The 5 Best Jeep Soft Tops of 2020


Best Jeep Soft Tops

Cruising and moving around the jeep can be an awesome experience and one can conquer the world with their jeep. The versatility of the vehicle makes it even more fun, efficient, and stylish and thus it would a great idea to choose an efficient jeep soft top for the jeeps. After all, they come in a variety of shapes and designs and are also easy to wear and remove as well if you want to enjoy the sky with the stars and the sun. We have listed here, some of the best jeep soft tops along with their buying guide, to get your purchase more interesting and rewarding.


Best Jeep Soft Tops

Quick Answer: The 5 Best Jeep Soft Tops – [2020]

  1. Pavement Ends by Bestop Soft Top
  2. Sierra Offroad Soft Top with Tinted Windows
  3. Bestop Twill Trektop NX Glide Convertible Soft Top
  4. RAMPAGE PRODUCTS Frameless Trail Top for Jeep Wrangler TJ, Black Diamond
  5. Rough Country Replacement Soft Top for Jeep Wrangler TJ

Best Jeep Soft Tops Reviews

#1. Pavement Ends by Bestop Soft Top


Pavement Ends by Bestop Soft Top At a Glance:
  • Tinted back windows
  • Wide upper door skins
  • Automotive-grade fabric
  • Fade-resistant
  • One-year warranty
  • Fits over factory hardware
  • Highly durable
  • Adds on to the appearance of the jeep
  • Waterproof protection
Pavement end is one of the most affordable lines of jeep soft tops and accessories. Bestop has been manufacturing these accessories for more than 60 years and has been rendering soft tops for jeeps for over 25 years. They serve as a smart choice for jeep owners to replace a soft top out sacrificing the ease of dependability and installation.

The Pavement Ends soft top is of tough fabric construction that weighs 23 ounces and is resistant to UV and mildew. The material is also vinyl-coated polyester and marine-grade fabric cotton.

This soft top makes use of sturdy OEM quality heavy-duty plastic teeth zippers, which also features a jam-resistant technology. Its removable windows have approval from DOT. It is available with an 18% tinted rear window.

The product comes with a one-year limited warranty and demands factory hardware for installation. The soft top is also available in other materials such as charcoal, black denim, black twill, spice, etc., from Bestop.

#2. Sierra Offroad Soft Top with Tinted Windows


Sierra Offroad Soft Top At a Glance:
  • Windows have DOT approval
  • Oversize zippers
  • Does not come with hardware
  • Needs original soft top frame
  • Heavy-duty zippers
  • Waterproof materials
  • Seams with matching bindings
These jeep soft tops comprise of heavy-duty, self-correcting zippers for a very smooth operation. These jeep tops are of original quality factory specifications, to ensure long life and an appropriate fit. All of its seams have heat sealing, to prevent leaks.

The soft tops feature the pattern as that of factory original top and thus they ensure a great and an optimal fit. The fabric of this jeep soft top is of premium marine grade and thus carry exceptional waterproofing properties. The entire jeep soft top is cut from one bolt of material so that they are of consistent grain and color.

This jeep soft top also features color co-ordination and is of UV resistant polyester thread. Its seams feature matching binding and encompass heavy-duty zippers for smooth and efficient operation. The original material for the jeep soft top is sailcloth vinyl which is indeed a heavyweight 2-ply composite with a sail grain pattern in the vinyl.

The sailcloth has ambient performance characteristics and lasts considerably longer. Also, as the sail cloth has the best acoustic properties, it ensures a lower noise level at high speeds.

#3. Bestop Twill Trektop NX Glide Convertible Soft Top


Bestop Twill Trektop NX Glide Convertible Soft Top At a Glance:
  • Real glass rear windows
  • Side windows with glass sliding panels
  • Big dog noses for optimal ventilation
  • Sunroof panel for open-sky driving
  • Rear glass defroster grid
  • OEM compatible electrical connectors
  • Limited lifetime warranty
Trektop Pro is an exceptional soft top design for jeeps, that takes jeep tops to an all-new level. It serves as a true hybrid that brings the patent features of all rooftops together but at a price that is much less than a full hardtop.

One best feature of this jeep top is that it doesn’t include any fussy zippers. It includes mounting hardware, which also includes the door surrounds. Its premium black twill fabric makes this top ideal for all seasons. Its windows are easy to remove and install and they feature a tight seal for a clean fit. There is also a defroster grid and connector at the rear glass hatch.

The Trektop Pro is the industry’s first of the class rear glass hatch that helps in easy and one-hand operation with exceptional accessibility to the rear cargo. It doesn’t feature any zippers to mess up with and you can easily remove the rear hatch and the side panels as well.

The rear hatch and the side window panels are easy to remove and install and the top can easily convert to a bikini top for open-air driving. This top weights pretty less than a hardtop and is compatible with all seasons.

#4. RAMPAGE PRODUCTS Frameless Trail Top for Jeep Wrangler TJ, Black Diamond


RAMPAGE PRODUCTS Frameless Trail Top At a Glance:
  • Durable and heavy-duty sailcloth fabric
  • Renders the best insulation
  • Quieter interiors.
  • Tinted windows
  • Hidden storage pouch
  • Removable windows
  • Prevents water pooling on top
The Rampage trail top features durable construction and features a durable heavy-duty sailcloth fabric with tinted windows. Thus these windows ensure superior insulation and quiet interiors.

The jeep top includes a dual-layer top with side and rear windows. This trail top installs over the OE factory roll bar for a snug fit, without requiring additional bows and hardware. Being a frameless trail soft top, it renders exceptional weather resistance.

Its heat seal seam and windows ensure that rainwater doesn’t pool on top, even when the jeep is in parking for a long time. Its DOT-compliant windows and privacy tints are weatherproof and quiet. The window material is of plastic and the soft top is a black diamond in color. The fastback style rooftop helps in enhancing the aerodynamics of the jeep and helps in a quieter ride.

#5. Rough Country Replacement Soft Top for Jeep Wrangler TJ


Rough Country Replacement Soft Top At a Glance:
  • Durable premium fabric
  • Resistant to UV and mildew
  • Seams with sealing
  • Strong leak-proof windows
  • Vehicle specific fit
  • Marine-grade material
  • Double-stitch with heat-seal seams
This is one of the best jeep soft tops that you can consider to restore, update, or render the jeep its new and elegant look. The rooftop is a 23 ounce UV and mildew resistant polyester cotton material that is engineered to withstand even the harshest elements.

This jeep top features a marine-grade polyester thread with double stitching and heat tape seal seams that prevents water and snow pooling. The jeep top fits great on the wrangler with absolutely no issues.

The soft tops feature rear and quarter windows with 31% tint and thick, leak-proof windows. The zip-on windows have DOT approval and are easy to remove for additional breeze. This rooftop is easy to install and render a tight and wrinkle-free fit with the help of its hook and loop attachments.

Its design renders a stable, smooth, and elegant Snap-On design requiring no additional modifications. The jeep top comes with three years’ warranty as well. It is also pretty easy to install and it can hardly take 1-2 hours.

Buyer’s Guide For Best Jeep Soft Tops

Best Soft Top for Jeep

Things To Consider Before Buying The Jeep Soft Tops:

While deciding to buy the soft top for the jeep, there are several things to consider, especially if you want to buy that perfect top that matches all your needs. Here are some of the most important aspects to look for in the jeep soft top to justify the money spent on them.

  • Compatibility with The Jeep
  • Choosing Between Framed and Frameless Soft Tops
  • Quality of The Material
  • Ease of Installation
  • Driving Conditions
  • Soft Top Features
  • Life-span

Compatibility with The Jeep:

Jeeps have been in existence for many years and several models have evolved since then. A lot of newer models have been replacing the older ones and there are slight differences between these models. Thus while buying the jeep soft top, one of the first and the most important points of consideration is the compatibility of the soft top with the current jeep model. Read the manufacturer’s description and fitting recommendation before opting for the soft top.

Choosing Between Framed and Frameless Soft Tops:

A framed soft top comes with a metal skeleton, which is generally Aluminum. This skeleton serves as a rigid fabric but can take up a lot of space. Frameless soft tops on the other hand lack such a sturdy base and make use of a series of rails to support the fabric. They lack the rigidity and make the tops flexible and better for carrying cargo. But these are less stable than the framed jeep tops.

Quality of The Material:

Sailcloth and twill are the popular materials of choice while making the soft tops for the jeep. As the jeep soft tops are of a fabric, they can have several week points. They can tear down easily with excessive use. Try getting the jeep top that is made of high-quality material so that it lasts for a long time, though these high-quality materials can be slightly costly. Of the two fabrics, twill is a better option.

Ease of Installation:

The majority of the Jeep tops render a certain extent of ease and convenience, choose the one that is easy to install, easy to remove, and has several additional features too. Also, try to get a jeep top that is easy to install without taking help from another person.

Driving Conditions:

Choose the jeep soft top depending on the climatic conditions of the place you live, as the jeep soft tops can get horrible in the winters. In such instances, the best option is to alternate between a soft jeep top in summer and a hardtop in the winter season. However, if you live in a hotter climate zone, then you can choose to leave the soft-top on all the year-round. But this is all a personal choice and preference.

Soft Top Features:

Decide the jeep soft top depending on what features you want it to possess, as there are several soft tops, each with their unique appeal. Some of the jeep tops feature fold-down sunroofs, removable windows, etc. Some rare jeep tops also offer some luxury features such as a power retracting top for automatic closing and opening and sun-riders for an exclusive open-air driving experience.


Choose a jeep top that lasts through several trips, invest in quality material and construction, though it means spending an additional budget. The moment wears and tears sets in the fabric, then it will be the time to upgrade to something newer and even opt for a replacement.


Why Should You Use a Jeep Soft Top – Its Advantages:

Best Soft Top for Jeep

Using a soft top for your jeep adds to its elegance and turns it into a highly versatile vehicle. With a jeep soft top, you can easily and quickly pop down the hood when the outside weather is warm or you can open the back for stacking for additional cargo. The other sure benefits of using the jeep soft top are as follows.

  • Protecting the interiors of the jeep
  • It adds elegance to the jeep
  • It helps keep intruders at bay

Protecting The Interiors of The Jeep:

One of the major purposes of the jeep soft top is to protect the interiors of the vehicle efficiently. It also helps as a barrier to protect the vehicle against elements. For instance, the soft top protects the rain from falling inside the jeep and ruining its components potentially. The soft top also helps to protect the dashboard, and its other wood, metal, plastic, and vinyl components from getting damaged by the UV rays of the sun.

It Adds Elegance To The Jeep:

Jeep soft tops are indeed one of the best ways to add elegance to the jeep, and makes them stand out from the rest. They also come in an array of styles and shades to match your needs and to match the fabric to the inherent looks of the jeep.

It Helps Keep Intruders at Bay:

Some of the best jeep soft tops keep people from breaking inside as you can lock the zippers to prevent the windows from getting unzipped. Also, the soft tops can be hard on intruders who do not know how to operate them, gaining some time for you to detect invasion.


FAQs For The Jeep Soft Tops:

How to know which soft-top fits my jeep better?

Choosing the soft top depends on the make, model, and year of the jeep. Check with the retailer if the soft top fits that particular model of the jeep. Have all the necessary details of the jeep in hand while shopping for the soft top.

How long does a soft top last?

The life expectancy of a jeep soft top depends on how you use it, how to store it, and how best you drive your vehicle. The average life expectancy of the soft top is anywhere between three and five years.

How to clean the soft top?

To prolong the life of the soft top, it is important to keep it clean and new. The best way is to clean the soft top by self, by making use of the hand scrubbing brush. Use a brush with soft bristles to work on stubborn dirt and stains and clean the top with a soft cloth and sponge. It is also a good idea to make use of mild detergent and water to the soft top to clean it and get rid of the dirt.


Steps To Install and Take Down The Jeep Soft Top:

Best Soft Top for Jeep

Installing a Soft Top:

Installing a new soft top or replacing the old one is easy and can be carried out by a single person. Follow these steps for effective installation.

  • Align the metal frame and lock its clips into place at the front and rear runner of the jeep.
  • Align the soft material over the metal frame, ensuring that it aligns appropriately.
  • Secure the bottom rear part in place by inserting plastic runners into the socket.
  • Secure the upper, middle, and rear soft top material to the frame.
  • Install the windows by fastening the retainers with the zippers that are provided
  • Secure the windows in their place by inserting pins strategically into the grommets
  • Installation of the new soft top is over.

Removing a Worn-out Jeep Soft Top:

  • Unzip all the windows and remove them.
  • Store the windows away from children and pets.
  • Insert secure padding between each of the windows while storing them to avoid scratches.
  • Undo all the clips and lower the soft top of the jeep.
  • Fold the soft top material neatly and bundle it possible with the help of bungee cords.
  • Undo the Torx bolts to separate the roll cage of the jeep from the tubular frame at the top.
  • Now, wiggle the loose soft top and remove it completely from the jeep.

Final Words:

Jeeps are one of the most versatile vehicles on the road and it depicts a special type of people who use them more frequently and predominantly than others. These people include soldiers, off-roaders, and even celebrities who use them for varied reasons. Installing a soft top on the jeep enhances its desirability and adds on to its cool factors. No wonder soft tops are becoming increasingly popular among jeep owners. We hope our guide helps you to choose the best soft top for your Jeep.

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