The 5 Best Motorcycle Chain Lubes of 2020


Best Motorcycle Chain Lubes

If you are a frequent motorcycle user, then you should have known very well that it is the motorcycle chain that rotates the rear wheel. It is thus the most important part of the motorcycle and it is also a part that is constantly under pressure. It is of utmost importance to thus lubricate the motorcycle chain to reduce friction and to remove the dust and debris to make it run smoothly.

Thus, using chain lubes has become very important for those who are using motorcycles. As far as possible choose the best lube for your motorcycle, preferably the one with a cleaning agent. It is highly efficient in removing grime and dirt and also reduces the efficiency of the chain. Read through for the best motorcycle chain lubes and for their buying guide to help yourself with the best product for your motorcycle.


Best Motorcycle Chain Lubes

Quick Answer: The 5 Best Motorcycle Chain Lubes – [2020]

  1. DuPont Teflon Chain-Saver Dry Self-Cleaning Lubricant
  2. Maxima 74920 Chain Wax – 13.5 oz. Aerosol
  3. Progold Prolink 16-Ounce Spray Chain Lube
  4. PJ1 13oz Blue Label Motorcycle Chain Lube
  5. Bel-Ray Super Clean Chain Lube – 400ml. Aerosol 99470-A400W

Best Motorcycle Chain Lubes Reviews

#1. DuPont Teflon Chain-Saver Dry Self-Cleaning Lubricant


DuPont Teflon Chain-Saver Dry Self-Cleaning Lubricant At a Glance:
  • O-ring safe
  • No flinging off
  • Dirt-resistant
  • Contains Teflon and moly
  • Expert wear protection
  • Non-staining
  • Water-resistant
The DuPont chain lube has been formulated exceptionally for cables and chains of motorcycles that are predominantly in use in highly contaminated and wet areas. It penetrates and evenly coats surfaces with high friction with the help of a dry Teflon wax film.

This wax film will not absorb abrasive contaminants such as grit, dirt, mill powders, paper dust, and even lint and grass. This chain saver is the must use for dirt bikes, motorcycles, bicycles, go-karts and other chain-driven garden and lawn equipment.

This can be put to use for any moving part that includes cables, conveyor chains, drive chains, sliding tracks, winches, parts with threads, cams, pivots, and pulleys. It helps in safeguarding all your costly purchases and renders a complete line of high performing and technologically driven greases and lubricants to meet everyday needs.

As they consist of Teflon fluoropolymer, they render a long lubricant life with ample resistance to chemicals. There are four variants of chain lubes available with Dupont to meet the different needs of motorcyclists.

#2. Maxima 74920 Chain Wax – 13.5 oz. Aerosol


Maxima 74920 Chain Wax At a Glance:
  • Superior power spray lubricant
  • Para-film formula that creates a waxy film on the chin
  • Ideal for high humid environments
  • Renders superior lubrication for chains and cables
  • Reduces chain stretch and wear
  • Made in the USA
This is an expert motorcycle chain lubricant that has been formulated for world-class racers who challenge their own limits. The superior technology of these chain lubes helps in enhancing the experience of the racers and the consumers alike.

The maxima chain wax is a superior quality power spray lubricant that has been designed for all chain care needs. It consists of a special parafilm formula that creates a waxy film on the chain surface, similar to Cosmoline. It is known to render long term protection for the chain in a high humid environment and during exposure to water.

This chain wax is meant for heavy-duty anti-wear and extreme pressure additive that helps with superior lubrication for all cables, chains, and sprockets.

As this lube is capable of penetrating deeply, it lubricates even non-accessible areas so as to effectively reduce wear and chain stretching. In short, we can say that it is one of the best and most effective choices of lubrication for all chains and motorcycle cable care needs.

#3. Progold Prolink 16-Ounce Spray Chain Lube


Progold Prolink 16-Ounce Spray Chain Lube At a Glance:
  • Sheds mud, dirt, and abrasives
  • Effectively repels moisture
  • Reduces corrosion and oxidation
  • Disperses water
  • Will not get tacky and doesn’t build-up
  • Cleans and lubricates the chain as one ride.
Pro-Link chain lube will not allow dust, grit, and dirt to stick on to the chain in both wet and dry conditions. It helps greatly in reducing wear and friction and helps in a smoother operation of the cables and the chains. It also plays a major role in keeping the chain and also the drive train area exceptionally clean and drug-free.

This is an expert solution that is capable of shedding, mud, dirt, and abrasives. It is also capable of repelling moisture and also helps in reducing corrosion and oxidation like an expert.

This chain lube is also highly efficient in dispersing water and also resists wash off easily. This lube will not get tacky and will not accumulate build up in the chain. It is an expert chain lubricating formula that cleans and lubricated your motorcycle chain as you drive across the terrain.

You can make use of its applicator to deliver one drop of lube on each of the rollers. In the entire chain, the one part that demands exceptional lubrication is the rollers as this is the part that comes in actual contact with the gear teeth.

#4. PJ1 13oz Blue Label Motorcycle Chain Lube


PJ1 13oz Blue Label Motorcycle Chain Lube At a Glance:
  • Easily application
  • Deep penetration
  • Protects the O rings to keep them moist
  • Reduces chain friction
  • Results in less wear and fewer adjustments
  • Renders expert protection against rust and corrosion
  • Displaces and repels water
  • Protects sprocket surface
  • Renders a cushion effect between sprocket and rollers
This is an expert chain lube formula from Blue Label and it is extremely easy to apply. It penetrates deeply and protects the O-rings so as to keep them pliable and moist. It helps in reducing chain friction and thus helps in minimal wear and reducing repair costs.

This is an expert solution that protects against water, rust, and corrosion and offers the cushion effect for the sprocket and rollers. This lube is appropriate for both the O rings and the X rings and is much better than a lot of other branded lubes for motorcycle.

It helps in keeping the O-rings of the motorcycle moist and pliable. The lube reduces chain friction and shock and helps with fewer repair costs. It displaces and repels water by protecting against corrosion and rust.

This lube helps in protecting the sprocket surface from wear. It offers a cushion effect between the sprocket and the rollers. It is ideal for all-terrain vehicles, off-road motorcycles, street cruiser motorcycles, street motor scooters, and even marine personal crafts.

#5. Bel-Ray Super Clean Chain Lube – 400ml. Aerosol 99470-A400W


Bel-Ray Super Clean Chain Lube At a Glance:
  • Offers unsurpassed anti-wear protection
  • Features an outer protective coating
  • Repels with dirt, sand, grit
  • Ideal for all roller type chains
  • Renders unsurpassed anti-wear protection
  • Long-chain and sprocket life
  • Suitable for racing and off-road motorcycles.
It renders an expert anti-wear protection for sprocket life and long chain. The lube features an outer protecting coating that will not attract sand, dirt, and girt. It will not fling off when it is used according to the direction.

This lube is suitable for O, X, and Z ring and also the roller type chains for off-road, street and racing type motorcycles. The lubrication helps in expert anti-wear protection for long-chain life and long sprocket life.

You can use this lube for all types of rings such as O ring, X ring, and Z ring. Its roller type chains are ideal for all types of motorcycles.

It comprises an outer protective coating that will not attract sand, dirt, grit, and doesn’t fling off absolutely when it is used as given in directions. It has an extremely long life and renders expert protection as well.

Buying Guide For Best Motorcycle Chain Lube

Best Motorcycle Chain Lubes

Available Forms of Chain Lube

Chain lubes render several benefits for the motorcycle, as described below. There are several formulations of these chain lubes and they are generally available in the form of paste or spray.

Paste lubes were the most recognized forms and are considered the best form of lubrication for the motorcycle chains. The paste is generally of high concentration and holds the formula for deep penetration into the chain. In modern times, sprays replace the paste and are equally powerful and effective as that of the paste.

Though both of them have the same strength, qualities, and properties, the spray lubes are easier to apply and use and are always the best option.

The other two forms of chain lubes available are wet lubes and dry lubes. The web lubes are meant for wet and humid conditions. It comes as a fluid with high viscosity and clings on to the chain strongly.

It is also less likely to get washed off.  These wet lubes stay moist after application on the chain. But there is a problem here, they can collect a lot of dust and grime and can even leave a black paste on the chain.

Talking about dry lubes, it is a thin fluid that evaporates within a few minutes of application and leaves behind a thin film to avoid friction. You can choose to wash off the spray with water and prevent dust and mud from clinging on to the chain. Dry lubes are ideal for dry and dusty conditions.


Things To Look For in The Best Motorcycle Chain Lube:

There are more than a hundred motorcycle chain lube products that are available in the market. The chain of the motorcycle performs several jobs and but still, it is one of the most neglected parts of your vehicle. It is important to lubricate it and keep it in shape for optimal functioning. The following are the important points to keep in mind while opting to buy chain lube.

  • Ease of application
  • Resistance to water
  • Resistance to dust and debris
  • Anti-Fling formula
  • Compatible with the chain rings

Ease of Application:

Search for a chain lube that is easy to apply and is within your skill level to use. The majority of the riders look for something easy to apply, which doesn’t require any tools and without wasting much of their time and energy.

It is good to opt for a quick spray which can be a good choice for those who do not want to spend time on maintenance. If you want to go for paste form chain lubes, check if you have the time to do so. But paste lubes render superior protection but is difficult to apply than sprays.

Resistance To Water:

Chains that are made up of metals can easily corrode and rust. Thus it is important to keep the chains free from water and it is good to use a lube that is water-resistant and doesn’t get washed away easily.

Choosing a good water-resistant lubricant will help in protecting the chain for many days without having to reapply after every single rain or water wash.

Resistance To Dust and Debris:

Resistance to dust and debris is also an important factor for those who live in such conditions. There are all possibilities for dust and debris can get stuck in the chain and gum up the lube. If you apply a sticky wad up the chain drive, then you will lose performance and also attract a lot of nasty things on your chain, which can result in a lot of trouble later on.

Anti-Fling Formula:

Sometimes after you apply the lube on your cycle chain, you can see that it looks like a small ski that gets tethered at the back of the bike. This is the chain lube that you have applied and that has flung off the chain straight.

You can avoid this with the help of an anti-fling formula that keeps the lube dry and fixes it in its exact location. It attaches the lube on the chain and avoids splattering it across the road.

Compatible With The Chain Rings:

The majority of the motorcycles either have the X-ring or the O-ring. Both of these rings seal the inner and the outer plates, roller, pin, and also the bushing of the chain link on the motorcycle.

X-rings render better resistance and protection to wear and tear than the O-rings. But O-rings are affordable. Make sure that the lube that you choose is compatible with the type of chain your cycle possesses, else you may damage them.


FAQs For Motorcycle Chain Lube:

Can I use the same lube of my bicycle chain with my motorcycle?

If that is what you have at hand, it is better than using nothing. The majority of the bicycle chain lubes are dry and expensive than the motorcycle chain lubes.

How often should I lube the chain?

The best way to know this is to check the bike’s manual and follow the guidance. The majority of the manufacturers recommend that we use the lube once every 200 miles. The best thing to do is to lube the chain once a month. If you are riding in wet conditions, then it is important to lube the chain more frequently.

Will it be a good idea to use ordinary grease on the chain?

No, it is not a good idea. Grease can attract too much crud from the road which can enter into the chain and wear it out prematurely.

Should I use wet or dry chain lube?

It doesn’t make any difference which chain lube that you use, as it is down to your preference. A wet chain lube can be like a sticky oil and can last longer. On the other hand, the dry chain lube is more like that a spray which little chance of entering the tire and wheels.


Benefits of Using a Motorcycle Chain Lube:

  • It helps in maintaining a clean chain
  • Lubes enhance the life of the chain
  • Resistance to water
  • Helps with smooth-riding

It helps in maintaining a clean chain:

If you are an avid and frequent biker, then you might not have the power to control your riding through the dusty and dirty places. But it is now possible to maintain your chain and make it resistant to dirt and grime with the help of chain lubes. This lube consists of well-formulated cleaning agents that dissolve the solid particles and keep the chain free from dust and grime.

Lubes enhance the life of the chain:

By lubricating your motorcycle chain frequently, you will be able to enhance its life to many folds. If you leave the chain dry, then it will start to wear out and also corrode at the sprockets. A dry chain wears out four times faster than it normally would. Thus it is important to lubricate the chain frequently with the help of chain lubes to resist friction and to prevent wear and tear from affecting it.

Resistance to water:

A motorcycle is frequently exposed to water, rain, moisture, and humid conditions and is thus prone to damage. But by lubricating it with the help of chain lubes, it is possible to repel water and also fight off rust and maintain the chain in optimal condition. The lube stays intact and forms a layer on the chain protecting it from water, no matter how wet it gets.

Helps with smooth-riding:

A chain with adequate lubrication performs better and enhances the movement of the rear wheel. The chain lube helps in mitigating friction and makes it easy for the rider to climb hills, to negotiate sharp turns and arrive at smooth stops.


Final Words:

To be honest, lubing the motorcycle chain comes last in our maintenance protocol. But the fact is that lubing them frequently enhances the mileage and the life of the chain. We hope our recommendations of the best motorcycle chain lube and our buying guide will help you in picking up the best chain lube for your motorcycle.


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