The 5 Best Fishing Paddle Boards of 2020


Best Fishing Paddle Boards

Fishing has traditionally been considered one of the most relaxing past times. In recent times, there is a wide range of innovations in almost all of the fishing types that are available. fishing from a paddleboard is one such novelty that is gaining tremendous momentum, both for the innovation and the thrill that is associated with fishing on a paddle.

There are a number of points and aspects to consider while choosing a paddleboard to enjoy the game along with staying safe. We have also included a review of the best fishing paddleboards to get your work simpler. Read through to help yourself with the best paddleboard for your fishing needs


Best Fishing Paddle Boards

Quick Answer: The 5 Best Fishing Paddle Boards – [2019 -2020]

  1. Sea Eagle FishSUP 126 Inflatable
  2. Elkton Fishing Inflatable Paddle Board Stand Up SUP
  3. Premium Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board Fishing ISUP
  4. ISLE Inflatable Fishing Stand Up Paddle Board
  5. Zray Inflatable Paddle Board Stand Up SUP

Best Fishing Paddle Boards Reviews

#1. Sea Eagle FishSUP 126 Inflatable FishSUP


Sea Eagle FishSUP 126 Inflatable FishSUP At a Glance:
  • Dimensions: 12’6″ x 40″ x 6″
  • Board thickness: 6 inches
  • Hull weight: 45 pounds
  • Capacity: 2 people or 500 pounds
  • Material: 1000 Denier reinforced drop stitch
  • Seam: Quadruple overlap
  • Air valves: one way
  • Inflation and assembling time: 7 minutes
  • Inflation pressure: 12-15 psi
The new Sea Eagle Fish SUP 126 will escalate the fishing skills to a whole new level. It will give its users an extra edge over the fellow anglers. With the help of this board, people can stealthily glide right into the heart of the trophy fish.

It has the best dimensions and stays extremely stable and buoyant from the paddleboard line. It holds the largest floating surface area and provides the user with excellent rigidity, buoyancy, portability, versatility, and convenience.

This is a true fishing machine that rolls up and fits into one’s backpack. The fishing paddle board is extremely stable and is a bow to stern tapered. Its swallow tail inflating stands up paddle board is ideal for all fishermen.

The swivel seat fishing rig package will include an SUP paddle, Fish SUP 126 hull, backpack, AB30paddle, multipurpose storage box, repair kit, and instructions.

#2. Elkton Fishing Inflatable Paddle Board Stand Up SUP


Elkton Fishing Inflatable Paddle Board Stand Up SUP At a Glance:
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Inflating fishing stand up paddleboard
  • Effortless transportation and storage
  • 12 feet long and 3 feet wide with inflation
  • Loaded with ample accessories and features
  • Pre-installed Scotty mounts
  • Front and rear bungee for storage
  • Built to last
This fishing paddle board is compact and lightweight and measures at 38x18x12 inches when rolled up and stored away. It comes in an easy and unique load carries pack and the fishing paddle board extends to 12 feet long and 3 feet wide when inflated. It is capable of carrying up to 280 pounds and has all features to get the fishing excursion simple and convenient.

The SUP has a number of features and accessories and it has an easy to use a high pressure pump to ensure the board stays rigid and strong all day. It is an adjusting paddle with easy load carry pack, ankle leash, rod holder and snap-in fin.

The paddleboard features Scotty mounts that helps in personalizing one’s expedition with the help of Scotty mounting plates. It also comes handy in attaching action camera, GPS system, downrigger, anchor and other fishing rods.

There are a front and a rear bungee for storage that has a flexible bungee system for grab and go adventures. The front and rear bungees can hold all essentials such as tackle boxes, ice chests, and life vests to complete all water expeditions.

#3. Premium Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board Fishing ISUP


Premium Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board Fishing ISUP At a Glance:
  • Extremely stable and durable design
  • Board supports up to 400 pounds
  • Inflating paddleboards
  • Topdeck renders extreme grip and comfort
  • Features premium fishing ISUP package
  • 30-day return guarantee
This premium paddleboard is of extremely stable and durable design and it is great for all skill levels. This inflating paddle board easily supports up to 400 pounds and is ideal for bringing all fishing gear or additional friends along.

The hippocamp fishing ISUP ultimate inflating paddle board is ideal for epic fishing, exploring and aquatic traveling. This paddleboard is of long-lasting, lightweight and military-grade dual layer PVC material.

Its fingerprint texture IXPE top deck renders extreme grip and comfort during long paddle and fishing sessions. The board has pre-installed fishing mount plates, fishing rod holding mounts and thick carry handles on the center of the board, nose, and tail for easy transportation. The fishing ISUP features carbon fiber top stringer and bottom stronger to make this ISUP ready for extra gear.

#4. ISLE Inflatable Fishing Stand Up Paddle Board


ISLE Inflatable Fishing Stand Up Paddle Board At a Glance:
  • Supports riders up to 320 pounds
  • The lighter and stiffer board that is more durable
  • Built for SUP fishing
  • Scotty mounts and bungee system
  • Ultra-durable with military-grade PVC material
  • Durable and lightweight
This completely inflated fishing paddle board supports riders up to 320 pounds. This board is lighter, stiffer and is extremely durable.  This SUP comes with Scotty mounts that allow the user to add more fishing rod holders, fish finders, GoPro cameras, bait plates and other tackle gear that one needs.

There is also a six-point front and four-point rear bungee system to keep the fishing gear secure. There are nose and tail handles to help in transporting the board.

The board is of military-grade PVC material. Its Airtech fusion lite manufacturing process creates a unique bond through traditional hand gluing. This inflating stand up paddleboard comes with a complete package that includes, three-piece adjusting carbon shaft, carry a backpack, nylon blade paddle, high-pressure pump and nylon touring center fin.

#5. Zray Inflatable Paddle Board Stand Up SUP


Zray Inflatable Paddle Board Stand Up SUP At a Glance:
  • Versatile board to enjoy flat water
  • Safe and comfortable
  • Renders the best stability in water
  • Ideal for fishing lovers
  • Portable and easy to store
  • It comes with complete set of accessories.
This is a versatile board that helps in paddling, fishing and doing Yoga, to enjoy leisure in the flat water. When completely inflated it resembles a hardboard with 15 PSI pressure and it is capable of supporting beginner riders up to 330 pounds.

This paddleboard is safe and comfortable and it is six inches in thickness. The board will not draw deep and is stable during watering without wetting the feet.

The shipping comes as a complete set of accessories with one pump, floating aluminum paddles, three fins with one removable central fin, waterproof case and pump to inflate faster and easier.

Standing upon this paddle helps with better visibility of the fish and sneak up silently. The board is portable and easy to store and can roll up into a sleep bag size for easy transportation.

Buyer’s Guide For Best Fishing Paddle Board

Best Fishing Paddle Board

Points To Consider While choosing The Best Fishing SUP

A paddleboard is ideal for fishing and will have features that are different from a standard board. The fishing on a paddleboard is a new twist and is an extremely fun and popular sport. While looking to buy the next SUP fishing board, it is recommended to look for the following characteristics.

  • Weight capacity
  • Board size
  • Grip
  • Foam padding with seats
  • Materials
  • Paddle holder
  • Storage space
  • Warranty
  • Price and budget

Weight Capacity:

The weight capacity of the fishing paddle board ensures that the board still remains afloat despite having a heavy load on. Nothing is worse than a board that is struggling with buoyancy when one is fishing. Ensure that your SUPs capacity accounts for one’s weight and the weight of all the gear that you intend on packing with you.

Board Size:

Fishing on the paddleboard can be quite tricky if you don’t have the balance and stability to throw the perfect cast. A wide board that is 30 inches or more will not only give you the stability but will also allow you to get into the right stance. It will also give the rider the confidence to ride in choppy weather.

The height of the fishing board will also come to play while fishing. Boards that are around 6 inches thick will ride high enough that no water will crest the board. A thicker board will also not flex while going over choppy water. Keep in mind that this corresponds directly to the load capacity. Heavier weights on the board will sink it more into the water.

A longer board with a high frame and wide stance will create ideal fishing sup. Its length will ensure that the user will carry all of the gear and will have enough room to move around freely.


Almost all of the boards will feature some sort of padding and while fishing, it is important to ensure that there is enough grip to stand on. The grip will allow the paddler to stand comfortably and will help them in tackling choppy water efficiently.

Foam Padding With Seats:

The seating area is the most overlooked aspect of the paddleboard. While the paddleboards are designed for standing, there are brief periods of sitting and the user has to do this comfortably. Paddleboards come with a foam nonslip pad that will act as a foam comfort pad to sit on. Some of the paddleboards go as far as to have a seat back that will render them support while one fishes.


Fishing boards either come as inflating soft material or hard material. Often we associate items that are of hard materials to be most durable, but it is not the case with paddleboards.

Hard materials refer to a foam or hard plastic or foam design where the board is rigid and doesn’t collapse in size. These boards are ideal for those requiring more stability and feature long non-slip foam pads for additional grip.

Inflating paddleboards make use of high-quality PVC of military-grade. They do not dent, bend or crack and collapse to fit into a backpack. Inflating boards are strong enough to bring the pup on board without any feat of its nail damage.

Paddle Holder:

It is good to invest in a board that has space to hold the paddles while one fishes, so as to render a much-wanted peace of mind. Having to hold on to the paddle while one fishes can prove highly inconvenient. Thus it is good to buy a board with a designated space for this.

Storage Space:

The storage space can be as simple as D rings or a fancy bay for cargo to be present on the board. Having a storage bay is ideal and turns out to be a cool place to store the fishing poles for ultimate peace of mind while fishing.


One way to check the quality of the paddleboard and the confidence of the company is to see how long they will warrant the board. Most of the paddles have a standard one-year material warranty and some companies will offer a money-back guarantee that can stretch up to even two or three years.

Price and Budget:

Price plays an important role before making any purchase and there are a number of decent boards that are available in a range of price points. For those who are on a tighter budget, the good news is that there are a number of incredible options that are available. There are a number of durable, functional, visually attractive and comfortable fishing paddle boards even in low budgets.


FAQs for The Best Fishing Paddleboard

How to trick out a paddleboard for fishing?

There are a number of things that one can do to get their paddleboard tricked out for fishing. A cooler can become the perfect seat to keep the beverages and food nice and cold. Some also have rod holders that can hold the rod and fishing net while you are paddling out.

A lightweight anchor can also hold you in place while it does not take up a lot of storage space. Paddlers can also have a waterproof backpack strapped on to their paddleboards rigging. These handy pieces of gear make an airtight seal that allows the user to bring the camera gear to get the best photos.


Where to store all the fish?

Some men bring in a regular cooler, wrap the caught fish in a garbage bag and store them in the cooler. There are some boards that come with coolers that double as seats so that they can sit comfortably and store their catch with ease.


Are there any advantages for stand up paddleboarding?

Apart from being a fun time while paddling there are a number of other benefits as well. They are one of the best ways to connect with a friend or a family member. They are also great for increasing the full-body strength and core stability. Also, it is mentally relaxing to be out on the water and refresh oneself.


Where to use the fishing paddleboards?

The most common places to use fishing paddleboards are the rivers and lakes. But people can broaden their horizons by taking them out to the creeks, oceans, and ponds. The only and the major rule to follow here is to make sure that the water is deeper than the longest fin of the paddle. Confident riders can take their boards even on choppy water that is not too dangerous.


Tips For Deciding The Best Fishing Paddleboard

There are a number of factors to consider while looking for the best fishing paddleboard. After all, when we get into the open waterfront we are the mercy of nature. Thus the paddleboard has to be good enough to avoid all the risks with it. Look for the following features to have safe and enjoyable fishing experience.

  • Maneuverability
  • Stability
  • Durability
  • Portability


This is a crucial element in a fishing paddleboard. This is, in fact, the single factor that decides how well one will navigate any waterfront, especially the seas and the large rivers. There are tides, wind and current to handle and in the absence of absolute maneuverability, there is a risk of toppling over or losing balance.


This is one of the most important factors to consider in a fishing paddle board. The base of the board is done in such a way that it enhances the overall stability of the board. Some of the variants have an anti-slip option as well to enhance the overall safety of the user. It offers a guarantee against potential falls and the possibilities of toppling over. Such acts of safety render additional assurance to the user.


The best of the fishing paddleboards are the most durable one. When one is in the water for a long time period, it is important for the board they stand on to be strong enough to withstand the effects of continuous exposure to water. This also will enhance the dependability and reliability of the paddleboard that one chooses.


We have to carry the paddleboard from the parking lot to the beach or the river bank. Thus it is absolutely important to choose variants that are portable and are not difficult to maneuver or carry from one place to another. It should be lightweight to help a single person carry the board comfortably.



The best of the fishing paddleboards are the ones that deliver absolute value to the user without getting a big hole in their pocket. That is why reliability is an important feature in choosing the best fishing paddleboards. We hope our review and our buying recommendations will help you in choosing the best fishing paddle board for all your water game needs.


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