The 5 Best Body boards of 2021


There is no fun like riding water waves on Body Boards. It is the most amazing and accessible water sport to enjoy the waves. But choosing the suitable body board according to your height and weight is very important.

This is not a task for a newbie. You need to know each and everything before buying body boards to enjoy the ride. A deep research can help you get the information and perfect pair of Body Boards. This is where I am going to help you.

Here We present my deep and well-researched article to help you buy the best and suitable body boards keeping important things in mind. It will help you to enjoy the best of your time. Let’ dig deeper:


The 5 Best Body boards – [2021]

  1. Lucky Bums Body Board with EPS Core, Slick Bottom, and Leash
  2. Bo-Toys Body Board Lightweight with EPS Core
  3. California Board Company MMAG Bodyboard
  4. DaSupaFins Hammerhead Bodyboard with Deluxe Leash & Stability Stringer
  5. Own the Wave 33” Blue Bodyboard

Best Body boards

Best Body boards Reviews

#1. Lucky Bums Body Board with EPS Core, Slick Bottom, and Leash

Lucky Bums Body Board


• High-density polyethylene slick base

• Length: ranges from 33-inch, 37-inch, and 41-inch

• Rails: 60/40

• Lightweight and hard-wearing

• Secure and sturdy

This is a paddle board which is going to give you the best time while enjoying the water. Everybody knows that pleasure of beach and getting a tan is calming, but not everything is equivalent to the enthusiasm of riding a wave. The Lucky Bums Body Board is appropriate for all the thrilling heart as it has 60/40 rails and rear channels. It is amusing for all ages whether passing through waves or doing activities.

Lucky Bums Body Board

This Paddle Board is awfully lightweight, tough, and balanced which is well-matched for as numerous falls and wipe-outs as you are. You can tie up the harness to your wrist and enclose it at a justifiable distance to you.

It is intended with high-density polyethylene slick underneath which can fight whichever circumstances and give the panel terrific control, manoeuvrability, and augmented tempo. It is planned for captivating enjoyment in hours of enjoyment at the beach, river or waterpark doing trials on waves and outside.


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#2. Bo-Toys Body Board Lightweight with EPS Core

Bo-Toys Body Board Lightweight


• Length: 41″ board

• Arrives with HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene) super slick bottom

• Well build & firm

• Amplified speeds and potency

• Lightweight and Sturdy

This Paddle Board is strong that is ended with EPS core and will provide you with the most excellent of the instance while surfing. It approaches with Heat lamination Technology and tenders crash control robustness. It will furnish you extra manoeuvrability, and enlarged speeds and power. It has a fashionable proposal and diverse shade options for you to decide to get the finest surfing enjoyment.

It is finished with HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene) super slick bottom that has a waterway and a semi-circular end. It has a dissimilar emotion and water deceased set alongside all wave conditions. It has 60/40 rails that permit for more manoeuvrability and ability.

Bo-Toys Body Board

It comes with a restraint and wristband to keep the paddle board near you. You will have the benefit of the ride as it is lightweight & stiff to let you sense the excitement in easiness.

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#3. California Board Company MMAG Bodyboard

California Board Company MMAG Bodyboard


• Ready with High-density Polyethylene Bottom

• Lengths: 44”x23”x2.75”

• Robust and Lightweight

• Thumb bulbs for more power

• Hemispherical tail design for control and ease

After purchasing this Paddleboard, you will be able to experience the thrill that water has to offer. The bridle is actually completed with remarkable value. You can effortlessly tie the leash around your wrist to keep the paddle board close by. It also comes with double swivel pro-style coil wrist leash so you can keep the paddle board near you.

California Board Company MMAG Bodyboard 4

It will clutch your body healthy and powerfully. It is lightweight and will not let you experience any additional weight. It is cast with a line deck for ease and toughness. It will be well-organized and physically powerful enough to offer you a wonderful time on the water.

It has water-resistant EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) core that constructs it burly to keep up with tense waves and keeps you enjoying. It will provide you with an ideal fit for protected arm wells.

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#4. DaSupaFins Hammerhead Bodyboard with Deluxe Leash & Stability Stringer

DaSupaFins Hammerhead Bodyboard


• Prepared with High-Density Polyethylene Bottom

• Durable and lightweight

• Well-built and flat

• Weight: 300 lbs

• Length: 41.5 x 22 x 2.2 inches


It is a Paddle Board that will improve your general incident on the water. It is ended with strong equipment that is capable to endure up to 300 lbs mass over it. As power inserts to the wider front part of the board, it acquires large throughout the slimmer exterior permitting the easy glide. The floor of the paddle-board is consists of elevated brilliance Extruded Polyethylene (EPE) froth which will give you desirable toughness.

DaSupaFins Hammerhead Bodyboard 5

The base of this paddle board is finished in High-Density Polyethylene with two canals for the improved performance. This Paddle-board fuses aerodynamic equipment with a clever drawing that gives a flat, hasty, and amenable journey. The main well-known feature is inspired by the environment as it has a wider face and slim body. The graphite stringer pole inside the board is the center for extra elasticity.

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#5. Own the Wave 33” Blue Bodyboard

WAVE WEAPON Super Lightweight Body-board



• Shiny better design

• Floor rear channels for better power

• Falcate tail for flexible riding

• Durable, water-resistant, very lightweight

• Lighter, stronger PP slick to be faster

This Paddleboard moves forward with a great perky and unbelievable PREMIUM twisting paddle board harness. It has a set of fin tethers to validate that you don’t lose your roll fins in the waves. This is a Paddleboard that you will be staring for.

This Paddle Board is amazingly glowy and features an eminent velocity refined foot facade under rear conduits for a great management and a semi-circular tail to extra help performance. The most excellent leash has built-in board fond of you at all times and is brilliantly comfortable, as are the fin tethers included your valuable dip fins.

Leash and Fin Tethers of the paddle board will be at the extreme bottom of the board enclosed in a stretched and wrap up beneath the plastic wrapping.
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Things to consider while buying body boards


  • Size
  • Core Material
  • Stringer
  • Tails
  • Shape and Length
  • Bottom Types



The first and foremost thing to check is the size of the Body Boards. The ideal body board should reach up to your belly button when stood on the floor flat, or it should fit between the top of your knees and your chin when held in front. The same size of Body Board cannot serve many because of the size factor.


Core Material

Before buying, always check the core material of the Body Board. Nowadays, it mainly comes in two types of core material- Dow polyethylene foam (PE) and polypropylene foam (PP). Dow has been used as cores for decades. It is heavier but offers excellent flexibility, projection and all-around performance whereas Polypro boards are lighter and firmer than the other one.



A stringer plays an important part in Body Board. It is a merged material tube that goes down through the middle of the board and works like a spine. This helps in adding more strength, increasing projection, and providing an immediate retreat.



Tails are the last exit point for water that comes in different shape and size to have different effects. Always look for wider tails because it gives you more stability and faster speed. The crescent tail is extremely popular because it is best to hold the rider into the wave face. The narrow crescent tail will increase control while turning the Body Board.


Shape and Length

The essential part to check while buying body board is shape and length. If it’s too large for you then you won’t be able to control the board easily. It will hit the tails whenever you will try to pump with your fins. Similarly, a small board won’t offer enough floating feature. This will slow you down and will cause a sinking effect.


Bottom Types

High-Density Polyethylene ‘HDPE’ is used to enhance the performance c of the Body boards. It adds strength and provides resistance free riding. It will also enhance the speed and give you more power to easily turn on the wave.

HDPE + Mesh

This comes with all the above-mentioned features with the advantage of a woven fiber mesh fixed inside the bottom to give more strength and projection.


Prevention for Body Boards

You should get your hands on below-mentioned accessories to ensure the best experience of a lifetime. You’ll need this kit to get started:


Don’t forget to wear it around your wrist or bicep. It will help you to be with the board even when you fall off.



Check your height, weight, and ability before choosing a body board for you. If you are new to surfing then always start with a soft foam board. It is the best because it is thicker and wider to make the surfing easy.


Wax is a very common accessory by all the surfers. It is best to apply it to the deck of your board to get more grips.


These are a must while body boarding. It is a multipurpose accessory and will help you to catch the waves and swim against strong waves.


FAQ’s for Body Boards

Q: what is the importance of body boarding fins?

A: Body boarding fins are very important for anyone who enjoys water sport. If you are planning to surf large sized waves then you have to add movement to the deck which you can gain with fins.


Q: Which are best: Slimmer or thicker Body boards?

A: Recently, body boards are becoming slimmer from about 55mm to around 51mm. Thinner boards are best for a newbie because it has less speed but comes with increased movement.

Thicker boards are best for surfers because it has bigger volume and high speed. It is also suitable for fast sections and big turns.


Q: What is the required minimum age for Body Boarding?

A: The minimum age limit for body boarding activities is 8 years old. However, the little one can get the lessons from a tender age. Anyone can surf, as long as you can swim. But it is advised to supervise the child below 8 years. Under the supervision of parents or guardians, kids of all age can enjoy body boarding. You will get lessons that are suitable for all level whether you’ve never been in the sea before or a professional rider.



So, now you have all the information that you need to know about body boards! Don’t be afraid of body boarding as it will give you a thrilling and amazing experience. Just keep above-mentioned things in mind while making a purchase for Body Boards. Getting your hands on good body boards, using above precautions, will ensure you and your child’s safety.

I hope my research will help you get the suitable set of body boards for your entire family. So, if you have adrenaline rushing right now, get a body board and plan a ride!

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