The 5 Best LED Light Bars of 2021


A LED light bar is a strip of light-emitting diodes that is capable of emitting bright light with the help of electroluminescence. These light bars attach the roof of the vehicle to light the path in front of the vehicle. They are very useful in lighting the path in front of the vehicle during low light and poor weather conditions.

These LED lights require electricity as their source to work and the brightness that they render is measured in terms of lumens and not in watts. One important benefit that these LED light bars offer is that these incandescent bulbs have no filaments.

They do not burn out and therefore they have a better life span than other light sources. We have discussed some of the best-LED light bars here along with the buying guide to help you get the best product.

Best LED Light Bars

Quick Answer: The 5 Best LED Light Bars – [2021]

  1. LED Light Bar Nilight 20 Inch 126w LED Work Light Spot Flood Combo Led Bar
  2. Northpole Light 20 Inch 126W Waterproof Spot Flood Combo LED Light Bar
  3. LED Light Bar Kit, Auto feel OSRAM Chips 52 Inch
  4. Nilight Led Light Bar 2PCS 36w 6.5Inch Flood Led
  5. Senlips 126W 20inch Cree Bar Waterproof Led Lights

Best LED Light Bars Reviews

#1. LED Light Bar Nilight 20 Inch 126w LED Work Light Spot Flood Combo Led Bar


Features At a Glance:
  • Bright ray LED light for clear visibility
  • Renders better heat dissipation
  • High protection performance
  • IP67 Waterproof rate
  • Dustproof and waterproof
  • Adjusting mounting bracket
  • Voltage is 9-30V DC
  • Universal Fit
The appropriate mix and match of the spot beams and the flood beams offer a long irradiation distance and a broad view. Its high-quality heat conduction silicone gel along with redesigned aluminum alloy housing offers a superior cooling effect for a very long working lifespan. It offers a high protection performance with its IP67 waterproof rating. It is also 100% waterproof and dustproof and can withstand up to one meter of water for thirty minutes. The stainless mounting brackets of these LED light bars are anticorrosive and rustproof.

This LED light frame has adjusted the mounting bracket and its work light can adjust to about 45 degrees, which gets changing the direction of the light beam much easier. The lamp can slide after installation. The work light is compatible with almost all types of jeeps. It has several indoor and outdoor uses and it can come to use as backyard lighting, garden lighting, back up lights, construction lighting, and even off-road lighting. You can bottom mount this LED light with a sliding block. The fit of this LED light is universal.

#2. Northpole Light 20 Inch 126W Waterproof Spot Flood Combo LED Light Bar


Features At a Glance:
  • 20” 126W 10500 Lumen LED light bar
  • Combo beam with 60degree flood beam
  • Operating voltage is DC 10 -30V
  • 30-degree spot beam
  • 6000K color temperature
  • Helps in the comfortable and safe driving experience
  • Long lifespan
  • Low power consumption
  • Tough design
This LED light bar offers a combo beam with a 60-degree flood beam with a 30-degree spot beam. This is a 20” 126 W light bar that is capable of emitting 10500 lumens light. This 30-degree spot beam with 6000K color temperatures brings a comfortable and safe driving experience. The operating voltage range is about DC 10V to 30V. This LED light bar applies to different types of trucks, off-road vehicles, 4×4 jeeps, SUVs, boating, farming, and other heavy equipment.

These LED light bars have a long lifespan. They have an eco-friendly low power consumption design with a long lifespan rating at about 30,000 hours. These lights have a tough design with a black painted high-quality aluminum housing. It also has a stainless steel adjusting mounting bracket and a shatterproof lens with IP67 waterproof. These lights are also durable to withstand any harsh conditions.

#3. LED Light Bar Kit, Auto feel OSRAM Chips 52 Inch


Features At a Glance:
  • Dual-mode light with LED chips
  • Comes to use in daytime driving light
  • Spot and flood combo beam
  • Waterproof and dustproof
  • Offers excellent electrical conductivity
  • Adjusts at different degrees
  • Three years’ warranty with lifetime support
The OSRAM LED chips come to use in daytime driving light and this illuminating light can also act as a signal light. It comprises of a bright and a wide view and its spot and flood combo beam feature a super bright beam, to keep you safe at driving in both day and light. These LED lights are made of excellent material and they are waterproof and dustproof. They guarantee that you could drive even in heavy dust and rain to drive safely without encountering damage. It comprises of several pieces of LED lamp beats that are distributed over the cross frame of the LED bar.

This LED light features excellent electrical conductivity and they also have a high temperature and melting resistance. Apart from being an illuminating light, it also can serve as a signal light. You can adjust these LED lights at any degree such as 0, 15, 90, and 180 degrees or at any angle that you prefer so that changing the direction of the light beam becomes easier. You can buy this LED light bar with absolute confidence, as the product comes with lifetime support and three years’ warranty.

#4. Nilight Led Light Bar 2PCS 36w 6.5Inch Flood Led


Features At a Glance:
  • Renders super bright light with high quality LED chips
  • Features a wide illuminating range
  • Reflector cups produce flood beam for a wide view
  • Adjusting mounting brackets
  • You can change the direction of the light beam easily
  • 2 pieces of LED light bars with mounting brackets
These LED light bats comprise hardwired leads with stripped wire pigtail. It has a wide operating voltage range and thus it can apply to different types of vehicles. These LED light bars have an aluminum casing which is both waterproof and shockproof. It has a softer light to prevent glare and avoid tremendous light perception. These lights are waterproof and anti-corrosive and they can withstand rain and other harsh environments. The LED lights have wide applications and can be of use in trucks, fire engines, off-road vehicles, ATVs, etc.

These high quality LED chips to emit bright white light to dispel darkness and to make your trip far safer. These lights have a wide illumination range. The reflector cups of these LED lights produce a flood beam for a wide view area and thus you can see the left and the right side of the LED lights. These lights have an adjusting mounting bracket and you can adjust the pod to about 45 degrees, which makes changing the direction of the light beam much easier. It is waterproof, can resist water and dust. It also avoids moisture and condensation.

#5. Senlips 126W 20inch Cree Bar Waterproof Led Lights


Features At a Glance:
  • 20-inch light bar
  • High quality LED
  • Delivers about 10500 lumens of bright and white light
  • Lights the dark road for you
  • Combo beam pattern spotlight
  • Reflective cup in the middle
  • Adjusting mounting bracket
  • Long life span
  • Fast heat dissipation
  • IP67 waterproof mounting bracket
This is a 20-inch 126W CREE LED light bar that includes 42 pcs for high-quality LEDs and delivers 10,500 lumens of 6k bright white and cool light. It lights up the dark for you and it has a combo beam pattern. There is a reflective cup in the middle of the light bar that gets the illuminated light brighter and much concentrated. Its adjusting mounting brackets can help in adjusting the light bar side inside and it can also move up and down. You can mount it on any place you wish.

It has a long life span with upgraded PC lens, it also has a faster heat dissipation, and has a black painted firm aluminum housing. The LED lights also has a stainless mounting bracket with IP67 waterproofing. It is strong enough to withstand harsh conditions and offers 30,000 hours of illumination.

Buying Guide For Best LED Light Bars

Best LED Light Bar

Things To Consider Before Buying The LED Light Bars

Buying best-LED light can be difficult and tricky. But one of the best considerateness that you should think of while buying the LED light is as follows. These points will come to your rescue if you have to drive off-road in the night, as they are extremely luminous.

  • Lumens
  • Type of beam
  • The angle of the beam
  • Resistance
  • The number of rows
  • Sturdy construction
  • Brand
  • Fitments
  • Brightness
  • Cost


When looking to choose an LED light bar, you have to take into account its lumens and not its watts. It is the lumens that determine the brightness of the light. But watts are also equally important as the wattage still determines the quantum of energy that the light draws. For those who are looking for low energy consumption bulbs, it is important to consider the wattage.

Type of Beam:

LED light bars generally offer spot and flood beams, or a combination of both. Flood beams render a much wider arc of light. This is indeed great for being able to visualize the general layout of the area around the front of the vehicle. If you concentrate the light on a specific area, then you might want to have a spot beam. While driving off-road, you should be able to eliminate all potential hazards.

The Angle of The Beam:

Depending on the terrain, you are driving you will require a light that focuses on different angles. The best of the light bars are easily adjusting and you can turn it at least for about 45 degrees so that you can focus the light at the best angle possible to offer the best driving possible. If you happen to stop, camp, or meet friends, you can change the angle to illuminate the area where you are setting up as well.


You should be aware that the majority of the off-road driving involves cold, dampness, and dust and even at times very wet conditions. Thus it is important to ensure that the light bar that you purchase can match up to these conditions, and does not leave you halfway through the drive. The LED light bars are rated with the help of the Ingress Protection scale and thus, lower the IP number, less is the ability of your LED to withstand resistance. All of the LED light bars that we have listed here have an IP67 rating. This helps in rendering protection against dirt, dust, condensation, moisture, and even water up to three feet.

The Number of Rows:

All of us have the thought that the higher the number of rows, the better is the LED light bar. But this is not true and it is the other way round. A single row of LED lights is better than four rows as the light bars with fewer rows have a more concentrating beam. And as the number of rows increases, the wide scope of light creates a flood beam pattern, rather than the bean effect a spotlight can offer.

Sturdy Construction:

The durability of the LED device depends on its structure. Check the material of the gadget and the design of the gadget. When it comes to LED light bars, choose a product that is composed of a sturdy fabric and excellent IP rating, so that it can withstand severe weather conditions.


Choosing from the best brand and a reputed manufacturer is mandatory to buy the lighting devices. Several brands are known for manufacturing some of the best, durable, and high quality LED light bars. Before choosing your product, check if your manufacturer is reputable, check their online reviews, and learn their credibility.


Before choosing to purchase the LED headlights of your choice, it is important to learn their fitments. Some of the headlights are compatible with only some types of cars. Thus, it is a good practice to check which headlights are compatible with which vehicle before buying, to save time and money.


In general LED headlights are way too bright than the halogen headlights that come with the jeep wranglers. Even in these LED headlights, there are variations and some of them are considered superior to the rest. While some people like very bright lights, others prefer light ones. It is a matter of personal preference. It is always a good idea to keep the lumens of the different LED headlights in mind before deciding on their brightness levels.


Before making any purchase, it is important to stick on to one’s budget. LED lights come at different sizes and prices, which is indeed one of the most important factors that affect the cost of the lighting devices. Choose the LED light bar based on watts, lumens, and brightness and of course the price that fits one’s budget.


Best LED Light Bar

FAQ For LED Light Bars:

Should I use a relay with my LED light bar?

A relay switch is an important part of the setup if you are using the LED light bar with a large amp draw. A relay allows a low current circuit to control a high current one, such as those found in large LED light bars.

Will it be a good idea to run my light bar at a higher voltage to make them look brighter?

The LED lights are designed to work within a specific voltage range. Limit the amp draw to the narrow current range to manage the life and heat of each LED. Increasing the voltage should not brighten the LED light bar. If this happens, then the drivers are poorly designed and you also risk shortening the lifespan of your LED light bar.

Is it legal to use light bars?

Lightbars are intended for off-road driving and by law, should be used as they are. As the rule of thumb, you should not use the light bar on normal roads. It is good to check with the state-specific laws before using these light bars.

How should I maintain my light bar?

LED light bars are rugged and they require very little maintenance. Its casing and wiring are designed to take quite a beating and thus you will not have any problem in using your light bar.

Will I be able to afford the LED light bars?

Yes, LED light bars do not exceed $100. And it is often a one-time investment as they last for a long time, and you may not have to change these lights unless you change your vehicle.


Whys Should You Use a LED Light Bar?

  • They help in better night vision and exceptional driving
  • It comes handy in those areas that have fewer streetlights and lights that are not functioning appropriately.
  • An efficient headlight should be bright enough to show the road ahead for the users.
  • It helps other drivers on the road to see the car from a distance.
  • They come as an excellent replacement for the unreliable and dim lights for the vehicle.
  • These lights help with bright, user-friendly, and lasting coverage for smart drivers on road.
  • They help to drive safely and to prevent accidents on the road.
  • It makes it easier to see what lies ahead of the driver to prevent mishaps.
  • The LED light bars come in different shapes and sizes and helps in enhancing the elegance of the vehicle.
  • They are cheaply priced and generally last a long time than anticipated.

Final Words:

We have tried to give you the right guidance to choose the best-LED light bar for meeting your specific vehicle and driving requirements. We also listed some of the best, top-rated, and powerful LED lights that will illuminate the road ahead and behind your vehicle. We hope we have helped you to choose the best-LED light bars for your vehicles.


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