The 5 Best Rooftop Baskets & Bags of [2021]


Gearing up for your vacation with family and friends in your own car? You will have a lot of luggage to carry, starting from clothes to homemade food and other camping essentials.

Are you ready to accommodate all of them inside your car and sit in a congested place all through the trip? Then you should definitely consider buying rooftop baskets and bags to transport all your cargo, where you stay comfortable inside the car.

There are a number of rooftop baskets and bags available to serve the purpose and you may be confused on choosing the best product to buy. We are here to help you with our collection of the best rooftop baskets and bags here along with their buying guide, to help you buy the best product.


Best Rooftop Baskets & Bags

Quick Answer: The 5 Best Rooftop Baskets & Bags – [2021]

  1. ROLA 59504 V-Tex Rooftop Cargo Basket
  2. CURT 18115 Roof Rack Rooftop Cargo Carrier
  3. ARKSEN Universal Roof Rack Cargo Carrier Basket
  4. Durable Roof Top Waterproof Cargo Bag
  5. Car Top Carrier Roof Bag & Protective Mat

Best Rooftop Baskets & Bags Reviews

#1. ROLA 59504 V-Tex Rooftop Cargo Basket


ROLA 59504 V-Tex Rooftop Cargo Basket At a Glance:
  • Rooftop basket with a long-lasting durability
  • Features a heavy-duty steel construction
  • Includes a universal mounting hardware
  • Mounts to almost all of the factory OEM racks
  • Its adjusting brackets fits with most of the crossbars
  • Features a rough coat finish to protect against elements
The Rola Vortex rooftop cargo basket has been designed to fit in full-size cars, vans, sport utility vehicles and vans that have an existing roof bar. It is compatible with a number of items to be secured on the rooftop of the vehicle.

This helps in freeing up valuable interior space for a comfortable and a relaxing travel experience. These racks are quiet, durable, stylish and multi-vehicle compatible. Rola offers the best rooftop baskets and products that are extremely innovative and affordable as well.

These rooftop cargo baskets feature a sporty two-piece construction and its rough coat finish helps in protecting against the atmospheric elements. Its metallic finish is also resistant to scratches.

It includes a universal mounting hardware and can mount over most of the round, square and factory OEM racks. Its adjusting brackets fits majority of the crossbars and it also includes an easy to fit custom air deflector.

#2. CURT 18115 Roof Rack Rooftop Cargo Carrier


CURT 18115 Roof Rack Rooftop Cargo Carrier At a Glance:
  • 4- inch high walls
  • Extremely safe and secure cargo carrier
  • Easy to use rooftop cargo carrier
  • Universal fit with mounting brackets
  • Durable build – power coated steel
  • Expandable cargo carrier.
This is an excellent rooftop carrier that adds on to the security of the cargo with the help of its 4-inch high walls. You can be sure that your items are secure in their place with this best cargo carrier. There is also a windshield at the front panel to protect the cargo from high-speed wind during travel.

This cargo carrier helps to add more cargo space to the vehicle and frees up a lot of space in the vehicle for other cargo and passengers. In order to enhance security, you can also pair the carrier with an additional cargo bag or cargo net.

Its universal fit ensures that this cargo carrier attaches with majority of the roof rack rails, thanks to its simple and universal brackets. The roof basket comes in two pieces and assembles pretty quickly with the help of an included hardware.

This roof rack basket is constructed from tubular steel to promote high strength and a lightweight design. It also features an E-coat and carbide black powder coat for long-lasting corrosion resistance.

#3. ARKSEN Universal Roof Rack Cargo  Carrier Basket


ARKSEN Universal Roof Rack At a Glance:
  • Ideal for hauling cargo bags
  • Features a black powder coat finish
  • Features a tangle-free mesh net
  • Easy to mount through vehicle’s crossbars
  • Fits with the existing luggage rack attachment points of the vehicle.
This is one of the best and the best rooftop cargo basket that is perfect for hauling additional cargo bags, camping equipment, luggage, and a lot more. It features a powder coat finish and also includes a steel wind fairing.

This is to reduce wind resistance and noise. It also comprises of a strong and a tangle-free mesh net to bear up with a huge tensile force. It also fits the existing luggage attachment points of the vehicle.

The basket makes use of the existing crossbars of the vehicle and also mounts easily with the help of its universal U-shaped bolts. This can easily accommodate square shape crossbars that are up to 3.25” wide and about 1.375” thick.

It can also accommodate on square crossbars that are up to 3.25” wide. These rooftop cargo carrier is extremely large in size and has a huge capacity to transport excellent load. It also comes with an additional cargo net to keep the cargo safe and secure all through the journey.

#4. Durable Roof Top Waterproof Cargo Bag


Durable Roof Top Waterproof Cargo Bag At a Glance:
  • Durable rooftop cargo bag
  • 15 cubic feet premium quality cargo bag
  • Waterproof and leak proof
  • Foldable rooftop car bag
  • Clutter-free and convenient cargo packing
  • Have a universal size and is easy to use as well.
Zone Tech Brand is known all over the world for its superior service and product quality. Its waterproof best rooftop bags are ideal for road trips, and many adventures like off-roading and touring. It helps in improving the interior space of the car efficiently.

It has a very large capacity storage and is thus ideal for car, van, roof rack systems and also SUVs. The cargo bag is made up of a waterproof material and it is made up of premium quality and rubber laminated nylon seams. It helps in sealing out water efficiently and this cargo bag is completely and competently waterproof.

The cargo bag follows a compact storage and is foldable to be stored securely when not in use. it features a durable and an easy to use built-in straps to adjust them and clip the buckles.

This best cargo travel bag features sturdy zippers and Velcro that ensure that things stay in their place even when the vehicle moves on a bumpy road.

#5. Car Top Carrier Roof Bag & Protective Mat


Car Top Carrier Roof Bag At a Glance:
  • Waterproof cargo carrier
  • Made up of extra heavy-duty materials
  • Bonus protection mat
  • Angled for best wind resistance
  • Heavy-duty tarpaulin and coated zippers
  • Extremely durable
This is an extremely durable and one of the best rooftop cargo basket that is waterproof. Its construction comprises of heavy-duty tarpaulin and zippers with fabric guard coating to achieve 100% waterproofing.

It ensures that the belongings of users stay safe within them. As it comprises of heavy-duty materials, it can withstand extreme wear and tear. It is appropriate for vehicles that are compatible with and without racks as well.

Apart from exceptional rooftop bag with all inbuilt quality features, it also comprises of a protection mat to save the expensive paints of the car. Also, these bags are angled for optimal wind resistance and you can ride safe irrespective of the wind force and direction.

This best rooftop bag not only makes the adventure trips easy, but is also extremely durable trip after trip. The product comes with a 2 year, 100% money-back guarantee.

Buyer’s Guide For Best Rooftop Baskets & Bags

Best Rooftop Baskets & Bags

Different Types of Cargo Carriers:

When it comes to cargo carriers there are four types of options available, namely cargo boxes, bags, baskets, and rack systems.

  • Cargo boxes
  • Cargo bags
  • Cargo baskets
  • Rack systems

Cargo Boxes:

These are available in different sizes and finishes. There are also lockable boxes and are available as a solid-sided box that attaches with the top of the car. These are available as both roof mounting and hitch mounting units. They enhance the overall capacity of the car and leaves the trunk place accessible and available for some important gear.

Cargo Bags:

The cargo bags are similar to cargo boxes, and the main difference between the two is that, they come in fabric with soft sides and not as hard-sided boxes.

The quantum of space is much less compared with the box, but these are easier to mount on the car and are easier to stow when not in use as well. They are also cheaper than cargo boxes and protect items from atmospheric elements.

Cargo Baskets:

A cargo basket comes as an extension to the roof rack. It resembles a narrow and large shopping basket that attaches with the top of the car. In order to attach a cargo basket, it is important to have an existing rack system.

The cargo basket also houses the cargo bags easily and you can secure the kit with the cargo basket with the help of net and hooks. Cargo boxes offer the flexibility to pack a large volume of cargo but does not protect it from elements.

Rack Systems:

Irrespective of the rooftop cargo carrier you choose to buy, it is important to have a rack system in place. It serves as an integral connection between the car and the cargo. A rack system offers the flexibility to carry a lot of other items other than bags and baskets like skis, snowboards, kayaks, etc.


Some Important Factors To Consider Before Buying The Rooftop Baskets and Bags

Best Rooftop Baskets & Bags

If you feel that your vehicle lacks the storage space to pack your luggage for trips and vacations, then it is important that you invest in a rooftop carrier bag and basket. They are perfect for carrying almost everything that you would require for your trip and are ideal companions for excursions, road adventures, camping trips etc.

But investing in these cargo carriers requires some careful insight. Consider the following points before taking your buying decision to realize the best value for your investment.

  • Capacity
  • Security features
  • Accessibility
  • Compatibility
  • Type of Vehicle
  • Weight Limits
  • Ease of installation
  • Fuel consumption
  • Ease of Driving


One of the important things to consider is the size of the rooftop cargo carrier and its weight capacity that it can carry on top of the car. Generally, rooftop baskets and bags are in the weight range of 10 to 25 cubic feet.

The size of the cargo carrier will depend on the size of the car and the load it can handle. Think of the sort of things you will fit in the cargo carrier before buying them.

Security Features:

It is important to choose rooftop baskets and bags that have the facility to lock for security purposes. Most people use these rooftop racks when they are a long drive, preferably to a hilltop and would stop in-between to refresh.

Inbuilt security systems help in keeping motivated thieves at bay and secure the belongings. Also invest in a credible rooftop bag whose material is good enough to avoid ripping and tearing off.


Ensure that the cargo carrier that you are buying is easily accessible so that you are able to open it from different directions. Those carriers that open only at the front or the rear is irritating when you want to reach something at the back of the box.


Choose a cargo carrier that fits with the fixtures that are attached with the car already, and to the objects that you wish to carry. There are both round and square-shaped cargo carriers that are aerodynamic and will fit with the factory bars perfectly. Do the necessary research and ensure that the carrier is compatible with your needs.

Type of Vehicle:

The vehicle type plays a major role in choosing rooftop bags and baskets. while some fits in cars and some in SUV a majority of them can accommodate in both types of wagons.

Also some vehicle features inbuilt rails and hitches while others need this added installation. The user should also read the owner’s manual of the car to know its capacity to hold the additional weight or if it would get inundate by it.

Weight Limits:

Before buying the cargo basket, we have to ascertain the weight limitations of the car. The overall weight of the occupants of the vehicle along with the overhead weight of carrying boards is to be kept in mind before buying a roof rack.

Ease of Installation:

The cargo carrier should be easy to install and remove when required and should have easy protocols of use and the gear should be easy to get on to the top of the car while fixing them.

The bolds and fixtures are to be made of high-quality material so that it does not coat with rust and debris when exposed to rain and snow. Cargo carriers with complex assembly will take a lot of holidaying time.

Fuel Consumption

Roof racks have to clear their way through the wind especially when they are holding equipment. This could cause drag in the vehicle and consume extra fuel and mileage. It is good choice to invest in racks that have aerodynamic design so that they would handle the wind resistance better.

Ease of Driving:

Rooftop carriers are generally attached to raised rails on top of the vehicle; this enhances the height of the vehicle considerably. There could be problems while entering the garage and some parking places owing to this enhanced height. One good solution is to invest in rooftops that have adjustable springs.


Rooftop Baskets and Bags FAQs:

How will I know if the rooftop basket is compatible with my vehicle?

Read through the instruction guide to ascertain if the product is compatible with the rooftop set up. check if it has rails, crossbars or both. Also measure the length of the product and make sure it matches the length of the roof.

How to pack without exceeding the weight limit of the vehicle?

Each vehicle features a unique weight limit. Check the handbook of the vehicle for the maximum weight it can add. Also make sure you don’t exceed the weight limit of the rooftop carriers as well.

Will it be a good idea to combine racks and bags?

It is okay to combine the rooftop cargo bag and basket if both are suitable for the vehicle and are compatible with each other. Make sure that the bag works with the carrier and its dimensions do not exceed the dimensions of the rack.

Some Important Safety Tips While Traveling with Cargo Carriers:

  • Weight Ratio – do not overload the cargo carrier, it could be a potential danger when you may have to take sharp turns. The weight of the load impacts the maneuverability of the car and fi the load is too heavy; it can result in accidents. Also, the additional weight can put undue pressure on the rear suspension and affects the performance of the car.
  • Equal Distribution of Weight – Distribute the load of the vehicle smartly and evenly instead of placing all the load at one corner, so as to not disturb the maneuverability.
  • Secure The Load – Always ensure to secure the load with hooks and straps to avoid the load from moving and falling out.
  • Visibility – Make sure the visibility of the driver through mirrors is not obstructed by cargo carriers that are a hitch mounted. Pack the cargo in such a way that the obstruction is minimal.
  • Tire Pressure – Adjust the tire pressure while transporting heavier load and also make sure that the load is distributed evenly to reduce pressure on specific tires.

Final Words:

The rooftop baskets and bags are important and exceptional tools that allows you to carry maximum luggage for your trips, without compromising the vehicle space. We hope our review and guide helps you in picking up the best rooftop bars and baskets to serve your holiday trips.


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