The 5 Best Fleece Jackets For Women & Men of 2021


 Best Fleece Jackets

If you are an outdoor freak who would love to venture out often, then an eminent fleece jacket is what you would require. These fleece jackets help the person to keep warm and they are dry quickly. They can also be a perfect addition to any layering system. There is a wide variety of insulated jackets that are available in the market and the jacket that is made from classic fleece is the most comfortable and affordable option. We are here to offer you the best of fleece jackets here for men and women separately to offer you the best selection of fleece jackets.


Best Fleece Jackets For Women & Men

Quick Answer: The 5 Best Fleece Jackets For Women & Men – [2021]

  1. Columbia Women’s Benton Springs Full Zip Fleece Jacket
  2. Amazon Essentials Women’s Classic Fit Polar Fleece Pullover Jacket
  3. The North Face Osito Jacket
  4. Columbia Men’s Steens Mountain 2.0 Full Zip Fleece Jacket
  5. Marmot Men’s Reactor 100-Weight Fleece Jacket

Best Fleece Jackets Reviews


Women’s Fleece Jackets

#1. Columbia Women’s Benton Springs Full Zip Fleece Jacket


Columbia Women's Benton Springs Full Zip Fleece Jacket At a Glance:
  • 100% polyester material
  • Zipper closure
  • Machine wash
  • Soft fabric
  • Two side zippered pockets
  • MTR filament fleece for warmth
  • Ultimate comfort during winter days
  • Classic fit
  • Lightweight with an active cut
This is an excellent and highly attractive women’s fleece jacket that is made from 100% polyester material. You can wash it in the machine and it features a full zip fleece that is crafted from 100% polyester MTR filament fleece.

It thus guarantees ultimate warmth and comes with several handy features. This Columbia Women’s fleece jacket has two security pockets with zippers to help users keep their small items completely safe and secure.

As it features a neck and zippered closure, this jacket renders ultimate comfort for the toughest cold winter days. It features a modern classic fit, it is extremely lightweight and features an active cut for a comfortable and warm outdoor activity.

This jacket is an ultimate essential for cold weather conditions with its zip closure and ultimately soft fleece material. This jacket is available in different sizes and colors and one must choose their size appropriately for optimal protection against the cold weather.

#2. Amazon Essentials Women’s Classic Fit Polar Fleece Pullover Jacket


Amazon Essentials Women's Fleece Pullover Jacket At a Glance:
  • 100% polyester material
  • Zipper closure
  • Quarter-zip polar fleece pullover jacket
  • Warm and stylish look
  • Fits easily and offers a relaxing fit
  • Excellent fit and comfortable jacket
  • Available in many colors and prints
  • Perfect for everyday use
This is a trusted Amazon brand that is trusted by users and this brand will occupy a special place in everyone’s wardrobe. This piece of clothing will find a place in one’s wardrobe as the brand has fine-tuned every single detailing based on consumer feedback. Also, buyers can find the clothing that best fits their size.

Amazon’s essentials focus on creating affordable, high-quality, and long-lasting everyday clothing that one can rely on safely. The fleece jackets are available in a range of prints, colors, and prints, that are just perfect for every day.

This fleece jacket is from 100% polyester material and features a zipper closure. This quarter-zip polar fleece pullover jacket is warm, stylish, and fits with ease all through the body.

Users should order for a size up for a more relaxing fit. The fleece is very warm and it is roomy enough to accommodate a long sleeve shirt underneath, that is exactly what most of the users want.

#3. The North Face Osito Jacket


The North Face Osito Jacket At a Glance:
  • 100% polyester material
  • Silken raschel fleece for a comfort feel
  • Offers warmth and comfort
  • Renders a classic TNF look
  • Standard fit full zip with a box fit
  • Slight drop-tail hem for additional coverage
  • Secure-zip hand pockets to secure valuables
  • Comes with a standard collar
This is an eminent silky soft fleece jacket that renders just the right amount of coziness and warmth for the wearers, anytime and anywhere. This jacket features a standard fit and renders secure-zip hand pockets.

The North Face fleece jackets have the warranty to be free from defects in both materials and workmanship. Its material is 1005 polyester and renders a cozy and luxurious feel for the wearer. This soft and high pile fleece renders ultimate comfort along with a classic TNF look.

This is a standard fleece jacket that features a box fit and a slight drop-tail hem, to render additional and expert coverage at the back. Its secure-zip hand pockets serve as a convenient place to store the phones and keys and also helps in keeping the hands warm for a long time.

Its standard stand-up collar comes up to the chin when the wearer zips up the jacket, just rendering a bundle up feel. Most of all the logos and that is embroidered at the back right shoulder and on the left chest of the jacket, adds to its signature style.

Men’s Fleece Jackets

#4. Columbia Men’s Steens Mountain 2.0 Full Zip Fleece Jacket


Columbia Men's Full Zip Fleece Jacket At a Glance:
  • 100% polyester material
  • Zipper closure jacket
  • Soft fabric material
  • MTR filament fleece
  • Offers the perfect amount of warmth
  • Two side security pockets
  • Collar neck with zip closure
  • Soft and lightweight jacket
This soft fleece jacket is an ideal companion for all winter and spring activities as it is a soft and cold weather-ready jacket. Users will feel warm and worry-free with the help of this fleece jacket and it features a super-soft polyester filament fleece. It serves as the first line of defense to combat cold in the adverse cold weather conditions.

The jacket features side pockets with zips to store small items and to keep the hands warm and secure. Also, the warm collar of this jacket is flexible enough to wear depending on the level of warmth the user demands.

Buyers must make use of the sizing chart with measurement instructions to find the jacket that best suits their size. As it features a modern classic fit and a soft and lightweight feel, this jacket becomes pretty much comfortable for an array of outdoor activities. Most of all this fleece jacket features 100% polyester MTR filament fleece to render the perfect warmth for its wearers.

#5. Marmot Men’s Reactor Fleece Jacket


Marmot Men's Reactor Fleece Jacket At a Glance:
  • 100% polyester material
  • High performing fleece jacket
  • Moisture-wicking capability
  • Flatlock construction
  • Helps in smooth and chafe-free movement
  • Reduces friction and abrasions from backpacks
  • The wind flap behind the zipper helps in weather protection.
This lightweight and quick-drying fleece jacket for men will help in keeping the user warm after their long adventure gets over. It helps the wearer to stay comfortable all day long with its moisture-wicking power grid fleece fabric.

Also, its flatlock seams help in reducing irritation and chafing. These fleece jackets serve as a perfect middle layer when the temperature is very cold for outdoor adventures.

The jacket has many chest and hand pockets with zips that help in storing small items such as keys, cash, phone conveniently. As the jacket features reinforced shoulders, it serves as an excellent layer between the back and the pack, thus reducing the discomfort from rubbing.

As it features a wind flap behind the front zipper, it also helps in rendering additional weather protection. It is thus a must to wear fleece jacket during outdoor adventures on cool weather.

Buyer’s Guide for Best Fleece Jackets For Men & Women

Best Fleece Jackets

Important Things To Consider Before Choosing To Buy The Fleece Jackets:

An expert fleece jacket should offer the best performance that comes handy when the person ventures out, especially in the cold and the windy months. There are many different types of fleece jackets, that render varying degrees of warmth and breathability and each one of them cater to a specific purpose. Let us discuss the key performance indicators of fleece jackets here.

  • Warmth
  • Breathability and performance-based jackets
  • Wind and water resistance
  • Fit
  • Fleece loft
  • Hood of the jacket
  • Thumb-holes
  • Budget
  • Mobility
  • Durability


Warmth is one of the most important things to consider while considering to buy a fleece jacket. The ultimate purpose of the fleece jacket is to trap heat and to retain the body heat completely in extreme chilly conditions. It is important to dive into the specifications of the manufacture and examine the intention of the fleece carefully before making the buying decision on which jacket to buy.

While looking for tremendous warmth in the jacket, users have to keep a sharp eye for heat retention, insulation, wind resistance, etc, as these factors help to retain the heat inside the jacket.

Breathability and Performance-based Jackets:

Thicker and warm fleece jackets far better than their thin counterparts. These garments allow easy passage of air through the fleece and it keeps the person cool. It also features an eminent moisture-wicking capability and helps in warding off sweat away from the body.

The fleece jackets thus will not retain heat and will also cool off quickly in cold and in extra windy conditions. If you are someone who indulges in high output activities such as climbing, running, intense hiking, etc, then the performance fleece jackets are their ideal choice.

While choosing the fleece jacket, buyers have to consider certain features such as enhanced airflow, breathability, and air permeability to end up in an eminent product.

Wind and Water Resistance:

Frequent buyers of fleece jackets would have found that their jackets lack the wind resistance that the fleece jackets generally provide. Fleece jackets will not combat heavy wind and rain as their synthetic fabric is hydrophobic. But wind can easily make its way through its porous construction. Some high-end jackets feature fleece on its interiors for additional warmth and their thick outer layer helps them to isolate from outside elements.


Fleece jackets can range in terms of fit and it is important to look into the intended use of the jacket to make sure that it aligns with the user. Performance jackets with an optimal fit feature a trim cut that is been designed to remove additional fabric for best mobility and efficient ventilations.

Some jackets are an ideal choice where they feature an excellent fit and are also comfortable so that they serve as eminent backcountry essentials for outdoor adventure.

Fleece Loft:

The synthetic nature and style of the jacket depending on the quantum of loft in the jacket. When the jacket has a lesser loft, it means that the jacket has a lower profile and renders a brushed and a sweater like a look. Jackets that have a high loft option are thick and fuzzier.

But deciding the style and feel of the jacket for outdoor adventure is a matter of personal preference. The extra soft feel of a high-end jacket is worth to use in extremely cold weather, whereas a lower loft alternative can be used for mild activities.

Hood of The Jacket:

Almost all of the fleece jackets are offered either with a hood or with standard fare. Some users prefer a non-hooded option or a jacket with a low profile hoot so that it can easily get under the shell. If you are going for a ski jacket, it is better to go with a non-hooded fleece jacket. While venturing out on cold weather conditions, a jacket with no hood is the best option, as it can fit over the head nicely, and stays on even with strenuous activity.


Some of the performance fleece jackets that are designed for activities such as running and cross country hiking can have thumb-holes that are built into sleeves. These holes serve as an opening for cold air to sneak in and will also work to keep the sleeves of the jacket in place during activity or when taking on and off the layers.

While buying the jacket with thumb-holes, it is important to ensure that the fabric around these thumb-holes has some stretch to extend the arms freely.


Cost is the primary option when it comes to choosing a fleece jacket. Some of the best fleece jackets are available in a range of price options. Buyers may have to consider the budget perfectly before making the purchase decision.

In that case, buyers should not settle for a cheap jacket, as it will not do any function properly. The more the performance and features of the jacket, the higher will be its cost.


A majority of the best fleece jackets renders exceptional mobility for the user to support their adventurous endeavors. This generally takes the form of gusseted underarms and articulated elbows.

These help with the greatest range of motion that is possible. Buyers should keep their eyes open for these features if they will be using their jacket for mountaineering, climbing, and long-distance hiking.


Most of the users would expect their fleece jacket to last forever. While some of the jackets have been constructed to adapt to the harsh environments and outdoor adventure, other jackets are not. Some people will will end up putting the fleece jacket through the wringer.

For these people, the best option is to go for a performance-based fleece jacket that will last for a long time. If you are looking for a fleece jacket to offer warmth on cool nights, rather than a high-intensity jacket meant to climb mountains then you should choose an extremely durable jacket.


FAQs for The Best Fleece Jackets:

What are these fleece jackets made of?

Fleece jackets are made of polyester material. The polyester thread is woven into a fabric and is brushed to achieve excellent volume in the fibers. Fleece can also be from recycled plastic bottles and old fleece material. But a majority of the companies are becoming increasingly eco-friendly make use of the recycling process.

Will these jackets keep the person warm?

The fleece material is jackets is warmer than wool. But they are not as warm as down or synthetic fill, given the same thickness of the material.

Are the fleece jackets good for winter?

Fleece jackets are the best for moderate temperatures. They render good warmth but not as good as down jackets or jackets that have synthetic insulation.

Best Fleece Jacket

Caring For The Fleece Jacket:

Piling is a common problem that most of the fleece jacket owners face as it can plague many fleece jackets. This can also happen with constant rubbing, as it makes the material of the jacket to form tiny balls.

They can also shed off from the jacket eventually. Once the jacket starts to pile up, then it is tough to reverse the process. Thus, prevention is the ultimate option.

Also, yet another best way to extend the life of the fleece is to keep it clear of a drier. Line drying and tumble drying on low speed can do wonders. Some users also benefit from washing their fleece jackets on a delicate wash cycle.

White fleece jackets are a popular choice for those who hang around the campfire. But they should make sure they stay away from the flames. The plastic nature of the jacket can easily melt off with exposure to extreme heat. Nevertheless, fleece jackets are generally easy to maintain and are capable of rendering years of comfort and warmth.


Final Words:

Hikers, trekkers, and those who indulge in outdoor adventures often expose themselves to cold and challenging weather conditions. All that they require is a high performing jacket that preferably features high-quality fleece. It renders tremendous insulation and can be of use either as an outer layer or as a mid-layer under a shell layer. These fleece jackets are comfortable, dry quickly, breathable, and have excellent moisture-wicking capabilities

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