Top 6 Best MTB Grips of 2021


The Mountain Bike handlebar grips are one of the three important contact points between the bike and the rider. A mountain bike with a good grip handle ensures long hours of hassle-free mountain biking without bothering the palms and the hands. They also will help keep the rider in control with the steering especially when performing different maneuvers.

There are a number of different grips available in the market, that fit different types of bikes. Some of them are narrow and others wide, some are made extra soft with an additional cushion while others are made hard, some of them have locking system while some don’t. It does take careful consideration before narrowing down on the best-fit handlebar grip to buy.

We have made the work easier for you with our list of the best MTB grips here. We also tell you how to choose the best grip that stays long and is the best bet for the penny spent. Read through for the features of the top 6 best MTB grips here.


Top 6 Best MTB Grips – [2021]

  1. ESI Chunky MTB Grip
  2. Schwinn Tri-Layer Gel Comfort Grip
  3. Ergon GE1 Grips
  4. RaceFace Half Nelson Locking Grips
  5. Lizard Skins Moab Lock-On Grip
  6. ODI bike grips handle Ruffian Bonus Pack

Best MTB Grips

Best MTB Grips Reviews

#1. ESI Chunky MTB Grip

ESI Chunky MTB GripMTB Grips Features:

  • Extra thick for maximum shock absorption
  • Dimensions:  9 x 6 x 2 inches
  • Weight: 60 grams
  • Includes bar end caps
  • Material: Silicone

The ESI Chunky MTB grip features a unique cell structure and is of silicone construction. The grip features amazing dampening effects and conforms to the hands securely. It also helps in shifting the pressure evenly across the palms during riding.

The ESI MTB grips have the best shock absorbing tendency as one of its sides are thicker. The opposite side is thinner for bulk-reducing and to absorb vibration.

It offers excellent wet or dry grip, extreme comfort and demands absolutely no bar adhesion. It also looks extremely good on the MTB bars. The No slip grip also offers multiple hand positions with more choice.

They are not easily removed as well once they are on the bike. But its shape is its little drawback and most users dislike it. It also leads to more hand pressure depending on where the user holds it.

#2. Schwinn Tri-Layer Gel Comfort Grip 

Schwinn Gel Comfort GripMTB Grips


  • Dimensions: 2 x 5.9 x 1.5 inches
  • Weight: 5.6 ounces
  • Extra gel layer for comfort
  • Material: Kraton compound
  • Large palm area
  • Textured pattern

The Schwinn Tri-layer Gel Comfort Grip is one of the most featured MTB grips among mountain bike riders. The Grip features an extra gel layer for enhanced comfort and soft touch. Its extra-large palm area helps with dampening protection and for handling vibration.

The comfort grip is of Kraton compound construction and thus has the best durability. Its textured pattern on the top helps in enhancing the traction while riding.

Schwinn Gel Comfort GripThe grip is an excellent upgrade for the round hard rubber grips that were put to use traditionally in MTB bikes. Its palm pad does not fail to take the strain off the wrists and is the best upgradation for an MTB bike.

Apart from being secure and comfortable grips for mountain bikes, they are also adjustable to some extent in terms of rotation on the bar. This way it is possible to adjust the grip to the most comfortable an efficient position for long distance riding.

#3. Ergon GE1 Grips

Ergon GE1 Grips MTB Grips


  • Grip dimensions: 10 x 6 x 2 inches
  • Weight: 3.52 ounces
  • Material: Forged Aluminum
  • Universal size
  • Wide handlebar grips to support even elbow
  • Excellent design and good looking grip
  • Absolutely no slippage

The Ergon GE 1 Grips are excellent with the ride with owing to its amazing ingenuity and they also look great enhancing the looks of the MTB bike. These are Ergonomic grips for long rides and a little swell in the grip at the index and middle finger area helps in adding comfort to the grip. It also enhances the space to hold on to. They are designed to hold wider handlebars and has the best cushion to add comfort to the palms.

These ergo style grips with soft padding are of Aluminum forged material with clamps. The grips hold up pretty well even with gloves on the hands and are easy to lock on and off as well.

It has been specifically designed and developed for mountain biking and supports even the elbows while climbing up the hill. They lock in pretty well with the bars and there absolutely no slipping.

#4. RaceFace Half Nelson Locking Grips

RaceFace Half Nelson Locking GripsMTB Grips


  • Handlebar dimension: 8 x 2 x 6 inches
  • Weight of the bar: 1.6 ounces
  • Single lock grip
  • Super slim design
  • Extremely lightweight
  • In-built Moisture channels

The Race Face Locking grips render the excellent tactile feel on the ride with their beautiful design. They are extremely durable, lightweight and have all the features of a typical MTP grip.

The grip has a single lock on its grip, at the outside. They grip on pretty well and there is absolutely no movement and no slipping. The clamps for the screws come with the package during shipment.

RaceFace Half Nelson Locking Grips

The handlebar grip has a super slim design and a low profile with sniper locks on both the pairs. The grip has in-built moisture channels that help in absorbing sweat during mountain rides and keeps the palms of the rider clean and dry at all times.

It gives the riders a lot of confidence and control over their mountain bikes especially when they are barreling their bikes through rough terrains. The grips are of silicone material that is tacky and yet not a hindrance for quick release mountain riding.

#5. Lizard Skins Moab Lock-On Grip

Lizard Skins Moab Lock-On Grip MTB Grips Features:

  • Dimensions: 12 x 6 x 3 inches
  • Weight: 4 ounces
  • Soft texture MTB handles
  • Holds small diameter handlebars
  • Grips include alloy collars

The Lizard Skins Lock-on grips for MTB handlebars is sturdy enough to ride anywhere be it on mountain tops or on sturdy deserts. Its rubber surface offers excellent grip during all the rides be it on bare hands or with gloves.

The grips are of rubber material and the clamps are of Aluminum. These clamps help to keep the grips from twisting as one rides along their way. The clamps also avoid sliding off the grips from the ends of the MTB bars.

Lizard Skins Moab Lock-On Grip

The Lizard Skins MTB grips offer fantastic grip and feel on the mountain bike and each of the grips has their own plug. It features high-quality fit and finish and are the best for technical trails with steep climbs.

They offer the best grip when riding downhill across small jumps and bumpy roads. The tall ribs have more cushion to allow good movement within the hands. They are thinner and sticky and offer the best feel and great comfort on long and demanding rides too.

#6. ODI bike grips handle Ruffian Bonus Pack

Odi Ruffian Lock-on Grips 2MTB Grips Features:

  • Grip Dimensions: 5 x 2 x 8 inches
  • Weight: 115 grams
  • Form: Sport Griff MTB grip
  • Silver lock clamps
  • End plugs included

The ODI Bike grips handle pack is good to use on both flat bars of road bikes an also mountain bikes. They are probably the best grips for the MTBs and are of a standard size that would fit any bike type.

They work best in wet and dry conditions owing to the optimal control in their design. Its narrow and diamond-shaped surface pattern offers an excellent gripping system. Its lock-on design offers the best 100% non-slip performance.

Odi Ruffian Lock-on Grips 2The grips are available in two options, one is with the ¾ flange that helps to keep the hands of the bar and another with no flange option. The handlebar grips include lock jaw clamps that are in silver color irrespective of the color of the grip.

It’s snap cap and end plugs are the additional accessories that make it the most sought after handlebar grips of mountain bikes. Their length ensures that the hands are at the outer ends of the bars while riding and eliminate hand drifting and creeping.

Points To Consider Before Choose The Best MTB Grip

MTB Grip

  • Method of fixing of the grip
  • The material of the Grip
  • Grip Profile
  • Shape and length
  • End Plugs
  • Wear and tear
  • Weight and cost


Method of Fixing of The Grip:

There are ideally two types of grip, namely, slide on grips and the lock on grips. The slid-on grips can rotate and remove the rain and dirt that can get into down upon exposure. These are also known as simply slid or friction grips that are held in place at the handlebars due to friction. It is the inside grip between the MTB grip and the handlebar that holds them in their position.

The lock on grips are unlikely to rotate and they also weight more owing to the additional material that goes into their construction. They are popular among mountain bikers as they do not have any friction grips in them. The grips secure with the handlebars with the help of clamps at a single end of the grip or on both sides of the grip. A bolt is also helpful to tighten or to release the clamp making them easier to remove and install compared to friction grips.


The Material of The Grip:

MTB grips are predominantly made of silicone. Silicone grips are lightweight and offer more control over the steering but are not durable. They are also prone to damages in the event of crashes. Some lock on grips has hard plastic sleeves under their silicone grips. Some of them are of leather, which is tough and also durable.


Grip Profile:

There is a wide selection of MTB grips available in the market. Some of the grips are designed to function well with gloves, whereas others are designed to be used with bare hands. Some of the grips also have ridges, thin waffle and blocks of different thickness over them. More than the design and the feel of the grips it is their ability to absorb friction and shock that matters the most with these grips.


Shape And Length:

Some of the MTB grips are straight whereas others feature an ergonomic shape that fits the anatomical hand parts. There are grips that are long and extend beyond the bar and some that are short and finish within the bar as well. Those with shorter hands should not prefer a long grip, as it would push the gear and the brake levels far too away from the hands. Also, using grips that are too short would force the hand towards the end of the bars creating unwanted numbness and pain in the palm and the fingers. It is good to choose the best fitting grip for the bar and the user.


End Plugs:

Some of the best MTB grips feature end plugs that covers the ends of the handlebars. This helps in preventing serious damage to the handles in the event of a crash and protects the carbon fiber bars.


Wear And Tear:

MTB grips are prone to wear and tear and tend to damage over time and with use. But most of the brands offer separate spares as packages so help treat the worn out rubber sections of the grip with fresh ones.


Weight And Cost:

The weight of the grips can vary depending on the clamp configuration, the extent of padding in the grip and also on their ergonomic style. The grip that weighs less is generally foam grips with friction style. Lock on ergonomic grips is significantly heavy. Cost of the MTB grips falls in a tight range and most of the inexpensive low profile variants are available at a cost as less as $10 for a pair. Leather grips and other ergonomic models can sell for more than $60 as well.


Different types of MTB Grips

There are hundreds of Mountain bike handlebars available in the market and there is also a difficulty of choosing them from the hundred others in the market. The grip that suits a rider need not be of interest for another. Most of the riders choose their grip by trying different styles and models one after another before finding their best fit. Grips are not just rubber tubes that slide on the ends of the bars, there are numerous variations for this simple concept though

  • Plain Gauge Grips
  • Thinner grips
  • Dual compound grips
  • Grip flanges and patterns


Plain Gauge Grips:

These MTB grips are of the same thickness throughout their length. Other types of bars have a bulge in the middle at the level of the different fingers. There is also a separate breed of ergonomic grips that offer the best comfort with their anatomical fit. They are the must-try grips for those who experience pain and numbness with the regular ones. But some rides feel that these anatomical fit handlebars are sometimes a hindrance in technical terrains.

Thinner Grips:

Some mountain bike riders with thinner hands find thinner handlebar grips more comfortable in the long term, whereas those with bigger hand frame choose wider grips. The thickness of the grip is a matter of personal preference.

Dual Compound Grips:

Some of the grips are of two different types of materials, in fact, they are of two different types of rubber. They have a lard foundation layer that gets overlaid by a softer surface layer. The firm inner sleeve of the handlebar maintains the form of the grip and helps in offering a more secure hold on the bars. They also help in slipping, whereas the soft outer layer is comfortable and is soft to hold. The dual compound grips are always thicker and may not suit those riders who prefer a thin grip frame.


Grip Flanges And Patterns:

Some MTB grips feature flanges on their inner ends in an attempt to prevent accidental slipping of hands of the bars. The patterns on the grips also vary considerably, the traditional waffle pattern is still famous among mountain bikers. Some brands also try to endorse their logo on the handlebar. Apart from the pattern, it is the comfort and the ability of the handle to absorb the sweat that matters the most.


Having in mind the above considerations, the MTB handlebar grips can widely be classified into three different types of grips and those are:

  • Traditional grips
  • Ergonomic grips
  • Lock- on Grips

1. Traditional grips:

The traditional handlebar grips are simple rubber sleeves that slide on the ends of the bar. But these grips are hard to get off and remove and sometimes can slip off in wet conditions. They also have the disadvantage of not holding the end plugs. But they are pretty cheap and the rider can have the cheapest bike accessory.

2.  Ergonomic grips:

These grips have different shapes so has to offer the best comfort on the hand for long rides. They also may feature many integrated bars ends to offer multiple handle positioning options.

3. Lock- on Grips:

These type of grips feature metallic collars at both their ends so as to lock the grip to the bar with the help of small bolts. They are becoming a standard accessory of modern-day MTB bikes.


Final words:

MTB grips should never be overlooked as just a simple addition to the most bike. Most of the brands have come up with several color choices and clamp finishes, ergonomic models and surface patterns for these grips. We hope our guide on top best MTB grips helps you with your buying choice of the best accessory for your mountain bike.


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