The 5 Best Greenhouse Kits of 2021

Best Greenhouse Kits
For those wanting to start a garden or choosing an enclosed place for their fragile plants, the greenhouse is the best place for all gardening enthusiasts. It is now possible to set up instant gardens with the help of greenhouse kits. Before purchasing a greenhouse kit, it is important to do some background research. It is important to choose a comfortable greenhouse that is well within one’s budget and a kit that will suit one’s gardening needs.

Plants that are vulnerable to harsh weather conditions and pests in the first year of gardening demand exceptional weather conditions. Greenhouses are the best places to grow and nurture seedlings and baby plants. Let us discuss how best to choose a greenhouse kit along with our expert recommendations.


Best Greenhouse Kits

Quick Answer: The 5 Best Greenhouse Kits – [2021]

  1. Palram HG5508PH Hybrid Hobby Greenhouse
  2. Flower House FHSP300CL SpringHouse Greenhouse
  3. Exaco RIGA III s 81 Square Foot Greenhouse
  4. Exaco Junior Victorian J-VIC 23 79 Square Foot Greenhouse
  5. Quictent 12′ X 7′ X 7′ Portable Greenhouse

Best Greenhouse Kits Reviews

#1. Palram HG5508PH Hybrid Hobby Greenhouse


Palram HG5508PH Hybrid Hobby Greenhouse At a Glance:
  • 4mm thin wall polycarbonate roof panel
  • Blocks up to 99.9% UV rays
  • Polycarbonate side panels
  • Rust-resistant aluminum frame
  • Plant hangers and adjusting roof vent
  • Galvanized steel base
  • Magnetic door catch
  • 5 year limited warranty
This is a virtually unbreakable greenhouse kit that features a 4 mm twin-wall polycarbonate roof panel. It blocks up to 99.9% of UV rays and diffuse sunlight, eliminating the risk of plant burn and shade areas.

Its crystal clear polycarbonate side panels provide 990% light transmission as well. Its rust-resistant aluminum frame renders 48 square feet of growing space.

The greenhouse kit includes plant hangers, rain gutters, adjusting roof vents, locking door handle with magnetic door catch and a galvanizing steel base to render structural support. With these kids, there come ten plant hangers that can help in supporting vine crops, hanging basket, etc.

They can also be of use to install shade cloth at the inside frame of the greenhouse. Its plant hangers are of polypropylene. The product comes with a five-year limited warranty and US-based customer support.

#2. Flower House FHSP300CL SpringHouse Greenhouse


Flower House FHSP300CL SpringHouse Greenhouse At a Glance:
  • Quick and easy setup
  • Protects plants and extends growing season
  • Clear PVC material
  • UV protection for long life
  • Maintains high humidity level
  • Open floor greenhouse kit
  • Material: GRO TEC
  • Renders excellent ventilation
This is a compact and lightweight greenhouse that is easy to set up transport and takedown. It requires only minimal assembly and features two screened doors that act as double vents to help with optimum air circulation. It is of 100% waterproof Gro-Tec material and is UV resistant with rip stop protection.

This material helps with the long life of the greenhouse. This kit is perfect for enhancing the climatic conditions in all the geographic locations. The greenhouse environment makes it easy to keep the plants green.

Its material renders ample protection from wind, frost and snow. It still remains lightweight and compact for easy storage and transport. Its doors and windows include vents with zipper closure.

It also renders excellent protection against birds, insects and other pests along with ample ventilation. In this kit, plants bloom earlier and remain green for a long time.

#3. Exaco RIGA III s 81 Square Foot Greenhouse


Exaco RIGA III s 81 Square Foot Greenhouse At a Glance:
  • Product dimensions: 126 x 92 x 87 inches
  • Renders excellent ventilation
  • Heavy-duty Dutch barn door
  • Straight frame and curve frame
  • Glaze polycarbonate windows
The RIGA Greenhouse is the latest in the series of hobby greenhouses and are from a more reputed manufacturer. Its shape allows for maximum inside headroom and requires no eaves and requires less structural material.

It is pretty easy and simple to assemble and its heavy-duty construction makes it one of the strongest greenhouse in its price range.

The kit includes a straight frame and curve frame and also includes glaze polycarbonate windows that include one roof with an opener window and one rear wall window.

This item is extremely durable and is pretty simple and easy to use. The dimensions of these items are 126 x 92 x 87 inches and it weighs about 250 pounds.

#4. Exaco Junior Victorian J-VIC 23 79 Square Foot Greenhouse


Exaco Junior Victorian J-VIC 23 79 Square Foot Greenhouse At a Glance:
  • Dimensions: 122 x 93 x 100 inches
  • Weight: 708 pounds
  • Includes a 3” high fountain frame
  • Two roof windows
  • One auto opener and one sliding door
  • 4mm thick safety glass
This is one of the premier greenhouses in the line of greenhouses from Janssens of Belgium. This greenhouse not only renders a first-class quality greenhouse environment and it also adds significant old fashion English style and beauty to the backyard.

Its aluminum profiles are thicker, larger and stronger than most of the competitor’s greenhouses. It includes a greenhouse frame, 3 inches’ frame extension, 4 mm tempered glass window, sliding frame door, and two opening roof windows.

The windows are held in place by substantial rubber seals and renders better insulation of about 4mm thickness, aiding in better insulation. This product can be more than 300 pounds heavier, which also means that the carrier may not be able to deliver the item to one’s front door.

#5. Quictent 12′ X 7′ X 7′ Portable Greenhouse


Quictent 12' X 7' X 7' Portable Greenhouse At a Glance:
  • Double zip front and back doors
  • Excellent ventilation on hot days
  • Heavy-duty powder coated steel framework
  • Transparent polyethylene cover
  • Waterproof and 100% UV protection
  • Overlong cover design
  • Worry-free warranty
  • Friendly after-sales service.
This greenhouse kit renders double zip front and back doors along with more than six exhaust vents for cross ventilation and venting even on hot days. It features a heavy-duty powder-coated steel framework and thus there is absolutely no need to worry about rust and rot.

It is important to make the entire product more firm, especially in bad weather. Its transparent and reinforced polyethylene cover imports from Korea and it is waterproof with 100% UV protection for maximum solar performance.

Its overlong cover design makes the greenhouse more secure and airtight. It is important to bury the greenhouse deep in the soil. It is also easy to set up and it is easily portable as well. The product comes with a worry-free warranty.

Quictent has been in the business of making tents since the early 21st century. As they believe in their product quality, they back their greenhouse with worry-free warranty. The product also has a timely and friendly after-sales service as well.

How to Choose the Best Greenhouse Kit – Buying Guide

Greenhouse Kits

There is so much thought to be put forth before choosing to buy the best greenhouse kit. It not only matches your preferences but also takes care of the plants with in the available space that one has. Let us discuss the best things to consider before buying the best greenhouse.

  • Size
  • Ventilation
  • Insulation
  • Cost of the greenhouse kit
  • Lighting
  • Climate and insulation material
  • Panels
  • Different types of panels
  • Frames


Size matters a lot when it comes to greenhouses. For those who have decided on what plants to keep inside the greenhouse then it is important to decide upon the size of the kit as well. For those who are just getting into the art of gardening, then a beginning or a starter greenhouse kit is the ideal solution. These models allow the gardener to get started with their gardening business and depending on the placement of the kits, either indoors and outdoors, the size of the kit varies as well.


A perfect greenhouse serves as the perfect combination of ventilation and protection. It serves as an incubator for plants. But some plants will suffer because at times the greenhouse can get too hot or too humid.

The key to an ideal greenhouse is to release the hot air when it gets hot outside and to retain the hot air inside when it gets cold outdoors. Vents are an excellent way of accomplishing this, and it should be kept in such a way that it gets opened or closed as one likes.


Depending on the climate the greenhouse has to survive, it is advisable to add some insulation into the mix. For those living in a colder environment, then thicker insulation is the key. A twin wall polyethylene will help in rendering the desired insulation. It helps in maintaining the natural warmth and helps in saving a lot of money in heating up the unit.

Cost of The Greenhouse Kit:

The size and the cost of the greenhouse get hand in hand. Bigger the kit, expensive it is. It is smart to make a quick comparison between the greenhouse kits, relative to the size and typically taller greenhouse kits can get more budget-friendly as they provide more room compared with the standard kit with low overhead space. The long term investment can actually pay off when it starts to grow its own produce.



One important factor to think about the greenhouse is the strength of the solar light, the plants can get from the sun. Is it important to choose a white or green cover, transparent, semi-opaque or opaque paneling? Each of the greenhouse paneling glaze and covers renders different light strength.

Deciding on the ideal panel choice gets determined by how one grows the plants. Seedlings and growing mature plants require a different concentrations of diffused lights. Considering the grow lights and insulation needs will help in producing a successful garden.

Climate and Insulation Material:

The insulation material depends on the climate of the area where one lives. If one lives in the snow and icy areas and if they wish to grow plants all through the year, then proper insulation is a must to conserve heat. It is good to note that, snow buildup on the covering of the greenhouse can actually cause the roof to collapse.

Ensure to choose a durable and sturdy covering for the greenhouse that can withstand harsh conditions. When the colder months can get warmer, having a snow-proof cover is not mandatory, it can actually cause more harm than good for the plants. A lighter removable cover on the kit will help the plants to breathe. Roll up windows and doors are good as well, as one can roll them up for adequate ventilation.

Single wall polycarbonate and temper glass panels can also render the needed insulation. Purchase the best greenhouse kit with the right insulation material that suits one’s climate conditions.



Panels are the crucial part of the greenhouse and if they are not working perfectly, there are chances that the plants could suffer. Many of the greenhouse kits feature crystal clear panels that allow the gardening to see through them completely. Kits with clear panels with let in more light and aids in better photosynthesis. This is ideal if one has taller plants that love growing towards the light.

Different types of panels:

  • UV Protection: choose panels that render adequate protection from the rays of the sun. if they don’t, then the plants and the greenhouse will not stick around for a very long time. When one combines sun and plastic, nothing good happens out of it, this is why protective coating is pretty important.
  • Glass: Panels that are of glass are not only gorgeous but are also resistant to impact and movement when an alteration in temperature happens. Thicker the panel is, greater the insulation it happens, also there is no worry about scratches.
  • Polycarbonate: This is the favorite material for greenhouses, depending on how light and durable the polycarbonate is. It is also more budget-friendly than glass. When properly cared for, the polycarbonate frames can last for many years to come.
  • Fiberglass: Fiberglass is not as clear as glass or polycarbonate, but it can also diffuse lighting pretty well. It is relatively strong, but after a few years, they can turn a little yellow.
  • Polyethylene: This is commonly known as plastic and is very common, and cheap as well. It is also easy to maintain. These frames are perfectly translucent and allow diffused light to let in.


The frame of the greenhouse kit is a huge aspect that determines, how long the greenhouse kit will last. The different types of frame materials vary from wood, steel, plastic, and aluminum.

  • Wood: Wood is arguably the most visually appealing and attractive option. It offers a kind of natural and rustic feel to the balcony and the garden. It also loves moisture and it can also break down relatively quickly.
  • Plastic: Plastic frames require a type of protective coating, otherwise it won’t last in the summer temperature.
  • Steel: Steel is incredibly tough, but it demands additional maintenance. But it is quite heavy and it will last for a long time when properly cared for.
  • Aluminum: Aluminum is resistant against rust, it is also lightweight and touch. It also fares well in all kinds of weather.

FAQs About Greenhouses

How long does a new greenhouse last?

This will depend on how well one maintains it and also the material that it is made out of. General users can expect their greenhouses to last anywhere between 10 and 15 years.


Does the kit demand complete sunlight?

Try to find a place for the greenhouse kit, where it is receiving a minimum of 6 hours of direct sunlight every day during the winter months. It this will not be possible, then one can add more grow lights within the kit to help.


How to cool down the greenhouse?

The easiest way to cool down the greenhouse is through ventilation. Try purchasing the model that features built-in vents is an excellent way to combat the heat. Another option to cool down the kit is to provide shade.


What are the benefits of a greenhouse?

The main benefit of a greenhouse is that the plants get a chance to grow better. Those kits that experience extreme cold and heat over 24 hours doesn’t grow any plants well. An ideal greenhouse kit should render an ideal temperature-controlled environment for the plants to grow.


Benefits of Having a Greenhouse

  1. Plants grow in a protected environment: In a greenhouse kit, plants grow in a protected environment, which is not possible in backyard gardens. Also, gardeners don’t have to worry about pests and extreme weather conditions such as snow, wind, blizzards, etc.
  2. Multipurpose use: Several plants can get planted in a greenhouse in a single go as most of them are potted. Also, they can be used as stores to sell the crops.
  3. Saves on bills: Growing one’s own fruits and vegetables will reduce the grocery bills. There is also the benefit of consuming healthy and homegrown products at a very low cost.
  4. Control of produce: Unlike in commercial farms, the farmer gets complete control over when one grows in their greenhouse kits. There is also no need to use carcinogenic pesticides and chemicals.
  5. It saves the environment: Greenhouse kits use an eco-friendly approach to grow one’s own fruits and vegetables.  The kit also allows the user to eat and benefit from chemical-free food. It also decreases the carbon footprint as fruits and vegetables are not sprayed with harmful pesticides that contribute to global warming.


Final Words:

We hope you would have understood that greenhouses are the best places to grow healthy crops and we hope that our guide helps you in choosing the best greenhouse kit for all your gardening needs.


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