The 6 Best Road Bike Wheels of 2021


Bikes are the biggest asset for bikers, irrespective of them being casual or serious riders. It offers an aesthetic sense of fulfillment and happiness when getting the person on wheels across different terrains and time zones.

Wheels are the important component of Bikes and they are not just meant for keeping the biker rolling, but also are hubs for accurate tracking, a surface for consistent braking, and a base to hold high pressure and pleasure hubs for an exciting drive.

No matter how consistent and stylish a bike looks, its wheels always look antique and simple; a little upgrade on the Road Bike Wheels would definitely take the bike and the biker to the next level of style and excitement.

Their enhanced aerodynamics would offer the power to drive rough terrains without sheading a sweat. There are different types and upgrades of bike wheels available in the market, read through for its detailed descriptions and for a quick guide on different types of wheels available for bikers.

Best Road Bike Wheels

Quick Answer: The 6 Best Road Bike Wheels – [2021]

  1. ICAN FL50 Carbon Road Bicycle Wheelset
  2. Superteam Carbon Fiber Road Bike Wheels
  3. Queen Bike Carbon Fiber Road Bike Wheels
  4. Eagle Lightweight Carbon Fiber Clincher Wheelset
  5. VCYCLE Nopea 700C Road Bike Carbon Wheelset
  6. Zipp 404 Firecrest Carbon Clincher V3 Rear Wheel

Best Road Bike Wheels Reviews

#1. ICAN FL50 Carbon Road Bicycle Wheelset 

ICAN FL50 Carbon Road Bicycle Wheelset


ICAN FL50 Carbon Road Bicycle Wheelset At a Glance:
  • Hub of the front and rear wheels: Novatec Straight Pull hub
  • Spoke: Sapim CX-Ray Spokes
  • Spoke Pattern: Front wheel radial, rear wheel 2-cross.
  • L.D: 100 mm at front wheel, 130 mm at rear wheel.
  • Depth and width: 50mm and 25 mm respectively.
  • Total weight: 1470 +/-20g
  • Tyre Pressure: 90-135 psi
  • High Quality Japanese sealed EXO bearings.
The ICAN FL50 Carbon Road Bicycle Wheelset is made up of 100% carbon fiber. Its Novatec straight pull hub renders a speed of 10/11 and is featured with high quality EZO bearings from Japan. The Sapim CX- Ray spokes of the wheels offers excellent aerodynamics with excellent strength at low weight.

ICAN FL50 Carbon Road Bicycle Wheelset 3

Warranty is offered for the wheels against manufacturer defects, and a lifetime crash replacement program is offered as a discount for new wheels. The carbon rim of the wheels is made up of aerospace grade carbon fiber and the strength and lightness of these wheels depend on how these layers are arranged.

ICAN FL50 Carbon Road Bicycle Wheelset 2

The ICAN wheelset features a unique carbon construction that renders its lightness and strength that differentiates it from other wheels. Its aero spokes are cold forged and are widely used by professional racers and triathletes all over the world. The carbon wheelset profile of the wheels, responsible for its excellent aerodynamics also helps in keeping the rider balanced.

Road Bike Wheels

#2. Superteam Carbon Fiber Road Bike Wheels

Superteam Carbon Fiber Road Bike Wheels


Superteam Carbon Fiber Road Bike Wheels At a Glance:
  • The tires are made up of Toray T700c Full Carbon Fiber
  • The weight of the tires is 1565+/-30g per pair
  • Rim Finish: 3k, clincher type
  • Design: 12-Layer Carbon on brake track
  • Spokes of the wheel: CN494 Black
  • Warranty: One year under normal use.
The Super team Carbon Fiber Road Bike is a boon for any biker as they feel extremely light and offer excellent performance on roads. Their tubes are extremely reliable to be rolling on even mountain terrains. Its Swiss stop carbon breaks are pretty reliable for the biker and its carbon wheels make the signature cicada sound, which is cool for any biker enjoying his roads.

Superteam Carbon Fiber Road Bike Wheels 2

The wheels offer a smoother and faster ride when escalated about 17mph but only for those who could balance their weight and tire pressure. The wheels are framed under the carbon clincher wheels category and are considered budget friendly by most bikers. The wheels feature a regular yet elegant design with a 3k matte rim finish.

Superteam Carbon Fiber Road Bike Wheels 3

The depth of the rim is 50mm and its height is 23mm and the model offers 20 front holes and 24 at the rear end. The rim is made up of carbon fiber that offers a the advantage of adding more weight on the bike. The rim also features a 12 layer carbon on the brake track offering excellent braking systems.

Road Bike Wheels

#3. Queen Bike Carbon Fiber Road Bike Wheels

Queen Bike Carbon Fiber Road Bike Wheels


Queen Bike Carbon Fiber Road Bike Wheels At a Glance:
  • Wheel material: Toray T700c Full Carbon Fiber
  • Weight: 1565g±30g/pair
  • Rim Finish: 3K matte
  • Rim Type: Clincher
  • Rim Size: 700 C
  • Brake line: 14mm
  • Hub: Powerway R13 Black
  • One year performance warranty under normal usage.
The Queen Bike Carbon Fiber Road Bike Wheels truly offers the majestic feel of a king for the Biker when they are on their wheels. The wheels are made to look very classy that they would surely get heads turning towards it. The 3k matte Rim finish of the wheels offers the look of a professional bike used by racers and athletes.

Queen Bike Carbon Fiber Road Bike Wheels 3

The wheels are able to hold weight riders up to 250 pounds of bulk. Its 14 mm anti slip brake is an excellent feature of the wheels that help in sharp brakes at any terrain any situation. Its power way R13 Black Hub and its cassette body are designed to render good driving speed along with its CN494 Black spokes on them.

Road Bike Wheels

#4. Eagle Lightweight Carbon Fiber Clincher Wheelset

Eagle Lightweight Carbon Fiber Clincher Wheelset


Eagle Lightweight Carbon Fiber Clincher Wheelset At a Glance:
  • Lightweight – 1374 grams
  • Toroidal design with precise aerodynamic
  • Highly versatile and safe
  • All round wheelset
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed.
This is one of the best road bike wheels made of high quality carbon fiber. Its 60/60 wheel set is extremely light, giving the feel of driving on the clouds for the biker.

Eagle Lightweight Carbon Fiber Clincher Wheelset 2

The 60mm toroidal design of the tires and their precise carbon construction decreases tire drag on the road and helps in maintaining stiffness while handling it. The Eagle Lightweight Carbon Fiber Clincher Wheelset is ideal for triathlon racing and also for road cycling, thanks to its aerodynamic effects that handles cross wind interference effectively.

Eagle Lightweight Carbon Fiber Clincher Wheelset 3

Its braking track is featured with heat resistant resin that could withstand temperatures as high as 240F and its extreme tire pressure is reinforced by its Titanium bead on the wheel rim. This is also one of the fastest bikes on the road as their wheels have their distinct aerodynamics compared with other conventional bike tires.

Road Bike Wheels

#5. VCYCLE Nopea 700C Road Bike Carbon Wheelset

VCYCLE Nopea 700C Road Bike Carbon Wheelset


VCYCLE Nopea 700C Road Bike Carbon Wheelset At a Glance:
  • Weight:1820±30g
  • Wheel material: Toray T700 Carbon
  • Rim type and width: Clincher, 23mm
  • Ultra-definition matte finish appearance
  • Model of the road hub: Novatec
  • Cassette Body: Shimano at the speeds 8-11.
This is one of the best road bike wheels that feature an excellent braking surface for the safety of its riders. It has the advantage of withstanding extremes of temperatures and its road hub makes the wheels lightweight and durable for a minimum of 5 years of normal usage.

VCYCLE Nopea 700C Road Bike Carbon Wheelset 2

Its aerodynamics ensures that there is uniform airflow over the wheel so as to offer it better stability and good road sense. The rim of the wheels and the brake pads are custom made and the wheels come with four complimentary nipples and aero bladed spokes for replacing damaged ones and a 24 months warranty against manufacturer defects. The spokes of the wheels are made of cold forge technology and offers at least 20% more strength to the wheels.

VCYCLE Nopea 700C Road Bike Carbon Wheelset 3

The black spokes also feature high elastic strength along with low drag efficiency.  The Sapim Nipples are designed to offer the biker the maximum grip without having to use fixtures. The nipple locks themselves with the spoke, threads themselves when the tension is enhanced and would not get loose with use.

Road Bike Wheels

#6. Zipp 404 Firecrest Carbon Clincher V3 Rear Wheel

Zipp 404 Firecrest Carbon Clincher V3 Rear Wheel


Zipp 404 Firecrest Carbon Clincher V3 Rear Wheel At a Glance:
  • Aerodynamic carbon fiber rim of depth 58mm
  • Fire crest shaping to render stability in cross winds
  • Hub set is stiff and rigid
  • Quick release skewers
  • Enhanced ergonomics and leverage.
The Zipp 404 Firecast carbon clincher is one of the best Road bike wheels in the category of carbon clincher wheels, as its carbon fiber rim offers extreme aerodynamics to withstand even the toughest of cross winds. Its leverage and ergonomics are enhanced through its quick release skewers which have been redesigned lately.

These wheels are an all-round performer with its 58 mm depth and the fire crest shape. The 77/177 hub set at the center of the wheels are the proof of its innovation as it renders extreme stiffness and durability for the wheels. The depth of its rim makes the wheels an all-round performer which is being preferred by triathlons, athletes, and even grand tour mountain riders.

The carbon clincher wheelset along with the revolutionary shape of the rim makes these wheels the best in the industry. With all these distinguishing features, the wheels weigh so less and are been designed to accommodate excellent airflow between the tires and the tubes.

Road Bike Wheels

Points to Consider Before Choosing Road Bike Wheels

Bikes are an elegance accessory an individual could possess, they are not only a depiction of class and style but also sometimes portray the inner self of an individual, the reason perhaps why some people are inclined towards their bikes with so much passion and love. But the strange fact is that even the most elegant and costly road bikes have tires that look ordinary. And, most of them feel the need to upgrade them so as to match the look and performance of their vehicle.

There are a number of other good reasons why people realize the need for wheel upgradation. Those who do a lot of commuting on their bikes, especially on bad roads might require wheels of excellent grip and braking system. Professional riders might require aerodynamic wheels for their competitive rides; nevertheless, here are some of the important points to consider before choosing a Bike wheel.

  • Look and construction of the wheels
  • Clinchers and tubes
  • Weight and Aerodynamics
  • Width of the Rim

Look And Construction of The Wheels:

The structural efficiency of wheel construction remains the same across ages and the bike wheel is capable of carrying a load that is hundred times its own weight. All wheels holds a hub in the middle that houses the bearings for the spokes to attach and help the wheel turn easily, it allows the rim to sit steadily on the tire and holds the spokes together, even under tension.

Modern day wheels have less number of spokes and deep rims so as to offer enhanced aerodynamics for the rider. The spokes are indeed flattened in some wheels to cut through the air and to withstand cross winds. The aluminum rims of the wheels are been replaced by carbon fiber rims as well.


Clinchers And Tubes:

There are three types of wheel rim based on how the tires mount. For tubular tires, the rims have an inner tube that is attached with the carcass; they also pose a shallow dip where the tire gets glued on. Tubular tires are the lightest of all and offer a soft ride as though driving amidst the clouds, but the hassle of fixing a punctures tube cannot be missed here.

Clinchers or also known as wire on rims are featured with hooks on its sidewalls so as to engage the tire bead. The tire features a separate inner tube making it easy to fix a flat tire. Tubeless tires are special types of clinchers where the rim has no provisions to hold the tire and the tire is coated with rubber internally, eliminating the need for a tube inside.


Weight And Aerodynamics:

It is a good decision to invest in bikes that prove a strong aerodynamics quality, as it is a wheel performance metric which again influence the ride quality. The weight of the wheel is directly proportional to its performance as the quantum of their spin is related to the speed of the wheel.

Aero wheels offer excellent speed and require less acceleration by the rider and are able to withstand cross winds better. Zipp’s fire crest shaped tires have proven to offer tremendous aero dynamics, owing to their bulged sidewalls and tire efficiency.


Width of the Rim:

We have to accept that the tires of bikes have become a bit wider at recent times counting to 28mm compared to the previous 23 mm size. A wider rim of the wheel offers its characteristic strength and stiffness and also makes the tire very effective on road. Wider rims are also aerodynamic as the air flows smoothly between the rim and the tire, as both of them are of the same circumference.


Ways To Maintain The Road Bike Wheels

After spending a considerable amount of money on the wheels, it is desired to maintain them consistently to add value to the money spent.

  • Using proper pads for brakes
  • Cleaning the brake pads
  • managing the rims
  • No water magic for the hubs
  • Checking free hub and bearings
  • Checking tension of the spokes

Using Proper Pads For Brakes:

Most of the wheels are sold with brake pads and it is important to switch the brake pads before the first ride. Wheels made of carbon rims would require special carbon brake pads unlike the aluminium wheels and if the right brake pads are not used, it would damage both the braking system and also the rims of the tire.


Cleaning The Brake Pads:

Dirt and grit on the brake pads would damage the braking surface of the tires. The grit and debris could easily pick up on the wheels from the road or from the rims. Over time this could transform into an abrasive surface not able to withstand extreme braking tension and could damage the carbon rims as well. Brake pads require regular maintenance during routine bike cleans, cleaning bit of debris from the grooves of the wheel.


Managing The Rims:

It is important to maintain the rims to improve braking and to prevent premature wear of the tires. The disc of the rim could be cleaned with a clean cloth sprayed with isopropyl alcohol which does the all the magic.


No Water Magic For The Hubs:

The hubs should not be treated with water washers as it is not an ideal method to treat the wheels, high pressure water could blast the hubs and could get the water into the bearings. Hubs could be cleaned with hot or soapy water and by using a scrubber brush specified for wheel cleaning.


Checking Free Hub And Bearings:

It is natural for bearings to wear over time, but this could be delayed with proper maintenance. Free hubs could also wear off resulting in wheel rubbing on the brake and sloppy shifting, they need to be cleaned and got rid of grease once a year. Bearings are to be replaced periodically as well.


Checking Tension of The Spokes:

Bikers have to keep a keen eye on the tension of their wheel spokes, especially if their vehicle features disc brakes. It is normal for new wheels to sink in after initial driving as they require minimum tensioning. This is pretty prominent when using disc brake wheels and requires immediate attention as even a slight loss of tension could result in brake vibration, often creating obscene noise.  This tensioning could be initiated with the help of a spoke key or by taking professional help.


Final Words:

There are a number of different types of Wheels available these days and are featured with a number of improvisations that would definitely impress bikers. Most of these wheels are built in the factories by the machine hands and are finished off by human hands, so as to stay in tune with the desired of modern day bikers. Before choosing the best road bike wheels, it is important to consider their specifications and compare different wheels before converging on the best fit wheel.


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