The 6 Best Solar Backpacks of 2021

It is pretty annoying to run out of charge while on an outdoor adventure when it is most important to have a charge in the phone for compass and navigation. But the solar backpacks can help the adventurer with mobile and laptop charging, anytime and anywhere by taking advantage of the sun power. With the best solar backpacks, it is possible to charge gadgets on the go.

These backpacks integrate power banks, low watt solar panel and USB cords to charge gadgets on the go. Some of the backs have extra bells and whistles just like the hydration bladders, ventilation systems, and anti-theft protection.

These backpacks are not only ideal for backpacking but for trekking, climbing, hiking and paddling trips but also be used for travel purposes. The solar panel is detachable in some of the backpacks for additional storage space.

They have separate compartments for storing valuable and gadgets separately. Let us discuss some of the best solar backpacks here and their buying considerations.

The 6 Best Solar Backpacks – [2021]

  1. ECEEN Hiking Backpack Solar Panel
  2. Fanspack Solar Powered Backpack
  3. FARAZ Solar Backpack Waterproof
  4. Sunnybag Explorer+ Solar Backpack
  5. SolarGoPack Solar Powered Backpack
  6. XTPower Hiking Solar Backpack

Best Solar Backpacks

Best Solar Backpacks Reviews

#1. ECEEN Hiking Backpack Solar Panel

ECEEN Hiking BackpackSolor Backpack


  • Dimensions: 5 x 4 x 13 inches
  • Weight: 1.76 pounds
  • Material: Nylon and Polyester
  • Extreme energy efficiency
  • 7 Watts solar Backpack
  • Extremely durable
  • 5Volt USB port
  • PVC fabric

This hiking backpack with a solar panel is extremely energy efficient and includes a 7-watt battery pack. It is ideal to hold all sorts of supplies required for backpacking, hiking, camping, biking. It is capable of holding and charging all small essentials with solar energy saved by its solar panel.

There is also a voltage stability controller and it makes use of the natural energy of the sun to charge the devices anywhere and at any time. It also prevents damage to the devices while traveling with the help of its secure compartments. This solar charger backpack ensures 22% high efficient energy transfer rates.

ECEEN Hiking Backpack

The best part of the solar backpack is its 5Volt USB port and protective voltage stability control that prevents damage from unstable currents. The backpack also features a solar cycling hydration backpack for outdoor sports needs of enthusiasts.

Apart from being a solar battery charger, it is also a bladder backpack and features a plethora of compartments and pockets. The sports quality PVC fabric has to weatherproof and it guarantees extreme reliability and top performance. It weighs less than three pounds and is an eco-friendly addition to the camping gear and accessories.

#2. Fanspack Solar Powered Backpack

Laptop BackpackSolor Backpack


  • Dimensions: 11.8 x 7.5 x 18.5 inches
  • Weight: 1.72 pounds
  • High-efficiency solar panel
  • Large capacity backpack
  • USB interface to charge devices

Fanspack Solar powered backpack features a highly efficient solar panel that absorbs solar energy and converts it into electrical energy to charge cell phones and other small gadgets. It is extremely efficient and features about 24% energy transfer rate. The panel is not capable to store direct power, for those wanting to store power, they can do so with the help of a power bank.

The backpack should be kept under the sunlight for charging the devices. If the panel does not work, the user has to check if the USB interface is plugged with the solar panel properly. The USB plug should be disconnected from the panel after use.

Laptop Backpack

The solar backpack is large enough to accommodate a large number of accessories for backpacking trips such as laptops, wallets, books, mobile phones, clothes, magazines, and other personal items. The backpack has a zipper pocket that can place wallets, mobile phones, and other valuables for convenience purpose and to avoid theft.

The backpack has to adjust shoulder straps with paddings to ease off the pressure from the shoulders while carrying. The mesh of the back is capable of dissipating heat so that it is comfortable to use during summer months as well. It is of quality oxford cloth and is lightweight with waterproofing. The backpack is thus perfect for hiking, travel, business, school, day trip, camping, and other outdoor activities.

#3. FARAZ Solar Backpack Waterproof

FARAZ Solar BackpackSolor Backpack


  • Dimensions: 6 x 18.1 x 7.9 inches
  • Weight: 1.98 pounds
  • Features solar panel with power supply
  • Durable material
  • 6-watt solar panel
  • Charges multiple devices
  • Waterproof backpack
  • A modern backpack with solar panel
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee

The Faraz solar backpack features an amazing design with a solar panel for all the power needs. Its solar panel has a 6 Watt output that helps to charge the devices at the comfort of the backpacker. The solar backpack is capable of charging multiple devices at the same time. It holds excellent craftsmanship and design with ample storage space.

It is thus capable of accommodating important personal accessories such as laptop, phone, and tablet. This highly comfortable backpack features adjusting straps with padding to fit the back of the individual perfectly and sits comfortably on the shoulders.

FARAZ Solar Backpack

It is extremely lightweight and features zipper closures to improve the safety of the accessories. The modern bag is tailored with waterproof material for safety purposes. It is built of durable and strong material and thus it lasts longer with less care.

Its manufacturers offer 100% customer satisfaction for the backpack, if the product does not satisfy the customer then the clients are given a complete refund for the product. This guarantee enables the user to buy the product with complete confidence.

#4. Sunnybag Explorer+ Solar Backpack

Sunnybag Explorer+ Solar BackpackSolor Backpack


  • Dimensions: 42 x 5.51 x 14.57 inches
  • Weight: 11.4 pounds
  • 6 Watt sun power panel
  • Material 600D polyester
  • Built-in USB port
  • Removable solar panel
  • Compartments for tablet and laptop

The Sunnybag solar backpack features a solar panel that charges mobile devices with the help of sunlight. It is capable of charging iPads, mobile phones, smartwatches, digital cameras, and power banks. The USB port of the panel helps in charging gadgets and has the strongest solar cells in the market.

It is possible to charge the devices directly with the help of a removable solar panel with 6 Watts power. Its energy efficiency is about 22.4% and features 100% power. The solar panel is tested with the certification before shipping and the user will receive it along with the backpack.

Sunnybag Explorer+ Solar BackpackIt is capable of holding a 15-inch laptop compartment and has a volume of up to 15 liters. The backpack has an ergonomic design and is a reliable travel companion meant for everyday use as well. It is an excellent companion for all backpacking trips, camping, hiking, and all outdoor adventures.

The backpack has a number of compartments and pockets and also helps in organizing the belongings perfectly. The backpack is extremely lightweight and is durable. It is of water-resistant ripstop fabric construction and also insulation for added resistance.

#5. SolarGoPack Solar Powered Backpack

SolarGoPack Solar Solor Backpack


  • Item weight: 2.6 pounds
  • Sonar backpack with a 7-watt capacity
  • Generates charge up to 10,000 mAh
  • Charges smartphones and electronic devices
  • Stylish, flexible and lightweight
  • Includes Micro USB cables
  • Includes 10K mAh lithium polymer battery
  • Ideal for hiking, travel, sports, and emergency power outages

The SolarGoPack backpack helps the user with unlimited on the go power with the help of its solar panel backpack. It makes use of the sun to power up electronic gadgets such as smartphones, tablets, E-readers, GPS units, Cameras, Bluetooth speakers, etc.

It is the perfect travel accessory for campers, hikers, adventurers and travel enthusiast who lack access to a power outlet. There are plenty of compartments and pockets in the backpack to accommodate documents, maps, compass, and another essential accessory.

SolarGoPack Solar It is of high-quality material and rugged construction and is thus made great for trekking, fishing, biking, mountaineering, and backpacking. It is of water resistant poly fabric and nylon construction. Its stress points reinforced with bar tacking enhances longevity and straps with padding for added comfort.

The backpack is ultra-durable and lightweight and is awesome for outdoor activity, day to day use, travel, hiking, outdoor activity and also comes to use as a travel bag.

#6. XTPower Hiking Solar Backpack

XTPower Hiking Solar Backpack Solor Backpack


  • Dimensions: 4 x 8.7 x 21.6 inches
  • Weight: 2.87 pounds
  • Solar panel: – Output: 6V 1.1 A / 6.5 Wh
  • Cell type: Monocrystalline
  • Degree of efficiency: 22%
  • Output: 1x USB with 6V 1.1 A which equals 6 watts

The XT power hiking solar backpack is ideal for all backpacking, trekking, hiking, and adventurous trips and is high in quality and customer satisfaction. Its high performing solar panel makes use of the sunlight to charge the battery and other electronic appliances for every trip. It is possible to detach the solar panel and is excellent in charging speakers, tablets, iPods, smartphones and MP3 players when there is ample sunlight.

XTPower Hiking Solar Backpack

The solar cells have an efficiency of 22% and absorb more sun rays than standard cells. The scratch-resistant surface is the feature of the solar panels and is sewn into the PVC cover with clips for the best attachment with the backpack. On demand it is possible to remove the solar panel and make the backpack for spacious for additional gear.

The solar backpack is robust, lightweight and is extremely flexible. It is ideal for travel, outdoor use, and travel and is also good for biking, trekking, mountaineering, fishing, backpacking, etc. It is extremely lightweight and its superior design supports optimal comfort. The backpack is of Nylon fabric with water resistance.

Solar Backpacks Buying Considerations


In the process of deciding on the best backpacks a lot of research goes into the process, let us discuss some of the most important considerations in buying a suitable backpack. As a general rule, the backpack has to be durable, strong and ample space for important things. Solar panels are also a safe and reliable power backup for gadgets.

  • Solar power capacity
  • Battery power and usage
  • Output power
  • Voltage
  • Support Safety
  • Easiness of use
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Hydration Bladder
  • Budget

Solar Power Capacity

This is the total output power that the solar panel backpack can generate. Solar backpacks are compact and have a smaller capacity than the rooftops. The size of the panel decides how fast it can charge the dying battery. The value is generally between 3 and 10 watts an hour depending on the gadget.


Battery Power And Usage

Some of the solar backpacks with have inbuilt battery whereas some will have only the panel and the USB port. The size of these batteries also will vary, some are capable of charging mobile phones whereas others are capable of charging laptops as well.


Output Power

This is the total amperage of all the ports of the solar panel. There is a comparison metric for the power of the solar backpack. This metric affects how long it takes to charge a device. A solar backpack should render 1 amp for charging mobile phones and 2.1 amp for charging the tablet. The solar backpack comes with a USB port which is great to charge gadgets on the go.



The maximum voltage of the solar backpack with will 5 volts with USB ports to charge devices. Choose a backpack that has a voltage stabilizer. The power from the sun is unstable and cannot be predicted. Stabilizers help to keep the output power predictable and smooth.


Support Safety

Sonar backpacks are a little heavy compared with normal ones. But this overweight should not bother the user and should not limit their activities outdoors. The bag should have adequate padding and support on the shoulder straps and hip strap. It should be able to support the additional weight of the devices. It should be able to spread the load evenly upon the back. Most importantly the bag should not hold any pinch points. The material of the bag should be able to ventilate and also absorb moisture.


Easiness of Use

Solar backpacks should pose an easy way to charge the devices. This is especially important when it is taken out on a trail. The charging ports and the entire functioning of the solar backpack should be intact and easy to use. It should be user-friendly as well and self- operating. Most backpackers who are out on trails demand a hands-off affair.


Lightweight And Portable

The solar backpack should be durable and lightweight to use. As it is meant for carrying studs on camping or for travel and are not solar generators. The backpack should be of high wear materials and they should be able to withstand the rough outdoor conditions. It should also be resistant to dust, water, and shock.


Hydration Bladder

This is a worthy addition to the backpack as most of them are meant for outdoor endeavors. With this feature, it is not required to store a water bottle inside the backpack as the water reservoir is in-built in it.



The cost is always an important factor that influences the buying decision. There is a significant difference between the cheapest and the most expensive solar backpack. A backpack with a higher cost has better quality, enhanced durability and is also less weight. They also work well for many years.


FAQ’s with Solar Backpacks:

1. How big should the solar backpack be?

A: The size of the backpack is denoted in liters, which is the maximum volume of the bag. Or it is the measure of the amount and volume of things that can fit the bag before it breaks. It is generally calculated based on the dimensions of the bag. A normal backpack has the volume of 15-25 Liters.

This is good enough to carry some books, laptops, water bottle and a set of clothes. These are mid-range and are not bulky for everyday use. Smaller daypacks are 8-10 Liters capacity and can handle relatively smaller loads.

These are great for cyclists, athletes and for those on small hiking excursions. Some long-distance packs are of 30-100 liters’ capacity. They can carry a large volume of equipment and are ideal for backpacking for a few days.


2. Can the solar backpacks be used in the rain?

A: As a general rule, light rains will not damage the solar panels on an average backpack. Also, most of these backpacks come with some sorts of weatherproofing. But not all of them have 100% waterproofing. Alternatively, one can use backpack rain covers that can easily flip over the cover the bag.


3. Is it possible to convert a normal backpack into a solar backpack?

A: For those who already have a nice backpack, it is possible to convert them to a solar backpack rather than to waste money in buying a solar bag. They only have to buy external panels an attach the same to the backpack. The panels should have clamps to attach with the bag easily.


4. How to enhance the efficiency of the backpack?

A: There are some important tips to enhance the efficiency of the backpack. Tilt the solar panels about 45 degrees towards the sun for maximum absorption of solar power. Keep a microfiber cloth in the bag to dust the panels when it gets dusty to enhance its efficiency. Try to avoid water contact with the panel as much as possible.



There are a number of solar backpacks available in the market. Choosing the right fit one is a matter of personal preference. We hope our guide helps you in finding the best fit solar panel that is in tune with your outdoor requirements.

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