The 5 Best Inline Speed Skates of 2021


The inline speed skates are pretty different from rink stakes and have wheels that form a straight line instead of the four-wheel pattern with two in the front and two at the back. Inline skates are popular for a number of years more than typical roller skates owing to their performance and durability on the sidewalks and the streets.

They are also the best tools to use for street hockey and as part of an exercise routine. They are also an excellent means of transportation if the skater doesn’t have to go very far.

Here are some of the useful tips to look for in the best inline skates and the buyer’s guide in helping the user choose the best pair of inline skates. We have also done part of your homework in finding out the best skates and have listed the top five among them and given here. We hope our selection and buyer’s guide will help you in choosing the best inline speed skates.


Best Inline Speed Skates

Quick Answer: The 5 Best Inline Speed Skates – [2021]

  1. VNLA Carbon Speed Roller Adjustable Inline Skates
  2. Rollerblade Powerblade 195 Race Skate
  3. Epic Skates 125mm Engage 3-Wheel Inline Speed Skates
  4. Rollerblade Zetrablade Men’s Adult Fitness Inline Skate
  5. K2 Skate Men’s Vo2 90 Pro Inline Skate

Best Inline Speed Skates Reviews

#1. VNLA Carbon Speed Roller Adjustable Inline Skates


VNLA Carbon Speed Roller Adjustable Inline Skates At a Glance:
  •  50% fiberglass and 50% carbon fiber boot construction
  • 7000 series aluminum frame
  • Features 3×100 frame
  • 85 An indoor and outdoor wheels
  • ABEC 9 Vanilla Racing Spec bearing
  • High speed all environment skating
The VNLA Carbon speed inline skates come with a dual purpose. It features rebound indoor and outdoor wheels and is ideal to use anywhere. It sits at the top of a professionally crafted 7000 series aluminum frame with long-lasting design and performance. Its wheels have extreme lightweight durability of a fiberglass carbon boot. It is available in black blue-green and red colors.


This is one of the skates with no restrictions. Its vanilla ABEC 9 rating bearings and premium frame offers superior stability and handling at top-notch speeds. The skates have absolutely no break-in period and help with pain-free skating for many days.

The carbon fiberglass boots help in protecting the skates and the foot from weather and wear. All of its wheels feature ABEC 9 racing bearings for nailing high speeds without worry.

Inline Roller Skates for Growing Girls and Boys : XinoSports Adjustable Inline Skates for Kids

#2. Rollerblade Powerblade 195 Race Skate


Rollerblade Powerblade 195 Race Skate At a Glance:
  • Wheel configuration: 110mm – 110mm – 110mm – 110mm
  • Bearing Type: ILQ 9 PRO
  • Wheel Size: 100mm and Up
  • Skate Frame Material: Metal
  • Brakes not included
  • Low skate cuff height
  • Traditional lace closure system
  • Low ventilation
This is a race type skating shoe with an amazing wheel configuration. The shoes feature ILQ 9 PRO bearing type with extruded Aluminum frame material. The maximum wheel size is 110 mm and the size is not adjustable.

Its frame material is metal and features a traditional lace closure system. The skate features low cuff height and does not include brakes. It is ideal for expert-level skill and features low ventilation.

Rollerblade Skate

This performance rollerblade inline skates features micro-adjusting cuff buckle for a precise fit. Its cuff and strap will keep the skate locked in securely so that the user will never lose momentum off of each stride. Its closure system ensures stability, security, and balance.

The skate has 110 mm wheel helps with satisfying speed and its bearing helps with stability at the base of the Aluminum frame. The skates are built with optimal efficiency in mind and are designed for speed and performance.

Inline Roller Skates for Women: Rollerblade Zetrablade Women’s Adult Fitness Inline Skate

#3. Epic Skates 125mm Engage 3-Wheel Inline Speed Skates


Epic Skates 125mm Engage 3-Wheel Inline Speed Skates At a Glance:
  • Dimensions: 18 x 18 x 6 inches
  • Wheel diameter: 12 mm
  • Boot with excellent padding
  • 3-wheel aircraft-grade aluminum frame
  • Single piece composite boot with liner
  • Wheels compatible for indoor and outdoor use
The epic engages indoor and outdoor recreational skate is a perfect fusion of mobility, comfort, and speed. This engage utilizes a single piece composite shell that is lined with one of the most comfortable liners that is available in the market. This skate features 3-wheel aircraft-grade aluminum frame with single-piece composite boot that has liner epic padding.

Epic Skates

The wheel diameter of its indoor and outdoor wheels is about 125 mm. The inline skates also feature pre-spun Abec 7 precision speed bearings with weight 8 pounds. The dimensions of the skates are as follows: 18 inches long x 18 inches’ tall x 6 inches wide

It is possible to take off the wheels as per the preference of the user. The skates doe not have brakes. These skates are of men’s sizes only.

Women’s Inline Roller Skates : Pacer GTX 500 Roller Skates

#4. Rollerblade Zetrablade Men’s Adult Fitness Inline Skate


Rollerblade Zetrablade Men's Adult Fitness Inline Skate At a Glance:
  • Supportive low balance shell
  • Exceptional comfort
  • Secure and convenient closure
  • Renders a perfect roll
  • High cuff for additional support
  • Comfortable performance liner
  • Best frame for learning
  • Offers perfect wheels for learning
  • SG5 bearings
This is an excellent entry-level skate that meets all the needs of a beginner and casual rider. this is an ideal skate that stays in the budget and is supportive, comfortable and easy to use. Its stiff and supportive shell makes learning to skate easily.

It renders the best quality and durability and features ample padding. The skate offers the best comfort and its closure system adds to the overall fit of the skate.

Rollerblade Inline Skate

It has the best frame for learning and its durable and monocoque frame integrates well with the shell for a lower center of gravity. The skate has the best stability, control, and balance that are crucial for beginners.

This skate features the perfect wheels for learning rollerblade. Its wheels have the best speed and control and are ideal for moderate skate pace. Its SG5 bearings help with a smooth and easy ride as well.

Women’s Inline Roller Skates: Rollerblade Zetrablade Women’s Adult Fitness Inline Skate

#5. K2 Skate Men’s Vo2 90 Pro Inline Skate


Rollerblade Zetrablade Women's Adult Fitness Inline Skate At a Glance:
  • Ability: intermediate
  • Skate type: Fitness skates
  • Speed: Fast
  • Ventilation: Adequate
  • Color: Black/Red, Gray
  • Available in different sizes
  • Wheel size: 80 mm
  • Lacing: speed lacing system
  • Stake cuff: Stability plus cuff
  • Skate frame: FBI frame
This is one of the best skates for men that features speed lacing, stability cuff, and FBI frame. The skate is available in black, red and grey colors. It is available in different sizes so have to fit men of different foot sizes. The skate is intended for fitness purposes and features a speed lacing system. The cuff of the skate is of stability plus cuff and it features an FBI frame. Its wheels and bearings are ABEC 5.

K2 Skate

Some of the integral features of the skate are stability cuff, speed lacing, and its FBI frame. Its vibration absorbed Tec composite frame suck up the vibration on the road for a smooth rolling experience. It offers the smoothness that the skates would require. It only has to be combined with the right amount of support, which again comes from the stability plus cuff. The skate has the best comfort from the K2 soft boot system. It is one of the best entry-level fitness inline skate that is available in the market for dedicated skaters.

Inline Roller Skates for Women : Roces 400768 Women’s Model Argon Fitness Inline Skate

Guide for Best Inline Speed Skates

Best Inline Speed Skates

What to look for in the inline speed skates?

There are some important aspects to look for in the best inline speed skates, those points are listed here.

1. Liners

This is an important part of the skate, featuring an ill-fitting liner ensures that the user will have an ill-fitting skate. The four most common type of skate liners are,

  • Standard: These liners are of foam materials and feature the basic padding and comfort for the feet. There are no special and customizable features with the liners, they are excellent for beginners to upgrade their skills.
  • Auto-Fit: These liners make use of pads with gels. These auto-fit liners will contour to the feet every time automatically. These liners offer more support and are most comfortable than standard liners.
  • Memory Fit: These liners are similar to auto-fit and use a liner that contour to the foot pattern.
  • Heat Molding: The head moldable liners can be removed and heated at ta skate shop and contour to the foot. They can cool and harden again.

2. Cuffs

Cuffs for the liners offer support to the ankles with the cuff area on the inline skates. Featuring a high-quality cuff will allow rendering more power while pushing off, also it renders the support when skating for long periods of time. some of the different cuffs available are,

  •  High Cuff: These are of plastic and are found in recreational inline skates. These cuffs are not any inferior and are responsive and durable, they offer the skaters the best feel of performance and support.
  • Low Cuff: These cuffs are found on race and marathon inline skates. They are of carbon and offer more response and support for hardcore skaters.

3. Closure Systems:

There are different types of lacing systems available with inline skates. Most of the skaters have their own preference and lean towards their own skate preference. Standard lacing was originally the only type of closure system, but recently it is found with other closure systems such as Velcro straps and ratchet buckles.

4. Frames:

The frames of the inline skates need to have certain features such as weight, durability, and stiffness to be considered an appropriate frame. The different types of frames are,

  • Plastic Frames: These are generally found in the skates of beginners. The plastic frames are less expensive and thus the cost of the skates is also cheap. But they are not durable and are not stiff. They tend to be heavy as well making the skate to feel heavy.
  • Aluminum Frames: These frames are lighter and stiffer. But they don’t torque under stress like plastic frames. They are efficient and durable and are present in intermediate level skates. They are a little expensive than beginner skates.
  • Carbon Frames: Carbon is the best material to reduce the weight of the frame and they also help to create a more durable inline skate for advanced skaters.
The skater’s power is from its frame and stiffness and it is an important part of the skate fame. It creates more direct energy transfer. The energy that the legs create travel into the skate and to the frame and then transfer finally through the wheels to the ground.

5. Wheels

The wheels of the inline skates have seen a lot of advancement over the past years. Modern-day inline skates have wheels of polyurethane. Plastic wheels have the tendency to crack easily and are not much used recently.

6. Bearings

These are an important component of the skates, and they will actually decide how smooth the ride will be. They also help the skates to reach a higher speed. Bearings in inline skates’ decrease friction that occurs between the fixed frame and a moving wheel on the skate.

7. Brakes:

The brakes are an integral part of an inline skate and are pretty important as well, especially for beginners. Most of the inline skates feature a brake and some specific models are available without the brakes a well.


FAQ’s About Inline Speed Skates:

1. What is the difference between a fitness skate and a speed skate?

In short, the fitness skates are for leisure skating and for a moderate workout, whereas the speed skates are for real racing. They have the best velocity and performance and features a large boot with complete support. They cover the ankle up to the shin and has smaller and softer wheels. Inline speed skates can feature three or four wheels up to 125 mm in diameter and feature minimal boot and harder construction.


2. Why the three-wheel and four wheels’ model exist?

With three wheels it is possible to perform an easy and a tight turn. With 3 wheel rollerblades, the individual wheels take more of the body weight. A rider with shorter feet and a lower body weight will have more advantages riding on three wheels rather than a heavier skater with a larger foot.

3. What Kind of Wheels should I buy?

For newbies and beginners, it is advised not to go for skates with bigger wheels as they could be quite unstable. It is also beneficial to go in increments when it comes to wheel size.

4. What is the basic technique of inline speed skating?

Speed skating demands deeper and faster strokes compared with recreational skating. It is good to use the efficient skating technique of double push where the user moves each foot across the centerline of travel. This allows for two pushes during each stroke. Most of the speed skaters maintain a low posture by bending the knees along with the advantage of greater leg reach and lower wind resistance.

5. What is heat molding and how to perform it?

Heat molding is the technique to achieve the best boot fit works, by heating up the boots to 185° F for 15 minutes then fitting them to the feet of the rider. Some of the new age boots have the design to shape themselves around the foot over time.

Buyer’s Guide in Choosing The Best Inline Speed Skates

Inline skates are different for men, women, and kids. These skates have the best design to fit the shape of the foot of the man, women, boy or girl. Women will have a narrower fit when it comes to an inline skate and a lower height on the cuff. Men have wider feet and a higher calf muscle and they require a cuff height that is higher to fit them better. Inline skates also follow the same size as that of standard shoe size for each gender. The best inline skates should have,

  • Comfortable Boots: The boot of the inline skate should fit the ankle and the foot snugly, but still allows the ankle to flex forward for balance. Beginners should look for supportive ankle cuff that is higher whereas advanced skaters should look for flexible and lower ankle cuff allowing them to have aggressive movements.
  • Ventilation: The boots should have ventilation channels that allow the feet to stay comfortable and cool on a hot day or on a hard workout.
  • High-Quality Bearings: The quality of the bearings in the skate should reflect on the ILQ and ABEC number. This number indicates how fast the skates can run and how precisely the bearings can be engineered. For those with interest in speed skates, look for ABEC number that has either 7 or 9 bearings.
  • Appropriate Wheels: The type of wheels that the skater demands depend on the type of skating that one performs. To go fast, buy skates with large wheels and for easy maneuverability choose skates with small wheels.
  • Control: When the skater uses wheels that are 100 mm or larger, the user has to use skates that are recreational. They should not be too fast for a beginner to control. Skates with longer wheelbase make the skates more stable and easy to go faster. Skates with short wheelbases are pretty maneuverable.
  • Closures: Skates with loose closures are dangerous. It is thus important to buy skates that are secure after fastening.


Skates are an important gear that demands tremendous research before buying. We hope our guide helps you to choose the best inline speed gear for your recreational and professional skating endeavors.

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