The 5 Best Wakeboards of 2021


Best Wakeboards

Wakeboarding is one of the most popular water sport that is played for fun by many people. In order to indulge in this sport, the person has to tow on a bat that resembles a surfboard, and this board is called the wakeboard.

The person has to stand on this board and ride on the wave created by the boat and tow them.
This sport is both a leisure and a fun-filled activity for water lovers all over the world.

There are a number of different styles and types of wakeboards available in the market and we are here to simplify your buying process, by listing the top five best wakeboards here along with their buying guides.


Best Wakeboards

Quick Answer: The 5 Best Wakeboards – [2021]

  1. HYPERLITE New Wakeboard Agent Agent Bindings Fits
  2. RAVE Sports Lyric Premier Wakeboard with Advantage Boots Fits
  3. Full Throttle Aqua Extreme Wakeboard Kit
  4. O’Brien System Wakeboard with Clutch 2-5 Bindings
  5. RONIX Vault Wakeboard

Best Wakeboards Reviews

#1. HYPERLITE New Wakeboard Agent Agent Bindings Fits


HYPERLITE New Wakeboard Agent Agent Bindings Fits At a Glance:
  • Three-stage rocker
  • Features four removable fins
  • Features a V base
  • Two years’ warranty
  • Thin and lightweight
  • Three-stage rocker system
This is the complete Wakeboard setup that has been designed to maximize the pop off while walking in the water and renders excellent stability and response while carving against the waves.

This wakeboard features a three stage rocker that creates catch free riding experience apart from boosting off the wake. Its agent binding system also creates a superior cushioned landing and an unparalleled board feel. It has undergone a number of upgradations and is now thinner and lightweight, making it a lot more explosive than in the past.

It is one of the best performing wakeboards available in the market and it carries every single feature that one can think of. Its removable fins help with supreme control and you can pair them to render the board its speed and ease of exploring the ocean.

The three-stage rocker ensures that you fly off the wake with zero effort. Its super kush rear flex zone gets entry and exiting of the binding far easier than ever.

#2. RAVE Sports Lyric Premier Wakeboard with Advantage Boots Fits


RAVE Sports Lyric Premier Wakeboard At a Glance:
  • Comes with a board and a boot
  • Adjusting boots that fits all
  • Perfect size for wake boarding
  • Durable and lightweight
  • Excellent tracking channels
  • Three stage rocker shape
  • Offers smooth rides and explosive pops
This wake board from Rave Sports helps you to perfect your jumps and tricks perfectly with the help of its three stage rocker shape boat body. It features progressive edges for explosive pops and a smooth ride.

It features durable fiberglass construction with carbon fiber reinforcement and a high density laminate core. The board is built to last and features perfect size. It is 141 cm long and is designed for riders who are over 125 pounds.

It is made up of high density laminate with carbon fiber reinforcement and its adjusting boots are lined for comfort. They have a foam-filled bottom support that helps with better impact absorption.

These boots feature a multi-point adjustment system for a near custom fit for all adult shoe sizes. The board has two fins and appropriate tracking channels for a smooth ride with plenty of hold on the water.

#3. Full Throttle Aqua Extreme Wakeboard Kit


Full Throttle Aqua Extreme Wakeboard Kit At a Glance:
  • Extreme wakeboard that is black/grey and aqua colors
  • Comes with lace-up boots
  • Layered glass top sheet
  • Two molded-in fins with a continuous rocker
  • Clean graphics with V-bottom tunnel
  • Feather core technology
  • ABS retention
This is indeed a full-throttle aqua extreme wakeboard that comes with lace-up boots. It has an excellent design that appeals to all levels of wakeboarders, and is best for beginners and intermediate riders.

This wake board features multiple defined channels that run from its tip to the nose, they also help with tremendous edge control and offers the best stability. Its continuous rocker lifts you off the wake effortlessly and renders a more mellow turn.

This wakeboard is appropriate for riders who weigh more than 155 pounds and up. Its best features are its lace up boots, that come with adjusting straps. The wakeboard also features a layered glass top sheet with molded fins for continuous rocker system.

You can also find clean graphics and a V-bottom tunnel. The board has the lightest bottom, feather core technology and ABS retention system.

#4. O’Brien System Wakeboard with Clutch 2-5 Bindings


O'Brien System Wakeboard At a Glance:
  • Ideal for riders who are 40 – 120 lbs. weight
  • Boots have 2-5 bindings to match different riders
  • Continuous rocker
  • Dual channels at tip and tail
  • Excellent board for beginners
  • Affordable price
  • 6 mm binding inserts
  • Dual-zone laces
  • Ultralight
  • Open toe binding design
O’Brien is known for rendering performance-driven products for people at an affordable price. This wakeboard has been built for stability on the water and has an excellent predictability off the wake. This board is near perfect for dialing in the basics and for amateur wakeboarders.

The board also pairs up perfectly for all the clutch bindings. Its dual-zone laces make the boot a nice fit and getting in and out of the binding becomes a cinch. The nice and snug fit lace integrates the foot appropriately preventing the laces from bouncing while riding.

This wakeboard is available in four different sizes and in two colors, red and blue. The boards feature a continuous rocker and an even curve from the top to the tail.

Such a balanced rocker line is consistent, easy to control and rolls up the wake for a smoother and a predictable pop. The board has two channels that help to direct the water flow under the board for predictable tracking and edging.

#5. RONIX Vault Wakeboard


RONIX Vault Wakeboard At a Glance:
  • Dimensions: 1 x 19.7 x 3.9 inches
  • Weight: 7 pounds
  • Toe side fins are long and close to rail
  • Heel side design for a natural position
  • Three stage rocker with explosive pop
The Vault wakeboard has the thinnest out profit and thus is capable of sitting deeper in the water, creating additional grip for the user and helping them get more feel from the water. Its thin profile also helps in decrease the swing weight in the air and renders the riders more contact and feel with the water.

Its toe side fins are longer and deeper and are pretty much closer to the rain and thus they help in a strong and a stable edge hold. The design of the heel side was created for a rider facing the boat with a more natural position to point the board to the wake.

This heel side rain starts from a softer and fuller to a mellower transition and it later blends to a more vertical sidewall with minimal resistance on the water.

The fins on the heel side are short and they further off from the rail for a quicker release on the spinning tricks. This board features a three stage rocker, a monocoque construction and excellent grip and release channels that render the traction for riding behind the boat or riding in the cable park.

Buyer’s Guide For Best Wakeboards

Best Wakeboards

What Features Should You Consider Before Buying a Wakeboard?

It is true that different people require different types of wake boards and this depends entirely on their skill level, weight and a number of other characteristics. No two boards are the same and each of them caters to different type of people. Consider these features to end up buying the best board that suits your style of wake boarding.

  • Size and weight of the board
  • Wakeboard rocker
  • Type of material used in the wakeboard
  • Style of the board
  • Fins on the board
  • Edges of the board

1. Size and Weight of The Board:

The first thing to consider while investing in a paddleboard is its measurements. Though it is not an absolute need, the size of the board is correlated directly with its weight-bearing capacity.

For those who need a larger weight capacity, they should go for a board that is longer and wider. Also, heavier boards tend to be slower and have a less lift, compared with lighter boards that render better air time.

The performance depends on the length of the board as well, a larger board is faster and tracks better and is easier to keep the wakeboard in a straight line in flat waters.

The downside is that they are less maneuverable and are harder to turn. Though a longer board has its advantages, longer is always not better, novice paddlers would require a board that is much shorter as they are easy to control.

2. Wakeboard Rocker:

Almost all water boards have rockers and each of them has it differently. The rocker on the paddleboard is the extent of the nose or the front of the board that is angled for water business.

The nose of the paddle is angled to surf it better in rough waters. If you wish to paddle the board in flat waters such as a lake or river, then choose a board with a small nose rocker.

Similarly, if you wish to paddle in the ocean where waves are pretty evident, then a board with a large rocker is an ideal choice. For surfing, choose a board with a larger nose rocker.

3. Type of Material Used in The Wakeboard:

The two most common types of materials that are used on wake boards are fiberglass and foam. Depending on this material, the durability of the board will differ considerably.

Wake boards that are of foam are less durable and are less sturdy but are lighter with good buoyancy. They also help with a lighter and a smoother ride. Boards that are of fiberglass are durable and will last longer.

4. Style of The Board:

There are three major categories or styles of the wake boards. This also pertains to the wider use of these wakeboards.

  • Park boards: These are designed to take the beating of the ramps and the rails as the base of these boards are reinforced and smooth. Their edges are precise and will allow the surfer to take sharper corners. These boards have a higher flex rating and are necessarily thin. You can throw them into corners and they will pop higher as there is no wake.
  • Boat boards: These have less flex and make use of the surf created by the boat. They help in smoother and easier landings and the base doesn’t have reinforcements.
  • Hybrid boards: The hybrid boards are the newest category and are a mix between the park and boat varieties. Their flex lies in the middle allowing them to take sharp corners and pop with or without a wake. Their tips are made soft and the middle of these boards are firm. The base has enough reinforcement to enhance its durability.

5. Fins on The Board:

Just like the skateboards and the snowboards, the wakeboards also have fins. This helps them to stay focused and pointed in a single line. One has to choose the fin type according to their skill level and their intended use.

Larger the fins on the board, lesser will you be able to perform tricks over it. Boards with huge fins are for amateurs and learners as they keep the board stable and will allow you to go where you want to go. Professionals would prefer boards without fins to help them with the stunts and jumps.

6. Edges of The Board:

The edges of the wakeboard have a serious impact on how best the boards cut and ride through the water. Boards with sharp edges work best for experience boarders who want more grip. Boards with rounder edges are for laid back riders for a relaxing water experience and boards with variable edges are good for both of them.


FAQs For The Best Wakeboards:

What type of wakeboard is ideal for me?

We often talk about the right kind of wakeboard, but the right paddleboard is just as important to have a great experience. One has to select a one that is lightweight and comfortable in one’s hands.

Try to get a wakeboard that is at least 6-10 inches longer than your height. The best choice is to buy an adjusting paddleboard that can be of use between different riders.

Does the weight of the board have anything to do with my performance?

Of course yes, the weight of the board directly affects the ease of use and your maneuverability. Boards that are heavy are sturdier and slower and lighter boards are good for tricks and jumps.

How should I maintain the board?

Spray or wipe the board down with fresh water after every use and after water contact. This is a must to do if you are using the board in saltwater. Before stowing it away, ensure that it is completely try and store it in a place away from direct sunlight.


Tips- How Should You Buy Your Wake Board?

Best Wakeboards

Read our buying guide before choosing to buy the wakeboard, so as to get the best value for the money spent on them.

  • Focus on the dimensions of the board
  • Choose boards with long warranty period
  • Your budget matters
  • After-sales service
  • Don’t be driven away with graphics

Focus on The Dimensions of The Board:

The board dimensions include its length, width, and thickness. It is better not to choose a board with only the length. The volume of the board indeed decides how stable the board will be on the water. One should choose the length of the board on the basis of their weight and not because everybody is buying a particular length of a wakeboard

Choose Boards With Long Warranty Period:

The warranty is to protect the user in the event of manufacturing defects. Choose a brand and the board that has a longer warranty. The warranty is the confidence the manufacturer has on their product and their confidence in the product. It is a good choice to choose a board with a longer commitment.

As a standard protocol, all of the wakeboards from premium brands have a 2-year warranty period. Products having a short warranty period on their workmanship for 30 or 60 days indicate that the workmanship is not of high quality.

Your Budget Matters:

The performance, durability, and aesthetics of the wakeboard are directly proportional to its cost. You get what you pay for. A lightweight, high quality, and great performing SUP cannot be bought for $299. From the point of view of the manufacturer, low cost translates as low quality.

After-sales Service:

Consider buying from a brand that treats the board and customers appropriately. Nobody spends so much money on board for it to be treated poorly. Customer service should be available in all steps right from shipping it to set it up.

Don’t be Driven Away With Graphics:

Everyone wants to buy a product that looks great. But the choice should be made based on the mechanism of the board, rather than its graphics. And never try to buy used boards on second sales.

The person selling using boards has only one purpose in mind. To sell it without thinking about what is best for the buyer. Beginners will not evaluate the board based on its damage, repairs, and conditions. The history of the board on how it has cared is also not known. So it is better to buy it new.

Final Words:

It is no doubt that wakeboarding opens a world of adrenaline-pumping water activities for the surfer. But it is important that one chooses the best board to create the best experience. We hope our guide helps you in choosing the best wakeboard for all of your water endeavors.

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