The 5 Best Portable Power Stations of 2021


Best Portable Power Stations

If you are an avid camper, and if you have a recreational vehicle then you should consider investing in a portable power station. It serves as a reliable and portable power source for unexpected outages. Most of these power stations render electricity with the help of large batteries and are safe to use inside. They are also portable and can be of use in off-grid excursions.

We have listed some of the best portable power stations here that are ready to power up your tools, charge the electronics, and even keep the appliances running out of the home. We have also included our guide section to help you find the best power stations for your needs.


Best Portable Power Stations

Quick Answer: The 5 Best Portable Power Stations – [2021]

  1. Jackery Portable Power Station
  2. ROCKPALS Portable Power Station
  3. Portable Power Station RAVPower Solar Generator
  4. Generac GP2200i Portable Inverter Generator
  5. Goal Zero Yeti 150 Portable Power Station

Best Portable Power Stations Reviews

#1. Jackery Portable Power Station


Jackery Portable Power Station At a Glance:
  • Portable power station
  • Quiet generator
  • Eco-friendly and clean power
  • Solar-powered generator
  • Charges laptops, coolers, and electronics.
  • Features a handle for portability.
Jackery is one of the leading brands that renders expert green power solutions for explorers. The Jackery portable power station is an expert outdoor companion and helps in quiet and eco-friendly power.

The power station is equipped with a 240 watt-hour lithium-ion battery pack and doesn’t require any gasoline or fuel. There are no fumes or no clanging with this power station and helps you to pack light for your camp trip.

Being a portable power station, it is beneficial in charging coolers, indoor and outdoor electronics, and even laptops. The power station features an AC outlet, two USB-A ports, and a DC carport. Being a solar energy ready generator it recharges efficiently with the help of a solar panel.

As it is a pure sine wave inverter it helps in protecting sensitive devices as well. This portable power station has a solid handle and is thus easy to carry wherever one goes. The power station comes as a portable power station, one AC adapter, one car charger, and a user guide.

#2. ROCKPALS 300W Portable Power Station


ROCKPALS Portable Power Station At a Glance:
  • A 300-Watt portable power station
  • High capacity home back-up battery
  • 5 DC ports and e USB ports
  • Three-way rechargeable power station.
  • Pure sine wave outlet.
  • Ideal for recreational vehicle
  • Very quiet operation
The Rockpals portable power station renders an output of 300W and features an upgraded AC output to render 600 W continuous surge. The power station features five DC ports and two USB ports.

Thus it is a perfect emergency backup solution for render power for home essentials, for camping, for charging up gadgets, etc. Its 3.7V lithium-ion battery weighs 7.3 lbs. and it is powerful enough to charge smartphones, laptops, mini-fridge, etc. it serves as a credible and excellent gas-free source of portable power supply and it runs very quiet.

This battery-powered generator is extremely handy to accompany your recreational vehicle, campervan, and where ever you would require immediate power. You can choose to recharge the system in three major ways, by solar energy, which takes about 7 hours for complete recharging.

You can recharge it by making use of a wall outlet and the third way is to recharge it with the help of a car charger. This power station is better than any modified sine wave inverter and is known for rendering clean power.

#3. Portable Power Station RAVPower Solar Generator


Portable Power Station RAVPower Solar Generator At a Glance:
  • Portable pure sine wave outlet
  • Back-up generator for power outages
  • Can power a CPAP machine
  • 60W input and output terminals
  • Possible to get recharged anywhere
  • Excellent emergency equipment
  • Easy to carry around
  • Powered by a Lithium battery
This is an unparalleled power station that is capable of rendering 110V AC output for charging small appliances that require 250 W power. You can use it to charge all devices through USB and benefit from its 120 W DC output and 60 W PD port.

As the power station is compatible with the QC charging protocol it brings about fast-charging speeds to the QC devices. You can also make use of the AC output switch button for more than 5 seconds to turn on the AC output and to start conserving power. You can also make use of the solar power charger with an output of over 80 W, to charge up the power station.

This power station features a premium LD battery pack and is thus capable of storing a whopping 70200 mAh of power in an extremely smaller size unit. It also features a built-in fan to help in proper cooling for smooth operation and to get the unit function ultra-quiet, at less than 50 dB sound.

The fan starts its operation when the power bank reaches the temperature of about 122 F and it stops when the optimal temperature reverts. It also has three different emergency lighting modes to emit light beams when the need arises.

#4. Generac GP2200i Portable Inverter Generator


Generac GP2200i Portable Inverter Generator At a Glance:
  • A quiet and compact power station
  • Very simple to use
  • Renders clean and stable power
  • Built-in handle for easy portability
  • Renders excellent fuel economy
  • Operates very quietly
  • LED light alerts
  • Connects with other power stations for additional power.
This power station works on true-power technology and thus renders a clean and stable power, which is ideal for sensitive tools, appliances, and electronic gadgets. The power station is extremely compact and lightweight and thus makes transportation very easy and simple with its built-in handle.

It has an off/run/choke knob to help simplify the start-up procedures. This power station is not just compact, but is also very quiet and is easy to use. Its AC output running wattage is 1700 W and the maximum startup power is 2200 W.

The power station features a 1.2-gallon fuel tank that helps in about 10.75 hours of run time with about 25% load. The power station features an economy mode, which helps in rendering excellent fuel economy and noise reduction as well.

This station features LED status light alerts that alert the user on overload, low oil, power status. The best feature of this power station is that you can connect two inverters for twice the power.

#5. Goal Zero Yeti 150 Portable Power Station


Goal Zero Yeti 150 Portable Power Station At a Glance:
  • Portable power station
  • 168 Wh lead-acid battery
  • Modified sine wave inverter
  • 1A USB ports
  • Charges all small devices efficiently
  • Recharge from AC or solar energy
  • Travel-friendly design
This portable power station renders reliable power in the camps, in the RV, and even at the picnic site. This is a small and all-in-one power bank that can efficiently recharge phones, tablets, small laptops, and a lot more. You can recharge it with the help of a home power outlet or with the help of solar panels on the go.

It features a 168 watt-hour lead-acid battery with outputs and is thus capable of recharging up to 5 devices in one go. You can use this power station to recharge tablets, mobiles, and even laptops and DSLR cameras.

This can be an efficient companion for camping and has the shape and size to adapt to travel. You can keep it at the backseat of the vehicle to charge appliances on the go. Its lead-acid batteries are good to go for airline travel as well.

Buyer’s Guide For Best Portable Power Stations

Best Portable Power Station

The Portable Power Station And its Benefits:

The portable power station is a compact device that is fitted with a Lithium-ion battery and charging decks. This power station makes use of Lithium-ion batteries to store portable power and it is also an environmentally friendly option that does not require gasoline, wood, coal, etc. This power station can be charged using solar and wind energy as well.

These are not tethered by a plug or wire and thus you can explore the outdoors easily with the help of this power station. They are ambient to charge the appliances in a recreational vehicle, laptops, smartphones, etc. It can be used to even start the dead batteries on the vehicle thus preventing them from getting stranded.


How Should You Pick Your Portable Power Station?

Before choosing to buy a power station, it is important to enlist some good reasons as to why you would want to buy it. Some of the best features are discussed here and consider them while you make your buying decision.

  • Battery capacity
  • The output rating of 200W
  • Weight
  • Rugged and portable
  • AC outlets
  • Display
  • USB ports
  • Sine wave inverter
  • Warranty
  • Budget

Battery Capacity:

The battery capacity of the portable power stations should be at least 300 Watt-hour. So that it helps with the equivalent running power of 300 W device for an hour.

The Output Rating of 200W:

Choose a power station that has an output rating of at least 200W. Though lower output power rating is ideal for charging mobile phones and other electronics, you will require a higher power rating if you want to charge a high power device or multiple devices at the same time.


The portable power stations should have a maximum weight of 50 pounds and not be too big or heavy for the average person to carry them for long distances on foot. Any device that is heavier than 50 pounds will be hard to load and unload from the vehicle and to carry around the house.

Rugged and Portable:

Choose a portable power station that features a portable and a rugged design along with some additional features such as wheels and carrying handles. Handles can help in lifting bulky units and wheels help in moving them around in the backyard and at the campsite.

AC Outlets:

Choose power stations that have at least one or two power outlets as a majority of gadgets such as desk lamps, baby monitors, etc., run with the help of AC power. Choose a station that renders the capacity to power two AC powered devices at the same time.


Choosing a device with an intuitive display helps you to know the amount of charge left in the device. It is always better to choose a device with a clear display to show the estimated percentage of the charge left.

USB Ports:

Choose power stations that possess at least two USB ports that support 2-amp charging or higher. Anything slow will leave you annoying as your phone and other devices will charge up very slow. These ports help in charging small devices such as tablets, phones, portable Bluetooth speakers, etc. so that you can save the AC outlet for some power-hungry gadgets.

Sine Wave Inverter:

The sine wave inverter turns the direct current DC power of the power station into AC power, which is required to power the majority of the devices. It is important to choose a model that comprises of sine wave inverter to produce waveforms that are clear and smooth as that of the AC power coming out of any wall outlet.


Power stations are not an everyday-use electronic gadget. Thus it is important to find something with a large warranty period so that you get to use the device for some years before calling for help and replacements. While choosing the brand, take into consideration its reputation from online customer reviews and pick the best brand.


Look at the values that the power station has to offer, and not just its price. But the best of power stations are slightly over-priced and carry the best features and the specs to take care of power needs.


Some Important Tips in Choosing The Best Power Station:

Best Portable Power Station

The portable power station can power all the appliances for a recreational vehicle. The device is capable of even jump-starting the dead batteries on the vehicle thus, preventing it from getting stranded. It also serves as a portable power source to run heater, fan, lights, microwave, etc. Some Important tips to consider while buying portable power stations are,

  • Durability: Make sure the power station can work in the rugged condition and thus be built of durable materials. Make sure the power station can withstand rugged conditions and can withstand the outside elements expertly.
  • Battery storage: There are generally two types of power stations. The first type only charges the devices, the second type charges both itself and the devices. The first type behaves like a power bank and the second type serves as an inbuilt battery.
  • Type of activity: You should choose the power station based on the type of activity that you are indulging in. You can use the power station on the job site to power tools such as hand tools, welding and cutting tools, etc. Thus you could use it to charge the batteries of the power tools. You can also use the device for camping trips to keep your devices charged.

FAQ For The Best Portable Power Stations:

What is the ideal battery power of the portable power station?

The majority of the portable power stations are battery-powered, however, some of them are gas-powered as well. Battery-powered power stations are expensive and come with a lot of benefits. They are eco-friendlier and are powered by solar panels. Choose a device that has a battery power of up to 1000 watts.

How much wattage do we need?

For those who are looking to power only small devices such as phone and speaker, it is enough if your device has just 100 watts. But if you would need more wattage for backup power or to charge small appliances and tools like mini-fridge, then your device should have a wattage range between 200 and 2000 watts.

How good are gas generators?

Gas generators are less expensive and render more energy for longer periods. But they are noisy and should be operated safely.


How To Maintain a Portable Power Station?

Best Portable Power Station

  • The engines of the power stations can get damaged when they are subjected to weather and moisture. Ensure that the generator is stored in a dry place. Before taking it outdoors, wipe its exteriors, ensure that the tank is full, and also add a fuel stabilizer. Change the oil and the oil filter, and also drain the fuel and the lines.
  • It is important to service the power station frequently. When the unit is idle, the fuel line can clog, the engine can suffer wear and tear, etc. Depending on the model of the generator you choose, follow the servicing protocol.
  • Regular use of the power station is the best way to guarantee the proper functioning of the unit. It also helps in discovering issues, before they become a major problem. Run the generator frequently, even if it is in storage.
  • Oil is a vital element that nourishes any gas-powered power station. Similar to the car engine, one has to make sure that their generator is lubricated adequately at all times. A well-lubricated power station also has low noise levels.
  • Ensure that the battery lines of the power station are always kept clean. Monitor the battery line and make sure that they are kept free from any build-up.


It is good to have a portable power station to come handy for all your road trips and every time you face a power cut. With the help of a portable power station, it is possible to charge different electronic devices. Choosing the perfect portable power station is very important and mandatory to give you the best advantage. We hope our product recommendations and our buying guide will help you in picking up the best portable power station for your use in camps.

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