The 6 Best Paddle Board Roof Racks of 2021


Best Paddle Board Roof Racks

You are fortunate if you live in walking range of the shore, as you rarely need to bother about how to take your paddle board and equipment to the water. The rest of us have to pull our boards over extended distances but don’t allow that difficulty keep you from exercising your stand up paddleboard.

With the best paddleboard roof rack for your vehicle, carrying your board is secure and easy while giving room in your car for family, friends and extra gear. We understand that this can be a difficult task to do.

That is why in this article we are going to give you some insights into things that you should check before buying a paddleboard roof rack. Let’s explore it one by one.


Best Paddle Board Roof Racks

Quick Answer: The 6 Best Paddle Board Roof Racks – [2021]

  1. Yakima SUPDawg Paddle Board Carrier
  2. Thule SUP Taxi Carrier
  3. INNO Racks Carrier
  4. Malone Auto Racks Maui-2 Luggage Carrier
  5. Yakima Jaylow Kayak Carrier
  6. Curve Paddle board Soft Rack Lockdown

Best Paddle Board Roof Racks Reviews

#1. Yakima SUPDawg Paddle Board Carrier

Yakima SUPDawg Paddle Board Carrier

Yakima SUPDawg Paddle Board Carrier At a Glance:
  • 2-board SUP carrier
  • Dimensions40 x 6 x 6 inches
  • Weight14 pounds
  • 36 in. wide
  • Tool-free installation
The Yakima SUPDawg paddleboard roof rack is intended for easy loading of one or two boards and can endure oversized boards as well. The tool-free installation provides existing round, square or aero crossbars and holds bar adaptors.

The board cradle on the SUPDawg is a smooth and cushioned bar which makes it perfect for wide boards up to 36 inches, yet it can take narrower racing surfboards as well. It has a big extra roller at the end of the bar, which helps you in storing boards. A tie-down and two leash tie cords are also involved.

The Yakima SUPDawg is a well-performing paddleboard roof rack for up to two boards with a locking tool that is easy to use and place. This is the overall best paddle board roof rack.

Best Paddle Board Roof Racks

#2. Thule SUP Taxi Carrier

Thule 810XT Standup Paddleboard (SUP) Taxi

Thule SUP Taxi Carrier At a Glance:
  • Crossbar mount
  • 1-2 SUP boards
  • Hold up to 34”
  • No tools required
  • Locking system
The Thule SUP paddleboard roof rack features a telescoping device for boards up to 34 inches and a locking arrangement that can be installed easily and swiftly. The carrier is designed for crossbar mounting on utmost roof racks. It works best with round rails.

Thule 810XT Standup Paddleboard (SUP) Taxi 2

Locking cylinders endure the carrier down, while one-key locks guard your boards with steel reinforced bands. Any extra length on the straps is simple to stow.

Rubber coating that is repellent to weather and salt water shields your boards. The Thule SUP taxi supports up to two boards. About the single knock on the Thule SUP Taxi is padding or spacing element for the second board is not involved in this kit.

Best Paddle Board Roof Racks

#3. INNO Racks Carrier

INNO Racks

INNO Racks Carrier At a Glance:
  • 1-2 SUP boards
  • Locking mechanism
  • Secure tightening
  • No tool required
  • Rubber-coated stainless steel strap
The INNO SUP paddleboard roof rack is a handy system that can be mounted on a variety of roof racks with a rectangle, round, and most industry crossbars. It can endure up to two SUP or surfboards, three small boards or a kayak or canoe.

INNO Racks A helpful extra is the little crane-like contraption to maintain up the strap system for secure loading. A rubber-coated stainless steel cable strap securely attaches your watercraft in position while a ratcheting mechanism guarantees secure tightening for optimal safety.

INNO Racks A locking system limits anyone from tampering with weighted gear. The racks are filled to protect your boards while loading and transportation. If you’re not entirely into SUP but other board sports such as windsurfing as well as kayaking or canoeing, the INNO paddleboard roof rack is the genuine sup car rack for you.

Best Paddle Board Roof Racks

#4. Malone Auto Racks Maui-2 Luggage Carrier

OrionMotorTech Universal Car Soft Roof Rack Luggage Carrier

Malone Auto Racks Maui-2 Luggage Carrier At a Glance:
  • 1-2 SUP boards
  • Self-adjusting high grip saddles
  • No tools required
  • 22-inch spacer foam pads
  • UV resistant
The Malone Auto Racks Maui-2 paddleboard roof rack is a rack-mounted form that does not need pre-installed crossbars and is harmonious with square, round or oval roof rails. Should your firm roof rack feature crossbars, the Malone Maui-2 can match square, round and oblong cross bars. It highlights four low profile seats that flexibly auto-adjust to your boards to securely keep them in place.

OrionMotorTech Universal Car Soft Roof Rack Luggage Carrier 3For accumulating two boards, 22-inch spacer foam pads are previously included. The establishment does not need any tools and can easily be descended for riding without boards. The cam clamp straps are UV resistant and all parts are durable to resist corrosion, an essential feature in salty sea-side environments.

OrionMotorTech Universal Car Soft Roof Rack Luggage Carrier 2
The Malone Maui-2 SUP paddleboard roof rack is a comprehensive and simple answer for safely carrying one or two boards. It is cooperative with a wide variety of roof racks and everything you want is included and one the greatest sup roof racks.

Best Paddle Board Roof Racks

#5. Yakima Jaylow Kayak Carrier

Yakima Jaylow Kayak Carrier

Yakima Jaylow Kayak Carrier At a Glance:
  • Weight: 11.00 lbs
  • Size: 6.69″ x 6.00″ x 20.00″
  • Tool-free installation
  • SKS Locks sold separately
  • Supports one boat up to 80 lb
Resourceful, flexible, and low-maintenance, the JayLow paddleboard roof rack gives maximum loading and minimum fuss. Carry one kayak in the cradle seat or two boats in stacker position. Set the standing state with the easy-to-use combined cam arm and folds flat when not in practice. It adds Heavy-Duty Straps and Bow/Stern Tie-Downs.

Yakima Jaylow Kayak Carrier 3It includes most of the characteristics of the other J-style roof racks and at a fair price. That gives the Yakima JayLow a serious contender for the best ranking on our account of kayak racks for cars.

Yakima Jaylow Kayak Carrier 2There is also clear release handles on each one which provides the top rack to close down. Plus, the overall appearance of the racks is clean and well taken. The straps are greeted with a bow and stern tie downs.

Best Paddle Board Roof Racks

#6. Curve Paddle board Soft Rack Lockdown

Surfboard Soft Rack LOCKDOWN Premium Surfboard Car Racks 1

Curve Paddle board Soft Rack Lockdown At a Glance:
  • Reckless foam blocks
  • 1-2 SUP boards
  • 600D poly canvas webbing straps
  • Single loop wraps
  • Foam padding
The Curve Surfboard Soft paddleboard roof rack model goes with a variety of roof shapes. It is definitely geared towards moving boards and can take one or two SUP boards and up to four short or up to three large surfboards.

It operates with both open roofs as well as vehicles with tracks, even without a crossbar. The Curve roof rack stars a unique and restricted cocoon system: a single loop coils around the board rails and then securely fastens down the things to the roof.

Surfboard Soft Rack LOCKDOWN Premium Surfboard Car Racks

Foam padding guards both the ending as well as the boards with a seat. The high quality 600D polycanvas webbing straps are securely attached with a super powerful cam buckle to provide you enough tension and reduce problems with board lift, slide, and flutter, even in powerful windblast conditions.

The great benefit of the Curve soft rack is that you have simply single top load tightening mark per rack, leaving for easy board access.

Best Paddle Board Roof Racks

Things You Should Check Before Buying a Paddleboard Roof Rack


  • Model
  • Mounting System
  • Versatility
  • Number of Boards
  • Locking Mechanism


Since a paddleboard is a long and difficult part of the equipment, security is among the first concerns when moving it on the roof of a vehicle. To select the paddleboard roof rack that is suitable for your needs, think if you already have some kind of rack mount system permanently fixed on your car, or if you need or want something that is fully detachable whenever you don’t use it.


Mounting System

If you have some variety of loading rack previously on your car roof, it’s sufficient to pick a SUP board system that runs with your current paddleboard roof rack. It can be broken into approaches that rely on two crossbars for storing, and models that just use two identical rails.

Some rack is different in the way that it can run with or without weight rails on your car roof. Other models need a fixed roof rack with cross bars.



If you’re not just into Stand Up Paddling as a game but like some kind of surfing, kayaking or canoeing as well, a handy model might help you greatest. A paddleboard roof rack will hold kayak or canoe easily, but if you decide that you’re shifting just between board samples a lot these racks will cater to your need.


Number of Boards

For security reasons, you should continuously follow the directions of the respective company and never burden a paddleboard roof rack. Paddleboards are too big to transport on the roof in large number. If you need to cart three or more of them nearby, you will need a container that you can hook to the back of your vehicle.


Locking Mechanism

A locking mechanism is normally found on rack-mounted models and assures that both the carrier lingers in point on your current roof rack as well as the straps holding down your gear. The mechanism highlights a lock and solution to safeguarding it from tampering by someone. This suggests that essentially you can leave a weighted vehicle abandoned for a fair amount of time.


A locking mechanism lets you rest assured that no one without large tools can mess with your weighted rack while you’re away from the car for a brief while. To assure safety, you should regularly check any wired rack before running off.


Faq’s for paddleboard roof rack


Q: Will these paddleboard roof racks damage my car?

No! In fact, roof racks are intended to prevent your gear from scratching your car. At Rack Solid, we guarantee that when your rack is fixed, it’s prepared right and in a way intended to protect you, your equipment and your vehicle.


Q: Without rain gutters can I use paddleboard roof rack?

Absolutely! You will find an extensive range of rack accessories and car racks specially made for vehicles without gutters.


Q: Can I take my paddleboard roof rack back at the time of car selling?

Paddleboard roof racks are produced to fit your particular vehicle and it is incredible that a rack can seamlessly shift from one vehicle to different. Accessories and rack bars are normally transferable but you will hopefully have to obtain a new access kit and probably new towers.

If you’re uncertain try getting one of our fit models. Hitch racks, trunk racks, and most other racks normally shift between cars without too much trouble


Q: Can I get a paddleboard roof rack for a sports car?

Yes! Rack Solid offers a number of racks especially for sports cars, SUV’s and special luxury makes and types.


Do’s for paddleboard roof rack

  • Read Instructions
  • Offer some lubrication
  • Don’t overload
  • Get aid While Loading
  • Lock it up
  • Tie the Gears Down
  • Slow Down
Read Instructions

If you’re applying a paddleboard roof rack to your car it’s very important to read all the directions fully before you install it.


Offer some lubrication

If dropped on your car, your roof rack will be presented to the elements, and as a consequence, the parts can deteriorate over time. To prevent this, a dab of copper grease on the mounting bolt wires will help defend against corrosion and start removing them in the expectation so much easier.


Don’t overload

The owner’s handbook for your car will have a part in the maximum mass that can be taken on the roof. We usually find the car will have a profound load limit than the roof bars so it’s important to stay and never exceed whichever is the cheaper of the two.


Get aid While Loading

Placing a roof rack with big, heavy items can be quite hard. It’s when you’re trying and straining that things tend to get broken, so rather than scratching your nice paintwork with that 12-foot canoe, you’re trying to damage on your own, get someone to provide you a hand.


Lock it up

You will get roof racks with safety locks. Just be sure to apply them at all times, particularly if you’re carrying bikes or kayaks that can be deserving thousands. It can also be a great idea to keep your roof rack keys on your car sign ring. We get numbers of calls every year watching for replacement keys.


Tie the Gears Down

Canoes, kayaks, and surfboards must be attached down to the car front and rear, not just to the roof rack. You can manage the car’s towing eyes or tow bar if it has one. This variety of products can generate completely colossal amounts of aerodynamic lift when moving at speed and could rip any kind of roof rack clean off your car if it’s not fastened down correctly.


Slow Down

Some roof rack accessories such as roof boxes get with maximum speed information which shouldn’t be overshadowed. Aerodynamic drag rises with speed, and exceeding the speed number could definitely exert too much energy onto the accessory or the roof rack.



Receiving your stand up paddleboard or surfboard to the water shouldn’t be a puzzle even when you don’t endure close to the beach. Despite what rack gear you previously have or do not have, a family of paddleboard roof rack enables you to securely and comfortably load and carry one or two boards and even extra gear or watercraft.

Security should be your chief concern, so it’s bests to develop on what you might now have on your car roof. When carrying more than one board, make certain to provide for proper padding to not break your boards. So go ahead and buy a paddleboard roof rack for comfortably carrying your SUPs.


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