The 5 Best Utility Trailers of 2020


The utility trailers are useful for professionals, homeowners, and everyone in the middle. A utility trailer does more than just hauling the items. They maintain their form and also ensures that the equipment arrives in tip-top shape.

The utility trailers are good at transporting the heavy generator from the garage to the business or moving the piece of furniture that would not fit in the vehicle. Utility trailers are the best solution to all the hauling needs.

We have listed the top best utility trailers here along with their buying guide to aid you in your shopping choice.


Best Utility Trailers

Quick Answer: The 5 Best Utility Trailers – [2020]

  1. MotoAlliance Impact ATV/UTV Heavy Duty Utility Cart Cargo Trailer
  2. Yutrax Trail Warrior X4 Heavy Duty UTV/ATV Trailer
  3. Bannon Utility Trailer
  4. DK2 MMT5X7 Mighty Multi-Utility Trailer
  5. 1600ut ATV Wagon Trailer

Best Utility Trailers Reviews

#1. MotoAlliance Impact ATV/UTV Heavy Duty Utility Cart Cargo Trailer


MotoAlliance Impact ATV/UTV Utility Cart Cargo Trailer At a Glance:
  • Load capacity: 1500 lbs.
  • Solid steel floor and frame
  • Removable steel mesh
  • Quick-release latch
  • Easy loading and dumping
  • 4-ply pneumatic tires
This trailer hitch has been designed with toughness in mind. It features heavy-duty steel-framed and solid steel trailer beds. We can haul dirt, gravel, or sand in this trailer without sieving on the floor. It also features mesh side rails and tailgate, which we can also remove for additional versatility. It can haul up to 1500 pounds. This tilt bed dump cart is perfect for hauling firewood, yard projects, ice fishing, etc.

The rigid hitch design features both an up and down pivot, thus allowing the trailers to roll easily over snow, ice, rocks, and even logs. Its hitch pin is capable of attaching to any machine such as ATV, UTV, snowmobile, and lawn tractor and is ideal for working around the home, farm, and even the hunt camp. Its steel frame and its solid steel floor are built to last. It also features wheel bearings with seal. The wide track tires are ideal for all types of terrain.

#2. Yutrax Trail Warrior X4 Heavy Duty UTV/ATV Trailer


Yutrax Trail Warrior X4 UTV/ATV Trailer At a Glance:
  • Heavy-duty trailer
  • All-steel construction
  • Renders excellent strength and durability
  • Corrosion-resistance
  • Solid-steel floor
  • Easy release dump latch
  • Pivoting and tilting bed
This trailer hitch comprises a heavy-duty all-steel construction that helps us with exceptional durability and strength. It has a powder coating to last for many years without corrosion. As it features pivoting tracking beams, it walks over logs and rage easily. Its ground clearance helps to get off-road easily and completely. The side rails and tailgate are removable and hence they help in easy un-loading. Its solid steel floor will handle heavy cargo even on rough terrain easily.

The pivoting and tilting bed helps in easy loading and unloading. Its pass-through axle helps in moving down the trail pretty smoothly. You will love its large knobby tires that absorb shock effectively and help with additional stability and tracking. Its maintenance-free roller bearing help in a smooth and a resistance-free towing experience. The load capacity of this trailer is about 1250 lbs.

#3. Bannon Utility Trailer


Bannon Utility Trailer At a Glance:
  • Features a rugged steel bed
  • The load capacity is 1600 lbs.
  • Flares side panels
  • Removable side panels
  • Dual-action hitch
  • Easy connection with the tow vehicle
  • Removable tailgate
This handy Bannon Utility trailer features a massive steel bed that measures about 60 inches in length to 30 inches in width. The trailer is good enough to haul a weight of up to 1600 lbs. its flared up side panels are good in containing a very huge volume of load. But if you wish, you can also remove them to enhance the capacity of the trailer while hauling huge and bulky loads. It might require some assembly upon shipment.

When we remove the side panels, you can convert it to a flat-bed style trailer and carry bulky loads. Its dual-action hitch with a built-in alignment handle helps in making a connection to the tow vehicle pretty quickly and easily. The removable fold-down tailgate of this trailer also doubles up as a loading ramp.

#4. DK2 MMT5X7 Mighty Multi-Utility Trailer


DK2 MMT5X7 Mighty Multi-Utility Trailer At a Glance:
  • Load capacity: 1500 lbs.
  • Unique in versatility and functionality
  • The very long trail bed
  • Made of 100% steel
  • Adjusting Components
  • Easy to assemble
  • Flashers can reverse
The DK2 is one of the ultimate utility trailers that are available in the market today. It can haul an amazing load of about 1500 pounds. The trailer is unique in both its functionality and versatility. When the front and the back load-bearing gates of its trailer are down, the bed of this trailer can extend to about 12 feet, and thus it can help in hauling a very huge volume of load within a very short period of time.

This utility trailer comprises of 100% steel fabrication and all of its components are adjustable type. You can also reinforce, remove, and even interchange its components. Being one of the best value trailers in the market today, it stands as the first choice of those looking for utility trailers. The cost of this trailer is also affordable and it stands as a decent trailer for the price.

#5. 1600ut ATV Wagon Trailer


1600ut ATV Wagon Trailer At a Glance:
  • Four wheels with independent suspension
  • 25” tires
  • Heavy-duty axles
  • Load capacity: 1100 lbs
  • Electric brakes
  • Has the power of RAM lift
  • Compatible with many vehicles
This is simply one of the best trailers available in the market. It comprises of four-wheel independent suspension and a huge 25” tires to get floating over rough terrain easy. You need not worry about any wimpy walking beams as its true torsion bar axle helps in a smooth and safe ride.

Its heavy-duty axles help in hauling about 1100 lbs. of cargo easily, and its utility trailer also features electric brakes to render tremendous stopping power. It features electric brakes, that take power from the battery of the tow vehicle.

Dumping the cargo is also easy with the power RAM lift. This is also as easy and as simple as pushing a button right from the seat of the ATV. The quality of this product is exceptional and its value is unbeatable, as recommended by its users. The product ships across the US and the delivery charges will vary depending on the zip code.

This utility trailer is compatible with a number of vehicles such as all-terrain vehicles, utility vehicles, off-road motorcycles, touring motorcycles, marine-personal craft, etc.

Buyer’s Guide For Best Utility Trailers

Best Utility Trailer

How does the utility trailer work?

Some of the best utility trailers spread the weight of the trailer all over a larger plane. A trailer without a weight-distribution hitch will focus all its weight onto a small surface area. This can cause the rear end of the SUV or the truck to sag, which can make it susceptible to trailer sway and bounce. It can reduce the ability of the driver and helps them to stay in control of the vehicle while traveling along.

The main purpose of the utility trailer is that it is designed specially to spread the weight of the trailer over a large surface area, decreasing rear end sag considerably. This also helps in keeping the trailer ever and in line with the vehicle. They also help in cornering stability while towing and while directing the weight of the vehicle to any one side of the vehicle.


Things To Look For in The Utility Trailer – Buying Tips:

While setting out to buy a utility trailer, there are a few things that you need to consider before making a final choice. These aspects are discussed here,

  • The Towing Vehicle
  • Build quality and frame
  • Length of the tongue of the utility trailer
  • Configuration of the Axle
  • Wheels and Tires
  • Overall fit and finish
  • What will you use the utility trailer for?
  • Load capacity

The Towing Vehicle:

Before choosing to buy a utility trailer, one of the most important areas to clarify is the type of the towing vehicle, if it has to be towed in the vehicle. Always check for any potential compatibility problems and make sure that the engine is not over-loaded. Also, check the towing capacity of the vehicle under consideration by checking the owner’s manual. Learning the type of trailer before searching for the towing vehicle will help in saving a lot of time.

Build Quality and Frame:

Do not waste your time and energy on cheap build options that will create trouble in the future. Check the materials with which the frame of the utility trailer is been built. Steel is the material of choice when it comes to utility trailers and it is also a durable, strong, and cost-effective material. Check the type of technique that has been in use to shape the steel frame.

One type is box tubing and it helps to resist twisting and flexing better than any other steel shape and it is also durable at the end. Channel iron and angle iron steel shapes are also in use. the material is also likely to flex under strain which can weaken the weld joints over time and also weaken other stress points on the frame. Users should consider the strongest steel frame trailer that their budget can allow.

Length of The Tongue of The Utility Trailer:

The tongue is the most important part of the trailer that extends from the carrying section towards the hitch of the tow vehicle. It is important to consider the length of the tongue of the trailer as this will impact its overall stability. A trailer with a long tongue will be easy to control through the towing vehicle. The maneuverability of longer tongues is better and these vehicles will be easier to reverse as well.

Trailers with a shorter tongue are held on the ball and the hitch and thus there is a great concentration of weight being exerted on the rear of the car.

Configuration of The Axle:

Check for the axle that is attached to the suspension system, as these are recommended over cheap utility trailers, where the axle simply welds to the frame. Also, make sure that the spindles have adequate lubrication and you maintain it adequately throughout the life of the trailer.

Wheels and Tires:

Wheels are important factors to consider in the utility trailer, and the wheels should equate to the overall capacity of the trailer. Make sure that the wheels and the tires are rated at a combined capacity that is equal or more than the GVWR of the trailer. Also, make sure that the tires are hard-wearing with thick sidewalls, along with ample tread.

Overall Fit and Finish:

The overall fit and finish of the trailer will guide you towards quality utility trailers throughout. Sharp corners, sloppy finishing touches, ill-fitting components, and lackluster paintwork that are not fitting snugly as they should alarm you for an ill-fitting trailer. If you are choosing the utility trailer from a manufacturer who is not catering to these troubles, you are not choosing a quality product overall.

What will you use the utility trailer for?

While shopping for the utility trailers, the first thing to ascertain is the application of the trailer and for what you will be using it. But of course, the trailer will end up being of use in a lot of other functions, that you originally plan it for. Choose the trailer based on the type of load that you will carry generally. For instance, basic requirements like hauling a lawnmower or doing with household trash can require a trailer of 5’x 8’. Whereas, for bigger projects such as hauling bobcats or tractors, a trailer of higher dimensions can serve the purpose. While making the purchase, just go a little bigger than what you think will fit fine for you.

Load Capacity:

After determining the applications of the utility trailer, the next important step is to learn the vehicle specifications for its towing capacity. We can get to know the maximum towing capacity of the vehicle in its user manual. The towing capacity will be the weight of the trailer along with the weight of the cargo that it carries. It is a good idea to consider both the pulling and the stopping capacity of the vehicle. It can take a long time to stop if the cargo and the trailer weigh more than the vehicle itself.


FAQs For Utility Trailers

What is the difference between the open and the enclosed utility trailers?

Open trailers have low railings and solid sides and thus help in containing cargo efficiently. They might also have D-rings and slats to secure the equipment. Enclosed trailers on the other hand are closed with four walls and a ceiling. These trailers help in protecting the cargo against harsh weather. These enclosed trailers can be locked and thus keeps the cargo safe and secure.

What are the utility trailers used for?

Utility trailers have several uses depending on the size of the trailer as well as the type of trailer. They are of use in lawn care, to carry debris, fireworks, trash, bicycles, kayaks, etc.

How should I choose the best trailer for my use?

Buy the utility trailer depending on your purpose. Are you buying it to haul dirt or to transport cargo? Would you require a wide trailer for ATV use? or a long trailer to move furniture? Do you need a trailer for meeting specific tasks or for a series of tasks? Ask yourself these questions before leveraging on the best trailer.

Best Utility Trailers

Trailer Safety and Storage:

  • While hauling a load on a trailer, safety is of paramount importance. The trailers should take precautions to protect themselves and others on the road. Consider the following points while loading the trailer.
  • Never exceed the maximum gross vehicle rating or the GVWR while loading it. Load the trailer properly with the maximum weight placed at the front of the axle and follow the 60/40 weight split. This helps in dispersing the weight between the axle and the tongue. Also, make sure that the bulk of the weight is centered on the trailer to prevent the trailer from whipping off.
  • Secure all the cargo inside the trailer and avoid placing cargo that hangs off the side or back of a trailer. This can cause a trailer to malfunction by having the weight unbalanced.
  • Reduce the speed of the vehicle, from what you normally drive while towing a trailer. It is okay to drive at 55 mph on a highway with proper braking with a loaded trailer.
  • It is important to be cautious of other vehicles on the road, owing to the additional length of the trailer.
  • While going downhill, decrease the speed to the maximum and shift down a gear while going uphill to enhance the stress on the engine.
The storage of the trailers is also overlooked often. As the utility trailers are an expensive investment, it is important to store and maintain them. The major part of the maintenance goes into appropriate storage. If you have to store the trailer outside, then it is important to protect it from wind, sunlight, and moisture. Long time exposure to elements can result in rust, general wear, warping, and deterioration. This also can limit the life of the trailer.


Final Words:

Every trailer is built differently and every vehicle has different hauling capabilities. Thus, it is important to consider both these factors before determining the type of trailer that you will require. We hope our recommendations and our guide helps you to choose the best trailer for your utility vehicle.

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