The 5 Best Bear Sprays of 2021


Best Bear Spray

Outdoor activities are fun and adventurous but the wild is also hazardous. Those planning on outdoor activities such as camping, hiking or exploring the wilds, should have enough knowledge on tackling the wild animals, especially the bears.

Carrying bear sprays on all outdoor activities are mandatory, especially when visiting a place known to be a bear habitat. Bear sprays are extremely effective in deterring the mammal by emitting a strong and powerful stream or fog of capsaicin.

This extremely hot pepper formula irritates the bear’s sense organs and the lungs and reduces its reacting stimuli. They do not cause lasting damage for the bear though. These sprays are good enough on all bear species including the polar bears.

They seem to be effective on mountain lions, moose and other animals that are aggressive in the wild. Here, we have a comprehensive list of the best bear sprays that helps one stay safe in their camping endeavors.


The 5 Best Bear Sprays – [2021]

  2. Counter Assault Bear Repellent Spray
  3. Udap Bear Spray Safety Orange
  4. Guard Alaska Bear Spray with Nylon Holster
  5. RUGER RB0100 Bear Pepper Spray

Best Bear Sprays

Best Bear Sprays Reviews



  • Capacity: 7.9-ounce bear spray
  • Allowed by EPA and Health Canada
  • Strength guaranteed by Sabre’s HPLC lab
  • Great protection at a safe distance
  • Long lasting spray with a shelf life of 3 years.
  • Effective against Black, Brown and polar bears

The SABRE Bear spray is made in the USA for a confident a well-prepared hiking trip. The bear spray training kit includes a 7.9-ounce bear spray and one 7.9-ounce practice spray. The practice spray deploys the same firing mechanism as that of bear spray to enhance safety through familiarity and confidence.

The spray has the maximum stopping power and is allowed by health Canada and EPA. Its strength has the guaranty of HPLC in house laboratory of SABRE eliminating failure rates absolutely.

SABRE FRONTIERSMAN Bear SprayThis bear spray features excellent protection against bears at a safe distance. The distance range is about 30 feet and the spray deploys a heavy fog of 45 grams per burst. Thus it creates a large barrier between the bear and the user for additional safety.

The shelf life period of the spray is about 3 years and is regarded as one of the best hiking and outdoor survival gear. The Bear spray is effective against black, brown and polar bears.

Bear Spray

#2. Counter Assault Bear Repellent Spray

Counter AssaultFeatures:

  • EPA certification
  • Maximums strength and long distance spray
  • Nightglow locator
  • Tactical Holster included
  • Hinders the sense organs of the bear
  • Effective against 8 species of bear

Counter Assault Bear repellent spray is a farthest reaching repellent against bears and is a leader in the stream. It is indeed effective up to 40 feet when every foot matter in the wild. The spray has the strongest formula but allowed by the law.

It is of 2% capsaicin and other relevant capsaicinoid products and harmlessly keeps bears at bay. It hinders the ability of the bear to see, smell, hear and think clearly. The spray is effective against 8 species of bears including polar bears.

Counter AssaultThe spray has a longer shelf life period of about 4 years and also lasts longer than other brands. It passes the leak test for quality and is by far the best bear repellent sprays known.

This is the only known bear deterrent spray that meets the requirements of the SNAP (Significant new alternative policy) certification. The spray is compliant with the clean air act and does not contain any ozone depleting harmful substances.

Bear Spray

#3. Udap Bear Spray Safety Orange

Udap Bear Spray SafetyFeatures:

  • Active pepper power fogger
  • Disperse active ingredient in a short time span
  • Most powerful bear repellent fog spray
  • Hottest bear spray as allowed by the law
  • Most effective aerosol attack tool against bear

The Udap Bear Spray is a spray of preference by hikers for its short-acting time. The spray is capable of dispersing more active ingredients within a short amount of time. For self-protection, the spray includes an exclusive Griz Guard Holster.

The combination has been developed by a Bear Attack survivor and thus is proven effective in all bear combat situations. It is the hottest bear spray available but abides by the law. This is the reason behind the trust people have on the brand.

This is an active pepper power fogger and dispenses large volumes of OC on the bear within the shortest time duration., Its enhanced spray range, broad spray pattern makes it the most active aerosol tool available for a bear attack. The particle size is small and the bear can easily inhale it for the spray to be highly effective.

Bear Spray

#4. Guard Alaska Bear Spray with Nylon Holster

Guard Alaska Bear SprayFeatures:

  • Product dimensions2 x 2 x 8.8 inches
  • Weight: 9.1 ounces
  • Size: 9-ounce spray
  • Range of spray: 15-20 foot approximately
  • Ultra hot pepper spray
  • Nylon holster with Velcro closure

The Guard Alaska Bear spray is the ultra-hot pepper spray with Nylon Holster. It is proven to be highly effective against repelling bears. The spray is being registered with the EPA as a repellent against all bear species.

The spray acts as a powerful and highly effective defense spray against bears far better than the cheapest alternatives available in the market. Its scientific formula has endorsement from the Alaska Science and Technology Foundation as one of the superior formulas than other spray variants.

The spray is environmentally safe and does not contain any harmful substances that deplete the ozone layer. No flammable products are part of its active ingredients. The canister is of 9-ounce size and has a spray range of 15-20 feet. It is effective against all bear species and features nylon holster with Velcro closure and a belt loop.

Bear Spray

#5. RUGER RB0100 Bear Pepper Spray

RUGER RB0100 Bear Pepper Spray


  • Dimensions: 12.4 x 5.8 x 2.2 inches
  • Weight: 2 pounds
  • 9 seconds of continuous bear spray
  • Attacks multiple bears
  • Spray range: up to 20 feet as fog cloud
  • Penetrates the wet fur of the bears

The Ruger bear pepper spray dispenses its ingredients in a fog cloud pattern and can irritate the eyes and other sense organs of the bear preventing it from reacting. It is important to spray low in the shape of Z as the bear keeps his head and ears low when it wants to attack.

The preparation is available in a 9-ounce can and a single spray can last for up to 9.2 seconds with continuous spraying. The spray creates a fog cloud barrier between the bear and the user scoring enough time to escape from the scene.

The Ruger branded spray is endorsed by Tornado, a leader in pepper spray innovation for personal defense. The canister is of a compact handy design and meets all requirements of complete protection against the mammal.

It is an excellent addition to one’s personal safety plan be it at home, at the campsite or in the car. If the product does not satisfy the users, then they can return it within 30 days of the invoice date.

Bear Spray

How to Choose The Best Bear Spray?


Bear sprays come a long way in keeping the camper safe and alive during their wildlife endeavours. Here are some important points of consideration while choosing the best bear spray for camping.

  • Strength of the spray
  • Range of the spray
  • Duration of the spray
  • Capacity pf the content
  • Safety features
  • Expiry
  • Price

Strength of The Spray :

Bear sprays are more than normal pepper sprays; their active ingredient is Oleoresin Capsicum. They are hot peppers owing to their strong concentration of capsaicinoids. Bear sprays contain around 1-2% of this ingredient whereas personal defence sprays contain only 0.18%-1.33%.

Check the can for its concentration of this ingredient before buying, for anything less is not going to be effective against bears. The EPA or the Environmental protection agency allows the maximum concentration to be 2%.


Range of The Spray :

The range of the spray should be at least 16 feet to 30 feet so as to deter it at a safe distance. If the spray range is less than 16 feet then the camper has to wait for the bear to come closer and increase their adrenaline levels.


Duration of The Spray :

Some spray cans have a spray duration of 4 seconds whereas some can last for about 5-6 seconds. The camper has to buy a spray can that has EPA approval and follow the instructions given on it.


Capacity of The Content :

The spray contents of the can should be around 9 ounces at least to have a safe trip. Even the largest of the spray can weigh less than a pound in the market. It is okay to carry additional cans if the place of the camp is the usual habitat of bears.


Safety Features :

A lot of Bear spray manufacturers are including a number of additional features to make the spray more convenient. Some of them come with holsters so that there is no need to carry the can in the hands at all times. Keeping the cans in the bags is not a safe idea as the bear can come pouncing any time, usually when unexpected. The cans also feature a safety cap to prevent accidental discharge. For travellers exploring in the night, some cans have the glow in the dark feature as well.



Sometimes we buy a bear spray can and never get an opportunity to use it. Bear sprays come with expiry dates and will not function properly after the date is over. But they have a long shelf life period of 3-4 years.



The price of average size can be around $35. Price varies according to the quantity of the spray and its additional features such as glow in the dark and holster features.


How does a bear spray work?

The pepper spray canister is full of hot pepper particles and when it activates, it shoots aerosol bursts of capsaicin up to eight meters. The capsaicin is a red pepper derivative irritates the membranes of the lungs, nose, and eyes of the bear.

It is very effective when sprayed at short range and results in temporary loss of sight and breathing restrictions. To be effective, the spraying is done in a Z shape, so as to hit the nose and the eyes of the bear. Most of the time, the bear leaves the area after spraying rendering enough time for the user to recede.


How to effectively use the bear spray?

The spray should be kept in a place that is readily available to the user, preferably in the backpack or belt. When exploring in a zone where bear encounters are common, then it is better to have the spray in hand. If the bear approaches to attack, then spray the can to deter the bear. The following instructions guide in using the spray properly.

  • Always aim towards the approaching bear and adjust the spray angle as per the wind direction.
  • Keep the arm steady and depress the trigger with the thumb.
  • When the bear is 30 feet away 2-3 seconds bursts is ideal.
  • The aim of the spray should be above the head to adjust for gravity.
  • More than one application may be required so the entire contents should not be used in one burst.
  • Spray again if the bear continues to approach, this time the aim should be on the face.
  • Once the bear tarts reacting and try to clean itself, leave the area as quickly as possible.
  • Instead of running, the victim should try getting to a safe place such as a car.

Bear sprays are not fit for use of the seal that holds the nitrogen propellant deteriorates. This also reduces the ability of the can to spray for a long distance. It is important to replace the spray can

  • After discharging its contents and emptying it
  • If the can exposes to extreme temperatures such as below freezing point of above 50° C.
  • If the expiry date of the can is over


Precautions while using Bear Spray Cans:

Bear sprays are explosives and some of the variants are extremely flammable. The following important precautionary measures help in the safe handling of the spray cans.

  • Take care to keep the can in a secure place to avoid its fall during transport.
  • Bear cans should not be transported in an airplane, in any vehicle or in a close contained unless it is completely sealed.
  • It is not a good idea to use spray on humans and tents. This will not have any deterrent effect on the bears.
  • Some bears are in fact attracted to bear spray, if there is any contact with the skin, then it is good to clean it with white vinegar.
  • Wind direction and its speed affects the effectiveness of the spray. While spraying if the wind is blowing towards the user then it will affect the user and not the bear.
  • It is a good idea to spray the deterrent from a favorable wind direction.
  • In the event of accidental contamination with humans the mucous membranes of the nose, lungs, and eyes swell and irritate.
  • In the event of contamination, the protocol is to clean all affected areas with cool and clean water and to remove the contact lenses. It will take 20 mins for the symptoms such as cough, sneeze and teary eyes to subside
  • If the symptoms persist then medical attention is mandatory.


Final Words

We hope our guide on the best sprays helps you on the optimal usage of the can. We have also listed the precautions to be taken while exploring the wild, especially the habitat of wild animals. Our list of the best Bear sprays will definitely help in choosing the best and the safest spray can.


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