The 6 Best Women’s Ski Pants of 2021


Best Women’s Ski Pants

Playing in the snow and indulging in winter sports activities is seasonal and can be attempted once a year. The activities are full of fun and adventure and provoke interest in many women to attempt them.

But performing snow activities are no fun, for without the right accessories a woman can put herself into the risks of frostbites, hypothermia, etc. Women ski pants come for the rescue and are capable of keeping one warm even in extremely cold temperatures.

Their insulation, additional lining, and water repellent properties make them an important accessory for outdoor activities. Choosing an ideal ski pant for women is not straight forward and we need to consider a number of important aspects and here in our guide, we have covered those aspects in detail. Read through for our best pick of top 6 best women’s ski pants.


The 6 Best Women’s Ski Pants – [2020]

  1. Columbia Women’s Bugaboo Pant
  2. Arctix Women’s Insulated Snow Pant
  3. Helly Hansen Women’s Legendary Ski Pant
  4. TSLA Women’s Rip-Stop Snow Pants
  5. prAna Women’s Halle Pant
  6. BenBoy Women’s Outdoor Ski Hiking Pants

Best Women’s Ski Pants

Best Women’s Ski Pants Reviews

#1. Columbia Women’s Bugaboo Pant

Features At Glance:

  • Material: Nylon and polyester
  • Snap closure
  • 100% nylon lining embossed taffeta
  • Waist: adjustable
  • Onmi tech waterproof breathable fabric
  • Seam-sealed pant
  • Adjusting internal leg gaiter
  • Lower leg snap gusset

The Columbia women’s bugaboo pant features an inseam length of about 32 inches that are designed for an active fit. The ski pants facilitate excellent mobility and help in all outdoor activities. This waterproof breathing pant is completed seamed to lock the elements so that the user stays dry and protected during all outdoor adventures in the cold and wet weather conditions. The trouser is of pure nylon and polyester material with snap closure.

The pants have pertinent insulation to protect against the cold weather. The waist is adjustable and thus should fit most of the women skiers. It is of Omni tech breathing fabric that only keeps moisture and sweat at bay but also helps in keeping bad odor and bacterial infestation from affecting the user.

The seam-sealed pant helps in waterproofing and ensures optimal mobility in the wild. Its adjusting internal gaiter at the legs and lower leg snap gusset helps in free range of motions all through the day.

#2. Arctix Women’s Insulated Snow Pant

Features At Glance:

  • Insulation: 85 grams of therma tech insulation
  • Adjusting waist for good fit
  • 600 deniers ballistic to reinforce the ankle
  • Dobby shell with therma lock coating
  • Taffeta Lining
  • Boot zippers
  • Zippered hand warming pockets
  • Machine wash only.

The Arctix insulated women’s snow pant is an excellent outdoor garment that has been tested against wear and tear to offer the maximum protection against the elements. It is of superior quality and has an excellent fit to deliver true to size comfort and wearing ability. The attire is ideal for snowboarding, skiing and all outdoor activities in the cold winter conditions. It features a high tech outer shell that helps the user to stay dry and warm all day long.

Between the insulation and the outer shell, there is a unique breathable material that wicks away the body moisture and also keeps the user dry during strenuous play and exercise. It keeps the wearer warm with its 85 grams of lightweight Therma Tech, which is advanced insulation with heat-trapping microchambers.

The pant keeps the user warms without weighing them down. It is less bulky and offers more flexibility. This affordable and high-performance outerwear makes everyday winter activities easy while keeping the user warm at all their outdoor endeavors.

#3. Helly Hansen Women’s Legendary Ski Pant

Features At Glance:

  • Material: 100% polyester
  • Imported material
  • Snap closure pants
  • Machine wash possible
  • Two-way mechanical stretch pant
  • Waterproof, windproof and breathable material
  • Inner thigh venting zippers
  • RECCO advanced rescue systems
  • Articulating knees for movement optimization
  • Durable water repellent treatment

This is one of the most functional women’s attire with a classic resort look. It never goes out of style and is one of the extraordinary, most preferred and insulated ski pants. It features a new polished design with excellent weather protection for the legs when spending time on snow mountains.

The fabric is completely waterproof, is breathable and features a complete seam seal technology for keeping the user warm and comfortable all through the day. Its Primaloft insulation with excellent thermal regulation helps with mechanical venting and temperature control.

The waterproof and breathing outer layer protects the user from the elements. Its unique membrane shields against water molecules from entering in but allows moisture to escape. The two-way mechanical stretch fabric ensures that there is no restriction of movements.

The pant is highly articulating at the knees to optimize movement. It is completely adjusting at the waist and has extending leg length to cater to the needs of kids who grow faster. The pant offers an additional 5cm length to use for the next season for kids.

#4. TSLA Women’s Rip-Stop Snow Pants

Features At Glance:

  • Winter gear tip stop snow pants
  • Three-layer construction
  • Anti-static fabric
  • Insulation padding
  • Duratek ripstop
  • Front snap button enclosure with Velcro
  • Elastic boot gaiter
  • Reinforced leg guards
  • Cargo pockets with Velcro
  • D-ring for small attachments.

This durable Ripstop snow pants for women is available in two sizes for outdoor enthusiasts and women are recommended to read through the sizing chart appropriately before making the purchase.

This is a highly appropriate winter gear rip-stop snow pant with three-layer construction. It is of anti-static fabric and features duratex ripstop and insulation padding. This pant features front snap button closure with Velcro. It also includes side pockets with a secure zipper.

Other inherent features of the pant are its elastic boot gaiters with snap and reinforcing leg guards. These feature original cargo pockets with Velcro and have D rings as well at attach simple things on the go. They fit extremely well for all women and is true to its size. Its waists sit higher and are thus great for snow sports.

The color of the pant is perfect and features excellent great thickness. The attire is not bulky and is also not too thin and is a great value for money. The product features 30 days no risk 100% complete refund assurance.

#5. prAna Women’s Halle Pant

Features At Glance:

  • Material: 97% nylon and 3% spandex
  • Imported material
  • Pants with Button closure
  • Hand wash
  • Stretch Zion fabric
  • Cross-functional pant
  • Trouser styling with snap front
  • Articulating knees

The women’s Halle pant features a durable, water resistant, moisture engaging design that is reinforcing at the knees. This is a versatile outdoor pant that is ideal for mountain hikes, snowboarding, desert bouldering, and almost all outdoor adventurous activities.

The fabric is from a leading brand Prana who are pioneers in crafting clothing for people who live fully, play along and travel extensively. It’s stretch Zion fabric helps the user to conquer every day and is a cross-functional pant with flexibility and entire durability.

The stretch Zion fabric makes the attire the most suited one for traveling, camping, hiking and climbing activities. It does not look so touristy and can be easily used in the place of dress pants. It thus saves space while backpacking in budget airlines.

They look feminine both at the front and at the back and does not look so baggy. It is available in a number of attractive colors with a neutral color palette. Its bottom can roll up into a Capri which is better than a zip off legging.

#6. BenBoy Women’s Outdoor Ski Hiking Pants

Features At Glance:

  • Material: 100% softshell polyester
  • Antistatic pants with no pilling
  • Multi zipper pockets
  • Slim fit pants for hiking
  • Water repellent and windproof
  • Features fleece lining
  • Perfect for all winter outdoor sports

This women outdoor ski hiking pants are just perfect for both autumn and winter and keeps the user warm and dry. It features a slim fit style and is perfect for all winter outdoor activities. It is good to wear pants both at home and for all outdoor activities such as cycling, hiking, climbing, skiing, etc.

The attire is lined with fleece and is water resistant to adapt to both the snowy and the windy weathers. It is of 100% softshell polyester material with no pilling and is pretty comfortable to wear.

It features multi- zipper pockets to keep the keys, phones, credit cards, and other personal belongings. This slim fir hiking pants feature an adjusting waistband with a belt, patchwork knees, knee darts and unique cargo pockets at the thigh portion.

The pockets are secured with a zipper. It is a water resistant and repellent outdoor pant with fleece lining. The lining keeps the user warm and dry in both cold and windy weather. These stylish snow pants for women in perfect for all outdoor activities.

Buyer’s Guide for Ski Pants for Women

Sky pants for women

Points to consider while choosing to buy a women’s ski pants:

Before choosing to spend on a ski pant, it is important to calculate the number of days and seasons we would use in the powder and the snow and the budget of the pant. For those who are hiking a lot, the layering options and the breath-ability are important points to consider so that one does not overheat on top of the hill. Let us discuss the other important points in choosing the best women’s ski pants.

  • Bibs Vs pants
  • Softshell Vs Hard-shell pants
  • Insulation
  • Ventilation
  • Comfort and fit
  • Pockets


Bibs Vs Pants:

Ski bibs are not just a fashion statement but also feature compelling performance benefits. They prevent the powder from sneaking down the pants as snow has the capability of getting into the pants in a storm. Bibs do not allow the snow to enter inside and they have integrating snaps as well making the outer layer of the pant impenetrable.

Most of the pants used for snow sports have adjusting tabs at the waist. They are also water repellent and render excellent proofing against the cold climate. Pants are also less expensive and are easy to use at rest stops. Some of them integrate with a compatible jacket seamlessly as well.


Softshell Vs Hard-shell Pants:

The biggest distinction between the water repellent and the breathability technology is the soft shell and hard shell fabrics they are made of. Hardshell pants render complete waterproofing and superior wind protection. On the other hand, soft shell fabrics breath well and are only water resistant.

Being cold and wet in the mountains can degenerate rapidly into a serious situation. Softshell pants are ideal for warmer temperatures and drier climates. soft shell is not the best bet as a year-round pant and they don’t keep the user warm on windy days.



Ski pants that have insulation feature additional and synthetic puff to keep the user toasty on the mid-winter days. These pants are less versatile and most of the manufacturers measure their insulation in terms of grams. Ski pants that have insulation often feature two-layer water protection and breathing systems. Insulation is mandatory to withstand the cold climates which can turn breezy at any time.



Almost all of the ski pants have some form of a ventilation system. Ventilation is a critical component of a good design ski pant. If the pant has an effective ventilation system, the insulated pants can withstand even the worst of weathers. Vent placements is a matter of personal preference; inner vents can irritate the legs of the user though.

It is important for the air to get flowing and the sweat to stop soaking the layers of the pants and restricts the user from movement. It is important to choose pants whose zippers are easy to pull and that doesn’t catch easily on the surrounding fabric and on the mesh.


Comfort and Fit:

It is important to choose a pant that keeps the user comfortable throughout the trip. Comfort is the ultimate necessity that keeps one ready and willing to rip. Choose a ski pant that has plenty of room to carve and to stay warm.

Check the waistband of the pant for layers, check the legs for movement and choose a pant with the right length to cover the boots and to keep the snow out. If the pant is too baggy, then it might leave too much air space for the body to warm it efficiently.

Before choosing to buy the pant, check the sizing chart of the manufacturer. It is a great advantage to buy brands that offer short, long and regular length options with their pants.



Choose a ski pant that has bigger pockets to store wallets, chapstick and also a camera or a phone. Pants with cargo pockets and a Velcro closure are an additional advantage. The back pockets and the hip pockets can come handy in risky endeavors.



The RECCO rescue technology ensures that the ski adventurist can get detected by the ski patrollers in the event of avalanche and other disasters when they use an electronic device in their fabric. The device is not an avalanche beacon but for those who are skiing in terrains prone for an avalanche, this might be helpful. Before getting ahead with the ski adventure consider to use a fabric that is outfitted with RECCO.


Different Types of Ski Pants:

The first thing to consider while purchasing the ski pant is analyzing whether you run hot or cold while skiing. Some enthusiasts run hot and can overheat while others can get cold. The next thing to consider Is skiing weather conditions. The different types of ski pants are,

  • Stretch style pants
  • Insulated ski pants
  • Shell pants
  • Soft shell pants
  • Stretch ski pants


Stretch Style Pants:

The 3 in 1 pant have a unique feature. It allows the user to have a ski pant and the mid and its base layer all in one pant. They also have a weatherproof and waterproof shell at its outside and an insulating layer that is zipped at the insets of the pant. There is an option to use them together or as independent layers.


Insulated Ski Pants:

These are the most common and popular type of snowboard and ski pants. They offer the perfect blend of protection and warmth against the elements. The insulation layer is generally synthetic and the weight of the insulation is measured in terms of grams. Higher the number, warmer and more insulated are the pants.


Shell Pants:

These pants offer the best protection against the elements. They are waterproof, windproof and are extremely breathable but they lack insulation. These are the lightest and offer the maximum amount of mobility. As they don’t have insulation it is good to wear a thick base layer with these pants.


Soft Shell Pants:

The softshell ski pants are of a soft and stretching fabric. They are the most breathable pants that work for warm climates for skiers.


Stretch Ski Pants:

These pants are becoming popular with women. They are pretty much fitting without much insulation, and they could have a lining that offers both warmth and some waterproofing.



Choose a ski pant that offers utmost comfort and fit and is available in different shapes such as slim, relaxed and regular. The fit and the style are however matters of personal choice. Apart from the fit, choose the pant that is warm, versatile and fits one’s body temperature. Choosing something that helps you stay warm and safe in the snow mountains.

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