The 5 Best Trailer Hitch Locks of 2021


Several truck and SUV owners come up with a situation where they tow a trailer with cargo. They mind occupying with gnawing anxiety as to what will happen to the vehicle when it is left unattended. Luckily, these trailer hitch locks come as an expert and simple solution to treat all the fear and anxiety. Trailer hitch locks work by keeping the trailer hitch and receiver together and also prevents other vehicles from connecting with the trailer.

These trailer hitch locks are available in different shapes and sizes and you will find something that goes great with the vehicle. This handy device also comes as an expert protective device against thieves as well. If you are not sure about which hatch to choose for your truck and SUVs, we are here to help you. Read through for our expert guide on the best hitches and our buying guide to help protect your trailer from thieves.


Best Trailer Hitch Locks

Quick Answer: The 5 Best Trailer Hitch Locks – [2021]

  1. Master Lock 389DAT 2 Pack Universal Trailer Coupler Lock
  2. Trimax Premium 100% Stainless Steel Receiver Lock
  3. B&W Hitches TS10037B Tow Black Receiver Hitch Lock
  4. CURT 45902 Adjustable Trailer Hitch Ball Mount
  5. Trimax “The Ultimate Universal Solid Hardened Steel Unattended Trailer Lock

Best Trailer Hitch Locks Reviews

#1. Master Lock 389DAT 2 Pack Universal Trailer Coupler Lock


Master Lock 389DAT 2 Pack Universal Trailer Coupler LockAt a Glance:
  • Comprises of a universal lock fit
  • Two locks have different keys
  • Helps protect unattended trailers
  • Right red finish to alert thieves
  • Free of rust and corrosion
  • Best locking mechanism.
This is a universal lock fit that is capable of accommodating almost all types of trailer couplers. There are two locks and both of them are keyed differently as they do not have the same key number.

This is a highly efficient lock that helps in protecting guards and unattended trailers against theft. Also, their bright red color serves as an alert for both the owners and thieves. Thieves will fear to come near the trailer and mess with the vehicle.

This trailer coupler lock follows a simple installation process and is easier to remove as well. It is also extremely resistant against rust and corrosion. Its advanced locking mechanism renders excellent resistance against prying and picking.

The product also comes with a limited liability warranty from its manufacturers against defect and mal-functioning of the gadget. Its users’ testimony that this is a great lock that is very easy to attach and remove and it is fast and simple.

#2. Trimax Premium 100% Stainless Steel Receiver Lock


Trimax Premium 100% Stainless Steel Receiver Lock At a Glance:
  • Stainless steel receiver lock
  • Its 5/8” pin fits almost all receiver hitches
  • Its O-ring resists water and dirt
  • Features a protective rubber cap
  • Strong locking pin
  • Type a spring-loaded key
  • Extremely rugged and durable
Trimax is a leading name in the manufacturing of high-quality products through innovative design. Trimax is known for offering products that are keyed alike and a lot of cross-keyable products compared with its competitors at no additional cost.

This particular Trimax premium lock is made up of 100% stainless steel material and this receiver lock has a diameter of about 5/8”. Its pin is capable of fitting inside all types of class V receiver hitches and comprises of a clam packaging. The wider span of this lock is about 3-1/2”.

Its O-ring protects the lock mechanism from grime, water, and dirt to ensure its durability. The lock also features a protective rubber cap to protect the keyhole from grime, water, and dirt.

It is one of the strongest locking pins that are available in the market and loads via a spring. Being a high-security key it resists corrosion and is durable. Its keys are also made up of a very strong material that doesn’t break or bend.

#3. B&W Hitches TS10037B Tow Black Receiver Hitch Lock


B&W Hitches TS10037B Tow Black Receiver Hitch Lock At a Glance:
  • Solid and well-built lock
  • Ideal for both work and recreation vehicles
  • Adjusting dual ball mount hitch
  • Sturdy and well-crafted quality hitch
  • Easy to use and fast adjusting
The B&W Hitches TS10037B Tow and stow model comprise an adjusting dual ball mount hitch and a 5/8” black receiver hitch lock. This hitch lock features a 2 x 2 5/16” balls with a 5” drop and 5.5” rise. It is capable of fitting in standard 2” receiver and its height is capable of adjusting in 1” increments.

These hitches comprise of a black powder coat finish and comprise of a 3.5” long black locking hitch pins with two keys for unlocking.

This hitch fits a standard 2” receiver hitch and you can rotate the balls to the optimal size to eliminate any need for multiple wall mounts.

This double ball mount provides a 5” drop from the top of the shank and till the bottom of the rise. It is indeed a great hitch for trucks and SUVs and its adjusting ball ensures that the hitch fits in several vehicles. It also helps tremendously in saving time and money as well.

#4. CURT 45902 Adjustable Trailer Hitch Ball Mount


CURT 45902 Adjustable Trailer Hitch Ball Mount At a Glance:
  • Extremely versatile trailer hitch
  • Features a channel style shank
  • Helps with a smooth and quiet towing experience
  • High strength steel body
  • Comes with standard shank fit for standard trailer hitch
  • Weather-resistant coat finish
This trailer hitch is capable of adapting to any towing situation and features an extremely versatile and adjusting design. Its channel style shank can flip to offer a 6-inch drop or a 5 ¼ inch rise. Its adjusting drop hitch comes in contact with a built-in anti-rattle feature to render a smooth a quiet ride for the towers.

The hitch is also capable of efficient deterring of vibrations and also deters rattling and chucking at the coupling point. It comprises of a powerful built, as its body comprises high-quality steel its 2-inch ball has a capacity of about 10,000 lbs. and is 2-5/16” ball can accommodate 20,000 lbs.

Being an adjusting hitch, it comprises of a standard shank to fit virtually any standard trailer hitch receiver. And it also serves as a perfect hitch for heavy-duty class 5 hitches.

This trailer hitch locks are extremely weather-resistant and are capable of protecting itself against dirt, rain, grime, and salt. It features a durable carbide black powder coat finish for excellent weather resistance. And its dual ball attachment features a zinc plating with corrosion-resistant properties.

#5. Trimax “The Ultimate Universal Solid Hardened Steel Unattended Trailer Lock


Trimax Trailer Lock At a Glance:
  • Dimensions: 17 x 13 x 13 inches
  • Weight: 6 pounds
  • High-quality lock with an innovative design
  • Keyhole resists dirt and grime
  • Ballistic nylon housing
  • Resists harsh weather and hammer blows
  • High-quality keys that don’t bend or break
Trimax is a leading lock manufacturer in the world that serves to render high-quality products for its customers with the help of innovative design. It belongs to the concept of one size fits all coupler types and thus fits a majority of vehicles efficiently.

It comprises a keyhole cover to slide up and to seal any dirt and grime from entering into the trailer. As it comprises of a ballistic grade nylon housing, it can absorb hammer blows efficiently and also offers resistance against harsh weather.

The hitch features an excellent, strong, and sturdy key as well that works with a spring load mechanism. The hitch features 7 pins and a high-security key. Its keys are rugged and are extremely durable. No matter how hard you use them, the key will never break or bend. The overall weight of the hitch lock is about six pounds.

Buying Guide For Best Trailer Hitch Locks

Best Trailer Hitch Lock

How Should You Choose Your Trailer Hitch Lock?

There are several options available in the market if you are looking forward to buying the trailer hitch locks. Though we have reviewed the best hitch locks in this article, you still need to consider several other factors before finalizing the product.

  • Materials of the trailer hitch locks
  • Hitch receiver of the vehicle
  • Durability
  • Size and style
  • Ease of use
  • Budget
  • Easy visibility

Materials of The Trailer Hitch Locks:

Some of the best hitch locks comprise of several sturdy materials that are discussed below.

  1. Aluminum – Aluminum is strong and durable and is the material of choice in trailer hitch locks. It is lightweight than steel and aluminum also are a lot easier to handle. Also, aluminum has the advantage of being rust proof and is available with a protective coating.
  2. Steel – Steel trailer locks are durable, strong, budget-friendly, and are inexpensive. Locks that are of steel material are available at a great price. One disadvantage of steel locks is that they are heavier than materials that render similar properties and are also prone to rust. Steel locks must undergo a coating with chrome and paint.
  3. Rubber – Some of the modern day’s locks have a rubber coating. They can also have a rubber-like cap that sits over the locking mechanism to avoid dirt and water. Rubber is indeed an excellent option for trailer hitch locks and it is flexible to form a tight seal. Rubber locks are also not durable enough to rot away.

Hitch Receiver of The Vehicle:

Before purchasing the best hitch lock for your trailer, make sure if it will be compatible with your vehicle. As these devices come in various sizes, you can find the one that best suits your vehicle.

If you are still in doubt, then you can choose a universal lock as they adjust extensively and fit with a majority of receivers extensively. Even if you plan to use a drop hitch, ensure that it is compatible with the size of the new receiver.


When it comes to trailer hitch locks, durability does matter. A lock that comprises of stainless steel and ballistic grade nylon will generally be stronger than the one that is of plastic make. Users have to remember that to protect the vehicle from thieves it should be able to withstand hammer blows and saw drills for expert protection.

As far as possible choose locks with a solid SS construction with two security features to protect from thefts. Also make sure that the lock offers expert protection against bad weather, rust, and natural wear and tear. If the hitch lock is not durable, it can naturally devastate the effectiveness of its purpose.

Size and Style:

The best trailer hitch lock for your vehicle is the one that fits the vehicle. Do not choose items with a too large or small receiver, as they will not work properly and solve the purpose. Some hitch locks are designed for a single size and will not work on other sites. So it is always better to measure the size before buying.

When it comes to style, there are a couple of different styles to choose from, namely locking hitch pins and trailer coupler locks.

Ease of Use:

For those people who tow regularly, there are all chances that they will use the lock as often as possible. Thus these trailer hitch locks must be easy to use. To hook up at the right hitch lock, it is important to check online reviews and customer feedback to get the product that works. Invest in locks that possess a quick release system and also tend to speed things up a bit.


The budget is an important consideration while making a purchase. But it won’t be a great constraint while buying trailer locks. There are inexpensive additions for your vehicle and do not cost anything more than a mere locking hitch pin. You can get common trailer hitch locks at the price range of $30.

Easy Visibility:

One of the best-proven ways to prevent theft of the boat, vehicle, or RV is to ensure that the hitch has a visible lock coupled to it. One great way to deter thieves is to get a bright color lock and a large one that is easily spotted from a distance. As far as possible, choose locks that are either bright red or yellow.


Trailer Hitch Locks FAQs:

What is meant by the trailer coupler lock?

Also known as the trailer tongue lock, these are U shaped locks that find a place over the coupler located on the trailer’s tongue. Unlike the locking hitch pins, these locks attach with the trailer when it decouples from the towing vehicle. It helps in preventing potential thieves from hooking up the car and stealing the cargo.

What is a locking hitch pin?

As their name suggests, they are simple pins that slide crosswise through the hole on the receiver and connect to the vehicle that you are towing. These locks are easy to fit and can be used on the go.

How will I know the correct size of my trailer hitch lock?

To choose the correct size of the trailer hitch lock, you should measure the hitch receiver on the vehicle.


Some Expert Tips To Protect The Trailer From Theft:

  • To protect the vehicle from theft, the first thing you have to do is to buy a wheel lock along with a hitch lock. This offers expert protection from thieves. It not only prevents trailers from being carried away but also deters notorious individuals.
  • You can also think about renting a storage space to save your cargo, it would be a great option. An empty trailer will fail to attract the thieves.
  • As you are spending a lot of time on the road, on your trailer, do not forget its insurance. Leave alone theft, insurance covers your trailer against damages and extreme weather conditions as well.
  • Add another effective layer of protection by installing a GPS in the trailer. Such devices will help authorities track the trailer in worst cases.
  • Buy a high-quality wheel clamp and also park the vehicle in public places, where there are a lot of people around. Consider these tips along with buying a high-quality hitch lock to protect your trailer.

Benefits of Using Trailer Hitch Locks in Your Vehicle

Best Trailer Hitch Lock

  • Trailer hitch locks serve as a visual theft deterrent
  • Offers expert peace of mind
  • Locks down the trailer
  • They save money

Trailer hitch locks serve as a visual theft deterrent:

The trailer hitch locks are excellent ways to prevent the haul and the trailer from being stolen. They are also easily noticeable and any thief who is trying to tamper with the stuff with think twice about seeing the lock.

Offers expert peace of mind:

If you are someone who constantly worries about their trailer when they leave it behind, a trailer hitch lock can come for rescue. The locks offer a layer of security and peace of mind so that people don’t have to worry about the possibility of the vehicle getting stolen.

Locks down the trailer:

A trailer hitch lock will prevent people from hooking up the trailer with their vehicles. This is true with any type of trailer as they are built of sturdy materials and are difficult to break, crack, and even unlock without proper keys.

They save money:

Owning a trailer hitch lock helps in saving a lot of money. As you are deterring thrives, you prevent the cost of fixing damages caused by them.


Final Words:

Trailers are one of the best equipment for vehicle owners as they help to hook up in any vehicle with a hitch and tow away when the need arises. They deter thieves and are protective equipment for the vehicle. We hope our guide helps you in choosing the best trailer hitch locks from the market and serve your vehicle with the inherent safety it deserves.


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