The 5 Best Electric Scooters of 2021


Selecting an electric scooter for your child is complicated than choosing a scooter for an adult. Scootering is a favorite thing for kids nowadays and is increasing popularity among youth. An electric scooter can be the coolest gift that you can give your toddler, as a parent.

But before buying, there are several things that you should know about. This needs a deep research keeping in mind the size, height, weight and the needs of the kids. Research can ask for a lot of time and patience. Don’t worry I have a solution for you.

We have done a data-driven research to help you guide through the lane to buy suitable Electric Scooter. To make sure you choose a correct set of wheels, We are going to share my research with all the parents out there.

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The 5 Best Electric Scooters For Kids – [2021]

  1. Super Turbo 1000w Elite Electric Scooter
  2. Razor E200 Electric Scooter
  3. Micro Maxi Deluxe Kick Scooter
  4. Razor E100 Glow Electric Scooter
  5. HUDORA 230 Adult Scooters Foldable Adjustable Kick Scooter

Best Electric Scooters For Kids

Best Electric Scooters For Kids Reviews

#1. Super Turbo 1000w Elite Electric Scooter

Super Turbo Electric ScooterThe true Super Turbo 1000watt Elite Scooter from Super Cycles and Scooters is back in stock! Don’t be fooled by knock off companies trying to steal our name on this great product! they sell a cheaper lower quality version of this scooter, but with a similar name.

If it’s not from Super Cycles and Scooters it’s not the real SUPER TURBO 1000-ELITE! Unlike our competitors; we do not exaggerate our scooter specs. Research the internet! Currently; the largest brushed motor available is 1000watts! Even if there were a larger motor available there would be absolutely no performance increase unless the battery is upgraded to higher voltage or a brushless motor is used in place of brushed.

Super Turbo 1000w Elite Electric Scooter

Our current model uses deep cell lead acid batteries for an even longer run time per charge! These batteries hold a charge longer than any other lead acid battery available. We give our customers exclusive access to our “How Videos” such. We kept the same successful design of our 800 watt scooter and simply replaced the motor, electronics, sprockets, chain, and most importantly the battery.

With a maximum speed of 34mph and a maximum range of up to 21 miles per charge, it is easily the one of highest performance electric scooter on the market.

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#2. Razor E200 Electric Scooter

Razor E200 Electric ScooterReady, set, glow. Kids will streak down the road atop the fun and fast E100 Glow Electric Scooter from Razor. And when the zoom becomes more of a put-put-put, simply recharge the motor for a few hours. One twist of the handle and the blue lights illuminate your way – and everyone will definitely see you coming.

Razor E100 Glow Electric Scooter

With power that lasts up to 40 minutes and speeds up to 10 MPH, you are bound to outlast even the master scooters. Features kick-start, high-torque, chain-driven motor, front, twist-grip acceleration control, hand-operated brake, retractable kick stand, 8″ pneumatic front wheel and polyurethane rear wheel.

Super Turbo 1000w Elite Electric Scooter

Complete with rechargeable 24V (two 12V) sealed lead acid battery system. Includes E100 scooter, charger and tools. For ages 8 and up. Check your local laws, rules and regulations for any applicable restrictions or guidelines governing the use of this product. Take appropriate safety precautions when using this product.

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#3. Micro Maxi Deluxe Kick Scooter

Micro Maxi Deluxe Kick Scooter


  • Product Dimensions: 6.5 x 6.5 x 23.6 inches
  • Duel-injection deck
  • Flexible and Lightweight
  • Smooth and quick
  • Easy to use

The all-new electric scooters for kids present thrilling new features for kids ages 5-12. Take pleasure in trendy 8 new colours, an anodized stem, and a new hit material to offer the most favourable hold when shooting. Kids like the trip and you will love the existence of fun and train it offers. This makes electric scooters for kids one of the best-value presents you can obtain your kid.

Micro Maxi Deluxe Scooter - Aqua

Kids use their body mass to bend into even and protected turns. The Maxi Deluxe has the smoothest, quietest ride accessible. Thanks to high-class polyurethane wheels and an elastic fiberglass-reinforced floor. Jointly, these mechanisms soak up bangs in the footway and tender a tremendously contented travel. Security specialized by the CPSC, the electric scooters for kids are suggested for kids up to 150 lbs.

Micro Maxi Deluxe Scooter - Aqua

Its remarkably muscular building is supple and inconsequential; this creates it huge for sailing in city and suburban neighbourhoods similar. For the best shield, this is advocated that kids wear helmets and lap pads when tripping.

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#4. Razor E100 Glow Electric Scooter

Razor E100 Glow Electric Scooter


  • Front Wheel: 200 mm
  • Speeds up to 10mph
  • Product Dimensions: 32.5 x 16 x 36 (inches)
  • Initial charge time: 12 hours
  • For ages 8 and up

This is one of the best electric scooters for kids which will give them needed support and protection. The one twist of the grip and the blue lights illuminate your way. With the authority that arrives at paces up to 10mph. It is made with all steel frame and fork construction to better durability. It has a strong front wheel of 200 mm pneumatic face tire. It features quick kick start, high torque, chain-driven glide, twist-grip acceleration power, and hand operated frontage brake. It is perfect for children aged 8 and up that has a weight of 120 lbs.

Razor E100 Glow Electric Scooter

It initially takes charging time of 12 hours and one should properly charge the battery before using it. You can easily use it up to 12 hours and charge afterward, even if the light goes round green. Recommended Runtime may diverge depending on traveling circumstances, weather and/or suitable protection.

You can easily line through the locality like fasten of blue lightning on the all-new E100 flame. With acceleration to ten miles-per-hour and blue LEDs that illuminate each time you wind the strangle, the Glow changes our best advertising E100 electric scooter into an exceptional ride for kids eight and up.

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#5. HUDORA 230 Adult Scooters Foldable Adjustable Kick Scooter

Hudora 230 Adult Scooters


  • Weight: 264.5lb
  • Strong and secured
  • Easy to carry
  • Lower deck and higher T-bar
  • Made with aluminum alloy

It’s one of the best safe and comfortable electric scooters for kids and adults which will give an unforgettable experience to them. It is an overwhelming scooter which is well-known and made with high-quality material for durability. The excellence of products is certainly elevated and reliable because the products approved through the German GS security guarantee.

The folding design and adaptable height is the best feature of this electric scooter which is easy to carry and go well with adult and child playing jointly. A full-size wheel design scooter will give an emotion of gliding to both adult and child. The rear brakes will confirm the speed is beneath your power.

It is an awesome gift to give your children and friends. The maximum benefit of this electric scooter is its full-size facade 230mm anti-abrasive and shock-absorbing PU wheels. It is ergonomically intended with a subordinate floor and higher T-bar to generate a contented standing stance for adults and children.

So, if you’re searching for the most excellent electric scooter for kids and adults to block up their needs as travel commuter, you can’t overlook this fashionable and superior electric scooter which offers relieve and quick traverse occurrence when quickly commute or trip around town or school.

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Things to Consider While Buying Electric scooters for kids


  • Battery Life
  • Folding Feature
  • Speed
  • Brakes
  • Weight
  • Handle

Battery Life

Battery life of Electric Scooters can amp up the amount of fun. Always check the battery life of scooter and make sure that the battery doesn’t need to get charged every so often. Go for rechargeable batteries because they are the most suitable feature of an electric scooter. By this, you will not have to change the battery every now and then.


Folding Feature

Foldable Electric Scooters are one of the best scooters that will give you the ability to fold and pack away for an outing. This is a go-to choice for many parents. This feature of electric scooters is a great space saver and makes them easy to transport. It will enable your child to enjoy the riding anywhere you might go.



Checking the maximum speed of the electric scooter will give you an overview of the safety of your child. Check if it can glide smoothly. Always go with an electric scooter that has a speed not more than 10 mph. This is the most suitable and best speed to comfortably riding an electric scooter for kids.



Determining the weight of the electric scooter will ensure that child doesn’t get any injury when the scooter falls on top of your child. It will also help you, as a parent, to carry the scooter when your child refuses to ride. A lean child will have difficulty handling a heavy scooter. See if your child can handle the weight of the scooter with ease.


The steering handle is the most important part of the electric scooter and you should definitely check. It is used to turn the scooter into the desired direction of the rider without any discomfort. See if it is properly attached to the front wheel of electric scooters.



Electric scooters come with a brake lever that is often attached to the steering handle. When the child pulls the lever, it will slow down rear wheel and the engine with the heavy-duty brake pad. Always search for the best quality electric scooter with a reliable braking system. It is best to get the scooter which has brakes at the rear wheel instead of the front.


Prevention to Take for Electric Scooter



Hemet is a must for kids while riding the electric scooter. Make sure the helmet is of the right size to avoid any head injury when they fall. It should be tight enough so it doesn’t move around. If the helmet is loose, it will not protect your child from any head injury.


Buy suitable gloves that come with proper grip. It is an excellent idea to protect your child’s hand when they fall off on the sidewalk/road.



Kids are going to try many things while riding the electric scooter. They might hit the road and hurt their knees, shins or elbows. To give them 100% safety, get pads and guards for knees, shins, and elbows. Keep a check on them to see if they have the guards on because they will take them off once they are out of your eyesight.


Road safety

No one can stress enough to teach children the road safety rules. Encounters with cars and walkers are remarkably normal, particularly for children under 14 years of age. This is why let them know about the rules and common road signs like traffic signals.

FAQ’s for Electric Scooters


Q: What is the required minimum age of children to ride electric scooters?

A: Motor skill differs from children to Children at any given age. This is why checking physically would be the suitable choice to go with. Any child of 2 to 3 years can ride the electric scooter under the supervision.


Q: Which is better: 2 wheelers or 3 wheelers Electric Scooter?

A: Scooter comes in various forms and designs but 2 and 3 wheelers get majorly used. Two wheelers come in a classic frame design which is made up of lightweight materials such as aluminium or plastic. This will give a steer and balance to kids so they can push it with one foot. Two wheelers are best for kids because these have self-balancing, better stability, and control quality inbuilt.

Three wheelers electric scooters are best for a child in the learning process. These scooters will build up the strength to push and will teach them how to maintain speed by gliding.


Q: What is the maximum age of the child to ride an electric scooter?

A: A child never gets too old to ride an electric scooter. They just no longer want to ride it after sometimes. Even adults are moving their focus towards riding a scooter to commute to work. Electric scooter has no age barrier. If your kid wants a scooter, give them irrespective of the age.


Start Gliding the Scooter

There you have all the information and now your decision lies between your potential to allow your child to take risks and your desire to develop his or her motor skills. I strongly think my research will help you get through the hurdles that you may face while buying an electric scooter for kids.

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