The 8 Best Mountain Bike Shoes of 2021

Riding a bicycle is thrilling and awesome for your wellbeing, however, mountain biking is another level of riding,

Also, substantially more requesting.

Regardless of your inclination, we have proposals to make your next ride quicker and more agreeable. Here at The Adventure Junkies, we’ve audited many bicycle shoes to make this rundown of our 10 most loved shoes including styles for men and for ladies.

For a greater amount of the best mountain bicycle shoe suggestions, look at these cry.

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The 8 Best Mountain Bike Shoes – [2021]

  1. Five Ten Men’s Freerider Elements Bike Shoe
  2. Five Ten Men’s Kestrel Lace Mountain Bike Shoes (Clipless)
  3. Shimano SHAM9 AllMountain Shoe Men’s Mountain Bike
  4. XIANG GUAN Men’s Outdoor Low-Top Oxford Water Resistant Trekking Hiking Shoes
  5. Shimano SH-ME7 Multi-Condition Trail/Enduro SPD Cycling Shoesx
  6. Scott 2017 Mens MTB Comp Boa Bike Shoes
  7. Shimano 2017 Men’s XC Off-Road Sport Cycling Shoes
  8. Giro Apeckx II Shoes – Men’s

Best Mountain Bike Shoes Reviews

#1. Five Ten Men’s Freerider Elements Bike Shoe

Freerider Elements Bike Shoe

Features of the Five Ten Men’s Freerider Elements Bike Shoe:

  • Polyurethane Coated Leather
  • Sole Made with Rubber
  • Durable Water Repellent (DWR)
  • High friction Dotty tread outsole
  • Stealth S1 rubber technology.

If you are an enthusiast bike rider in mountain then this Freerider Elements will be the best gear for you. Made with Coated leather, it has the durable material to stand any damages and hurdles on your way while driving.

With the amazing DWR, it can resist water from entering inside which is best to keep your feet dry. With shock-absorbing rubber technology, it can keep the sole dry so you can easily ride even in wet places.


With this Mountain Bike Shoes, you can expect some high-quality performance up on the hills. From biking to rock climbing to kayaking, this footwear is going to stand on all. With the material and insole, it provides the best comfort to keep your fit at its best.

You will not feel any pain and itching after wearing it. The best part is you can easily find a perfect fit for your size.




#2. Five Ten Men’s Kestrel Lace Mountain Bike Shoes (Clipless)

Five Ten Men's Kestrel Lace Mountain Bike Shoes

Features of the Five Ten Men’s Kestrel Lace Mountain Bike Shoes :

  • Made with Pu-Coated Polyester Mesh
  • Ultimate Performance and comfortable
  • Kestral Lace is your shoe
  • Stealth C4 rubber outsole
  • Compression-molded EVA midsole

Five Ten, known as the craftsman, has delivered some high-performance and fashion-forward shoe designs for mountain biking. It will be giving you the technical advantage on the terrain of the mountain while biking and climbing.

Five Ten Kestrel Lace MTB Shoes

It is one of those shoes which are totally compatible for any kind of bike riding. No matter what type of SPD pedals your bike has, this shoe will never let you stop. Made with the Kestrel Lace, it is going to maximize your pedalling power at the time of riding on the trail. The stitches of the shoes are strong enough to maintain the shoe durability.

It will provide you with the right amount of grip when you need it. With Rubber sole, stitched C4 rubber outsole, perforated toe vamp, and mesh tongue, and strong material, it is going to prove to be the best investment of your life.



#3. Shimano SHAM9 AllMountain Shoe Men’s Mountain Bike


Shimano SHAM9 AllMountain Shoe Men's Mountain Bike

Features of the Shimano SHAM9 All Mountain Shoe :

  • Made with Synthetic Material
  • Upper Material: synthetic leather
  • High Performance and Durable
  • Closure: lace, hook-and-loop strap
  • Sole: EVA foam

A good quality of helmet, a good featured bike, and a perfect mountain shoes is what makes the mountain biking a never forgettable experience. So if you are planning to go for biking and searching for suitable Biking shoes then it has to be Shimano.

With Footbed cup insole and Eva Foam sole, it is going to give you the best time without making your feet hurt and feel any damages. Shimano Sh-AM9 Bike Shoes will give that extra protection to your toe with the soft sole and insole.


With 2 bolt Cleat Compatibility, it is the most lightweight shoes available on the earth. It will not let weighted down or end up with a heavy foot. It is going to prove to be everything that you have been looking for till now.


#4. XIANG GUAN Men’s Outdoor Low-Top Oxford Water Resistant Trekking Hiking Shoes

XIANG GUAN Men’s Outdoor Low-Water Resistant Trekking Hiking Shoes

Features of the XIANG GUAN Men’s Outdoor Low-Top Oxford Hiking Shoes :

  • Breathable material
  • Rubber Overlay for Toe Cap and Heel
  • Removable EVA insole
  • Non-Slip Rubber Outsole
  • Water-resistant and Durable

This shoe is going to meet all of your need and demand at the time of Mountain Biking. Being ranked as the most loved Mountain Bike shoes among riders, it will be the easiest option for comfort and durability.

With the best material, it is going to keep you dry all the time and will provide great comfort. It will enable to enjoy the classic performance in style. It is going to give you the desired safety while hiking or trekking. High traction of the Mountain Bike shoes will provide optimal grip in wet or steep conditions.

XIANG GUAN Men’s Outdoor shoes

It is constructed with the durable and lightweight material so your feet don’t feel burdened at time of riding. It is also going to provide you the protection in water so your feet don’t slip.


#5. Shimano SH-ME7 Multi-Condition Trail/Enduro SPD Cycling Shoes

Shimano Enduro SPD Cycling Shoes

Features of the Shimano SH-ME7 Multi-Condition Trail/Enduro SPD Cycling Shoes:

  • Made with Synthetic Material
  • Durable armor and unsurpassed grip
  • Michelin dual-density rubber outsole
  • Neoprene ankle collars
  • Extra cushion in the insole

This Shimano ME7 is probably one of the best Mountain Shoes for biking available in the market. With the high-quality material, it is going to meet top tier XC performance. It is durable enough to meet even the demands of the most aggressive riders.

Shimano SH-ME7 Multi-Condition Trail

This mountain shoe has Speed laces, Velcro, and a reverse mounting buckle which works best to fit any foot size perfectly. With high durability and slip resistance in any weather condition, it will be the best Mountain shoes any one can ask for. The cushions on the sole area are going to hug your ankles to keep you safe and comfortable.

You can easily expect some long lasting result out of this Mountain Biking shoes which will stand by your side no matter what is the nature of your terrain.


#6. Scott 2017 Mens MTB Comp Boa Bike Shoes

Scott 2017 Mens Road Tri Pro Bike Shoes

Features of the Scott 2017 Mens MTB Comp Boa Bike Shoes :

  • Made with 3D nylon air mesh
  • Footbed: ErgoLogic with adjustable arch support
  • Nylon fiberglass Sole
  • Cleat Compatibility: 3-bolt road
  • Lightweight and High Quality

The Scott Men’s Tri Pro Shoe is known for the pedalling and riders. It maximizes the efficiency and also saves precious time. It is extremely attractive in design which is going to let you stand out from the crowd.

The triathlon-specific design is constructed for speedy entry and exit during the T1 and T2 portions of the race. The strong and wide-pull straps are strong enough to hold your feet tightly at the time of riding. By creating pressure points it is going to save the adjustments time.

Scott 2017 Mens MTB Comp Boa Bike Shoe

The synthetic upper of the shoes work like a glove for aerodynamic efficiency and give the perfect fit to the feet. Scott’s ErgoLogic footbed insole can get for snugged fitting. The injected nylon, fiberglass-reinforced sole provides the stiff power.


#7. Shimano Men’s XC Off-Road Sport Cycling Shoes

Shimano SH-ME3 Mountain Bike Shoe

Features of the Shimano Men’s XC Off-Road Sport Cycling Shoes:

  • Made with Synthetic Material
  • Ultralight and durable
  • Low-profile reverse buckle
  • Cross X-strap secure foot
  • Lightweight rubber outsole

If you ever wanted a rugged mountain bike shoes which can stand the nature of any terrain, then it has to be this one. This mountain bike is made of synthetic material which is strong enough to provide the durability to the shoes.

Shimano Men's XC Sport Cycling Shoes

No matter what kind of terrain you are choosing for riding, it is going to keep your feet safe.With extra care it has a toe protection cap, which will keep your feet safe in case of any accidents and damages. This shoe has a lightweight midsole to provide extra comfort and ease.

These shoes will meet your needs so perfectly that it instantly will make you wonder if you should buy another pair for them.


#8. Giro Apeckx II Shoes – Men’s

Giro Apeckx Shoes

Features of the Giro Apeckx II Shoes – Men’s

  • Made with Synthetic Material
  • Closure: N-1 ratchet, 2 hook-and-loop straps
  • Molded EVA insole
  • DuPont Zytel nylon Sole
  • Cleat Compatibility: 3-bolt road

If you are in search of a solid, streamlined, road-racing shoe, then this Giro solves that dilemma. The Apeckx II is filled with the latest features of race-quality stiffness and comfort at an affordable price, so it is full of a fun package.

The sole of the Mountain Bike Shoe is made with Zytel. It provides extreme stiffness, power transfer, and durability and the best part is it doesn’t burn your pocket. An EVA footbed with medium arch support will give you the snugged fit and fits max of the riders no matter what kind of riders they are.

Giro Apeckx II Shoes

The closure system of the shoe is consist of a middle hook-and-loop strap which is best for adjustability at the time of rush. So it can be a beast if you are tough riders.


How to Choose the Best Mountain Bike Shoes

  • Fit
  • Weather
  • Size
  • Durability



The work of the shoes will extremely enhance your expertise and can offer you enough support for Mountain Biking. visit your native search that is really illustrious for his or her product and find an appropriate bicycle Shoes for you. don’t accompany other’s recommendation because the work of a unique complete varies.

The bicycle Shoes mustn’t be too tight that cause pain to your feet and it mustn’t be too loose that comes out at the time of biking. There ought to be a one thumb gap between the top of the shoe from within and your toe therefore you’ll be able to move your toes simply.



Before selecting the bicycle Shoes, think about the weather during which you’re attending to go. Weather plays a crucial role whereas selecting appropriate bicycle Shoes. In terribly cold conditions, a clipless shoe goes to create you terribly cold. Also, there are shoes which is able to build your toes sweating within the summer. Be wise and intimate the atmospheric phenomenon.



Size is an especially vital feature for bicycle Shoes. One cannot wear other’s shoes as which may not be the right work. continuously live your feet and find an ideal size of shoes for you. Size differs from complete to complete like 6” of a complete may not suit you whereas 5” of different brands will suit you dead. therefore see the manufacturer.



While shopping for bicycle Shoes, you must rummage around for sturdiness of the shoes. it’ll show you the way long it’s attending to stick with you and the way sturdy is it connected extreme mountains nature. For an everyday mountaineer, shopping for bicycle Shoes each currently and so is sort of feverish. therefore you must invest in a very smart quality bicycle Shoes that’s sturdy.


Types of Mountain Bike Shoes

Traditionally, shoes for mountain biking have been particular to the various disciplines of the sport. Today’s shoes are becoming more versatile and radiant than ever back.

Modern mad-country mountain bike shoes are coming on to blur the lines in the middle of upon the bike accomplishment out and off the bike walkability. Examples of outraged-country shoes in our test insert the Giro Empire VR90, the Pearl Izumi X-Project Pro, the Giro Privateer R, and the Sidi Cape.

Gravity oriented mountain biking has been growing in popularity for years. Mountain bike parks, lift served trails, and shuttle runs are in considering the downhill crowd.


How to pick

Choosing clipless spd-style shoes or flat-pedal, there are some important must-haves. A decent amount of stiffness to make certain your computer graphics goes into the shoe and the trail is key.

Then theres the retention system, how the shoe is fastened to your foot: it should be honorable and within obtain to use and crucially, not lecture to any ache pressure points to your foot.


Tips for the upkeep of bicycle Shoes

1- Don’t forget to stay the bicycle Shoes clean by removing any dirt with the assistance of a soft towel. continuously use cleaners that are specially created for bicycle Shoes, to wash stubborn dirt.

2- once your shoes are wet, dry them completely to avoid any harm to the bicycle Shoes. don’t keep it intact once it’s wet and take away the foot beds to allow them to dry one by one.

3– To dry wet shoes, allow them to sit long and take away any access with the assistance of newspaper within the morning. otherwise you will keep the newspaper within the shoe which is able to absorb any wet and can speed up the drying method of bicycle Shoes.

4- don’t ignore cleats and replace cleats after they are worn off and isn’t comfy for hawking any longer. If you see any cracks or breaks in cleats, then it’s the time to interchange it and find a replacement one. consistent with mountaineer youth subculture, one ought to amendment it once a year therefore it doesn’t cause any harm to you.

5- For Cleats searching you must 1st grasp what reasonably pedal does one wear the bike as a result of cleats match the pedals. If you’re undecided then you’ll be able to get an image of your pedals and visit a store. provoke specialist and that they can show you the appropriate cleats for your bike.


Accessories for bicycle Shoes


Mountain Bike shoe drier

A biker must always have bicycle shoe drier. it’s vital within the emergency condition. it’ll quickly dry your wet shoes as a result of it uses heat flow of air to let your shoes dry in Associate in Nursing hour.


Mountain Bike shoe covers

While biking within the mountains you don’t grasp what the weather goes to be. therefore continuously have a canopy. These are usually product of synthetic rubber or a rubber that doesn’t let water enter your shoes and keep you dry.

you’ll be able to use bicycle Shoes covers solely at the time of riding. you have got to require them off once you are walking as a result of it’ll harm the quilt additionally.


Bike Shoe Care and Maintenance

How to tidy your bike shoes: Shoes should be kept tidy by wiping them off behind a towel or rag taking into account soiled. For unwavering dirt, use a brush mass when hot water and a dab of soap.

How to abstemious your bike shoes: Make appreciative to abundantly ascetic your damp shoes. Do the best you can as soon as a towel first, subsequently cut off the footpads so they can sober separately.



Now, you have got reached at the top of the article. So, the ethical of this text is- If you’re going buying bicycle Shoes you would like to listen to every and everything that’s mentioned higher than. excluding this raise the manufacturer concerning the shoes. They’ll tell you many another vital things concerning the bicycle Shoes. don’t forget to speak to your friend and family UN agency have purchased biking shoes.

If you’re choosing the correct work and cleat system, you may see the distinction in expertise at the time of biking on the hills. the foremost vital issue is relish your ride and collect as several recollections as you’ll be able to. we tend to hope this text helps you getting the appropriate bicycle Shoes. So, go ahead.

Happy Biking!

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