The 5 Best Truck Bull Bars / Grille Guards of 2021


Best Truck Truck Bull Bars / Grille Guards

A grille guard helps in protecting your SUV or truck from the damage of you go off-road while driving or work on a construction site. The term grille guard was once used for the product categories that protect the front of the vehicle. Of late, this term has been replaced by brush guards, bull bars, push bars, or bumper bars.

If you are an owner of an SUV or a truck you should be using these truck bull bars, to protect the front of your vehicle. These bull bars can protect the entire front fascia of the vehicle to the central area on the front bumper.

You can choose the style of the bull bar, depending on the area that you want to protect and the quantum of money that you are willing to spend. We have listed the best truck bull bars here, along with the buying guide, to help you choose the best product for your truck and SUV.

Best Truck Bull Bars / Grille Guards

Quick Answer: The 5 Best Truck Bull Bars / Grille Guards – [2021]

  1. Westin E-Series Bull Bar
  2. Tyger Auto Front Bumper Guard Bull Bar
  3. TAC Bull Bar Fits Front Bumper Grille Guard Brush Guard
  4. AUTOSAVER88 Bull Bar Brush Push Front Bumper Grille Guard
  5. Lund Revolution Bull Bar with Integrated LED Light Bar

Best Truck Bull Bars / Grille Guards Reviews

#1. Westin E-Series Bull Bar


Westin E-Series Bull Bar At a Glance:
  • The rugged look of your truck guaranteed
  • Fits Toyota Tacoma 2016 model
  • Black powder coat finish with texturing
  • Comes with a mounting kit
  • Made from 3” diameter black powder coating steel tubing
  • Removable black skid plate
  • Completely welded cross tube
The Westin’s E-Series bull bar is a front bar mount design for larger model SUVs and trucks. It mounts on the existing mounting points of the vehicle and doesn’t require any drilling. The product also comes with the complete mount kit that is specific for the vehicle, to ensure that it fits on your model perfectly.

On this vehicle mount, there are also two mounting points for two auxiliary lights, that are at least 6-inches in diameter. The E-series bull bar also includes a laser-cut Westin Block letter logo design on its skid plate.

The mount is available in both black powder-coated finish or a polished chrome finish, to enhance the look and style of the vehicle. It also comes with a black textured skid plate and features a three year extended warranty.

Buyers also get an optional license plate bracket kit. The bull bar sits on the radar panel and will not affect any functions of the Tacoma such as its dynamic radar cruise control or adaptive cruise functions.

#2. Tyger Auto Front Bumper Guard Bull Bar


Tyger Auto Front Bumper Guard Bull Bar At a Glance:
  • Patent Tyger Guard bull bar
  • Comes as a complete kit with mounting hardware
  • Made from 2.5-inch tubing frame
  • Features textured black finish for rust resistance
  • Seamless welding for a sturdy structure
  • Pre-welded unit provisions for optional LED lights
  • Easy bolt-on installation
  • 5-year warranty against defects
The Tyger Auto front bumper guard serves as a completely new dawn for the protection of your SUV. This is one of the best bull bars that has been forged with carbon steel. The Bumper guard features a US patent Tyger guard design and the kit comes as a complete kit with all mounting hardware and a DIY installation manual.

This Bullbar is made from a heavy-duty 2.5-inch tubing frame with durable E-coating and a textured black finish for rust resistance. With its excellent design, you can enjoy a custom look on your vehicle that also incorporates welding for a sturdy structure.

There are light mount channels on the bull bar for optional LED lights. There are also two pre-drilled mounting holes to helps with license plate relocation if you desire. The bull bar features an easy bolt-on installation but it requires removal of the tow hooks.

For models that don’t have tow hooks, minor cutting and removing of the panels might be required. The Tyger bull bar comes with 5 years’ warranty against manufacturing defects.

#3. TAC Bull Bar Fits Front Bumper Grille Guard Brush Guard


TAC Bull Bar Fits Front Bumper Grille Guard Brush Guard At a Glance:
  • Fits the Ford models perfectly
  • Outstanding design
  • Tough and heavy-duty appearance on the front of the car
  • Provides excellent protection and visibility
  • Bullbar and brackets made from heavy-duty steel
  • Bars feature E-coating and black powder coat finish
  • Easy to install with a direct bolt-on design
  • 5 years’ warranty against defects.
The TAC bull bar is one of the most popular forms of front protection bull bars that fit several vehicle models and SUVs. The bull bar comprises of a durable surface finishing and stainless steel polishing along with a texture black finish and stainless steel polishing.

TAC 3-inch bull bar will offer your vehicle its best protection possible. With its outstanding design, it creates a tough and heavy-duty appearance on the front portion of the car, and it also offers them their desired visibility and protection.

The bull bar and its brackets are made of heavy-duty mild steel with E-coating and A+ grade heavy texture black powder coat finishing for anti-scratching and rust resistance. The bull bar is pretty easy to install with its direct bolt-on design and all mounting hardware.

Though you can install by following the manufacturing instructions, professional installation is always the best. The bull bar comes with a 5-years warranty against defects.

#4. AUTOSAVER88 Bull Bar Brush Push Front Bumper Grille Guard


AUTOSAVER88 Bull Bar Brush Push Front Bumper Grille Guard At a Glance:
  • The push guard comprises of 3” heavy-duty tube frame
  • Extremely durable and high strength bull bar
  • Features a special e-coating and black coating finish
  • Features seamless welding with a smooth appearance
  • Rust-resistant bull bar
  • Features built-in 72W LED light bar
  • Features pre-drilled holes for additional lighting
  • 100% bolt-on installation with no drilling
This is an excellent bull bar guard that helps in protecting the vehicle and also makes it look better. Being an excellent rust-resistant bull bar, it renders excellent front end protection, offers a new look for the vehicle, and features a skid plate for additional protection.

There is room for mounting LED light bars to extend the night time field of vision. The push guard comprises of 3” heavy-duty tubing frame that renders the best strength and durability.

The bull bar is built with a 72W 25 inches LED light bar that increases the view while driving at night. It also features holes to add additional lighting. It features a 100% bolt-on installation and doesn’t require any drilling.

Installation is done easily in the home garage with the help of common tools. The bar comprises a special e-coating and black powder coating finish to make it rust-resistant. It comprises of welding for a smooth appearance.

#5. Lund Revolution Bull Bar with Integrated LED Light Bar


Lund Revolution Bull Bar with Integrated LED Light Bar At a Glance:
  • Features heavy gauge stamp steel
  • Has a light texture matte finish
  • Multi-dimensional design
  • Features 20” off-road Cree light bar
  • In-cab switch included
  • Simple installation
  • Comes with 3-years warranty
The Lund Revolution bull bar comprises of heavy gauge stamped steel with a lightly textured matte finishing. It also features a powder coat finish and its rugged styling includes an integrated off-road LED light bar with a wiring kit.

This kit installs pretty easily without requiring much of drilling. This bar is made from heavy gauge stamp steel with a matte black coating and powder coating finish. Its multi-dimensional design features a completely rugged look.

This bullbar integrated a 20” off-road Cree light bar that features a flood beam pattern with 54 Watt and 3000 lumens front lights. It also includes in-cab switches, wire harness, and a license plate relocation kit.

It features a simple no-drill installation kit, but you have to be aware that the bull bar can come in the way of the parking sensors on the bumper. The Bullbar comes with a limited lifetime warranty and the light bar also has a 3 years warranty.

Buyer’s Guide For Best Truck Bull Bars

Best Truck Bull Bar

What is a truck bullbar and why do you need one?

The Bullbars cover and protect the complete width of the front end of the vehicle. They render tremendous protection to the bumper, grille, headlights, etc, and are also designed to fit the front portion of the vehicle to help the headlights of the vehicle and its other components to function optimally.

The grille guards can add to the style of the truck, rendering it a more aggressive appearance. Some advantages of using the bull bar for your vehicle are as follows,

  • They help in enhancing the appearance of the truck while adding a layer of protection for it
  • They do not interfere with other accessories of the vehicle, such as a tow hook or a winch.
  • Some bull bars hold mounting points to hold additional lighting equipment, which is great for going off-road.
  • They protect the front of the vehicle and comes handy while traveling to a job site or while driving back roads.
  • They are an affordable investment when we compare the potential damage that they can create for the vehicle.
  • Bullbar with skid plates offer tremendous protection for the underside of the car.
  • They offer good protection if you happen to hit an animal on a dimly hit road accidentally.

What To Look For in a Bullbar?

The grille of the vehicle is the most noticed component of an automobile and is also the most fragile portion of it. Bullbars are credible accessories that help in enhancing the visual aesthetics of the vehicle and also strengthens the front of the SUV. There are several bull bar brands available and each of them are strong in their way. We have created the list to concentrate on before choosing your bull bar.

  • Materials of the bull bar
  • The durability of the bull bar
  • Finishing off the truck bullbar
  • Ease of installation
  • Front end coverage
  • Accessories with the Truck bull bar
  • Style of the truck bullbar

Materials of The Bull Bar:

The material that the bull bar is made out of is the mark of its quality. The material of choice when it comes to truck bull bars are steel and aluminum. The Aluminum material weighs half as that of steel and is thus pretty resilient. It is also less dense and has less tensile strength. Aluminum bars are less expensive and are erosion-resistant, but they lose their shine and luster sooner.

Steel bars on the other hand are tough, long-lasting and are twice as heavy as aluminum. It is also costlier than aluminum. Though steel is heavy, it could save money in the long run, owing to its durability. Steel bars also tend to look newer for a longer time.

The Durability of The Bull Bar:

The ultimate purpose of the bull bar is to protect the front end of the vehicle by rendering a protective barrier and by absorbing impact. They also help in transforming the look of the SUV and the truck quickly. They should be tough to hold up for years but they do not vary much in thickness or diameter and are generally 3 or 3.5” thick.

Finishing off The Truck Bullbar:

Choose the finishing of the truck bullbar carefully and make sure that the finishing that you choose, matches your taste, and goes well with the vehicle. And without a second thought, it should also protect the bar. Generally, the common finishes that you can choose are stainless steel finish with polishing or black powder coat finishing. If you want a high-end coating that is corrosion resistant, you can look into chrome-plated options as well.

Ease of Installation:

Buy a truck bull bar that is easy to install. Make sure that the bar works with the make and the model of the vehicle. Choose a model in such a way that it doesn’t require any modifications to fit your vehicle. Minimal cutting and other alternations are however acceptable.

Front End Coverage:

Choose a model based on how much protection you will require at the front to avoid impacts. If you are someone who typically drives just around the neighborhood, then it is fine with just simple protection with a bull bar. But if you are someone who takes your vehicle off-road frequently or faces rugged constructions like construction sites frequently, then you will have to go with a complete grill guard that offers complete frontal protection.

Accessories With The Truck Bull Bar:

When you are shopping for the bull bar make sure that you also shop for the accessories that go on with the truck. You can choose to get a sturdy bar to mount the winch. The majority of the bull bars feature pre-drilled holes and tabs to mount a set of front lights for the vehicle.

Style of The Truck Bullbar:

Choose a bull bar that matches the style and aesthetics of your vehicle. If you are looking for only bumper protection, with less focus on visual accent, then choose a less-imposing bull bar and for a tougher off-road look go with a commanding full-size grille guard. There are ample options when it comes to finishes as well. Bullbars are available in different finishes as we have discussed above. Choose the one that matches your exterior accessories to get the look you crave for your vehicle.


Best Truck Bullbar FAQs:

How does the bull bar mount to the vehicle?

The Bullbar makes use of the factory mounting that is present below the front bumper to mount. They bolt on easily, without requiring any drilling or cutting. These are custom-designed for a particular vehicle and match up with the specific factory mounting positions only. They can also fit precisely to the front end of the vehicle.

Will it be a good idea to use tow hooks with bull bars?

Yes, you can use tow hooks with the grille guards. Their custom design helps with exceptional functionality for the existing system. Owing to their strength, tow hooks can at times act as mounts for bull bars. Some manufacturers also include new tow hooks for use with their guards.

Will a bull bar stop an animal?

If you fix good bull bars on your vehicle, it will stop any animal. They will also ensure that the animal doesn’t roll over the hood and crash with the vehicle and its windshield.


Truck Bull Bar – Installation Tips:

Best Truck Bull Bar

Installing a bull bar or a truck guard doesn’t take a long time, and in most cases, you don’t have to do much of drilling or modifications. Before starting the installation process, make sure to read the instructions given by the manufacturer. And read our tips as well here to install your bull bar like a professional.

  • Examine the packaging of the grille guard and make sure that you have all the parts included in the installation guide handy.
  • Bolt the bottom brackets on the bull bar and get them hand tight.
  • Hold the grille guard at the center of the bumper
  • Take help from a friend to mark where the brackets are on the bumper.
  • With the help of a cutting wheel, cut away the plastic and test the fit of the guard. Do more trimming as necessary.
  • If the frame doesn’t have factory drilled holes, mark and drill out the bolt holes and install the nuts.
  • Bolt the top mounting brackets to the core support of the radiator and tighten each bolt with the hand.
  • After everything is in place, wrench all the bolts in their place.

Final Words:

Bull Bars on the vehicle are very much mandatory as they enhance the overall look and the durability of the vehicle. We hope our product recommendation and buying guide helps you in choosing the best Bullbar for your truck or your SUV.

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