The 5 Best Pistol Crossbows of 2021


The pistol crossbows or the mini crossbows are gaining tremendous popularity among hunters as the best of the pistol crossbows are of compact size making it easy for the hunters to hold and carry them easily.

Also, the crossbow manufacturers incorporate the latest technology with that of the pistol crossbows making them unique from the rest of the crossbows. These crossbows also feature a number of safety features such as the self-cocking mechanism, anti-dry fire mechanism, auto safety mechanism, etc.

Pistol crossbows are extremely lightweight when compared with other crossbows. They are precise in their target and are extremely durable as well. To make your search and your purchase easy, we have listed the top best pistol crossbows here along with their buying guide. We hope this helps in finding your best-fit pistol crossbow


Best Pistol Crossbows

Quick Answer: The 5 Best Pistol Crossbows – [2021]

  1. Prophecy 80 Pound Self-cocking Pistol Crossbow
  2. Ace Martial Arts Self Cocking Pistol Tactical Crossbow
  3. Rogue 80 lbs Aluminum Pistol Crossbow
  4. PSE Viper SS Crossbow Viper SS Handheld Crossbow
  5. Leader Accessories Crossbow Package

Best Pistol Crossbows Reviews

#1. Prophecy 80 Pound Self-cocking Pistol Crossbow


Prophecy 80 Pound Self-cocking Pistol Crossbow At a Glance:
  • Draw weight: 80 pounds
  • Arrow speed: 165 fps
  • Power stroke: 6-4/5 inches
  • String and end caps with shipment
  • Cobra limb system
  • Extremely easy to set up

The is a very innovative pistol crossbar that is built on the basis of the most innovative Barnett Commando Pistol model of the late eighties and the early nineties. The pistol crossbow is easy to cock and is simple to use. But this is a real pistol and not a toy. Is prophecy being extremely powerful and it releases the crossbow bolt at high speeds over a good distance. They do not require a lot of energy to cock like that of full-size crossbows. Thus, a number of crossbows can be shot within a very short time period.

Pistol Crossbow

This encompasses a break action, semi-automatic pistol crossbow that features an 80-pound draw weight with high-quality wood feel aluminum stock. It also features adjusting rear sight and a bead foresight. Its piston stringer helps in cocking the string easily for the SAS prophecy crossbow. It also fits all of the pistol crossbows with that of the cobra system limb. One can find its usage instructions on YouTube.

#2. Ace Martial Arts Self Cocking Pistol Tactical Crossbow


Ace Martial Arts Self Cocking Pistol Tactical Crossbow At a Glance:
  • Pistol style crossbow
  • A self-cocking system with strong plastic body
  • Compressed molded fiberglass bow
  • 80-pound draw and fires crossbow arrows
  • Shoots at a speed of 165 FPS
  • Ideal for small game hunting and target practice
  • Speedy cocking mechanism that shortens reload time
  • Includes three aluminum arrows with metal tips

This is a cobra system self-cocking pistol tactical crossbow that is capable of handling an 80-pound draw weight and uses an easy and a safe to use cocking mechanism. It features a strong plastic body and a compressed molded fiberglass bow. The firing speed of the crossbow is about 165 FPS and this bow is ideal for both target practice and small game hunting. Its self-cocking mechanism is safe and is less strenuous to use.

Pistol Tactical Crossbow

Just by simply pulling down a pivoting arm lever, it is possible to cock the crossbow’s cable pretty easily. It also operates safety. The speed of the new cocking device shortens the reload time and allows the user to get off more shots pretty quickly. The shipment includes three aluminum arrows with adjusting tactical sight and metal tips.

#3. Rogue 80 lbs Aluminum Pistol Crossbow


Rogue 80 lbs Aluminum Pistol Crossbow At a Glance:
  • Draw weight: 80 pounds
  • Speed: Arrow travels at the speed of 160 FPS
  • Auto safety mechanism
  • Ideal for the backyard and small varmint hunting
  • Built-in arrow holder
  • The product comes with three arrows
The Rogue 80 pounds Aluminum pistol crossbow has a built-in arrow holder. It is capable of shooting at high speeds and its draw weight is about 80 pounds. The arrows travel at the speed of 160 FPS and it features an auto safety system that engages the arrow while cocking. The bow comes with three arrows and is sold exclusively by the ASC Inc. This Rogue pistol crossbow is ideal for excellent backyard fun and for small varmint hunting.

Aluminum Pistol Crossbow

The crossbow features a draw weight of 80 pounds and features a built-in arrow. The arrows that are shot from this bow travels at a very high initial speed. As it is ideal to practice target shooting at the backyards, ample hours of fun shooting are guaranteed for the user. Most of its users use it for self-defense, as the bow is silent, prompt at the target but is not lethal. When the arrow hits the body parts, it does hurt but is not lethal. This bow is highly efficient in taking a rabbit or raccoon easily.

#4. PSE Viper SS Crossbow Viper SS Handheld Crossbow


PSE Viper SS Crossbow Viper SS Handheld Crossbow At a Glance:
  • Draw weight: 50 pounds
  • Mass weight: 1.6 pounds
  • Speed: 215 FPS
  • Integrated cocking mechanism
  • Safety lock system
  • Auto safety and anti-dry fire trigger
  • Finger guard for hand safety
  • Track style rail for precision
This crossbow is one of the most commonly used one for recreational purposes. It has been improvising constantly and has grown to be better than ever. The Viper SS handheld pistol crossbow is pretty easy to use and is fun to shoot as well. It is capable of rocketing the bolts to the target at the speed of 215 foot per second. The product includes three frenzy bolts. It is ideal to use for people who are about 18 years and older. Children who are below 18 years of age require parental supervision.

The draw weight of the crossbow is about 15 pounds. Its mass weight is about 1.6 pounds and its shooting speed is nearly 215 fps. It features an integrated cocking mechanism with a safety lock that serves as a secondary safety mechanism. The bow features an anti-dry and auto-safety trigger and a finger guard for hand safety. Its track-style rail helps with precise shooting every time.

#5. Leader Accessories Crossbow Package


Leader Accessories Crossbow Package At a Glance:
  • Draw weight: 160 pounds
  • Speed: 210 fps
  • Power stroke: 10.5 inches
  • Trigger Pull: 6 pounds
  • Measurements: 34.5” length x 26.5” width
  • Arrow tip weight: 125 grains
  • Anti-dry fire mechanism
  • One-year warranty on the bow
This is one of the best pistol crossbows available in the market for target practice, fun game, and small game hunting. The draw weight of the crossbow is about 160 pounds and it is capable of shooting at the speed of 210 feet per second. The weight of the crossbow is about 5.85 pounds. It is capable of a power stroke up to 10.5 inches. Its trigger pull is about 6 pounds. The weight of its arrow top is about 125 grains.

This crossbow comes with three red dot sight scope, four pieces of the 16-inch aluminum arrow, wax, stringer, quiver and cocking rope. The crossbow features an anti-dry fire mechanism and one-year warranty on the bow excluding its cables and the string. This is an excellent starter crossbow for a man and comes with a cocking tool which the user can cock pretty easily.

Buyer’s Guide for Best Pistol crossbow


How to choose the best Pistol crossbows?

The pistol crossbows are pretty impressive. Crossbows were responsible for changing the course and tactics of warfare at the time of their advent. Crossbows remain stable for hunting and somewhere between the lines, hand crossbows and mini crossbows have grown to be an important tool of progressive users.

These have undergone a lot of improvisations in modern times and have come to use for fun and target practice at modern times. Users could also use it for hunting small game. Choosing the best pistol crossbow depends on the following factors.

  • The intended use of the crossbow
  • Draw Weight of the bow
  • Size of the crossbow
  • Method of draw
  • Attachments

The Intended Use of The Crossbow

The Pistol crossbows come in a variety of designs and weights. They all hold different purpose, one of the most important buying consideration is the intended use of the bow. Before buying one, users have to consider why they would need a crossbow in the first place.

It is just for target practice or for a more serious game? Or is it for a more competitive crossbow shooting? Are you looking for a bow with enhanced accuracy at a higher cost?  Before buying the crossbow, one has to decide the purpose of the bow in the first place.

Draw Weight of The Bow

Like any other bow, the mini crossbow and the pistol crossbow are categorized on the basis of their draw weight. Draw weight is the pounds of force the bow takes to pull the string back. For a traditional longbow or a recurve, the standard draw weight is between 40 and 80 pounds.

A full-size crossbow can, however, draw as much as 300+ pounds. The draw weight of the pistol crossbows ranges between 50 and 100 pounds and a majority of them tend to hover at the 80 pounds’ mark. The draw weight depends on a number of factors and results in a bolt speed of 100 to 200 fps.

Size of The Crossbow

The size is actually not a constraint when it comes to hand crossbows. The entire point of the pistol crossbow is mobility and concealment. Their lighter weight makes it easy to carry over long distances. When we compare the pistol crossbow with that of a full size crossbow, they are less accurate and produce less power but make up for that with their size advantage.

Method of Draw:

There are a number of ways to draw a crossbow. Though the hooks, cranks and levers are all common options with crossbow evolution, crossbows or modern times rely on two major variations, the drawing of the string and the loading of the bow. Direct draw method is popular among lower draw weight bows.

The mini crossbows make use of a direct draw as their draw weight is very low and there is no mechanical leverage required. They have a simple handle at the back of the crossbow that is pulled straight back to draw the string.

The lever crocking method integrates with the back of the bow with that of the hidden lever. These bows are break action and depress a lock switch that allows the user to use the lever to draw the string back. This offers a mechanical advantage to help draw the string better.


Attachments for the modern range weapons mount with a standard system known as pica tinny rail. This helps to attach with fancy tactical gear with that of the pistol crossbow. A very few of the crossbows feature pre-mounting pica tinny rails. It is important to buy a bow with such capabilities, especially those who wish to put a flashlight, red dot sight or another gadget on the bow.


The Best Pistol Crossbows FAQs

What is a mini crossbow or a crossbow pistol?

The crossbow is defined as a medieval bow that is fixed across wooden support and has a groove for the bolt. There is also a fixed mechanism for releasing and drawing the string. The piston part plays a major role as there is no stock built on to the mainframe of the device and this weapon is lighter than a full crossbow.

There are typically two designs with that of a crossbow pistol. The old fashion draw pulley which demands muscle power to pull back the string in order to cock the device and the second one is a self-cocking system.


What is meant by the term self-cocking in crossbow piston?

Self-cocking refers to a lever on the back of the frame that allows the user to push down and draw the string back to position. This mechanism leverages on one’s weight balance and allows for easier cocking of the bow to load up with the user’s favorite bolt of choice.


What are bolts and how are they useful?

The term bolts in interchangeable used as different technical terms such as Arrows, darts and bolts. Aluminum bolts fire with more impact on the target. Plastic darts on the other hand will fly a bit further owing to its lightweight but renders very less impact on the target. The bolts are generally 6.5 inches in length and are of steel or aluminum predominantly.


What to look for in the ideal Pistol Crossbow?

  • Size and Weight of the Pistol Crossbow
  • Self-Cocking
  • Accessories with the pistol crossbows
  • Shot speed

Size and Weight of the Pistol Crossbow

The most important point to consider before buying a crossbow is the period of time that one has to carry the bow around. For those plans who hike through the woods for hunting, one has to consider buying a smaller and lighter crossbow. Heavier and bigger crossbows can also come as a burden while passing through bushes and hurdling over long distances. Heavier crossbows are easy to keep steady and helps with a clean shot.



Most of the people think that self-cocking will allow the crossbow to cock itself for the user. Self-cocking means that the user will be able to cock the pistol crossbow back into the position without having to worry about any other additional tools as that of a rope cocker. Choosing a pistol inbuilt with an inbuilt self-cocking feature is a must to avoid troubles installing additional tools as that of a rope cocker so that the user doesn’t have to carry a lot of stuff.

Accessories with the pistol Crossbows

In a majority of cases, crossbows should feature strings, bolts, cocking aid sights, quivers and also scopes as all of them play an important role in helping the user achieve their objective.

String: The string that comes with the crossbar makes contact with the bolts. It is important to pay close attention to the quality of the string and the user has to ensure that the string is of rugged quality with durable materials. The user can also add more life to the string of the crossbow by applying string wax on to it and lube on the rail of the pistol.

Bolts: There are different types of bolts and the best fit one depends on the preference of the user. Aluminum bolts render better impact on the target whereas plastic ones fly a little further with less impact on the target. The weight of the bolt depends on the power stroke and the draw weight of the crossbow. Bolts that are of extremely lightweight tends to bend at the time of deployment. They result in a bend flight, compromising the accuracy of the shot.

Slights and Scopes: These are important hunting tools that allows the hunter to aim for a cleaner, accurate and a quicker shot. They are available in different shapes and sizes and their design suits both the hunter and the crossbow.

Shot Speed

The speed of the shots plays an important role while involving oneself in a small game hunting. There is also a need to look for a system that will launch the bolt quickly and make a fast shot. As the weight of the bolt has an effect on the speed of flight, it is important to find a steady pistol crossbow that helps to deploy lighter bolts and render rich experience in small game hunting. But extremely lightweight bolts that propel in windy conditions, resulting in inaccurate shots.


Final Words

Irrespective of the purpose of the hunting weapon that you are looking for, be it for target practicing or hunting, there is a pistol crossbow available. They are excellent tools to introduce shooting in people, but they should not be mistaken for toys. The most important point to remember before making a purchase decision is to remember one’s personal needs.


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