The 10 Best Wetsuits for Diving, Surfing & Swimming of 2021


You know the importance of wearing high mood clothes above water. It is only systematic that you are properly suited underwater as dexterously. The wetsuit you chose should give an add-on buildup of protection though tempting in your favorite water sport, still be alert, beatific and have easy interaction and exit. With correspondingly many to pick from, it is important to compare features and go taking into consideration companies that use the latest and best technology in wetsuit design.

We evaluated a wide variety of wetsuits and narrowed beside our best picks. This gain will improvement happening you prefer the right wetsuit for the water temperatures and conditions that you scuba dive, surf swimming.

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The 10 Best Wetsuits for Diving, Surfing & Swimming – [2021]

  1. O’Neill Wetsuits Mens 3/2mm Reactor Full Suit
  2. Seavenger 3mm Neoprene Full Wetsuit with Super Stretch Panels
  3. Quiksilver Mens 4/3Mm Syncro Plus Chest Zip – Full Wetsuit Chest Zip Wetsuit
  4. Cressi Morea – Mens Wetsuit Full 3mm, in Premium High Stretch Neoprene
  5. Bare 5mm Velocity Full Suit Super-Stretch Wetsuit, Men’s
  6. ScubaPro Men’s Everflex Steamer 3/2mm Wetsuit
  7. XCEL 7/6mm Thermoflex Ultrastretch Men’s Full Scuba Diving Wetsuit
  8. NeoSport Wetsuits Women’s XSPAN Full Jumpsuit
  9. O’Neill Psychofreak Men’s Wetsuit 3/2mm ZEN Zip SSW Full Wetsuit
  10. Henderson 3mm THERMOPRENE Men’s Wetsuit Full Length GBS

Best Wetsuits for Diving, Surfing & Swimming

Best Wetsuits for Diving, Surfing & Swimming Reviews

#1. O’Neill Wetsuits Mens 3/2mm Reactor Full Suit

O Neill Men's Reactor Back Zip Full Wetsuit



  • Product size: 15 x 3 x 4 inches
  • Constructed with Flatlock
  • 3/2 mm thickness
  • Krypto Knee Padz
  • Easy to wash and dry

It is the best wetsuits for diving, surfing, and swimming. If you are a water baby then this should be the must-have in your closet. It has a fully adjustable neck finish which provides non-irritating protection. It is made with Flatlocâ to give it the best durability. It is planned to lessen abrasion and expand the existence of the suit. It is a Full-length and long sleeve wetsuit to support you underwater.

It has zip closure which is made with best quality material so it doesn’t get torn apart. The authenticity of the suit can be seen in a number of users of this wetsuit. It has 3/2 mm width specifically for warmer waters. The Knee panels are made of 52% spandex and 48% nylon to give it enough elasticity. The Outside right collar panel is made with 100% polyester.


#2. Seavenger 3mm Neoprene Full Wetsuit with Super Stretch Panels

Seavenger Odyssey 3mm Neoprene Wetsuit with Stretch Panels for Snorkelings



  • Made with 3mm neoprene
  • Flat-lock stitching
  • Super-stretch panels
  • Comfortable and convenience
  • Extra long leash

This wetsuit for diving, surfing, and swimming is made with the best material.  The 3mm neoprene material is perfect for 65° F & up. It comes with relaxed flat-lock cover and anti-abrasion shoulder and knee pads offer additional strength. It has super-stretch panels in the knee & armpit creates it vast for triathlon use. It comes with an extra long leash and a 10 YKK zipper for calm and convenience. These suits are destined to fit firmly into the body and you will get options and size.

With elastic, stretchy panels at the faces, armpits, knees, and crotch, these wetsuits tender a contoured in shape that goes with you. The extra-long zipper leash is for all time simple to reach and the zipper stays steadily closed. The suit’s double-tap, hook and loop berth flap at the collar.


#3. Quiksilver Mens 4/3Mm Syncro Plus Chest Zip – Full Wetsuit Chest Zip Wetsuit

Quiksilver Men Chest Zip Wetsuit Chest Zip Wetsuit


  • Water-Proofing and Flexibility
  • Durable and Lightweight
  • Weather Sensitivity
  • Thermal Smoothie
  • Easy to use and dry

This is one of the best wetsuits for diving, swimming, and surfing to give you the best time underwater. It comes with several features like drainage Holes, Ecto-Flex Knee Pads. It is made with a durable and lightweight material to make sure that you don’t feel any extra burden on the body. It is flexible enough to protect you & your board. It has been suitably suggested for water temperatures Of 11 °C-14 °C / 51 °F-58 °F.

It is perfect for sensitive weather, cold conditions. It is one of the favorite lightweight wetsuits will keep you warm in cooler waters. It is made with F’N Lite neoprene with air cell-rich limestone for lightweight warmth. It has thermal smoothie wind and is water repellent to keep you warm. The wetsuit has warm flight Far-Infrared thermal lining which will help you to alter body heat into infrared power to make warmth.



# 4. Cressi Morea – Mens Wetsuit Full 3mm, in Premium High Stretch Neoprene

Cressi Morea 3mm Men's Jumpsuit


  • Made with Premium Quality Neoprene
  • Thickness: 3mm
  • Ensure warmth and protection
  • Easy to wash and dry
  • Protection on the knees

The Morea wetsuit for diving surfing and swimming is a one-piece filled wetsuit perfect for dive in warm waters. It is completed in Ultraspan Neoprene that is actually flexible and allows the user to have absolute free actions without feel be tight. That makes the Morea perfect gear for a lot of different water sports, such as surfing, paddle boarding, snorkeling, and scuba diving.

It tenders outstanding defense against scrape, while at the same time making sure the thermal defense desirable while diving. They offer first-rate thermal protection while in the water and are ended with neoprene for eventual ease. High stretch neoprene presents the ideal stability between warmth and flexibility. Some wetsuits also have an additional guard on the chest, knees, and shins to stop abrasions while in use.


#5. Bare 5mm Velocity Full Suit Super-Stretch Wetsuit, Men’s

Bare 5mm Velocity Full Suit Super-Stretch Wetsuit


  • Super-Stretchable
  • Adjustable Velcro collar
  • Zippered Ankles
  • Back Zip with Leash
  • Easy to wash and dry

It is a must-have wetsuit for diving, surfing, and swimming. It is made with100% Super-Stretched material all through the suit that will stretch 200% in excess of usual neoprene. It provides better fit and mobility because of its incredible broadens capabilities. The modifiable Velcro collar helps remain cold elsewhere. The zippered Ankles give contented fit and stretched seal. The knee pads offer outstanding grip and toughness and have back Zip with Leash.

It will fit perfectly, so if you have decided to by a wetsuit then go for this one. You will be very pleased with the well structure and warmth that this affords. It has a vast deal of stretch, so it doesn’t get in the system of your diving. You will be stunned seeing the designing of the suits that fit anyone perfectly to enjoy the underwater activities. This suit is more than any wetsuit and any other wetsuit is nowhere near a flexible as this one.


#6. ScubaPro Men’s Everflex Steamer 3/2mm Wetsuit

ScubaPro Men's Everflex Steamer 3/2mm Wetsuit


  • X-Foam formulation
  • Multi-thickness panels
  • Warmth and maximum flexibility
  • Durable and watertight
  • Easy to wash and dry

This wetsuit for diving, surfing, and swimming is made from 100 percent Everflex neoprene, and has an X-Foam formulation, for toughness and improved health. Suits are collected with solvent-free water-based glue. It is the first in the business to tender this environmentally and diver friendly glue material. Multi-thickness panels transport a better grouping of heat and suppleness. Pure design concept uses fewer seams and panels for maximum flexibility.

Coupled blind-stitched outer seams are strong and watertight, and only blind-stitched inside seams are soft upon exposed skin. Yet each year SCUBAPRO designers work tirelessly to update and restyle these divers to improve satisfaction, increase comfort features and give equal better fit and facility. Everflex steamers are more relaxed, allow more range, introduce more features, come in extra sizes, and are made to last even longer.


#7.  XCEL 7/6mm Thermoflex Ultrastretch Men’s Full Scuba Diving Wetsuit

XCEL Thermoflex Ultrastretch Full Scuba Diving Wetsuit


  • DuraFlex Knee Panels
  • Durable and Lightweight
  • Semi-dry back zipper
  • Adjustable Velcro Wrap
  • Easy to wash and dry

It is a wetsuit for diving, surfing, and swimming which has DuraFlex Knee Panels Pre-bent. It is very durable and flexible which help diminish wear-and-tear. Semi-dry back zipper aids keep more water away with defensive spine pad. It has easy on and off ankle zipper system which contains lightweight inside flaps to add comfort and helps to cushion the zipper from your skin. It is made with quick dry fiber Plush inner-lining which dries faster than usual neoprene.

It is going to be the best wetsuit which will give you the best time when you are going to explore the lives underwater. It is quite flexible and is water resistant so you don’t get any water in your skin. It keeps you dry and is very easy to wash for the freshness. So if you are planning to get a wetsuit, go for this one.


#8. NeoSport Wetsuits Women’s XSPAN Full Jumpsuit

NeoSport Wetsuits Women's XSPAN Full Jumpsuit


  • Made with ultra soft material
  • Maximum comfort and reliability
  • 10 YKK rear zippers
  • Adjustable collar
  • Easy to wash and dry

This wetsuit for diving, surfing, swimming, paddleboarding, kiteboarding, wakeboarding, canoeing, and other water sports is perfect for everyone. It is spot tied at pressure points and flatlock seams offer a flat interior and exterior shell to make sure utmost comfort and dependability during dives and other water sports. This wetsuit uses lycra trimmed arm, neck and waist openings which allow for added comfort. It has several features included in it like a 10 YKK rear zipper, adaptable collar, turned edges, zipper flap, and uttered arms and legs for the utmost choice of movement.

There’s no enhanced way to go into the water than with Neo-Sport XSPAN. Cover yourself in unadulterated comfort and performance. It will X-span your potential of comfort, performance, and worth in an access level wetsuit. This wetsuits and accessories offer almost boundless stretch by uniting 2 super elastic fabric laminates with a fantastic soft neoprene. The consequence is supreme presentation and comfort in a wetsuit that will stretch your funds as well as your time in the water.


#9. O’Neill Psychofreak Men’s Wetsuit 3/2mm ZEN Zip SSW Full Wetsuit

O'Neill Psychofreak Mens Wetsuit


  • Super Seal Cuffs
  • Zip Closure System
  • Watertight seams
  • Made with Firewall neoprene
  • Easy to wash and dry

This wetsuit for swimming, diving, and surfing is something that will almost support you during all types of water activities. It is made with echnoButter 2 Firewall neoprene in the body & legs which will give your body a nice cover. For chest and back panels it is made with technoButter 2 AIR Firewall neoprene. It has double superSeam weld and super seal cuffs to provide enough durability and flexibility.

The TechnoButter 2 Firewall neoprene is best to give the wetsuit enough flexibility so it sticks to your body. Obtain the features and plan benefits of more luxurious suits in this inexpensively priced wetsuit perfect for both local waters and alien destinations. It is perfect for surfing, scuba-diving, windsurfing, layering, snorkeling, kayak, fishing, and other water sports and water activities.


#10. Henderson 3mm THERMOPRENE Men’s Wetsuit Full Length GBS

Henderson 3mm THERMOPRENE Men's Wetsuit


  • Made with High-Quality Neoprene
  • Adjustable Collar
  • Durable and flexible
  • Blind Stitched Seams
  • Easy to wash and dry

The new Thermoprene wetsuit for diving, surfing, and swimming deliver excellence and performance a stair above the rest. An unbelievable value, Thermoprene is perfect for budget-minded divers who wish for the best in equipment, design, and structure. It is crafted from soaring quality nylon II neoprene that has 75% more elongate than usual wetsuit fabric. This amplified stretch considerably perks up diver soothe by creating Thermoprene suits obviously more elastic than the opposition.

Thermoprene is also easier to access, drawing over the shoulders and around the torso with fewer huff and puff than usual wetsuits. The fabric outside stands up tremendously well to resistance, significance it won’t prove excessive wear from BC straps and mass belts. Get the features and aim profits of other expensive suits in this cheaply cost jumpsuit perfect for both home water diver and exotic destinations swimmers.


How To Easily Get Your Wetsuit In


Getting Into A Two-Piece Wetsuit


Follow these steps:

  • Pull the pants up to their full height, then lock the velcro strap on your shoulder.
  • Pull down the jacket zipper then step through and pull on the jacket.
  • Reach behind with both arms, push them into the arm openings and pull up the whole suit.
  • Zip up the suit.

Getting Into a One-Piece Wetsuit

  • Pull the whole suit up to your waist.
  • Reach one arm down through the arm opening and work it up. Do the same with the other arm.
  • For back-zip suits, have another person zip the suit up from behind. This decreases suit and zipper wear and damage, as pulling the zipper up yourself with one arm tends to cause snagging on the suit and long hair.

Common Accessories

Boots, Gloves and Hoods

Like the wetsuit itself, wetsuit boots keep your feet warm during any seafaring activity, not just surfing and diving. Like land shoes and boots, wetsuit boots protect your feet from sharp objects. They have rubber soles and are made from neoprene.

They vary in thickness (3mm, 5mm, 6mm, etc.), and like wetsuits, thicker boots provide more thermal protection. Like neoprene wetsuit boots, neoprene wetsuit hoods provide further thermal protection by insulating your head.

Make sure to get a properly fitting hood, or like an ill-fitting wetsuit, it will leak and not do its job. Like boots and hoods, wetsuit gloves are made from neoprene and protect your fingers from the cold.


Care and Maintenance

After each use, rinse the inside and outside of the wetsuit in cool, fresh water. Cold fresh water removes sand, grime, and seawater.

Never wash the wetsuit in a washing machine. Wash the wetsuit by hand in fresh water. Never use bleach, laundry detergent, stain remover, fabric softener, olive oil, etc. to clean the wetsuit. Use soap made especially for the purpose of cleaning a wetsuit. Or, use a mild liquid soap, such as baby shampoo, to clean the wetsuit.

There are wetsuit care products available on the market. Do not rub the fabric. Do not attempt to use a brush or your fingers to remove the wax. The fabric will delaminate where it has been rubbed. Never use alcohol, solvents, wax remover, or petroleum-based products.

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