The 5 Best GPS Car Trackers of 2021


 Best GPS Vehicle Tracker

GPS enabled trackers for cars are becoming increasingly popular among car owners. They wish to keep on track of their vehicle for several reasons, including fear of theft. In some instances, there are multiple users for a car, for instance, cars that are given for rental and it is important for the owner to keep the vehicle in his control. At such times, he makes use of the best GPS car trackers of the vehicle to learn about the vehicle’s performance and maintenance records.

To aid people in such endeavors, a number of credible and optimal functioning GPS trackers are available in the market. We have made your search simple by listing some of the best GPS car trackers here, along with their buying guide and other relevant specifications here.


Best GPS Car Trackers

Quick Answer: The 5 Best GPS Car Trackers – [2021]

  1. MSpytec GL300 GPS Tracker for Vehicle, Car, Truck
  2. GPS Tracker – Optimus 2.0 – 4G LTE Tracking Device for Cars, Vehicles
  3. AMERICALOC GL300W Mini Portable Real Time GPS Tracker
  4. Linxup GPS Vehicle Tracker
  5. LandAirSea 54 Waterproof Magnet Mount Real Time 4G LTE GPS Tracker for Vehicle

Best GPS Car Trackers Reviews

#1. MSpytec GL300 GPS Tracker for Vehicle, Car, Truck


Features At a Glance:
  • Small size with excellent features
  • Compatible with multiple devices
  • Excellent tracking range
  • Easy monitoring for 24/7
  • Stores data up to a year
  • Sets boundaries to track
  • Sends location alerts
  • Long battery life
This is one of the best GPS tracking devices that help you protect your vehicles from theft. It helps with excellent tracking with tremendous satellite coverage. Apart from tracking vehicles, it also plays an excellent role in tracking valuables and people with real-time data on location.

This is a small and compatible device that is just 3 inches tall and is 0.38 inches thick. As it can conceal easily, you can easily tuck it out of sight and monitor the activity of people secretly, with any detection. Apart from vehicles, you can use the device to track teens, suspicious spouse, luggage, costly property, elders at home, etc.

The device features the best in class battery life, for up to 2.5 weeks. Apart from a sleek and compatible design, the device has a reliable 4G network coverage. It is simple to use but has a number of features to be used by professional investigators.

The device holds a number of precision insights, geo-fencing facilities, custom alerts and the best of class GPS technology. The device is very much affordable and creates summary of data reports for over a year.

#2. GPS Tracker – Optimus 2.0 – 4G LTE Tracking Device for Cars, Vehicles


Features At a Glance:
  • Efficient GPS tracking for vehicles and people
  • Reports from 30 seconds after vehicle moves
  • Compatible with iPhone and Android apps
  • Alerts by SMS and Email
  • Sends driving reports
  • Geofencing feature
  • The battery lasts for two weeks
This GPS tracker is one of the most powerful tracking devices but is super easy to use as well. It helps in creating alerts, and in generating geo fences and reports of driving to ease the tracking system.

This device is compatible with both android and iPhones and sends tracked information directly to the mobile device of the user. You will be notified almost of all the events and the device sends push notification, emails, and SMS for over speeding, low battery, unauthorized entry, etc.

It has an amazing battery functionality. With a single charge, it is possible to last for about one or two weeks. You can customize the frequency at which it sends reports and this helps to save the battery life of the device as well.

Its reports include the distance driven by the vehicle, the time of driving, parking time, maximum speed on the route, etc. It also allows you to track the device on your PC, streetwise with the help of Google maps as the base.

#3. AMERICALOC GL300W Mini Portable Real Time GPS Tracker


Features At a Glance:
  • The new version of the GL300 tracking device
  • Multicarrier coverage
  • Best battery life
  • Alerts movement, parking, and speeding
  • Low battery alert
  • Stores one year of tracking history
  • Every one-minute location update while moving
This GPs tracking device comes handy for tracking almost everything, starting from assets, family, vehicles and even people. It is easy to carry, owing to its small size, it easily fits your backpacks, pockets, boxes and even cases.

The device is capable of detecting all events such as the movement of people, movement of the vehicle, the speed at which the driver drives it, place and time of parking the vehicle, special zones when the vehicle enters or exits, etc. This device can save location and movement data for about a year, and you can retrieve it at your leisure.

As a welcome gift, Americaloc will render an additional period of two months for the first service purchase of the device. The device has the best battery life for more than two weeks. And you can track with the help of a tablet, computer or phone and it also helps its users with a one-minute location update when the vehicle is moving.

#4. Linxup GPS Vehicle Tracker


Features At a Glance:
  • Easy to use GPS tracking
  • Pocket-friendly prices
  • Ideal for fleets and personal vehicles
  • Identifies, reviews, and monitors drivers activity
  • Eral time alerts for speeding
  • Geofence capability
  • Detailed reports
  • Maintenance of track schedules
The GPS tracking system from Linxup is pretty simple to use, you only have to plug it and start tracking the vehicle. It does not require any complex installation and is compatible with any car or truck. It renders real-time GPS tracking for every single minute when the vehicle is on.

When it is off, you can get updates, for every hour. It sends alerts for idling, unauthorized use, geofencing, tampering, and vehicle speeding. There are no long term contracts in using the device, which needs just monthly subscription.

The device is very simple to use and thus acts as a real-time GPS tracking system for companies. You can use it to quickly identify the location of the driver, review the driving history and also monitor his performance. The device makes fleet tracking very easy and thus serves as a powerful device to track the efficiency and performance of the fleet.

#5. LandAirSea 54 Waterproof Magnet Mount Real Time 4G LTE GPS Tracker for Vehicle


Features At a Glance:
  • Personal GPS to track people
  • Ultra-compact design
  • 100% waterproof system
  • Hides in a small compact place
  • Alerts by text and email
  • Unlimited access to tracking servers
This is a highly efficient personal GPS that helps in reliable tracking of people, vehicle and all their assets. It is built with a super strength magnet and is 100% waterproof with an ultracompact design.

The device is meant to hide in small places, it easily attaches with vehicles, it can fit in very small pockets and thus can hide in a backpack as well. You can fit it in a purse or carrying case too if you want to spy people.

You can track the movement and activity of the option in real-time mode with the help of a web-based software or the silver cloud App. some inherent features of the device are geofencing features, alerts with the help of texts and email, location reporting, reporting behavior of the driver, etc.

Buyer’s Guide For GPS Car Tracker

Best GPS Car Tracker

Purpose of a GPS car tracker – Why should you use one?

The most important reasons why you should use a GPS car tracker are as follows,

  • It gives you the exact whereabouts of your vehicle and the traveling conditions of the vehicle.
  • Helps you have the maintenance record and performance history of your vehicle handy
  • Prevents your vehicle from getting stolen, if you happen to live in an area where car thefts are often.
  • It helps the vehicle owners to keep track of the number of fleets and the record of the fares.
  • Helps with navigation and routes while driving

Two Types of Vehicle Tracking Systems:

When it comes to GPS vehicle tracking systems, there are two major types of systems, namely, Active GPS tracking devices, and passive devices.

  1. Passive GPS trackers
  2. Active GPS trackers

Passive GPS Trackers:

Passive GPS trackers that are also known as GPS loggers help to gather all information pertaining to the vehicle, but they do not help by sending the information that is collected anywhere. They just help to store the data either on a memory card or on a hard drive. When you want to retrieve information, you can retrieve it.

Such tracking systems are the devices of choice for a fleet of vehicles. Owners use them to record the location of the cars and also use them to track the performance of the drivers and the information on the vehicle’s maintenance. Some users prefer passive GPS trackers over active trackers and the reasons are as follows,

  • All the information pertaining to the vehicle is stored in the device, and they are available to download on one’s convenience.
  • They are easy and simple devices to use
  • GPS loggers do not require any monthly subscription, and thus they are the most affordable devices to use.
  • They are waterproof and thus to can attach it to both the insides or outsides of the vehicle.

Active GPS Trackers:

Ther real-time active GPS devices send data continuously to the smartphone and computer device and helps the owner to track their vehicle at all times, in real-time mode. These devices are a good choice for amateur drivers and for those who wish to keep track of the whereabouts of their car and their vehicle on a very regular basis.

The device helps in looking up to the speed and also the location of the vehicle at any time. As you have to install the device to use it, it requires plugging into the port of the car. Users should also have to subscribe to a particular service so as to receive the updates. Some advantages of using active GPS trackers are that,

  • The vehicle owners are able to keep track of their vehicles at all times.
  • It is a convenient system that does not require the user the remove the device from the car so as to plug it to an electronic device.
  • The vehicle owners will receive all updates over the internet.
  • It helps police people to track the location of the stolen device as well.

How Should You Choose Your GPS Tracker – Points To Remember

Best GPS Car Trackers

Irrespective of the reasons, you are looking for a GPS tracker, make sure that you are within the legal limits in using one. Generally, you should face no problem, if you are using the GPS for your own vehicle. Nevertheless, there are some sure points to consider, if you are sure about using one and those are,

  • Compatibility with the vehicle
  • Brand name
  • GPS tracking travel history
  • Ease of use
  • Software
  • Type of alert systems
  • Battery life
  • Real-time or delayed reporting?
  • Accuracy of display
  • Cost of the device

Compatibility With The Vehicle:

You should make sure that the GPS tracker should be compatible with the type of vehicle that you possess. Some of these devices come either with on or off features. Some of them are compatible with all vehicles but the engine access feature is compatible with key start vehicles only.

Brand Name:

There are a number of GPS devices from different companies when you buy a device for your vehicle, choose a one from a reputed brand. Brands with a good reputation will render a better product with a good solution, preferably the best value for the money you pay.

GPS Tracking Travel History:

Make sure that the GPS tracking device comes with a history so that it enables you to check the travel history of the vehicle for at least a month. Also, but a device that is simple to use and gives a simple and clear picture of the vehicle’s travel history by date.

Ease of Use:

Before placing your order for the GPS system of your car, make sure to specify the proper usage and requirement of the device before buying it. Choose a device that is compatible with your vehicle and the distance from the tracking point.


Choose a device with an ideal software, that is capable of locating the vehicle accurately, to set up routes and also helps in directions to reach your destinations safely. Let the device render information about the vehicle, its maintenance details and of course the behavior of the driver.

Type of Alert Systems:

Choose a GPS system that helps you with alert systems over text and email. Let the device render you information regarding specific occurrences such as driver over speeding, engaging in illegal and unwanted activities, going in a wrong route, etc.

Battery Life:

Small GPS tracking systems will have smaller batteries and demand a charge at least once a week. Bigger units, however, can go for months, but they can’t be hidden. The best way is to find a device that hooks up with the vehicle for a constant source of power.

Real-time or Delayed Reporting?

You can choose the GPS device that offers instant results and after or before ten minutes or so. You can get accurate results if you can get close to real-time monitoring.

Accuracy of Display:

Choose a GPS tracking device that can offer the most accurate results. Buy a device, that helps with a wide display, so that it gets easy for you to look up at the widescreen of the GPS tracker, even when you are driving.

Cost of The Device:

The cost of the device is directly proportional to the options and features available with it. You may have to spend considerably on hardware that helps you with an efficient fleet tracking system. The cost depends on the type of device and the type of reporting you to pick.


FAQs For GPS Car Trackers:

Will my GPS work in all areas? Including rural zones?

As long as you get good network coverage for your GPS system, it should work fine. If the area doesn’t have many cellular towers to send and receive signals, then the device won’t function properly, irrespective of it is in rural or urban areas

Is it possible for GPS trackers to identify the exact location?

Yes, but it again depends on the satellite signals. It is possible for the GPS device to experience some interference with location accuracy if the signal strength is poor.

How do GPS trackers work?

The GPS works the same way as cellular devices, it communicates with the satellites that orbit around the earth to learn the exact location of the vehicle. After extracting the location, it communicates with the mobile phone or laptop using a mobile data network and shows the exact location on the google maps.

Is using a GPS tracking system legal?

Yes, but with some exceptions. If you do not own the car, you cannot legally track it. It is also not legal to track other ‘s cars without their knowledge.

Do they work on batteries?

Most GPS tracking systems do not require a battery, they tap their power source from the electric system of the vehicle. But on the other hand, the non-wired trackers demand external batteries to operate as they do not make use of wires to the plugin.


Wrapping Up:

Thus, with the help of this GPS tracking systems, you need not worry about your vehicle, like the car getting stolen or something bad happening to the car. As there are a number of best GPS trackers available for use, they make up an inexpensive option to keep your vehicle on track. These devices can be used not just by businesses but also by partners and parents who want to keep track of their performance during driving. We hope, our guide helps you in choosing the best GPS car tracking system for your vehicle.

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