The 5 Best Ping Pong Paddles of 2021

Having the best ping pong paddle makes all the difference between a win and a loss. Ping pong paddles are the best to elevate the game of table tennis for the player and can also serve as a thoughtful gift for friends and acquaintances. In recent years, the readymade table tennis market has grown a lot.

There are hundredths of rackets to choose from both for beginners and professional players. These paddles are ideal for both table tennis and ping pong games and there are many varieties of them to choose from.

Ping pong game is pretty competitive and choosing the right paddle will definitely make a difference to the game. This guide visions to enlighten our readers which the most important aspects to consider while choosing the ping pong paddle so as to meet their needs. We have chosen the best performing rackets available and there is a paddle for different types of players, be it a chopper, attacker or blocker in this guide.


The 5 Best Ping Pong Paddles – [2021]

  1. STIGA Pro Carbon Ping Pong Paddle
  2. Killerspin JET800 Speed N1 Ping Pong Paddle
  3. Idoraz Table Tennis Paddle Professional Racket
  4. Butterfly 603 Ping Pong Paddle
  5. DHS HURRICANE-II Ping Pong Paddle
  6. JP WinLook Ping Pong Paddle

Best Ping Pong Paddles

Best Ping Pong Paddles Reviews

#1. STIGA Pro Carbon Ping Pong Paddle


STIGA Pro Carbon Ping Pong Paddle At a Glance:

  • Dimensions: 2 x 6.2 x 21.5 inches
  • Weight: 7.2 ounces
  • Speed ratings: 99
  • Spin ratings: 100
  • Control ratings: 80
  • Table tennis racket for high performance
  • Carbon technology for speed and power
  • 7 Ply extra light blade
  • Material: S5 rubber and 2mm sponge.

The Stiga Pro carbon Ping pong paddle is the blend of cutting edge technology and advanced materials and is one of the best performance level table tennis racket at present. It’s pro carbon technology will allow the user to experience extreme spin and power that is found in the rackets of world-class players and top performers around the world.

This performance level ping pong paddle features the best rubber for tournament play as approved by the ITTF. It has the best ratings for speed, spin, and control as mentioned above.


This ping pong paddle features a 7 Ply extra light blade with S5 rubber and 2 mm sponge. Its carbon technology creates speed and power and its ACS technology enhances its control. It features two layers of carbon for best response and rigidity.

Its shock dispersing handle helps to absorb vibration and transfers energy out of its handle. The ultra-light balsa wood center ply enhances the speed and reaction time.

#2. Killerspin JET800 Speed N1 Ping Pong Paddle


Killerspin JET800 Speed N1 Ping Pong Paddle At a Glance:

  • Dimensions: 1 x 6 x 0.5 inches
  • Weight: 9.4 ounces
  • Professional grade ping pong paddle
  • Superior construction
  • Enhanced accuracy
  • Shipping comprises memory book
  • Sandwich layer construction
  • Burnt wood handle and wooded side tapes
  • Offers more powerful shots

The JET 800 speed N1 is great for all around paddle with exceptional performance than its generates exceptional power that would definitely bring out the ping pong competitor within oneself. Its blade is consisting of two layers of carbon fibers that sandwich around five layers of premium wood.

These seven layers make an ideal combination for offensive ping pong play. It features burnt wood handle and wooded side tape to protect the paddle from damage. It also preserves the energy to generate more powerful shots.

Killerspin JET800 Speed N1 Ping Pong PaddleThe Killerspin tennis racket features design with serious construction and plays in mind. Its professional grade Nitrx rubbers offer exceptional grip when the ball strikes and helps with a heavy spin on the serves.

The ping pong paddle has the best performance ratings, its control rating is 8, it’s spin rating is 9 and the rating for power is 9.5. The product comes with a personal memory book storage case to record scores, to collect signatures and to write all personalized messages.

#3. Idoraz Table Tennis Paddle Professional Racket


Idoraz Table Tennis Paddle Professional Racket At a Glance:

  • Product weight: 11.2 pounds
  • Robust construction and thick paddle
  • Offers good spin and balance
  • Offers amazingly fast kick
  • Ping pong paddle with perfect control
  • Paddles with 30 days’ refund policy

The Idoraz professional ping pong paddle helps the player to step up their game and is hard to beat by its rivals. It features robust construction with its ITTF approved rubber and takes the performance of the players to the next level. It has an excellent spin rate of 93 and helps with good balance and spin while playing.

Its rubber face renders excellent grip to spin the ball and its smooth handle helps with easy control over the spin. The speed and balance it offers are commendable and offers a speed rating of 99 with a completely balanced frame.

Idoraz Table Tennis PaddleThe Idoraz is the best racket for ping pong and other recreational games such as table tennis. It offers plenty of control for all the fast shots and its control rating is 90. It’s 2.00 mm rubber coating makes it the premium paddle with the latest technology.

Apart from offering exceptional power, control, and balance spin it also features a professional look and feels. The product comes in a premium carry pouch ideal for gifting purpose as well. The product offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee for its customers along with 30 days’ refund policy.

#4. Butterfly 603 Ping Pong Paddle


Butterfly 603 Ping Pong Paddle At a Glance:

  • Dimensions: 14 x 12 x 6 inches
  • Weight: 1.6 pounds
  • ITTF approved rubber
  • A free case for protection
  • Gift box for all occasion
  • Performance grade racket
  • Powerful for speed and spin
  • Paddle case that elongates the life of rubber

The Butterfly ping pong paddle is professional table tennis and ping pong paddle that ships in a gift box and is thus ideal for all occasion. This is a high-value ping pong racket that helps with a significant spin and speed for competitive play.

This is the perfect racket for aspiring sports personnel as well. Its rubber is red at its forehand side and is black in color on the backhand side. The paddle features a 2.1 mm Wakaba rubber that has approval from the International table tennis federation to fit in all tournament plays.

Butterfly 603 Ping Pong Paddle Set

Its rubber and sponge layers offer a springy tactile feel and are ideal for extra spin and speed to help the player smash the opponent. The paddle resembles a traditional shake hand style in a flared grip and is wider at the bottom.

This ensures superior comfort and grip. Shipment includes a Butterfly logo full case to complete the racket from harmful elements. The paddles come with a 30-day manufacturer warranty and these rackets are the most preferred rackets for professional players all over the world.

#5. DHS HURRICANE-II Ping Pong Paddle


DHS HURRICANE-II Ping Pong Paddle At a Glance:

  • Weight: 3.2 pounds
  • DHS hurricane ping pong paddle
  • Typical Chinese rubber construction
  • Best for fast play
  • All-around play
  • Comes in a racket cover with two balls
  • Easy returns policy


The DHS hurricane ping pong paddle is ideal for table tennis game as well. The paddle is available in both red and black colors. It is ideal for all-around play and features one racket with cover along with two balls in a gift box.

The paddle is faster than most other paddles available in the market and is best for forehand offense play. It is good at forehand chops as well. The paddle features high-quality construction with typical Chinese rubber. It’s firm sponge, spiny rubber edges offer excellent control on the blade.

DHS HURRICANE-II Tournament Ping Pong PaddleThe paddle works best for hitting strong shots with its sponge and seems to last longer than other traditional paddles. It is possible to reuse the blade by changing its rubber after about 75 times of extreme use. It is mandatory to keep the plastic on the rubber at all times to extend its life. The product has an easy return policy without any damages to its body.

#6. JP WinLook Ping Pong Paddle


JP WinLook Ping Pong Paddle At a Glance:

  • Item weight: 45 pounds
  • 4-piece pack with superior quality paddles
  • ITTF approves equipment
  • 5 plywood table with a flared handle
  • Blue color carrying bag
  • Ideal for all age groups
  • Designed in the USA
  • 60-day money back guarantee

This is the brand that players can trust as it is designed and developed by a leading ping pong player. It is a four-piece pack with superior quality plywood paddles that features superior technology for the balance of control, spin and speed.

Its tournament paddles meet the ITTF equipment regulation for official competitions. Its 5 plywood blades have an ergonomic flared handle for the comfortable grip of long play sessions. The paddle has best performance elastic pads of eco-friendly natural rubber sheet. It has the edge tape to avoid edge tear.

JP WinLook Ping Pong Paddle

The paddle ships in a blue carrying bag with combo gift design for an organized, perfect and easy journey. It is ideal to engage 2-4 players in both indoor and outdoor games and the standard paddle face color is red and black stuck with extra strong glue.

People of all the ages can use the paddle, irrespective of their skill set for both boys and girls, teens and juniors for both training and practice. The product has a 60-day money back guarantee and one-year free replacement warranty to let the buyer make the purchase with confidence.

Points To Consider While Choosing a Best Ping Pong Paddle

We can buy the most expensive and attractive racket of all but it is of total loss if it does not match the playing style of the user. It would only end up as a loss of money. One important factor to consider while choosing the best ping pong paddle is knowing what type of player you actually are.

Are you a beginner in ping pong? Or an intermediate player or a professional. Are you an offensive player or defensive player? Answering these simple questions will make the choice of the racket many times easier.

The next important aspect is to understand the construction of the racket and how each material choice affects the speed, control, and spin of the game. Let us discuss these attributes in detail here.

Table Tennis Paddle

  • Type of the player
  • Parts of the racket
  • Rubber and sponge of the paddle
  • Attributes of the racket
  • Final words


Type of The Player:

The level of experience of the player dictates the kind of paddle that would allow them to improve their game at the fast pace. The ping pong paddle they choose should help them to assume more games and improve fast. Beginners should choose a paddle that would consistently put the ball across the board to win the game for them. Beginners should concentrate on working on the fundamentals and develop the best stroke mechanics. They should not concentrate on the speed and spin as learning the basics is the top priority now.

The intermediate and advanced players should choose a ping pong paddle to perform the different moves and techniques with enough skills sets so as to win the game comfortably. For such players, their spin and speed are crucial thus an intermediate should aim for a paddle that has the best features as that of the paddles of advanced players so that they can give the best they can afford. The paddles will also help the players to develop their own paddling style.

Players who find themselves attacking a lot and hitting the ball well ahead of the table should choose a racket that is heavy and fast. Players who like defensive shots to block the opponent and to chop the ball should choose a slow, light and a comfortable paddle for their play.


Parts of The Racket:

The parts of the ping pong paddle and their material of construction will affect the speed, control, and spin of the play. There are two main parts in the racket, the blade or the wooded part which also includes the handle and the rubber portion that includes the sponge.

  1. The blade
  2. The handle

The Blade:

The blade of the ping pong paddle is generally of 5-9 layers of wood and can also include other materials such as titanium carbon and carbon. Depending on the number of piles of wood and the materials that are used in the paddle, the carbon layers make the pad firmer but also keeps it lightweight at the same time.

The blade can either be rigid or flexible. The rigid blade will transfer most of the stroke’s energy to the ball and will result in a faster overall racket. The flexible racket, on the other hand, will absorb the energy and make the ball travel very slowly.


The Handle:

There can be three types of paddle handles, namely flared, straight and anatomic. The flared handle is thick at the bottom to prevent the paddle from slipping out of the hand. It is the most popular one and is used widely by most of the players.

The anatomic handle is the one that is wider in the middle to fit the shape of the palm of the players. The straight handle has the same width from top to bottom. For players who are not sure of the handle to choose, the flared one is the most ideal.


Rubber and Sponge of The Paddle:

The quantum of the spin of the ball depends on the tackiness of the rubber of the paddle and the thickness of the sponge. The tackiness and softness of the rubber are determined by the technology used and the different treatments that are applied during the manufacturing process. Softer rubber will hold on to the ball more and give it more spin whereas a stickier rubber will also put more spin on the paddle ball.


Attributes of The Racket:

Some of the useful attributes to consider before choosing the racket are its spin, speed, and control.

  • Speed: This refers to the maximum speed that the player can imprint on the ball. If the player upgrades for a faster paddle, they will have to exert less energy to render the ball the same speed as before. If the racket is of poor quality, then there can be a huge difference in the speed. An ideal paddle should transfer the ball easily to the other side if the player just holds it for a block.
  • Spin: The ability of the paddle to generate a good amount of spin is directly proportional to the quality of the rubber. The weight of the paddle also plays a minor role here. The tackier and softer the paddle, more will be the spin the user can put on the ball. Speed is important for players who perform a defensive game whereas spin is important for almost all types of players. Offensive players rely on the spin to perform fast forehand loops, whereas defensive players require to inflict a huge amount of backspin while chopping the ball.
  • Control: The control of the paddle is the combination of the speed and the spin attributes. A faster spin that focuses on the bat will have less room for error and result in total loss of control. This attribute also tells the accuracy and consistency of the shots. Novice players should focus on a slower yet controllable ping pong paddle whereas advanced and intermediate players can go for more powerful ones. Unlike speed and spin control of the paddle improves with the skillset of the player. There is nothing much to worry if the racket is a bit hard to control in the beginning.


Final Words:

We hope to have brought in a clear insight on what makes a racket great. We have also listed some of the best ping pong paddles that one can get today. Choose wisely and excel the game with skills and tremendous practice.

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