The 5 Best Kids bike Helmets of 2021


Best Kids bike Helmets

Kids love exploring their surroundings with their bikes, which indeed gives them a feeling of flying on the road, independently. Before buying a bike for kids, the most important accessory that parents should concentrate on is the kid’s bike helmet. Parents should choose a helmet that is not just stylish and fits the kid appropriately, but a helmet that is comfortable and safe in the first place.

We have made your work simpler by choosing some of the best kid’s bike helmets here along with their buying guide so that parents can have a clear glimpse of what to look for in their children’s bike helmets.


Best Kids bike Helmets

Quick Answer: The 5 Best Kids bike Helmets – [2021]

  1. Bell Child Rally Bike Helmet
  2. Schwinn Thrasher Bike Helmet for kids, Youth and Adults
  3. Razor V-17 Youth Multi-Sport Helmet
  4. Giro Scamp Youth Recreational Bike Cycling Helmet
  5. Bell Sidetrack Youth, Child, and Toddler Bike Helmet

Best Kids bike Helmets Reviews

#1. Bell Child Rally Bike Helmet


Bell Child Rally Bike Helmet At a Glance:
  • 14×10.8×8.8 dimension
  •  4-ounce weight
  • Vehicle service type: a street bike
  • Assure safety
  • U.S. CPSC certified
  • Easy single adjustment
Safety assurance for your child while riding is now possible with Bell Rally Child helmet. The bike helmet design aims at the comfort and full coverage of the head. The perfect fit of this helmet ensures the complete protection of the head as well as it fits exactly with a single, simple adjustment of the chin strap. Tighten the strap according to the preference and get ready to hit the road.

Parents always worry about the safety of their child especially when they are bicycling. Now, leave your worries behind as the smart technic of the Patched Pintched Guard buckle safeguards the child’s head completely. Bell child helmet complies safety standards of U.S. CPSC. The helmet is suitable for children aging from5 to 8. It can also fit the children’s head measuring 52-56cm.

The exclusive helmet makes your child love to wear it every time. This helmet comes in lightweight for easy wearing for long hours. Avoid head injuries that occur while biking.  Make cycling experience of your child more exciting with this cool and trendy helmet that matches your style.

#2. Schwinn Thrasher Bike Helmet for kids, Youth and Adults


Schwinn Thrasher Bike Helmet for kids At a Glance:
  • Included, Detachable visor
  • Dial adjustable fit
  •  EPS with Two-Piece, PVC Microshell
  • Wicked pads
  • Lightweight gear
Schwinn Thrasher Helmet comes in different sizes for children, youth, and adults. This safety gear is a lightweight enhancing complete comfort in wearing. Schwinn is well known for its supreme quality bicycle gears.

The twenty-one flow vent along with moisture wicked-pads of the helmet design keeps you cool whereas a snap-on visor provides ample defense from all elements. The Thrasher fit strap at the backs offers a 360-degree on-the-fly adjustability system and delivers a seamless custom fit.

Reduce the chance of injuries while riding with this trendy smart helmet that includes side strap-adjuster to assist you for smooth riding experience. The suggested age for child helmet is 5-8 years, 19.63-22.20 inches of measurement. For youth suggesting age is 8 to10 years, 21.25-22.88inches, adults age 14+, 22.88-24.5 inches.

Schwinn Thrasher Helmet aims at the ultimate protection of the head with full shell-coverage. A perfect fit that suits all age groups is available in the collection. The tapeless technology enhances the durability and adds a stunning elegance that matches your persona.

#3. Razor V-17 Youth Multi-Sport Helmet


Razor V-17 Youth Multi-Sport Helmet At a Glance:
  • 1 pound weight
  • Street Biker
  • Unique safety design
  • 17 vents
  • Cooling system
  • Smart buckle facility
A smart way of enjoying the ride accessible by Razor V-17 Multi-Sport Helmet for today’s Youth. This unique gear will safeguard you while cycling, skating, and various sports. The cozy padding of the helmet provides wide comfort and luxury.

The most extreme activity lovers can wear the helmet without any hesitation as it contains a flexible strap and secures with a buckle system. Usually in summer’s wearing a helmet is unbearable whereas, with Rozar Helmet a complete care delivers to keep you cool for day long with its 17 vents.

The Multi-Sport Helmet is famous for its ergonomic design pads and provides extra size pad the exact fit warranting comfort. For a smooth, fun ride, side buckle tighten the chin strap for a perfect fit around your head and let you enjoy the breeze. Razor V-17 Multi-Sport Helmet meets the safety standards of CPSE apply.

The helmet is suitable for youth aging from 8 to 14years with 21.5-23 inches. Now, just adjust your buckles and get ready for an adventure that you are longing for with safety assurance.

#4. Giro Scamp Youth Recreational Bike Cycling Helmet


Giro Scamp Youth Recreational Bike Cycling Helmet At a Glance:
  • 12x10x8 Dimension
  • 1 pound weight
  • Care: machine wash
  • 8 vents
  • Pinch guard buckle

Giro is a leading company that provides you a helmet for your child with amazing features you are desiring for. Incredible features of this helmet matches with the adult helmet.

The design of the helmet ensures the moto of fulfilling the ultimate protection for your child. The pinch-guard buckle of the strap fits easily with the child without any difficultly. 8 vents of the helmet let your child enjoy cycling as well as securing the head too.

Giro offers a helmet for young ones that keeps cooler a long day than a traditional helmet. The helmet passes through a special test to ensure the comfort of your child by making lightweight and easy to wear. A tough outer shell of the helmet safeguards your child and an absorbing foam liner inside makes it cozy to put on.

Giro helmet presents high-performance and supreme quality elements in the products for cycling, snow sports, biking, etc purposes. Giro Scamp Youth Bike Cycling Helmet complies as per the standards of US CPSC requirements. The helmet is available X-small size with a 45-49cm measurement.

#5. Bell Sidetrack Youth, Child, and Toddler Bike Helmet


Bell Sidetrack Youth, Child, and Toddler Bike Helmet At a Glance:
  • 1-pound weight
  • Ergo Fit
  • Universal Youth (50-57cm)
  • Mountain Bike type
  • Quick fastening
  • Sleek design
A process pioneered helmet from Bell for super biker lovers is now available. A unique design that contains a tough outer shell for supreme protection and EPS foam for complete comfort and ease.

Cherish the joy of freedom and independence while cycling a wide adventurous ride that guarantees you complete security. Improved dial-free Egro fit with smart functions makes the helmet look sleek and weightless. Make your biking more fascinating and desiring with this smart trendy helmet.

Presently, the Bell sidetrack bike helmet is becoming the first choice for fast riders. The swift fastening is now accessible due to the flat strap and buckle that positions accurately. The design of the helmet is inspired by the Adults Mountain Bike Helmet.

The elegant design offers extended rear coverage and a visor to enhance the whole appearance. Kids love to do fearless stunts while biking and cycling.  Helmet by Bell makes a point to protect the head so that you enjoy the ride. Bell is known for its quality and that’s why it is popular among riders.

Buying Guide For Best Kids bike Helmets

Best bike Helmets for kids

What To Look for in The Kid’s Bike Helmets

  • Comfort
  • Liner for additional comfort for children
  • Weight of the helmet
  • Safety
  • Vents for breathing
  • Finding the helmet with the right fit
  • Shape and fit of the helmet
  • Adjust-ability


This is one of the most important characteristic features of a kid’s bike helmet. If it is not comfortable, then there are all chances that the user will skip wearing it. The helmet should fit snugly, not too tight to be uncomfortable, and not lose to pose a safety threat. Most of the brands are available in different sizes for a comfortable fit and are a bit expensive as well. But the additional cost should not come as a compromise for safety.

Liner For Additional Comfort For Children:

The liner is an important material used inside the helmet and is an important component of its design. It behaves as a shock absorber and will take up the energy of an impact, to help the child to protect their brain and their skull. EPS is the commonly used liner material, as it is lightweight and also tough.

Weight of The Helmet:

It is good to choose a lightweight helmet, for the entire weight of the gear will fall on the head of the kid for hours. Kids may not like the idea of something heavy sitting on their head for a long time.


All of the children’s bike helmets should meet the American Society for Testing and Materials and also the U.S Consumer product safety commission requirements, regardless of the features, design, and price range.

Vents For Breathing:

Vents are tiny pores on the face of the helmet that helps to keep the child cool while riding. It allows the cool air to enter from the front and hot air to release through the rear exhaust vents. For those who want to ride and play in hot conditions, it is important to choose a helmet design with plenty of vents.

Finding The Helmet with The Right Fit:

This is one of the most important aspects of choosing a helmet. Choose a model that the best fit. It should fit snuggly and not too tight and sit an inch above the eyebrows. There should be enough wiggle room as well on the sides to wear goggles and sunglasses. Ensure that no area of the helmet should be painfully tight and does not make any secure contact with the skull. The helmet needs to have additional liners and pads for additional comfort.

Shape and Fit of The Helmet:

There are snowboard helmets available in different sizes and shapes, and most believe don’t believe this. It is important to choose a helmet that is both wider and larger to fit the head. It is a good practice to choose helmets from different manufacturers as they have gadgets of different shapes and sizes.


A majority of the modern-day ski helmets have this adjustability feature. But there are chances that these helmets stay at the tight spectrum of one’s budget. Adjustability is an important factor for those who wish to change the size and shape of the helmet when the outside temperature alters aggressively. No helmet will fit exactly out of the box, thus it is important to choose an adjustable helmet with an internal suspension system, which dials in exactly to the size and needs of the user.


FAQs for Kid’s Bike Helmets:

How to be very sure that my kid’s helmet fits him correctly?

Make sure the helmet fits snugly on the head and comes to rest at the top of their ears. If the child can move his eyebrow when you shift the helmet on their head, then it is a good indication that it fits snugly.

Also, make sure that the strap of the helmet stays tight against the chin when they open the mouth. And make sure that the helmet rests on the forehead just at two adult finger width above the eyebrow.

What is meant by MIPS?

MIPS stands for a Multi-directional impact protection system. Such a system lies in the bike helmets to reduce stress on the skull from rotational impacts.

What is meant by EPS?

EPS stands for expanded polystyrene and is the kind of foam that is used to make the disposable picnic coolers. As the material is rigid and lightweight, a higher quality of EPS is often used to make kid’s bike helmets.


Some Important Factors To Consider in Kid’s Bike Helmets:

Best bike Helmets for kids

  • The ability of the helmet to protect the child from Impact
  • The safety system in the helmet
  • Size and Fit
  • MIPS

The Ability of The Helmet To Protect The Child From Impact:

All of the helmets are rated for a single impact, it means there is no need to throw away the helmet after a gentle fall. Today’s helmets are meant to be disposable after a heavy impact as they are of lightweight parts.

They can at the worst-case handle only a single impact and needs to get replaced after it. But the best part of these lightweight helmets is that they are airy, comfortable, and protective as well. But replacement can cost several dollars after sustaining a great fall.

The Safety System in The Helmet:

Safety is the number one standard in choosing a helmet. The consumer product safety commission has set a few standards that helmet manufacturers have to meet to sell their headgear. The helmets need to pass the CPSC test and carry the same on their label.

Some of the helmet brands also choose to have additional safety labels. Some of these certifications are American National Standards Institute. The current technology in helmet manufacturing is that helmets need to be safe and lightweight.

Size and Fit:

For a safe and a comfortable ride, follow these points before narrowing down on the best kid’s helmet

  • It is important to choose the best size of the helmet as a large range of sizes are available for every model. Size ranges from XS to XL and some helmets have their own women’s model as well.
  • choose a helmet that fits the shape of the head. Some of the brands are round, whereas others are flat at the sides.
  • Ensure that the helmet fits snugly even before buckling the straps. The helmet should not slide from side to side or from front to back.
  • Finally, make sure the straps fit flat around the ears and flat under the chin. Ensure that the straps adjust tight enough so that they don’t slip over the chin. Ensure that the pads are comfortable and they don’t dig into the temples.
  • Pay attention to the overall weight of the helmet, it should not be heavy on the neck and shoulders or limit the ability to turn the neck.


MIPS is a new technology that adds a layer of additional safety for the helmet. In the event of an impact, this plastic inner cage rotates on the child’s head to render impact protection from multiple directions. MIPS helmets are expensive but are important from a safety point of view.


Maintenance Guide – Kid’s Bike Helmets:

Best bike Helmets for kids

Most kids use their helmet and without thinking twice, wear it on their head, and hit the road They use it day in and day out on the head and usually do not think the fact that they require tremendous care and maintenance when it comes to cleaning.

If we don’t put much care in cleaning and washing the helmet, or if they don’t pay attention to the type of chemicals they are exposed to, then there are chances that these weaken the helmet and fail to secure the head from impending dangers. A helmet that has good maintenance can protect the child from injury during impact.

The best way to care for the helmet is to clean it with a towel or cloth soaked in warm or lukewarm water. It is also good to add gentle baby soap and clean the helmet spot by spot. Avoid cleansers with petroleum or any solvents as they can weaken the foam lining at the outer shell.

To dry the helmet, one should not use hair dryers as the heat can weaken the outer shell. After washing, place the helmet in the fresh air, preferably the sun and allow it to dry on its own. This also prevents bad odor emitting from the helmet.

After thoroughly drying the helmet, place it in sealed bags, car trunks or suitcases, as this will discourage the growth of bacteria. After every training session, it is good to leave the helmet outside for a while to help it breathe and dry out


Final Words:

Choosing the right kid’s helmet is thus mandatory for their safety and to help them enjoy their ride. We hope our guide helps you in picking up the right type of helmet for your child.


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