The 5 Best Snowboarding Pants of 2021


Winter activities like snowboarding and skiing get you fresh air especially on snow-capped mountains where individuals maneuver along with the iced runs and slopes. To fulfil yourself as a snowboarder, you need the proper gear to start.

The individuals should bear in mind to stay safe and comfortable on snow. Beyond the aspect of style, snowboarders are to wear the right clothing for the activity. There are loads of models and fits of snowboarding pants available in the market. Picking the appropriate one needs smart planning.

The Snowboarding pants are significant as they play a key role in providing protection and comfort while snowboarding in mountains. The snowboard pants are important as they are manufactured with waterproof materials with cutting-edge construction to stay away from moisture and pave way for breathability.

Let’s glimpse through best snowboarding pants beneficial for snowboarding. We have discussed some of the best snowboarding pants here and their buying guide to help you find the best pant for your snowboarding needs


Best Snowboarding Pants

Quick Answer: The 5 Best Snowboarding Pants – [2021]

  1. Burton Men’s Cargo Snow Pant
  2. prAna Stretch Zion Pant
  3. Oakley Men’s Jackpot 2 BZS Pants
  4. Columbia Men’s Bugaboo II Pant
  5. Volcom Men’s Articulated Modern Fit Snow Pants

Best Snowboarding Pants Reviews

#1. Burton Men’s Cargo Snow Pant


Burton Men's Cargo Snow Pant At a Glance:
  • Dimension: 23*16*4 inches
  • Weight: 2 pounds
  • Reinforced cuffs
  • Back pocket
  • Mini hip cargo pocket
  • Mesh-lined test-I-cool venting
  • Loose-fitting
  • Suitable for all-weather
The pant comes with loose-fitting for layers, contains several pockets. It is a tried-true pocket shell pant, suitable for any weather. The unique feature of Burton Men cargo pant gives the more tailored and less baggy appearance.

This Burton pant is loaded with many standard features that include venting option for hiking hills, reinforced cuffs that can be elevated above mud, contains back pocket with Hook and Loop Closure, tweak friendly articulated knees for comfort, with Mesh=Lined Test-I- cool vent, an audio port in the pocket is available to listen and love the music while trying a hoodie.

Pant is available in all sizes. This pant contains fully taped seams to provide durability and comfortable trekking. The front zip is given to keep small items. It ensures a perfect fit with its Hook and Loop Strap. It weighs 2 pounds. The fabric of the pant contains 100%nylon and taffeta, 100% PU Membrane, 100% polyester tricot mesh. A simple machine wash is preferred.

#2. prAna Stretch Zion Pant


prAna Stretch Zion Pant At a Glance:
  • Dimensions: 11*5*4 inches
  • Weight: 1 pound
  • Item Model No: Prana
  • 5 Pockets
  • Adjustable waistband
  • UPF 50
  • Mesh pockets
  • Ventilated inseam guest
  • Abrasion resistance
Zion pant contains original stretch ‘Zion fabric’ for comfort. It is a woven long-lasting water repellent finish. This pant contains a ventilated inseam guest. The special feature enables the roll-up snaps to maximize the air circulation. Single cargo pocket and 5 other stylish mesh pockets are available.

Pant is designed with UPF50+ for sun protection to experience the best effect. It exactly fits below the waist to maintain ease. It is available in different sizes and contains 97% nylon/ 3% of spandex. This pant is imported one that gives u a stylish youth appearance. Easy machine wash and quick dry-stretch performance fabric make this more wearable. Scratch resistance quality provides you to experience stress-free trekking, hiking, etc.

It is available in different colors so that you can choose your color according to your taste. The stretch fabric of the pant plays an essential part which gives proper fitting with an attractive look. It is a real comfort and provides you desirable appearance.

#3. Oakley Men’s Jackpot 2 BZS Pants


Oakley Men's Jackpot 2 BZS Pants At a Glance:
  • Weight: 1 pound
  • Silicone gripper waistband
  • Velcro waist closure
  • Jackpot 2bzs pant
  • Adjustable elastic
  • Bio hell lining system
  • Imported
  • Venting mesh
Jackpot 2bzs pant comes with fan dry 15k. a silicone gripper inside waistcoat is available. Adjustable elastic provided inside the waist tab. This pant is of 100% other fabric. It passes rivet at the belt loop. Its design features YSS VISLON pocket zippers. The product is available in only two colors.

Thigh venting mesh is provided. It secures and is durable snap waist closure with Velcro material. The leather trim and biozone shell lining system are available with the pant. Fully taped seams make it stronger. It also contains ankle gusset with zipper. Boot gaiter with boot support is available with the product.

This pant weight 1 pound and only dry wash seems to be the best way to clean the pant after returning from an outdoor trip. This is the perfect snow pant that provides you to experience the best quality. The clear zip-up pocket makes it more accessible.

The shape of the pant gives you a stylish stare. This pant is very contented to wear and different size availability made it more reachable to the people according to their height. This is a perfect wear for your outdoor snowboarding adventure.

#4. Columbia Men’s Bugaboo II Pant


Columbia Men's Bugaboo II Pant At a Glance:
  • Columbia Men’s Bugaboo pant
  • Dimensions: 15*10*2 inches
  • Weight: 1.5 pounds
  • Made in the US/ or imported
  • Reinforced cuff guard
  • Adjustable waist tab
  • Omni-tech waterproof
  • Snap closure
  • Adjustable leg gaiter
Pant weight is 1.5 pounds and is the pant material is directly from the US. The product is of waterproof construction and ventilates adequately in all weather conditions. Critical seam lining is available with the product so as to maintain quality. These pants are lightweight and protected with ergonomic fit. It ensures you to have perfect warmth and comfort. It protects from wet and cold conditions.

The pant comes with 100% other fabric. Its best design and style statements provides a macho appearance. It is available in a variety of colors and sizes. You can select snowboarding pants according to your size. A simple machine wash makes it more easily wearable. It insulated breathable waterproof Omni tech making it more long-lasting. Exterior adjustable waist tab is provided for perfect fitting.

Articulated knees enhance its look and style. Reinforcing cuff guard is given for your security. It consists of the feature of an internal adjustable leg gaiter. The lining is 100% polyester so that you won’t feel cold. Achieved 5 stars for customer satisfaction and provides you a quality experience.

#5. Volcom Men’s Articulated Modern Fit Snow Pants


Features At a Glance:
  • Dimensions: 19x14x3 cms
  • Weight: 2.2pounds
  • Modern articulated fit
  • Dry wash
  • Stone butt patch
  • Mesh-lined zippered vents
  • V- science, layered shell
  • Zip tech pant with jacket
Unique pant consists of many useful features. It has given an articulated fitting and articulated pant with a higher rise. A slim through legs is provided for clean and functional appearance. Premium waterproof quality and breathability makes it more desirable. The fabric is strong for rough use. This pant comes in fully taped seams.

Consist of the jacket with this zip tech pant and a breathing lining system is given. it is possible to move easily with the pant while mountaineering through stretch twill fabric is provided in this pant. The overall material will give you more comfort and reliability also. This pant features the best engineering with v- science 2layer shell technic.

It has v- science twill stretch and v- science breathable lining system. Meshed lined zipper vents make it attractive. It is 100% polyester and zipper closure is also provided. This pant requires dry cleaning when you want to wash it. The fitting is perfect and comfortable for cold weather. It is undoubtedly a perfect and classic snow pant.

How to Choose Best Snowboarding Pants


There are many types of snowboarding pants and those with insulation are the most common ones. Insulated and shells are other snowboarding pants available. Choosing the types of pants depends on the individual’s comfort.

  • Insulated pants: These pants have insulated material in the pant and the outer layer is waterproof. The material for insulation is usually from synthetic material like Primaloft or fleece. Few snowboard pants have insulation in particular areas so that they stay warm in vulnerable areas. Usually, insulation is measured in grams, the more insulation the more warmth. The grams of insulation weights from 30 grams to 800 grams. Insulated pants are perfect for ones looking for maximum warmth.
  • Shell pants: These are another category where the pants are without insulation. These are breathable and waterproof pants. Shell pants are lightweight and the user gets hot easily. The versatility of layering is another reason for shell pants to have opted as they are less bulky. Based on the weather these pants can have additional layering or can be shed too.
  • Bib snow pants: These are snowboarding pants that add performance and style as it comes with many tech features. These pants are of breathable and waterproof material. These pants are best with boot gaiters, repellent zippers, articulated knees, etc.
  • Softshell pant: For outdoor actions and cool weather softshell pants are the right choices. These pants are 4-way stretch pant where user can move comfortably where the wind is not an obstacle. The pants are windproof and water-resistant.
  • pants with full seams and critical taping: In a critical seam pant, critical seams are usually taped and not all. In a fully seamed pant, as the name suggests it is fully sealed. These pants awesome as nothing get in easily.


What to look for in your snowboarding pant without fail?

There are some key features to look for in a snowboarding pant and these features relate directly with the type and style of skiing and riding that one does.

  • Built-in gaiters: The gaiters are single defining feature that a majority of the snowboard and the ski pants have in common. These gaiters are present under the cuff of the pant and help to keep the snow out of the boot and the lower extremities. They can also feature slightly different features such as the hooks to connect with the laces and the buckles and the hook and loop openings along their sides. Some pants feature zipper cuffs that help in reaching to the gaiter easily.
  • Venting system: vents with zips are an inherent feature of snowboard pants. These vents open up to help the user dump the heat and to promote air circulation when the user starts to get too hot. These venting systems are found on the inner thigh inseam and also feature a mesh lining to keep the stray snow from entering the pant. A majority of the technical snowboarding pant have full-length side zippers attached to offer the best ventilation control and they also allow for easy on-off without having to remove the boots
  • The connection between the jacket and the pants: a number of brands have a system that connects the pants to the jacket if they are compatible with each other. This system creates a snow-proof barrier that prevents snow and wind from making their way up to the jacket and down to the pants. This feature is extremely important for those planning to ride in deep snow.


Buyers Guide in buying best snowboarding pants

Fit and style: There is a range of fits and styles for a snowboarder to choose from. Fits have three categorizations, namely as slim, regular and loose. Based on the snowboarding style, the fit can be considered. Ensure to choose the right fitting size for comfortable snowboarding.

Waterproofing: This is an important rating in snowboarding pants and is measured in millimeters. When there is a higher rating, the snowboard pants are said to be more waterproof. It is good to check the waterproof ratings before purchasing snowboarding pants.

Breathability: Breathability is the capability of the fabric to permit sweat molecules to escape. By this mechanism, the user is dry and warmer. The breathability rating is measured in grams. The pants are more breathable and more moisture escapes with a higher number. Users should opt for MVTR rating of 25000g as it is a high-end scale for breathability.

Insulation: The insulation factor is a significant factor the user should consider while buying. Certain snowboarding pants have built-in insulation with materials like Primasoft or fleece. The shell pant is yet another that has no added warmth as there isn’t insulation.

Reinforced and gaiters cuffs: While snowboarding exposure, the cuffs obtain beating and hence a perfect cuffing pants are to be picked. Users can opt for reinforced cuffs or inner hemmed scuff guards. Internal gaiters in the pants are important as they keep away snow from boots.

Seams: Seams are an important factor that the user should look for before purchasing. Seam taping adds waterproof to ski pants. Critical taping and fully taped snowboarding pants are available. In critical taping, the seams that are exposed to moisture are taped whereas in fully taped all seams are taped for waterproofing.

 Features: Apart from waterproofing and insulation the users also need to look at a few features before purchasing snowboard pants.
• Boot gaiters: Boot gaiters can be attached to the boot with the help of lace clips as it helps in locking out snow.
• Articulated knees: Users can pick this type as they match the natural knee bend.
• Waist adjustment: This comes with an elastic band for adjustment. As the user wears multiple layers this waist adjustment is useful.

Pockets: Pockets are usually preferred by many users and is concentrated while buying. Cargo pocket and pass pocket are the two types. The pass pocket helps keep you pass ready when asked for. The pass is safe in the pocket and doesn’t fly in the wind. Cargo pockets are additional storage options and depend on the user’s choice to purchase.

Glove holster: Users usually look for pants with glove holsters. These are useful as gloves can be clipped when not in use or not riding.

Side zips: These zips are located at the bottom of the boot pants. This zip makes sure the snowboarding pants fit exactly over the boot.
The users can also look for suspenders, leg lifts, inner leg vents, jacket to pant interface etc. Every part of the snowboarding pant is important and the user needs to check every aspect before purchasing.


Snowboarding pants FAQ’s

How long should snowboarding pants be?

Snowboarding pants should be usually longer than usual trousers and should cover the ski boots. Always opt for a 4 to 5-inch longer pant than usual length trousers.

What is the difference between snowboard pants and ski pants?

The fit factor is the main difference between both these pants. The snowboard pants are baggier for various leg movements and crouching. Skiing pants are usually a slim fit for a perfect aerodynamic form.

 Why hooks are present in the bottom of snowboard pants?

The metallic hooks are usually present so that laces of the boots are linked. There is an elastic gaiter in the hooks that avoids snow entering the pants.

What are softshell pants?

High-performance synthetic fibers are used in making softshell pants. These pants are resistant to tears and abrasions. They are breathable and water resistant.


Purchasing a snowboarding pant has several aspects to consider as mentioned above. There are loads of models and the number of features available. The snowboarder has to choose the appropriate option that’s safe and comfortable while snowboarding. Snowboarding is enjoyable and exciting when the user uses the right gear and accessories. Hence before starting for a snowboarding session, quick planning and research for purchase are mandatory. Always make sure to pick the comfy and easy pants that make your session thrilling.

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