Top 6 Best Dive Lights of 2021


The world under the water is dark and clueless, expecting the diver to explore its intricacies. Of all the diving accessories, the Dive light is of utmost importance. They not only render illumination under the water but also help in exploring many underwater secrets.

They are of much use in taking photos and videos of sea creatures and the world underwater.  Deeper the dive, darker is the surrounding, it is the primary dive light that helps to see and filter the diving path under water.

Apart from mere visualizing, it can be put to use for other activities such as scuba teaching, lobster hunting, and for performing archeological surveys

Packing the right type of flashlight that matches the requirements of the diver is a must as there is a large collection of dive lights to choose from. It should have optimal waterproofing capacity and built from a sturdy material.

The quantum of light beam should be steady and of high intensity powered by high grade LED bulbs. There are a lot of other factors to consider while choosing to buy dive lightsand those factors along with the list of best 6 dive lights are present below,


Top 6 Best Dive Lights – [2021]

  1. SecurityIng Wide Scuba Diving Flashlight
  2. Underwater Kinetics C8 eLED (L2) Dive Light
  3. Light and Motion Sola Dive 800 S/F Dive Light
  4. ORCATORCH D520 Compact Scuba Dive Light
  5. VOLADOR Scuba Diving Flashlight
  6. Princeton Tec Sector 5 LED Dive Light

Best Dive Lights

Best Dive Lights Reviews

#1. SecurityIng Wide Scuba Diving Flashlight 

SecurityIng Wide 120 Degrees Beam Angle Scuba DivingFeatures:

  • Dimensions: 3 x 1.3 x 1.8 inches
  • Weight: 10.1 pounds
  • Shell material: Aircraft-grade Aluminum
  • 120 degrees wide beam angle
  • Mechanical rotary switch
  • Toughened glass lens

The Securitying wide Scuba Diving Flashlight is the most essential that any scuba diver would want to carry in his underwater expenditures. The flashlight has a 120-degree wide beam angle, perfect for underwater lighting and even photography. Its me

chanical rotary switch renders excellent underwater reliability. Its lens features 3 O rings with 5 mm thick glass and a depth rating of 150m. the 3-O rings make the flashlight completely proofed from the water.

SecurityIng Wide 120 Degrees Beam Angle Scuba DivingThe body of the flashlight is of aircraft grade aluminum with military grade anodized finish. Its body is thus free of corrosion, abrasion and is resistant to scratch. It offers protection against reverse polarity and secures the device from improper battery installation.

The dive light is completely waterproof and works at the maximum diving depth of 492 feet under water. It is extremely lightweight at 285 grams and is thus easy to carry and store underwater by scuba divers.

Diving Flashlight

#2. Underwater Kinetics C8 eLED (L2) Dive Light

Underwater Kinetics C8 eLED (L2) Dive Light Features:

  •  Dimensions: 7.2 x 7.1 x 3.4 inches
  • Weight: 2.4 pounds
  •  Body: corrosion resistance, up to 20 years
  • Unique optical design
  • Holding handle
  • Maximum run time: 20 hours
  •  Rechargeable battery

The Underwater Kinetics LED Dive light has been the favorite source of lighting for divers around the world. The advantage of this flashlight is that it takes the power and the reliability of the original lights and amplifies it. Its lighting system has about 1200 LED lumens.

is possible to recharge the battery pack up to 900 lumens with the help of alkaline batteries. It is waterproof and is of non-corrosive materials, its composite body can fight corrosion for 20 years after constant salt water exposure.. Its making includes tough rubber bezel to resist impacts under water.

Underwater Kinetics C8 eLED (L2) Dive Light The rechargeable battery pack is airline safe and has a long life of up to ten years with proper maintenance. The flashlight’s peak beam technology concentrates 90% of the output of the lumen at the center of the beam, thus it minimizes glare and backscattering and enhances the viewing distance to many folds.

Battery power:

The flashlight has an optimal run time of 6 hours on high mode (900 lumens function) and 20 hours on low mode ( 400 lumens work). It is possible to switch between full and half power to extend the life of the battery. The flashlight can function with both the rechargeable battery pack and standard alkaline batteries.

Diving Flashlight

#3. Light and Motion Sola Dive 800 S/F Dive Light

Light and Motion Sola Dive LightFeatures:

  • Dimensions: 8 x 8 x 6 inches
  • Weight: 1.2 pounds
  • Powerful and rechargeable
  • 2 years guarantee
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Standard hand mounts

The Light and Motion Sola Dive light is powerful, compact and rechargeable with dual beam options and multiple power settings. It is an ultimate travel-friendly flashlight with 800 LED lumens certified to FL-1 standard.

The flashlight features a 12 degree underwater beam angle and 60-degree flood angle and has been tested under water for accuracy.  Rechargeable batteries in a sealed design with additional charge ports for reliability are its added credibility. The dive light delivers lighting at a depth rate of 330 feet.

Light and Motion Sola Dive LightThe dive light is compact and weighs only 285 grams, which makes it perfect for travel and water diving. The factories in California manufacture the flashlight along with 2 years’ Experience guarantee from Light and Motion.

The dive light has three power settings for a single mode; its sealed body never allows water to enter under any circumstances. The standard Cordura hand mount is available with the dive light for hands-free use.

Diving Flashlight

#4. ORCATORCH D520 Compact Scuba Dive Light

ORCATORCH D520 Scuba Dive LightFeatures:

  • Weight: 12.8 ounces
  • 1000 Lumens flashlight
  • Multifunctional battery charging
  • 150 meters depth underwater
  • Waterproof O rings
  • Mechanical rotary switch
  • Ideal for recreational and deep diving

This super bright Orcatorch makes use of the USA Cree Neutral while LED bulbs and offer a maximum light output of up to 1000 Lumens. It is powered by 2 CR123A batteries, which is not available with the shipping.

The flashlight has three O rings for waterproofing and renders perfect lighting for up to 150 meters underwater. It is easy to operate and its rotary switch renders excellent lighting in the waters with simple turns. The dive light is of use for recreational divers but also has other applications such as lighting on cave diving or wreck diving.

ORCATORCH D520 Scuba Dive Light

It is small, lightweight and fits in the palm of the diver with a mechanical rotary switch to regulate the amount of lighting. The flashlight features a neutral white LED bulb with a maximum power output of 1000 lumens.

The maximum run time of 2 hours and has a robust water-resistant construction. It is easy to port and operate and is ideal for both recreational and deep diving. Some of its other applications are salvage operations, underwater fishing operations, underwater archeological works, and scuba diving training.

Diving Flashlight

#5. VOLADOR Scuba Diving Flashlight

VOLADOR Scuba Diving FlashlightFeatures:

  • Weight: 2 pounds
  • Super bright diving light
  • Solid construction with Rotary switch
  • Waterproof for 150 meters
  • Professional Dive Light with 2000 lumens
  • The lifespan of LEDs: 50,000 hours

The Volador Scuba Diving Flashlight is a super bright flash lighting system with XPH50 Cree Led bulbs. These bulbs have a lifespan of about 50,000 hours. The maximum output light brightness is 2000 lumens with a maximum intensity of 25,000 cd.

It offers excellent bright white light underwater and its mechanical rotary switch helps in switching lighting modes appropriately for underwater use. The body of the dive light is of military grade Aluminum material and it is thus resistant to corrosion from seawater and abrasion.

VOLADOR Scuba Diving Flashlight

The double barrel construction of its body offers protection against overheating and also avoids electrification externally. It features a special sealing design to resist water and its three O rings offer excellent resistance even under high water pressure.

The light rays can pass through a maximum of 150 meters underwater and the flashlight has a maximum lighting distance of 236 meters. It is professional equipment that is ideal for use in underwater fishing, scuba diving, underwater photography, and salvage. Its other applications are camping, in hiking and swimming, trekking and underwater spear hunting.

Diving Flashlight

#6. Princeton Tec Sector 5 LED Dive Light

Princeton Tec Sector 5 LED Dive LightFeatures:

  • Dimensions: 5.5×3.6.5 inches
  • Weight: 4 pounds
  • Pistol grip
  • Powerful 550 lumen beam
  • Trigger switch design
  • Waterproof
  • 24 hours runtime.

The Princeton Tec Sector Dive Light has a powerful 550 Lumen beam which could transmit light for several meters under water. The flashlight has the convenience of a pistol grip and is easy to hold underwater with its anti-slip grip. It is possible to switch modes for either constant or momentary illumination with the mechanical rotary switches on the flashlight.

The half pull of the trigger renders momentary lighting and full pull renders constant illumination. It has four C cell batteries for power so as to reduce bulk in the dive light. The maximum burn time of these batteries is about 24 hours.

Princeton Tec Sector 5 LED Dive Light

The trigger switch near its handle is highly sensitive and responds to gloved hands as well. The dive light is waterproof and is of with military grade Aluminum. There are three color options available with the flashlight, namely Neon, yellow and Black.  It is easy to handle and transport as it is lightweight at just 1.43 pounds.

Diving Flashlight

Guide for Buying Best Dive Lights

Before choosing to purchase the best Dive Lights, it is important to focus on few aspects such as the type of light, power source, the angle of the beam, body of the flashlight etc. Having a thorough knowledge of these aspects can help in choosing the best flashlight that doesn’t empty the wallet. Let us discuss those aspects here,


Type of Light:

Depending on the underwater purpose of the diver, the choice is made between primary, secondary or photo lights. It is okay to take the secondary light for all diving expenditures as they come handy in emergencies.


The angle of the beam:

Investing in a narrow beam or a light flooding flashlight depends on the diver’s plan and purpose. A dive light with a wide beam angle is appropriate for night diving and is the best choice to yield maximum visibility.

Lights with smaller beam angle, on the other hand, offers bright spots ideal for exploring crevices and caves under water. Their limited visibility is much desired while diving at murky waters. Professional divers and lobster hunters prefer narrow beam lights as it illuminates long passages perfectly.



Flashlights are generally powered by either disposable or rechargeable batteries. The traditional alkaline batteries are widely available and are inexpensive, but their performance is limited and they have poor battery life.

Lithium batteries have excellent performance compared to the former but are expensive. Also, they are not widely available through recyclable. Frequent and professional divers prefer rechargeable batteries, as their performance is excellent and are cost effective.

They might require power access for recharging which demands little planning before each dive.


Types of Bulb:

Dive Bulbs are generally built of three different materials, namely Xenon or incandescent bulbs, High-intensity discharge bulbs (HID) and Light-emitting diodes, (LED). Xenon lights are cost-effective but have limited brightness than the other two. But it offers warm white color which is important for underwater photography.

LED and HID lights render the best brightness and also have energy efficiency and long life. LEDs are durable and robust compared with HID models and is the most preferred dive light bulb by professional divers.


Use of the Dive Light:

The implications of the dive light depend on what type of light the diver would require. For day time lighting to explore under little crevices and rocks, a small narrow beam light that could be stored in the pockets is the best choice.

During night time diving and for viewing broad sea floors, a bright dive light with a wider beam angle is desired. For underwater photography, a light with a wide and consistent beam with no hot spots is the best choice.  Divers seeking primary lights should choose the ones with a tight and bright beam and with long battery life.


Physical Factors:

  • Caution on choosing flashlight with waterproof and pressure proof features are of utmost importance. The pressure of water is high underwater, and it might crush the torch into pieces, leaving the diver with no source of light.
  • Depth rating of the light should be checked as well, ideal dive light should be able to work at least 150m below sea level.
  • The construction of the flashlight is an important aspect to consider. It should either be of titanium, stainless steel or Aluminum. Most of the sturdy and long life lights are of aircraft grade Titanium.
  • The handle and grip style of the light is up to the preference of the diver. If possible the light should have mounting options to ease the stress on the hands.


Other Factors

  • The light should be easy to access and be intuitive to change power and beam settings.
  • Wide beam flashlights with a high lumen capacity offer maximum visibility in the night time. Lights with narrow beam are ideal for day time diving.
  • Dive lights with adjustable beam angle are an ideal choice for divers who perform both day and night diving.
  • For technical diving, HID lights are the choice as they produce a penetrating beam with long battery life.


Different Types of Dive Flash Lights:

There are three different types of Dive lights, namely Primary lights, secondary or back up lights and Video lights. Let us discuss each one of them briefly here,


  Primary Dive Lights:

 These are the brightest and the largest of all the lights and are best to use in both daytime and night-time diving. They are durable and could last at least a decade without much maintenance. Their battery pack is large and powerful enough to illuminate even dark areas under water.

The primary dive light can run a minimum of 8 hours at full power and its efficiency doubles when the power is reduced. Primary dive lights are powered by disposable batteries or by rechargeable ones.

Two forms are currently available in the market, namely lantern grip and pistol grip, which are improvisations over the standard stick lights. As they are the main lights underwater, they are powerful and feature a center-focused narrow beam to ensure prompt visibility under water.


 Secondary Lights:

A secondary dive light is also a backup light that is put into use when the primary light fails. This flashlight is compact and lightweight and is small enough to occupy a small storage space. It also features a narrow beam of light like that of primary lights.


Dive Lights for Photos and Videos:

These flashlights are ideal for taking photos and videos of unique underwater creatures.  They produce constant and even beam of light with extreme brightness for clarity.

They emit constant and even beams for a long time and the angle of the light beam is at 90 degrees with the high lumen power to render good lights on the objects to be captured. LED bulbs power video lights whereas photo lights use external flash or strobes.



Having the best collection of scuba equipment invites for frequent and interesting dives aimed at multiple desires such as expedition and adventure. For those scuba divers who dive for exploring the wrecks, cracks, and caves where beautiful sea life hides; a good diving torch is a must.

Diving flashlights are of different sizes and functionalities with each model being designed for a specific purpose. Choosing the best torch depends on the diving plans and purpose and we hope our guide helps you in selecting the best fit find.


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