agreeable with any board that accepts an H3 adapter.
Kayak Electric Pumps

Things to Check before Buying The Best Inflatable SUP & Kayak Electric Pumps


  • Compatibility
  • Pressure Range
  • Pressure Gauge
  • Automatic Shut-Off
  • Efficiency
  • Battery
  • Deflation



Possibilities are if you are looking for Best Inflatable SUP & Kayak Electric Pumps, the inflatable board you picked does not come with one combined. To avoid misusing time and money, the first point you should check for is compatibility. Filling up your paddleboard should be honest and easy. You do not want to work around with adapters to get your board filled, wasting precious time that you could be spending on the water.


Pressure Range

Pumps normally have a pre-set limit, which is the pressure that they can set out. To have compatibility, it is necessary that the suggested PSI of pressure drops within the range the pump can put out. Some pumps shear out at 15 PSI, while others cannot go ahead of 20 PSI.


Pressure Gauge

Do you know how you have to fix the air pressure in your car tires to a specific level of air for them to run well? The same is the right of inflatable SUPs and kayaks. For them to stay even in the water, maintain your weight, and catch the twists and changes as they are introduced by your paddle and the water, you need to have the right quantity of pressure. Some pumps come with a combined pressure gauge, which shows the PSI as the board inflates. This is a more comfortable option than the option, which expects you to exclude the pump, check the pressure, and then pump the board more if needed.


Automatic Shut-Off

If you are picking a model that checks PSI as it fills, you should also examine the auto shut-off function. For this pump, you settle in the target PSI. As the pump approaches the pre-set limit, it will shut off. This is a great point if you are concerned about over-inflation.



One of the most popular assumptions made is that riders will take their SUP to their destination by car. For this purpose, electric pumps generally connect to the car battery or the thinner plug of your car. These are useful if you are traveled to the local lake to paddleboard, but not as comfortable if you have a long walk and want to hold your board deflated for this.



Best Inflatable SUP & Kayak Electric pumps come in one-stage and two-stage changes. One-stage SUP pumps are a little less valuable because they are a little less effective. They sweep air continually until the PSI is transferred, with speed depending on the power in the pump that you have preferred. Two-stage pumps use a fast rate to fill the board and then slow down lightly so it does not go above the PSI. Typically, this happens on the board being inflated more immediately.



To make moving as easy as loading up to go to your desired spot, you will need to be able to immediately deflate your SUP. While this is not required, a deflation feature is usually included for a fair price. It guarantees that your board is deflated completely, so it can easily be stowed away securely until next time. This is not a requirement, but it will make caring for your paddleboard much simpler.


FAQ’s for Best Inflatable SUP & Kayak Electric pumps


Q: How long does an Inflatable SUP & Kayak Electric Pump take to fill up?

A: Two things define this – the pressure of your pump and the size of the SUP. This point is usually about around 10 minutes but can range somewhat. On average, a pump will drop 1psi per minute, which may not seem like enough. However, connected to manual pumps, it’s about twice as fast. Also, manual pumps sometimes have trouble reaching the detailed pressure because of the high resistance.


Q: Can I inflate more in my watercraft with an ISUP & Kayak Electric Pump?

A: This is very doubtful to happen, even though it’s probable. Inflatable vessels are built to be very tough, meaning that the maximum stress they can endure is much wider than the operating pressure which is directed in the manual. So there is a very narrow chance that over-inflation will occur and cause harm to your watercraft.


Q: To what PSI should I fill my SUP board?

A: You will normally get a manual with your commodity, which is going to contain data on how to inflate your SUP or kayak, and to which pressure (psi). For most goods, it’s suggested to be around between 10 and 15psi. All pumps excluding one operate in this range or rose so you’re not going to have any problems.


Q: What is the benefit of using an ISUP & Kayak Electric Pump?

A: An electric pump keeps your time in the first place. Even though you are going to take a manual pump with about every purchase, using it can be exhausting. You are expected to put in some energy, and it takes a bunch of time. Electric pumps do this job much faster, which is especially useful. Also, it’s much more effective when the target psi wants to be reached. As we stated, the resistance can be too hard to succeed when using a manual pump, determining your vessel sometimes won’t be in certain shape when you get it out on water except you use an electric pump.


Q: Can I use an ISUP Electric Pump to deflate an inflatable kayak?

A: Normally you can. This mostly depends on the result itself. We think that it’s moderately useful if an electric pump you purchase has a reverse role too. This helps you reduce air inside very fast, and also the air pouches which are sometimes hard to separate by hand. It keeps your time instead of having to turn and fold the vessel to force the air out and also allows you to tightly pack the board and additionally conserve space.



Before you catch the waves, you should seem confident that your pump will work. It should instantly inflate your board, preserving you time and work. We have given all the information on what you should look for before buying Best Inflatable SUP & Kayak Electric pumps. So if you are thinking to get one then don’t forget to check above mentioned points. So go ahead and buy a Best Inflatable SUP & Kayak Electric pumps now.


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