The 5 Best Disc Golf Baskets of 2021


Disc golf is an excellent recreational game for many people around the world. The game is for everybody who has a passion for golf. The game is all about throwing a Frisbee into a chain basket that is kept at a specified distance. Setting up the basket is also an easy task. It is extremely portable and one can make a small golf course at the beach, backyard or in one’s own lawn to set up the game.

There are hundredths of disc golf baskets available in the market and choosing the best among them demands a lot of research and practice. We have made your search simpler and have listed the best disc golf baskets here along with their buying guide. We hope that our guide helps you in choosing the best of disc golf baskets for the game.


Best Disc Golf Baskets

Quick Answer: The 5 Best Disc Golf Baskets – [2021]

  1. DGA Mach 2 Disc Golf Basket
  2. Axiom Discs Pro 24-Chain Disc Golf Basket
  3. MVP Black Hole Pro 24-Chain Portable Disc Golf Basket
  4. Innova Discatcher Traveler Basket
  5. Driftsun Sports Portable Disc Golf Basket

Best Disc Golf Baskets Reviews

#1. DGA Mach 2 Disc Golf Basket


Features At a Glance:
  • Standard disc golf basket
  • Extremely durable and portable
  • Made of heavy-duty steel
  • All galvanized disc golf basket
  • Weather-resistant
  • 18 strands of chain to stop putts
  • Ideal for permanent outdoor installation
  • Weather-resistant.
The DGA is one of the best disc golf baskets available for outdoor golfing activities. The basket is extremely durable and portable and is of heavy-duty steel material. This is an all galvanized practice disc golf basket that has the capability to withstand extremes of temperatures. This is an excellent, high quality and weather-resistant tough disc golf basket for practice and is ideal for playing casual disc golf for a tournament level play. It is available as a standard basket with a portable base.

The basket consists of two rows of chains and has in total 18 strands to help stop putts and to prevent bounce-outs from hitting the pole. It’s patent sliding link technology helps in softening the disc impact on the chains. The DGA Mach 2 is a personal style disc golf basket and is ideal for permanent outdoor installation. It is also portable and features a standard free standing base that is of metal. As it features a weather-resistant galvanized dip finish it is able to withstand extremes of weather and stays permanent at the harsh outdoors.

#2. Axiom Discs Pro 24-Chain Disc Golf Basket


Features At a Glance:
  • Dimensions: 26 x 8 x 26 inches
  • Weight: 35.5 pounds
  • Best home practice basket
  • Fast and easy to assemble
  • 12 outer chains and 12 inner chains
  • Approved by PDGA
The Axiom pro basket has the best and the most realistic design and renders a realistic putting experience off the course. It is known for its high visibility and thus makes golfing for beginners pretty easy and simple.  This is one of the best baskets available for those who wish to take their game to the next level improve their putt in style. This is a perfect home practice basket and has a design for the most realistic golfing experience of the course. The axiom baskets are known for their excellent visibility and thus even beginners are able to play the game perfectly in these baskets.

Disc Golf Basket

It is fast and easy to assemble the basket. Its unique engineering and sturdy all-metal construction help in assembling the basket in less than a minute. It features an excellent technology and brilliant arrangement of chains. The basket has in total 12 outer rings and 12 inner rings that are equidistant from each other and have a zero weak pocket orientation. These chains help in reducing cut through and pole bounces. This basket features standard PDGA height and size regulations and has approval from PDGA.

#3. MVP Black Hole Pro 24-Chain Portable Disc Golf Basket 


Features At a Glance:
  • Dimensions: 26 x 8 x 26 inches
  • 24 high visible chains in two tires
  • Zinc coated heavy duty course
  • Zero weak pockets
  • Reduces cut through and pole bounces
  • All-metal construction
  • Unique engineering and design
  • Easy to assemble
  • PDGA approved
The black hole Pro model features a slim band design and course quality along with a heavy gauge chain with an excellent design for an optional putting experience off the course. It has about 24 visible zinc coated heavy duty course weighted chains that are available in two tiers. It has 12 tiers at the outer portion and 12 chains at the inner zone, that have equidistant orientation for zero weak pockets. Thus the basket is able to reduce cut-through and pole bounces appropriately.

Portable Disc Golf Basket

This golf course is of sturdy and all-metal construction. It features a unique engineering design and is quick to set up as well. It assembles and disassembles in less than a minute. The course has approval from PDGA and has been built having the standard PDGA height and size regulations in mind.

#4. Innova Discatcher Traveler Basket


Features At a Glance:
  • Available in attractive blue color
  • Simple one action set up
  • Re-designed newly
  • features12 chains
  • Extra-wide basket tray
  • Lightweight and durable
  • quick-drying mesh fabric
This is one of the most attractive golf baskets available in the market as it features a royal blue design. It features simple one-action setup and has a design with 12 chains arranged equidistantly. It features an extra-wide basket tray which is of durable and lightweight quick-drying mesh fabric. The golf course features five legs that render a wide and sturdy base. There is anchor rings attachment that includes the anchor stakes and they serve to secure the target on uneven surfaces and on windy days.

Innova Discatcher Traveler Basket

The Dispatcher traveler disc golf target accompanies the user on all their disc golf expeditions. It is the lightest and the easily portable disc golf target which is easy to set up by the traveler. The basket is ideal for taking on camping adventures, on mountain and beach endeavors and at trips to the park. It is extremely lightweight and is easy to set up as well making it the best choice for schools and youth camps.

#5. Driftsun Sports Portable Disc Golf Basket 


Features At a Glance:
  • DGA regulation size
  • 12 chains with best chain gauge
  • Heavy-duty galvanized chain
  • Durable zinc coating for weather resistance
  • High-quality frame to withstand the game
  • Lightweight and collapsible
  • Adjusting height
It is possible to take the game to the next level with this portable golf basket from Driftsun. It is quick and easy to assemble and disassemble and is perfect for all leisure, fun and serious practice endeavors. There is absolutely no trouble to set up the basket at the backyard to have fun with friends. It is the best combination of quality and convenient along with the DGA regulations for a lightweight portable disc golf basket.

Driftsun Sports Portable Disc Golf Basket

It is extremely durable as it is of heavyweight galvanization chain. These chains help in increasing the chain gauge by 40%. It also includes a heavy quality steel frame and a durable zinc coating for weather resistance. The basket is good to place permanently outside and can also move inside for practice.

How to Choose a Disc Golf Basket?

Sports Portable Disc Golf Basket

Disc golf is one of the most recreational summer sport available for those who play golf for leisure. But there are a number of best disc golf baskets available in the market and it is pretty confusing to choose the best out of them. Many of the players have a hard time deciding which golf basket to settle with. We have listed some of the factors that play a pivotal role in choosing the best Disc Golf basket here, we hope these points will help in putting up the best game every time.

  • The budget of the golf baskets
  • Foldable
  • Narrow target
  • Light duty baskets
  • Heavy-duty baskets
  • On course use
  • Portability
  • The material of the basket

The budget of the golf baskets:

Price of the golf basket is the first and the foremost constraint and how much the person is willing to spend depends on the quality and the type of golf basket they invest. These are essentially available in different price points from expensive to cheap. Those who buy baskets for tournaments and other serious games should spend more, on the other hand, those who buy them for fun sports can go for a low-cost basket.


Some of the baskets are portable and they fold back easily. The user can simply collapse the basket down and fold it to secure it inside the carry bag. They are also extremely lightweight and it is possible to carry them at ease. Most of these foldable baskets have approval from PDGA as well and can be an excellent option to use as temporary baskets in the tournament.

Narrow target:

For those wishing to enhance their putting target, then narrow target disc golf baskets are most ideal. They also help in training the mind but are not good at catching discs, and they also do not come to use in leagues and tournaments. These discs are for practice purpose only and are good at the learning stage. There is a larger probability of missing targets for those who are using a smaller target, but having a successful shot can be really motivating.

Light duty baskets:

The light-duty baskets are the slimmer and the lighter versions of the heavy baskets. They do not have a lot of chains and are also cheap on par with the heavier version. They have all the features of a heavy-duty basket but are of lightweight, but they are not travel-friendly as it is not possible to fold them easily and carry them around. Its few and lighter chains can also result in spit outs and putt misses.

Heavy-duty baskets:

Heavy duty baskets are professional baskets that offer on-course experience and helps with tournament and leagues practices. They offer excellent on field experience at a reasonable price point. The galvanized disc golf basket is of premium quality material and is permanent. They are also durable and sturdy and are perfect for public disc golf courses as well. They come to use as permanent baskets as they can take a lot of abuse and use.

On course use:

It is good to invest in a basket that feels realistic and renders an authentic feel. A number of people prefer a golf disc basket that feels realistic and helps in improving the game. It is important to focus on the dimension of the basket and check if they are PDGA approved or not. Check for the number of chains in the basket. If there are 24 chains in the basket, twelve outside, six at the middle and six at the inside then the baskets have met its regulation goals.


While talking about the portability of the disc goal, one important thing to consider is the weight of the goal.  A number of portable disc goals can be heavy, which will make it difficult for the user to transport it. As there are a number of weighing options available with portable disc goals, one has to choose the one that fits one’s requirements. The light weight one are easy to carry and fits in the backpack easily. Baskets that are of metal are bulky in weight and are difficult in carry.

The material of the basket:

Material of the basket will define its weight. The baskets that are of mixed material such as fabric or metal are lighter in weight. They are also easy to move around and are easy to stuff in the car easily. The durability of the basket is not assured and they also easily wear out easily. Baskets that are of steel and metal or heavy and not easy to move around easily.


The Best Disc Golf Baskets FAQs:

What are the PDGA approved targets?

The professional disc golf association approves some targets for golf baskets and currently it is divided into three basic categories, namely standard, basic and championship. The list of PGDA approved targets are updated on 20th March 2019, one can check the currently approved targets online.


How does a disc golf basket work?

The disc golf baskets are the crucial part of any disc golf course. It has the same function as that of the golf holes similar to the traditional golf. The hole is considered complete when the flying disc is thrown touches the chain and falls inside the basket. The score that the player yields gets added up, taking into account the number of throws it takes for the disc to rest in the disc golf basket. It is possible to get both portable and permanent disc golf baskets in the market.


How to move portable disc golf baskets?

The portable disc golf baskets are either ultra-light or heavy duty. The user can leave the heavy duty metal baskets outdoors without having to worry about the weather. The lightest baskets can collapse and it is possible to stuff them in the carrying cases. The user can sling the case over the shoulder and take the basket anywhere they want. It is advised not to leave the lighter ones outside for a long time period.


Buyer’s guide: How to Choose the Best Disc Golf Basket Does It Feel Realistic?

The buyer has to ask a number of questions to themselves before investing in a Golf basket. He has to check if it is portable or not, he has to check on the basket material, check the different brands of disc golf baskets etc. The ideal purchase will always depend on how much the user is interested in it. Some general things to watch out for while buying a basket are,

  • Does the product feel realistic
  • How portable the basket needs to be?
  • The material of the basket

Does the product feel realistic?

For those who care about the authentic feel of the disc golf goal, they have to pay close attention to its dimensions. Another important thing that influences its authentic feel is the number of chains it has. The most realistic baskets will have 24 chains and these keeps the discs from shooting through them. For these reasons, the weight of the basket is also important.


How portable the basket needs to be?

The portable disc golf baskets are available at different weight ranges. Some of them are designed to fit perfectly in a backpack. On the other hand, some of them are really heavy to carry for a far off distance. Baskets that are constructed of metal tends to be bulkier and heavier, but they are tend to be more resilient and stable to force Frisbees colliding into them.


The material of the basket:

Some of the best portable disc golf baskets are of mixed materials such as metal or mesh fabric. These are also lighter and are easily portable. Baskets that are of mixed materials are not durable and cannot be left outside for a long time period. Portable baskets that are of hybrid models are ideal for picnics, camping trips, etc.


Final Words

For those wanting to take their game of disc golf to the next level and to improve their putt in style, the disc golf baskets are ideal. We have also listed that best of these baskets that will help in accomplishing the task. All of the baskets that are mentioned here are of high end materials that offer the maximum strength, stability and durability. We hope our list and our guide helps you in choosing the best basket for all your golfing needs.


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