The 6 Best Hiking Shirts of 2021


While backpacking for the woods, what one wears is more important that what one pack for the trip. A good hiker is one who wears comfortable clothes that protects them adequately from insects and elements. Hikers have to pay special attention to the shirts and pants and choose appropriate material that suits their level of activity.

Almost all of the backpacking trips have a variant amount of addictive adrenaline jolts, and it is absolutely essential to be prepared for the real dangers. The appropriate hiking shirts enables the person to take up any challenge while hiking. Fortunately, hiking shirts are available for all hiking environments for both men and women to wear. The following guide will help you in choosing the most appropriate hiking shirts for all trips.


Best Hiking Shirts For Men & Women

Quick Answer: The 6 Best Hiking Shirts – [2021]

Men’s Long Sleeve Hiking Shirts

  1. Columbia Men’s Silver Ridge Long-Sleeve Shirt
  2. COOFANDY Men’s Quick Dry UV Protection Outdoor Shirt
  3. American Outdoorsman Men’s Long-Sleeve Shirt

Women’s Long Sleeve Hiking Shirts

  1. Columbia Women’s PFG Tamiami II Long Sleeve Shirt
  2. White Sierra Women’s Gobi Desert Long-Sleeve Shirt
  3. Coolibar UPF 50+ Women’s Travel Shirt

Best Hiking Shirts Reviews

Men’s Long Sleeve Hiking Shirts

#1. Columbia Men’s Silver Ridge Long-Sleeve Shirt


Columbia Men’s Silver Ridge Long-Sleeve Shirt At a Glance:
  • Material: 100% cotton fabric
  • Superior protection against exposure
  • Designed with a casual fit
  • Infused with the most advanced technology
  • Multiple adjusting features
  • Omni-wick moisture control properties
  • Roll-up sleeves with button tabs
The Columbia Silver Ridge long sleeve shirt for men offers superior protection against all weather. Its cuffs are slightly longer on top to offer a bit of additional coverage. This men’s flannel shirt features a special wicking fabric that has been engineered to pull moisture away from the fabric.

The fabric allows the sweat to evaporate quickly from the fabric. Comfort is the ultimate emphasis of the shirt and this long-sleeve shirt is of 100% cotton fabric. Its fit is perfect and casual for everyday use.

This men’s cotton flannel long sleep shirt features two chest pockets, front button closure and button down cuffs for an adjusting comfort. The shirt features the ultimate moisture management technology for the outdoors.

Its Omni-wick technology removes moisture from the skin into the fabric that spreads across the surface of the shirt to evaporate quickly. This technology also helps to keep the skin cool and the clothing dry.

Men’s Short Sleeve Hiking Shirts : Columbia Men’s Tamiami II Short Sleeve Shirt

#2. COOFANDY Men’s Quick Dry UV Protection Outdoor Shirt 


COOFANDY Men's Quick Dry UV Protection Outdoor Shirt At a Glance:
  • Material: 98% cotton and 2% polyester
  • Lightweight and breathable fabric
  • Button closure
  • Ultra-light ripstop fabric
  • Multifunctional pockets at the chest
  • Invisible zippers and flaps
  • Ideal for casual and serious outdoor activities
  • Good with both machine and hand wash
This men’s outdoor shirt is of cotton and polyester mix. It is breathable and lightweight and makes the user feel comfortable outdoors. It has the best design for cool comfort and functionality. This is a performance button-up shirt that is of ultra-light ripstop fabric which is both sun-shielding and moisture-wicking. The shirt also features an Omni shade UPF 40 sun protection factor.

The shirt features a number of multi-functional pockets at the chest which comes handy for storing certain things during traveling. The shirts also have secure flaps and invisible zippers. It’s silver bottom, turn down collars and long sleeves can roll up for convenience.

This long sleeve outdoor shirt can go great with jeans and casual pants for a more modern look. It is excellent for casual use, for boating, for fishing, for hiking and other outdoor activities.

Men’s Short Sleeve Hiking Shirts :  COOFANDY Mens Polo Shirts Casual Short Sleeve Slim Polo T Shirts

#3. American Outdoorsman Men’s Long-Sleeve Shirt


American Outdoorsman Men’s Long-Sleeve Shirt At a Glance:
  • Material: 100% nylon and 4% spandex
  • Comfortable hiking shirts
  • UPF 30 Sun protection features
  • High-quality materials
  • Four pockets to secure valuables
  • The ideal outfit for adventures
  • quick dry and moisture-wicking
  • features underarm eyelets and rubber grommets
This basic hiking shirt offers an excellent fit and keeps the user dry and comfortable in all season and weather. They offer an excellent fit and are not sloppy nor they look unpolished. The shirts are available in four colors namely jungle green, dark blue, stone ridge and raven.

This outfit is great for casual weekend fishing trips and they provide UPF 30 sun protection in the wild. These long sleeve shirts have quick-dry and moisture-wicking properties. They also feature underarm eyelets for breathing and rubber grommets.

The premium hiking shirt is also an excellent outfit for fishing. It is of high-quality nylon and spandex material mix and also feature rip stop stretch fabric for ideal outdoor fashion. There are four pockets within close reach to secure items such as a pocket knife, keys, wallet, etc. One of the pockets have waterproofing and is available in different sizes. The shirt is ideal for hiking, fishing, hunting, camping, and all outdoor adventure activities.

Men’s Short Sleeve Hiking Shirts : Amazon Essentials Men’s Regular-Fit Quick-Dry Golf Polo Shirt

Women’s Long Sleeve Hiking Shirts

#1. Columbia Women’s PFG Tamiami II Long Sleeve Shirt


Columbia Women’s PFG Tamiami II Long Sleeve Shirt At a Glance:
  • Material: Polyester with mesh lining
  • Button closure with machine wash functionality
  • Long sleeve shirt
  • Omni shade UPF 40 fabric
  • Omni wick technology that keeps moisture away
  • Two handy chest pockets for convenient storing
  • Roll-up sleeves to manage extra hot days
  • Mesh-lined vent for comfort and breathability
  • Hidden security pockets
The Women’s outdoor long sleeve shirt is of polyester material with mesh lining and button closure system. Its advanced Omni shade technology endures the shirt with UPF 40 fabric for maximum protection against the sun.

Its Omni-wick technology also helps to pull the moisture away and keeps the user cool and dry. This long-sleeve hiking shirt features two handy check pockets for convenient storing and the shirt also features roll-up sleeves for extra hot days.

The shirt also has a long sleeve with extreme comfort and breathability features. It also features a mesh-lined vent at the back for comfort and ultimate breathability. The shirt features a modern classic fit and is ultra-light and comfortable for maximum activity. The shirt is ideal for long trips along with anti-microbial features to keep the shirt fresh and odor-free for long durations.

Women’s Short Sleeve Hiking Shirts : Columbia Women’s Tamiami II Short Sleeve Shirt

#2. White Sierra Women’s Gobi Desert Long-Sleeve Shirt


White Sierra Women's Gobi Desert Long-Sleeve Shirt At a Glance:
  • Material: 100% polyester
  • Button closure
  • Machine wash
  • Button-front shirt
  • Tab sleeves and point collar
  • UPF sun protection fabric
  • Reduces exposure to harmful UVA and UVB radiation
  • Moisture-wicking fabric
  • Back mesh venting
This is the ultimate travel and camping shirt that gives the user the ultimate protection from the sun with UPF 30+ protection. The shirt features a back mesh venting that keeps the person cool while hiking in the sun.

It is possible to roll up the sleeves so as to not overheat. Its zippered security pockets help in keeping all the valuables safe. Its moisture-wicking properties help to pull the moisture to the surface for fast and efficient evaporation.

This hiking shirt is of quick-drying material and is thus ideal for hand washing, while on an adventure. The shirt features secure-zip pockets at its side seams, features back mesh venting, shirt tail hem and roll-up sleeves with tabs.

The hiking shirts are from a family owner White Sierra company that makes affordable and quality outdoor apparel for the entire family. The outdoor apparel perfectly fits all outdoor trips for women.

Women’s Short Sleeve Hiking Shirts : White Sierra Women’s Gobi Desert Short Sleeve Shirt

#3. Coolibar UPF 50+ Women’s Travel Shirt


Coolibar UPF 50+ Women's Travel Shirt At a Glance:
  • Material: 100% polyester
  • Button closure shirt
  • UPF 50+ sun protection
  • Moisture-wicking capacity
  • Self-fabric mesh ventilation panels
  • Roll-up sleeves with button tabs
  • Flap chest pockets
  • Velcro closure and zipper pocket
  • Machine wash and tumble dry
This outdoor shirt for women is of 100% polyester material and features Button closure and UPF 50+ protection. The shirt has 3D dri-suntect, moisture-wicking capability in a small 3D grid pattern. The shirt is extremely lightweight and breathable. It features self-fabric mesh panels for ventilation under the arms and along the sides.

There is also a cape back mesh for ventilation. The best feature of this outdoor hiking shirt is its flap chest pockets with Velcro closure and zipper pockets at the princess seam.

The size of the shirt is 27½ inch body length and medium size. It is easy to care for the shirt with machine wash and tumble dry functionalities. It is the best-recommended shirt for women who wish to pack light and travel in utmost style. The shirt features the best sun protection in all types of adventure activities.

Women’s Short Sleeve Hiking Shirts : Coolibar UPF 50+ Women’s Short Sleeve Hightide Swim Shirt

Points To Consider While Choosing The Best Hiking Shirts

Women hiking shirt

There are certain critical factors to consider while choosing the best hiking shirt. For this fabric is going to save you in the wild from adverse elements. Let us discuss the best modality to choose your hiking shirt

  • Fabric Material
  • Polyester
  • Merino wool
  • Nylon
  • Weight of the fabric
  • Construction of the seam
  • Zippers

Fabric Material:

There are two important materials to choose from when it comes to hiking shirts. Before disclosing these materials, it is important to learn that the hiking shirt should be lightweight, durable, soft and moisture-wicking. These properties avoid chafing and problems with temperature regulation in sweaty or rain conditions. The two widely used fabrics are,


Polyester is a synthetic manmade fiber that is popular with the majority of the sports garment. Most of the hiking shirts are of polyester blended with lycra or spandex. Some manufacturers prefer to choose polyester and nylon blend. Nylon when added enhanced the durability of the shirt as the nylon fibers are stronger than polyester. Polyester is also cheap, wicking and effective. It carries out moisture well and also dried quickly.

Merino Wool:

This is a unique type of wool that is available only in select locations. The wool fiber has a hydrophobic shell and a hydrophilic core. The individual fibers suck water and sweat away from the body through the cores, from where it evaporated from the outside portion of the shirt. But the only problem with Merino wool fabrics is that they are pretty expensive compared with polyester and lacks durability factor as well. Also, they are susceptible to wool moths.


This fabric is also ideal for a hiking shirt and it is common for manufacturers to blend the Nylon wool with other fibers such as polyester to enhance the strength of the fabric. Nylon fabric is also bug proof and windproof. It is also the best outer fabric layer of choice as the nylon fibers lock out wind and do not permit water loss.

Weight of The Fabric:

The weight and the thickness of the fabric of the hiking shirt depend on the other layers of garments that one wear and the time and season of the hiking trip. Ultra-thin, full sleeve polyester shirt may be ideal for hiking in summers. And in shady conditions, polyester is the fabric of choice and in winter, shirts of merino wool construction with zipper neck and long sleeves may be very appropriate.

Construction of The Seam:

Shirts with flat sewn seams are most appropriate and nobody will like to use seams that stick, chaffs and cause blisters. It is important for the hiking shirt to be soft, flat and smooth. Some critical areas of the body that demand the fabric to be of a flat seam are hips, waist, around the shoulders and arms, etc.


Some of the hikers wish their summer hiking shirt to have no-zippers but whereas on a shirt with long sleeps, it is important to have zippers as they render additional temperature control. Choose a shirt that has adequate double locking zippers for security and toe ensure that they don’t give way in the middle of the trip.


FAQs With Hiking Shirts:

How is the hiking shirt different from the regular shirt?

Though both of them are shirts, they do not have anything in common. A regular shirt attempts to keep a person warm. But the hiking shirt offers a lot more, they render adequate heat insulation, good skin breathing through the fabric, appropriate layering system to protect from extremes of temperature etc. A regular shirt cannot protect the person as that of a hiking shirt and going on a hiking trip without a hiking shirt can be dangerous.

How to wash and care the hiking shirts?

The synthetic hiking shirts are easy to wash and does not require any special washing regimen. It is important to check for manufacturer’s instructions on washing and caring for the product. Most of the special hiking shirts are of synthetic fibers and thus the user can expect a long product life when they respect their washing instructions given on their label.

Can a Gym shirt replace a hiking shirt?

The gym shirts are also designed to wick the moisture away and this is only one regard on how they are similar to hiking shirts. The best hiking shirts and backpacking attire are equipped to withstand longer active time than the regular gym routine. Some of the best hiking shirts also feature built-in sun protection to protect the user from powerful rays of the sun. Also, gym shirts cannot protect the user from cold weather.


Buyer’s Tips For Choosing The Best Hiking Shirts:

Read through our important Buyer’s tips before hitting the cart icon. Some important question to raise before making the purchase decision is, what is the type of hiking that one indulges themselves in? it is a casual hike? Or are you planning to spend many days in the wild? The following points will answer these questions.

  • Refrain from silk and cotton shirts
  • Choose wool fabric
  • Mind the weather
  • Guards against bugs
  • Function first and fashion next

Refrain From Silk and Cotton Shirts:

Cotton shirts are really comfortable, but not on a hiking trip. The cotton fabric actually soaks up like a sponge and does not get rid of it. It stays wet for a long time and maybe okay in summers, but in freezing weather, they can result in temperature drops and hypothermia. The same rule is applicable for silk as well. And silk fabrics are generally not suggested for rugged terrains and for dealing with body odor.

Choose Wool Fabric:

Modern-day woolen clothes do not itch like how it did in the past and wool has the best moisture-wicking properties. Merino wool is comfortable, breathable and keeps odor at bay but is a little costly. Shirts that are of synthetic material can be cheap but they can smell really odd.

Mind The Weather:

When you go on the hiking trip, it is important to keep a keen eye on the climate and the weather of the location. For those heading out to hike in the winter or on a mountain range, it is important to wear several layers of fabrics, to avoid hypothermia and frostbite. These shirts act as a base layer as well.

Guards Against Bugs:

For those going for hiking in locations filled with bugs, the best idea is to go with guard shirts. But, even the guard shirts cannot keep the person completely safe, it is thus important to put on some spray on the exposed skin to avoid getting bitten.

Function First and Fashion Next:

One important buyer’s tip is to consider function over fashion. Looks come next when one gets tired and miserable in the wild. The budget also is an important factor to consider, if a hiking shirt seems very expensive, the option is to look for an effective alternative.



The hiking shirt is one of the basic essentials for a hiking trip. Irrespective of the nature of the trip, be it a casual outdoor trip or adventurous hiking trip, the hiking shirt is of utmost importance. Without proper attire it could be dangerous to hit the wilderness. We hope our guide will help you in choosing the best hiking shirt for all your outdoor endeavors.


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