Top 6 Best Hiking Baby Carriers of 2021


Hiking Baby Carriers

Hiking on a steep hilltop is adventurous, fun and a lifetime carrier for some individuals. Hikers generally keep milestones on the miles they cover and the heights they reach. Sometimes such milestones have to clash with the personal milestone of having a baby in the family. People feel bad for not being able to continue on their trials after having a child.

This is where the baby hiking carriers come to their rescue. These amazing backpacks allow the parents and the child to explore the wild nature in its intricate beauty. Parents feel amazing for being able to expose their little one to adventure at a very small age and continue with their trails without having to miss their child.

Some of the Best Hiking carriers have ample comfort and safety features so as to keep and carry the child comfortable. Their fabrics are breathable and have adequate padding to support the tiny structures and delicate skin of the child. They have sun shades to protect the child from harmful sun and cold mists. Their storage pockets help in storing kid’s food, toys and other gear within reach easing the stress off the mind of the hiker.

We have discussed the features of best hiking baby carriers and how they help in making the trip a comfortable and memorable one. Read through for their specifications and for some useful tips in choosing the best of the carriers.


Top 6 Best Hiking Baby Carriers – [2021]

  1. Clevr Premium Cross Country Baby Backpack Hiking Child Carrier
  2. Osprey Packs Poco AG Plus Child Carrier
  3. LÍLLÉbaby Multi-Position Child Carrier
  4. Luvdbaby Premium Baby Backpack Carrier for Hiking
  5. Phil & Teds Parade Child Carrier Frame Backpack
  6. Thule Sapling Elite Child Carrier

Best Hiking Baby Carriers

Best Hiking Baby Carrier Reviews

#1. Clevr Premium Cross Country Baby Backpack Hiking Child Carrier


  • Dimensions: 10 x 30 x 16 inches
  • Weight: 5.5 pounds
  • Child weight capacity: 33 pounds
  • Age Group: 6-48 months old
  • Foldable metal frame
  • Padded straps with lumbar support
  • Water bottle holders
  • Table stand with kickstand

The Green Clevr backpack carrier is ideal for carrying children who are in the age group of 6-48 months in the back during hiking. It is made of lightweight yet strong metal frame draped with oxford cloth. The carrier manages the wear and tear of daily use at ease.

It features multiple pockets to store all essentials for kids such as water bottles, milk bottles. The extra large pocket at the rear secures diapers and other necessities. Hip belt, lumbar padding and padded straps keeps the user comfortable, cool and secure throughout the trip.

Cross-Country-Carrier-Stand-ChildThe rear pocket for the child features a removable canopy to secure from sun and rain. Easy adjustment system in the carrier makes a comfortable fit for both the parent and the child. During relaxation breaks the metal stand of the carrier unfolds and allows it to sit upright in any flat surface.

It can then be folded quickly while on the go. The carrier is lightweight, easy to carry and folds itself flat for portability and storage. There is one year limited warranty with the product against defects.

 Child Carrier

#2. Osprey Packs Poco AG Plus Child Carrier


  • Measurements: 29 x 15 x 17 inches
  • Weight: 7.67 pounds
  • Lightweight carrier with Aluminum frame
  • Adjustable seats with lumbar support
  • Stable base to stand on any surface
  • Built in sun shade

The Osprey Poco AG Plus child carrier features anti-gravity suspension system to ensure balance and stability. The carriers has seamless padding to support the entire back, from shoulder blades to lumbar region and helps in walking long distances at ease with a child.

The sturdy aluminum frames offers a stable platform at the base to set the child carrier on a flat surface. The padded child cockpit ensures comfort and safety throughout the trip. There is a built in sun protection system that deploys easily from its zippered pocket. The hip belt is adjustable up to 5 inches on either side for a ventilated and comfortable fit and to support load easily.

Osprey-Packs-Child-Carrier-Green 2

There is a water resistant sleeve at the back panel of the carrier to store essentials such as feeding bottles and water bottles for children. The Child cockpit has a completed framed and padded adjustable seat so that the baby travels at ease with its parents. There are side pockets on the carrier to store things quickly on the go.

The back panel of the carrier made of nylon, is not only contoured to support the back but also maintains airflow for ventilation. The shoulder straps and the sternum straps have adequate pads to rest the muscles.

 Child Carrier

#3. LÍLLÉbaby Multi-Position Child Carrier


  • Measurements: 11 x 4 x 14 inches
  • Weight: 2.8 pounds
  • Six carrying positions
  • Temperature controlled panel
  • Padded and adjustable straps
  • extendable waist belt
  • Sleeping hood

This is considered a complete baby carrier by many parents for the unique features it unfolds. The carrier offers six unique ways to carry the baby, either on the abdomen, or on the back or at the hip. Many parents recommend the product for the unique lumbar support that its straps and paddings offer.

It is extremely versatile with its large storage pockets and adjustable straps that facilitate feeding by mother on the go. There is a removable sleeping hood that also acts as protection against sun and as torso support.


The product renders natural bonding with the baby with hands free comfort. It facilitates Kangaroo effect as parents are able to keep the babies as close to their bodies as possible along with hands free comfort. The product is completely ready to use and does not require any assembling.

It can be used for babies from birth and up to a year. Its ergonomic design allows it to expand and grow with the child. It can support kids of weight 7 to 45 pounds comfortably.

 Child Carrier

#4. Luvdbaby Premium Baby Backpack Carrier for Hiking

Luvdbaby Premium Baby Backpack CarrierFeatures:

  • Padded cocoon with safety straps
  • Ample storage pockets
  • Insulated bottle holder
  • Diaper changing pad
  • Aluminum frame base
  • Adjustable cockpit for child

The Luvdbaby Premium backpack carrier carries the child safety in its cocoon during hiking trips. The carrier has enough padding with safety stirrups and straps. The backpack also has a sun visor that protects the little one from glaring sun rays.

The height of the carrier adjusts according to parent’s height and has multiple pockets for additional gear. There is an insulated pocket to keep milk bottles warm for many hours. There are also mesh pockets on the outer surface of the bag. The waist belt has provision to store mobile phone and keys as well.

Luvdbaby Premium Baby Backpack Carrier

One best advantage of the back pack carrier is its foldable diaper pad to keep the child fresh and clean on the go. The carrier is built with premium hiking material that is durable for many years. Its polyester material has water proofing which is strong and looks great too. Its lightweight aluminum stand at the base helps to lay the carrier on any surface during breaks.

 Child Carrier

#5. Phil & Teds Parade Child Carrier Frame Backpack


  • Measurements: 6 x 6.7 x 11.8 inches
  • Weight: 4.41 pounds
  • Compact and light
  • Detachable backpack
  • Comfortable and adjustable
  • Possible to fold flat
  • Active ergo fit carrier

The Phil & teds Child carrier is extremely safe, light and compact and is capable of carrying load up to 40 pounds. The carrier has an aluminum frame that helps in freestanding during rest and also folds flat for carrying and storage.

It is an ergo fit active carrier with adequate padding on the hip and the shoulder belts. The parade child carrier is of breathable fabric and is easy to wear as well. Its fabric features adequate ventilation against sweat and supports the spinal cord with prompt lumbar support.

phil-teds-lightweight-backpack-carrier 2

He straps are adjustable both at the parent’s and child’s end for a secured fit for different ages, heights and body types. The carrier features a detachable mini back pack for kids to store their precious toys and gear. There are additional pockets on the carrier to store water bottles, mobile and keys. The product has 2 years warranty against manufacturing defects.

 Child Carrier

#6. Thule Sapling Elite Child Carrier


  • Measurements: 8 x 12.3 x 28.8 inches
  • Weight: 7.9 pounds
  • Adjustable back panel
  • Ample storage pockets
  • Load stabilizing straps
  • Deployable sunshade

The Thule Elite child carrier is been recommended by parents who wish to go on their hiking journey with their kids. The carrier is great to store a number of gears such as water bottles, diapers, extra clothes, rain gear etc., in its mesh pockets.

The carrier has a removable back pack which older kids would love to flaunt with. The back pack and its hip belt are completed adjustable according to the parent’s height and body type. The pockets on the hip belt are roomy to store snacks, mobiles, keys and even toys.

Thule-Sapling-Elite-Carrier-ShadowThe center of gravity of the backpack is kept optimal by adjusting the load stabilizer straps so that the child is kept closer to the parent for comfortable carrying. The carrier has deployable sunshades to protect the child from harmful sun rays. Its viewing mirror allows in monitoring the child on the go. It is possible to load the child from the top or on the sides into this carrier.

 Child Carrier

How to Choose the Best  Hiking Baby Carrier



Baby hiking carriers helps in taking our little companions with us to explore and enjoy the adventurous world out there. They need to be baby friendly and comfortable to yield to their desires, which sometimes could be compelling. Though it cannot give them the comforts of their home it should satisfy some basic desires such comfort, shade and rest. Read through to understand some important features to look for in a hiking carrier.

  • Comfort
  • Light Weight
  • Child’s Cockpit
  • Protection Against Sun and Rain Protection
  • Adjustability
  • Storage Capacity
  • Breathable Carriers
  • Stirrups
  • Weight and Age of the Child
  • Safety Features
  • Final Words


Comfort features include an open cockpit for the child to sit at ease. The carrier should have sturdy frames that support the hauling toddler up to three years of age and 50 pounds weight. A lot of storage pockets within the reach of the child is a must to store their essentials such as water bottle, milk bottles, toys, snacks etc.

the straps should have adequate padding to ease the stress off the hip and shoulder muscles. Carriers with lumbar and spinal support for both the child and the parent are a definite winner among hiking carriers. Some carriers have a foldable metal frame at their base to stand on their own on flat surfaces. This is beneficial to take the load off the shoulder and rest for some time.

Light Weight:

The carrier should be of lighter weight as most trekking parents have to walk for miles with their child on rough surfaces and hard terrains. But there are certain downsides with lightweight carriers, as they are smaller in size and may not feature all comfort features. But, they are easy to store, transport and carry and can fit easily in the car’s rear.

Child’s Cockpit:

The child’s cockpit is an important prerequisite in choosing a hiking carrier. It should harness comfort and ease and made of breathable material. There should be adequate padding for comfort around the back, shoulder, hands and legs of the child. It is good to ensure if the cockpit of the child has liberal padding.

Adequate padding around the neck of the child is a must as they may experience pain and potential injuries during long trips. Storage pockets that carry kid’s bottles should be within close reach of the child. Finally the cockpit should feature sun shades to cover the child’s head from harmful rays.

Protection Against Sun and Rain Protection:

Hiking adventurous exposes the child to sun for a long period and thus carriers with sunshades are of preference for parents. The sensitive skin of the baby can tan and damage easily with sun’s UV rays.

Designs with easily deployable sun shades right behind the cockpit are a necessity; some variants have rain protection shades as well on the sides and on the top. Carriers from Thule and Osprey have separate water resistant coatings that cover the top, back and front portions of the child’s side of the carrier.


The hiking carrier should have ample torso range so as to fit all types of adults, this is particularly important if multiple adults would use the carrier. It should be possible to both shorten and elongate the hip belt with guaranteed padding supporting the hip in all lengths. It should be possible to adjust the should straps so as to adjust the distance between the parent and the child.

Storage Capacity:

Almost all of the carriers feature zippered storage pockets to store kid’s essentials. The primary storage in the carrier should hold milk and water bottles; some variants have insulated pockets to keep these bottles warm as well.

There should be additional pockets to store diapers, food and kids toys as well, within close reach. Provisions for storing important gear such as keys, mobiles and money in the hip belt are an advantage for parents.

Breathable Carriers:

The baby hiking carrier should have ample ventilation both at the parent and the child’s zone. Generally ventilation for kids is pretty fine as there is air circulation both on the top and at its sides. Carriers with complete mesh panel are breathable fabrics that are capable of absorbing moisture and facilitating air exchange.


Stirrups on either side of the child’s seat help them to sit in a proper position and ease the stress off their pressure points. This is particularly important for older toddlers who require more space to accommodate and in carriers taken for long hour hiking trips. These stirrups are also removable based on the interests and preferences of the child.

Weight and Age of the Child:

Most of the carriers are meant for infants and toddlers, some variants are available for just born babies as well. They help in rooming in and Kangaroo care as they establish a close contact between the mother and the child. It is a general recommendation that children who are 16 pounds and above be put on baby hiking carriers.

This is to ensure that the child has enough head support to and manages all stretches while carrying. The maximum weight load is between 30 and 50 pounds. These recommendations vary based on the design of the carrier and users should check and take all precautions in finding their child the best fit carrier.

Safety Features:

According to the Child carrier standards that are laid by JPMA, the baby hiking carrier should not feature any sharp edges, unwanted folds, and exposed springs. It ensures that the carrier stays safe for the child even during long hiking trips. It is wise to invest in carriers that have undergone JPMA certification.

Final Words:

Some parents feel low for not being able to continue of their hiking carrier or adventurous trips after having children. Baby hiking carriers comes handy for them to take their little ones on the go on all their hiking trips. How big the baby is one of the important factors to consider before choosing the baby carrier.

Some carriers are front loading to secure babies who are just few months hold against the chest. For bigger toddlers, parents require a more supportive carrier to support the child at the back.

There are also a lot of considerations of comfort and safety before choosing the back pack. We hope that our recommendations guide you promptly in choosing the best carrier for your child and for all your hiking trips.


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