The 6 Best Hiking Pants for Women of 2021


Hiking Pants for Women

While on an adventurous hike, women require clothing that feels casual, comfortable and the one that keeps up with the hiker.  Hiking pants allows the hiker to climb, trek and move for hours without feeling any discomfort. The women’s pants for hiking are of lightweight material and involves 5 pockets to hold all the essential items such as snacks, map, sunscreen, etc. Some of the pants are also insect repellent that protects the hiker from the bites of insects.

Some of them have waterproofing with quick drying capacity and are extremely comfortable for those who are trekking in moist weather conditions and across water bodies. Hiking is a sport that demands extreme flexibility along with stamina and in order to move, the convertible pants can help. These pants also feature a zipper above the knee to remove the trousers from the knee and convert it into a short. We have listed some of the best hiking pants for women to help them explore their trail to the best.


The 6 Best Hiking Pants for Women – [2021]

  1. prAna Women’s Halle Pant
  2. Columbia Women’s Saturday Trail Pant
  3. Nonwe Women’s Outdoor Cargo Pants
  4. utdoor Research Women’s Ferrosi Convertible Pants
  5. Eddie Bauer Women’s Guide Pro Pants
  6. Exofficio Women’s Bugs Away Ziwa Convertible Pant

Best Hiking Pants for Women

Best Hiking Pants for Women Reviews

#1. prAna Women’s Halle Pant

prAna Women's Halle PantWomen's Pant Features:

  • Material: nylon 97%, Spandex: 3%
  • Imported material
  • Button closure
  • Stretch Zion fabric
  • Hand wash
  • Cross-functional pant
  • Articulating knees

The prana women’s Halle pant is of 97% nylon and 3% spandex. It is of imported material and features a button closure. It is simple to wash by hand and is of stretch Zion fabric. These are the best cross-functional pant with that of trouser styling and features a snap front portion. The pant features articulated knees for easy movement during hiking without sticking on to the skin. The pants are of extremely durable material and are water resistant as well. It manages moisture like a pro.

Women's Halle Pant

The pants are reinforced at the knees to help with all possible movements during hiking. The versatile pant is ideal for desert bouldering, mountain hikes and almost all of the outdoor adventure activities. Its stretching zion helps in conquering the trail and goes best with a cross-functional jacket or shorts. The pant helps women treat city streets and mountain peaks the same and is the best for all activities be it hiking, camping, traveling, climbing etc.

#2. Columbia Women’s Saturday Trail Pant

Columbia Women's Saturday Trail PantWomen's Pant Features:

  • Material: 96% nylon and elastane
  • Water and stain resistant fabric
  • Two side pockets and loop closure
  • Partial elastic waist
  • Roll up legs feature to convert into capris
  • Omni-shield protection

The Columbia Women’s trail pants feature the most advanced water and stain repellent fabric. It offers tremendous protection against harsh liquids and stains and renders up to UPF 50 to protect against the harmful sun rays. The women’s pant has two side pockets with loop and hooks closure system and two back pockets to help secure small items. Its partial elastic waist helps with adjustable comfort and allows in free movement.

Columbia Women's Saturday Trail PantThe best feature of these parts is that they can roll up the legs and get converted to capris when the weather becomes exceptionally hot. The pant has the design of a classic fit. The nylon and elastane two-way stretch fabric help to cover tough hiking trails at ease. Its articulating knees does not restrict walking movement and helps in long hours of walking.

Hiking trails are full of dust and dirt and its Omni-shield technology helps the user to stay clean and dry by absorbing liquids and by resisting dirt. The fabric repels moisture and also dries quacking, avoiding unnecessary stains and keeping the user clean.

#3. Nonwe Women’s Outdoor Cargo Pants

Nonwe Women's Outdoor Water-ResistantWomen's Pant Features:

  • Partially adjusting waist
  • Straight leg pants that are convertible into shorts
  • Ample pockets to hold larger stuff
  • Water resistant and lightweight
  • UPF protection and breathable fabric
  • Machine and hand wash with cold water

The Nonwe women’s outdoor pants are of the best quality material and are water resistant. They dry quickly with water encounter. They have a partially adjusting waist and accommodates moderate hip sizes. The pants have straight legs design and are easily convertible with zipping off legs. It has two in one use and can come to use as both pants and shorts. There are two front pockets, two back and side cargo pockets with Velcro finishing. The product design helps it to hold larger stuff within close reach.

Nonwe Women's Outdoor Water-Resistant

They are ideal for camping, hunting, hiking, climbing, leisure sports, and other game room activities. The cargo pockets have a Velcro closure and the main zip fly is secured with a button. Though they are water resistant they are not suitable for direct rain encounters. The fabric renders moderate protection against the sun as well. It is ideal to wash the fabric with both machine and hand, but with cold water and without any bleaching agents.

#4. Outdoor Research Women’s Ferrosi Convertible Pants 

Outdoor Research Women's Ferrosi Convertible Pants Women's Pant Features:

  • Fabric material: 86% nylon and 14% spandex
  • Stretch woven fabric
  • Made in the USA
  • Button closure system
  • Button and zipper fly
  • Resistant to water and wind
  • Quick drying and breathable fabric
  • Zip-off legs

The Outdoor research women’s pants are convertible pants with stretchy and breathing material. These are two in one pant with zipping off lower legs. They are ideal for backpacking and hiking. They help to keep the user cool by blocking the unnecessary rays of the sun. It also blocks heavy winds and light rain on the trail by affecting the hiker. The convertible pant features highly breathing and soft shell construction with a good amount of stretch for smooth movements.

The pant fabric is tough and resistant to abrasion and is thus ideal for rugged and rough rocky trail environments. The zip off lower leg zippers is of different colors helping the hiker to match the correct lower pant leg with the appropriate leg. The trouser material is of 86% nylon with a guarantee on its durability. It takes up difficult trail conditions easily without giving way. The fabric is also of spandex for additional stretching and elasticity for tough climbs.

#5. Eddie Bauer Women’s Guide Pro Pants

Eddie Bauer Women's Guide Pro Pants Women's Pant Features:

  • Material: nylon 96% and spandex 4%
  • Imported material
  • Storm repel DWR finish
  • Sheds moisture and avoids soaking in
  • UPF 50+ sun protection
  • Two secure zip cargo pockets
  • Average inseam

The Eddie Bauer Women’s hiking pants are lightweight, easy to pack and feature two-way stretch. They are of Nylon, and spandex material and render the utmost mobility in different terrains. The fabric is durable and of water, repellent finish. The pants are good to wash with cold waters and are delicate. The fit of the pants is slightly curvy to meet the anatomy of women. It sits below the waist and mid-rise and is curvy through the hip and the thigh.

Eddie Bauer Women's Guide Pro Pants The pants are available in three easy to wear fit. The active or the slim type is also known as the trim and athletic fit. It stays close to the body without restricting the mobility of the user. The classic fit wear is a universal fit; it is neither too slim nor too relaxed on the body of the hiker. The easy fit is that of a generous fit and stays relaxed on the body. There are two secure zip cargo pockets in the cargo pant to keep essentials within close reach.

#6. Exofficio Women’s Bugs Away Ziwa Convertible Pant

Exofficio Women's Bugs Away ZiwaWomen's Pant Features:

  • Material: Nylon
  • Imported material
  • Convertible cargo pant with a drawcord waistband
  • It features zippered leg with a drop in cell pocket
  • Zip fly with button
  • Insect shield technology
  • UPF 30+ protection
  • Quick drying and moisture wicking fabric.

This convertible hiking pant for women is of imported nylon material. It features a drawcord waistband and features zippered leg. The pant has a zip fly with button and insect shield technology. The bugs away finish that is built in the fabric repels ticks, mosquitoes, midges, chiggers, flies and ants. It is of a special fabric with UPF protection. It absorbs the harmful rays of the sun and prevents them from damaging the skin. The fiber release moisture dries the garment rapidly.

Exofficio Women's Bugs Away Ziwa

The front side of the pant has hip pockets and the side thigh pockets offer plenty of room to keep all the accessories. There are no back pockets in the pant and thus it offers a smoother look and avoids all bulk while sitting. It is possible to zip off the legs in no time, especially in hot adventure days and use it as a short. It is the favorite hiking gear of most travelers as it renders utmost comfort in all destinations.

Women Hiking Pants Buying Guide

Women Hiking Pants

  • Material of the pant
  • Sun protection
  • Fit
  • Ventilation and versatility
  • Breathability
  • Durability
  • Length of the pant
  • Storage options


Material of The Pant:

The most important feature of a hiking pant that sets it apart from the rest of the pants is its material. Hiking pants should be of moisture wicking, quick drying, and breathable material. These are the basic qualities of all activewear garments. The material should also render decent abrasion resistance against sharp rocks and twigs.

Nylon is the preferred pant material for hiking and it is better if it is mixed with more elastic fibers. Pants with a high content of cotton is a strict no for hiking, as they take too long to dry.


Sun Protection:

Hiking pants are the only garments that cover the lower portion of the body and it is important that they also protect the skin against the damaging rays of the sun. The rating of SPF in the fabric is similar to that of sunscreen lotions.

It is called UPF or the ultraviolet protection factor and is the measurement of the percentage of UV rays that can penetrate through the fabric. The ideal hiking pant should have a UPF of 30 or more.



Most of the women’s garments are designed for appearance and not for functionality and comfort. When it comes to hiking pants, it is important to choose pant and fabric that allows the women to move around comfortably and freely.


Ventilation And Versatility:

Some of the hiking pants can convert easily into shorts by zipping off its lower portion. This is an important practical feature, though some users can find it annoying to hold horizontal seams and zippers in the thigh area. choosing pants that can be rolled up and are with snap fasteners are the best alternative for those looking for ventilation in the hot summer days.



Hiking pants that are made of synthetic material does not allow the air to get into the skin and ventilate it. They can damage the skin to a great extent. Thus, while choosing hiking pants it is important to choose materials that allow the skin to breathe.



Durability is one important feature that has to pay good attention to. For those women hikers who are involved in climbing, it is important to choose pants of thicker materials so that they don’t wear off that easily. Those planning top walk only on flat terrain can choose lightweight materials compromising on its durability.


Length of The Pant:

The length of the pant depends on the hiker and the type of activity they are involved in. some convertible pants have secret zippers at the level of their knees. Users can unzip them to make it short. If it is cold and to protect the skin from sun and insects, the pants can be made long again too. Convertible pants are of excellent versatility without a doubt.


Storage Options:

It is good to choose a pant with ample storage options with the help of zippered pockets. This helps to keep some essential items such as maps, wallet, mobile devices, and compass, etc. within the close reach of the user. Most of the hiking pants have zippered pockets at the front, back and also on the sides. They are also secured by Velcro straps for additional protection.


Different Types of Hiking Pants

There are four main styles of pants for hiking, one that functions only as long pants, one that can roll up to a crop or of Capri length and the ones that have removable legs and converts into shorts.

  • Standard pants
  • Roll up pants
  • Convertible Pants
  • Tights

Standard Pants:

The standard hiking pans can be worn as long pants and do not have any conversion options. It is possible to roll them up to the ankle length so as to improve airflow. There is no way to secure the leg and does not stay up for long and demand frequent adjustment over long periods.

They are more versatile for work and play and are less versatile to use in different weather conditions. They do not have the option to convert into shorts. It also offers fewer features but is simpler and lighter to use and carry.

They do not have all the extra buttons and zippers that are normally found on a convertible pair. These are a cool option for those travelers traveling in cool weather and for those who require complete sun protection.

Full-length pants with no converting options are preferred by some hikers. These are the least expensive and offer complete sun protection. They are also good to protect against ticks and dust.


Roll up Pants:

Roll up pants have the option to affix the lower end of the pant leg securely in a cuffing position. This features keeps the ends of the pants off the ankles and the shoes and helps with ventilation of the whole leg and also the feet.

Though it is possible to roll up any pant leg, they do not stay in that position always, especially if the material is soft and does not have a lot of structure to it. Roll up models are great for those who want additional versatility and ventilation.


Convertible Pants:

Most of the hikers prefer pants that hold multiple functions for them. Multi-use pants adapt themselves to changing conditions and simplify the backpack. Convertible pants have extensive use, they allow the user to switch between their pants and shorts depending on the weather. They also add a distinct look and feel to them. A convertible pant can roll up into a crop or also convert into a short offering three length options for the user.



A pair of running and hiking tights are the best alternatives for pants and shorts. Some hikers love the look and feel of the tights and use them for trail running, hiking and even for everyday wear. They also hold some distinct advantages over pants, they include less chaffing in long distances and also offer a supportive and a compressed feel.

They generally hold multiple panels for a great range of motion. The tights also have less sag and are usually made of moisture wicking materials. The downside of hiking tights is that they might keep the user hotter and does not have the versatility to convert.



Buying the most reliable hiking pant takes some effort, it demands a lot of homework, researching and reading. There are a number of points to pay close attention to while buying them. We hope we have made your work easier by choosing the best of hiking pants for women here. We hope our buying guide will guide you in choosing the right hiking gear.

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