The 5 Best Outdoor Pizza Ovens of 2021


Best Outdoor Pizza Ovens

Are you a diehard fan of Pizzas? Are you proficient in baking the perfect pizza for your friends and family? Then you should try baking classic pizzas in traditional ovens. This is now possible with the help of outdoor pizza ovens, that is been made feasible and affordable for everyone. These ovens will also help you to take your homemade pizzas to an all-new level.

We are sure that these ovens replicate the real brick and mortar oven and are also portable to help you make the best out of your cooking skills. Here is a list of the top best outdoor pizza ovens along with a credible buying guide to help you pick the right product for your patio or backyard.


Best Outdoor Pizza Ovens

Quick Answer: The 5 Best Outdoor Pizza Ovens – [2021]

  1. Camp Chef Outdoor Camp Oven
  2. Ooni 3 Outdoor Pizza Oven, Pizza Maker
  3. Bertello Outdoor Pizza Oven Black
  4. Cuisinart AirFryer, Convection Toaster Oven
  5. Unifit Red Stag Outdoor Pizza Oven

Best Outdoor Pizza Ovens Reviews

#1. Camp Chef Outdoor Camp Oven


Camp Chef Outdoor Camp Oven At a Glance:
  • Comprises of two 7,500 BTU brass range burners
  • Adjusting heat-control dials
  • Can remove the oven racks
  • Built-in oven heat gauge
  • Non-stick enamel surface for cooking
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Efficient oven box with insulation
  • Three side windscreen with folding lid
  • Convenient handles to carry
This is an excellent outdoor oven that will help you to prepare delicious homemade meals right at the backyard or the campsite. This oven unlocks all cooking potentials and is portable and versatile as well. It is capable of producing the desired heat to cook almost anything from cooking breakfast to baking cookies, bread, and pizza.

The oven can easily reach a cooking temperature of about 400 F and uses propane as its principal fuel. And most importantly this oven can hold a temperature of about 350 degrees for up to 7 hours to help you with any emergency cooking as well.

This outdoor oven has the best insulation and it is highly efficient to bake a pizza with less fuel. Its high degree of insulation ensures that it heats up faster and retains the heat for a long time as well.

Just like the home oven, it comprises of manual temperature control than automatic temperature control. It is also very simple to use, you have to put the food in and monitor the temperature, if the heat builds up very fast, then crank the door to release some heat.

#2. Ooni 3 Outdoor Pizza Oven, Pizza Maker


Ooni 3 Outdoor Pizza Oven, Pizza Maker At a Glance:
  • Portable and lightweight oven
  • Very fast functioning and is ready in 10 minutes
  • The oven can heat up to 500 C easily
  • Energy-efficient and stone-baked oven
  • Preheats to an extremely high temperature
  • Prepares Neapolitan style pizza in 60 seconds
This is an exceptional wood fired outdoor pizza oven and is one of the most innovative ovens for baking homemade pizzas. This oven is perfect for outdoor garden and patio and is capable of cooking delicious pizzas in less than just 60 seconds.

It heats up to about 932ºF easily in only 10 minutes and its principal fuel is sustainable wood pellets. Apart from baking pizzas, you can use this outdoor oven to cook fish, meat, vegetables, and a lot of other meals within a few minutes.  As this oven is easy to use and is extremely lightweight, you can take it anyplace as you please.

As it is lightweight and portable, you can carry this oven, anywhere you want be it to the beach, park, and even the backyard party. Being a classic and patent pizza oven design, it is portable and has revolutionized the entire way of outdoor cooking.

It heats up so much and so quick that it easily doubles the temperatures of most of the domestic ovens. The oven comes with three cordierite stone baking boards, that are perfect for pizzas. The stand can withstand a higher temperature than the insides of the oven.

#3. Bertello Outdoor Pizza Oven


Bertello Outdoor Pizza Oven At a Glance:
  • Gas, charcoal and wood-fired pizza
  • Cooks at over 930 degrees F
  • Comes with cordierite stone and wood chip
  • Pellet scoop and tray comes as accessories
  • Cooks great with gas, wood, and charcoal
  • Helps with a perfect pizza crust every time
  • Restaurant quality cooking with minimal efforts
The Bertello outdoor pizza oven is a high quality, portable, affordable wood fire pizza oven available for outdoor purposes. With the help of this oven, you can cook a wide variety of other dishes apart from pizzas, such as fish, meat, vegetables, and even dessert pizzas.

You will have great fun in using the oven and it heats up pretty well with gas, wood fire, and charcoal. It can east up to 900 degrees easily, which is way too hot than the standard in-house ovens. This oven helps you to achieve the perfect pizza crust and achieve restaurant-quality cooking results at your own backyard.

If you want to use wood or wood pellets to fuel up the oven, this oven comes ready to start cooking out of the box. You can also fuel up the oven with propane gas, but then you will have to get the hose, burner and igniter combo for an additional $100.

If at all you want to use both the wood and the propane, then you may have to switch the wood grate that comes with the oven with the wood crate to use with propane gas. Overall it is a light, portable, nice, and sturdy oven, which is perfect for backyard cooking.

#4. Cuisinart AirFryer, Convection Toaster Oven


Cuisinart AirFryer, Convection Toaster Oven At a Glance:
  • 1800 watts’ oven
  • Comes with 7 functions
  • Non-stick interiors with the oven light
  • Adjusting thermostat with timer and auto-shutoff feature
  • Comes with oven rack and baking pan
  • Includes air fryer rack and basket
This is an excellent outdoor pizza oven that is capable of heating up to high temperatures, preferably up to 1800 Watts, and features up to 7 functions. Its various functions are convention baking, air frying, broiling, warming, toasting, etc.

The best feature of this oven is its 0.6 cubic foot interiors with oven light, which is good enough to toast a large size 14-inch pizza easily. Apart from baking conventional pizza, this oven is also capable of toasting 6 slices of bread, four-pound chicken, and 3 pounds of chicken wings.

Its adjusting thermostat with 60-minute auto shut off feature helps inefficient cooking. The product comes with an oven rack, air fryer rack, basket and baking pan. This unique kitchen appliance is actually a full-size toaster with a built-in air fryer.

As it makes use of ultra-hot air, for air-frying, it is also one of the best ways to cook, healthy, delicious, and fried delicacies. They stay on a countertop and doesn’t move back and forth, enhancing the ease of cooking.

#5. Unifit Red Stag Outdoor Pizza Oven


Unifit Red Stag Outdoor Pizza Oven At a Glance:
  • Efficient outdoor pizza oven with 20-inch diameter pellet grills
  • Uses heat source from the existing pellet grill
  • Creates high-temperature space to cook perfect pizzas
  • Converts the pellet grill into wood pellet oven
  • Bakes bread, vegetables, meat, and fish as well.
This is an excellent pizza oven that comprises of a 20-inch barrel-style pellet grill. It comprises of an enclosing pizza oven chamber designs as to effectively concentrate the heat from the pellet burner. The ceramic pizza stone helps with even heat and thus offers the pizza an excellent crust with a smoky flavor.

This oven comprises of the best heating efficiency and thus takes about 5 – 10 minutes to cook a large size pizza, after pre-heating. You can bake a pizza up to 14” with its square shape pizza stone. This oven comprises of a stainless steel housing and is extremely durable and easy to install.

Buying Guide For Best Outdoor Pizza Ovens

Best Outdoor Pizza Oven

Things To Look For in a Pizza Oven

The Pizza ovens of the modern times are capable of getting heated up to about 900 degrees, which is a perfect temperature to make a perfect pizza in minutes. But this is not the only quality, modern-day pizza ovens are capable of greater things and you must look for those features in your oven to justify the money spent on them.

  • Source of fuel
  • Size of the outdoor oven
  • Pizza oven materials
  • Insulation
  • Budget
  • Accessories

Source of Fuel:

Traditionally, outdoor pizza ovens source three types of fuel, namely wood logs, propane gas, and wood pellets. Large ovens rely primitively on wooden chunks and logs as wood can reach a high temperature of about 800 F which is good for baking a dish like pizza. This also allows an even cook time and allows a crispy crust on the base of the pizza.

New age outdoor pizza oven benefits from other fuel sources such as propane and wood pellets, that get less messy on the spot and are also quite efficient. They are capable of reaching astonishing cooking temperatures as well.

Also, gas can be an ideal fuel of choice if you want to maintain long cooking time, as in big parties. The gas helps to achieve a quicker preheat time and offers low wood maintenance, which can be advantageous while feeding a huge crowd.

Size of The Outdoor Oven:

Pizza ovens in recent times are available in several shapes and sizes and according carry their cooking capabilities. Smaller ovens are suited for terraces and patios and they offer a compact cooking experience.

They take up less fuel and reach the ideal cooking temperature quickly. Larger ovens on the other hand render greater space for cooking and to twist and rotate the food. It also renders more room to manipulate the fuel and fire for a more even heat distribution.

You can also dump the portable pizza ovens into storage when there is little space outdoors and when it cannot be left fixed in one place. Also, when looking for larger models, look for wheels with locking mechanisms to move them, as they can be quite heavy to move.

Pizza Oven Materials:

Stainless steel grills serve as a major part of pizza ovens, as they are excellent in heat retention and help with years of durability as well. Apart from steel, a pizza oven can also be of refractory cement to depict the authentic Italian construction.

Even with the cooking surface, some of the overs can be of stainless steel, which is also a popular choice for its exceptional heat-conducting capacity. Whereas others can hold a ceramic cooking floor, as ceramic is capable of withstanding high temperatures and maintain even heat throughout the cooking surface.


When you buy your outdoor pizza oven, do not overlook the insulation material, as they are pivotal in trapping the heat inside the oven for a perfect pizza. Rock spun wool is the material of choice when it comes to insulation as it is capable of withstanding high temperatures and maintaining even heat on the cooking surface.

It also repels water and prevents mildew and mold built inside the unit. Also, look for insulation at the hearth and dome of the oven so that they don’t serve as a burn hazard for the users.


You can buy an outdoor pizza over below $300. Thus they are affordable and if you are using them regularly, then your money is worth it. Some models are very much expensive and are predominantly built-in models.


Make sure to accessorize your purchase with your oven to help you craft delicious creations from time to time. Some of the must-buy accessories are pizza cutters, servers, stones, and of course the pizza toppings.


FAQs for Outdoor Pizza Ovens:

Can I use the oven to cook more than just Pizza?

Yes, most of these ovens can cook a variety of vegetables, meat, and even bake bread. They will be indicated in your user manual and the product description.

How should I clean my oven?

As these ovens are porous, they should never be washed with soap or other detergents. You can clean them with water and ensure they are dry completely before the next use. But the best way is to scrap the debris and allow the heat of the oven to kill any growth inside.

Why should I prefer a portable oven over brick ovens?

Though your pizza tastes the best with brick pizza ovens, portable wood-fired ovens are affordable and are available at a reasonable price.


Types of Pizza Ovens:

Best Outdoor Pizza Oven

Based on the material, construction, and the placement of the pizza oven, they are categorized into three major types, namely indoor ovens, outdoor ovens, and portable ovens.

  • Indoor ovens
  • Outdoor pizza ovens
  • Portable pizza ovens

Indoor Ovens:

IF you have ample space in your kitchen or dining area, then you can go to an indoor pizza oven. But you may have to follow certain guidelines while installing them and ensure that the oven is certified with the local regulations.

It may be important to plan as not all of the ovens are UL listed and pass the inspection test. Also, ensure that you have enough space to fit a pizza oven and integrate it with your other kitchen appliances.

Outdoor Pizza Ovens:

A vast majority of the pizza oven is meant for outdoor cooking purposes. They can serve as an excellent addition to the backyard and can serve as exceptional entertainment centerpieces as well.

Carefully choose the place to install the outdoor oven, as there should be provision to vent the oven’s chimney. This may not be possible if you want to place the oven undercover.

Portable Pizza Ovens:

These ingenious ovens are lightweight and can be an exceptional addition to one’s kitchen. Portable ovens are made up of stainless steel to make them lighter. Brick ovens are also available, but they come on a stand and cart to couple the baking powder of a brick oven with absolute portability.


Why Choose Portable Ovens Over Wood-fired Fixed Pizza Ovens?

Though Brick pizza oven is the best choice for cooking pizza and a lot of other foods, portable ovens have the option of versatility and portability. And they are a lot more affordable as well. Other characteristics that make portable ovens a preferred choice are as follows,

  • These ovens are lightweight and are portable.
  • As they possess a low thermal mass, they have a short heat-up time, preferably lesser than 30 minutes.
  • As they have a low heat up time, they burn the majority of the time at a very high temperature, which is pretty much efficient in cooking pizzas.
  • These ovens are effective, as they consume less firewood compared to brick ovens.
  • These ovens are simple to install and comes in an almost ready to use state.

Outdoor Pizza Ovens Maintenance Guide:

Best Outdoor Pizza Oven

Ensure that you build the fire in your oven correctly, as given in the manual. This ensures that you reach the ideal cooking temperature quickly and enjoy the best results. Choose well-seasoned wood with low moisture content. Do not use treated wood for your oven.

To clean the oven, allow the ask to cool completely after completing cooking. Remember that warm ashes can still catch fire. Scoop the ashes out after raking them to the center of the oven. After removing all the ash, use a soft brush to sweep off any remaining ash. Avoid water as much as possible to clean a

wood-fired oven as they are porous. If there are still stains, they will get removed with consequent cooking with higher temperatures.


Final Words:

We know that you are all ready to add a pizza oven to your kitchen now. These ovens are the best and the most cost-effective measures to taste your restaurant styled pizzas every time, from the comforts of your home. We hope our guide helps you in picking up the oven for your outdoor kitchen.


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