The 6 Best Beanies – Men & Women of 2020


Best Beanies For Men and Women:

The beanies are one of the best cold-weather gear options and are now made stylish and comfortable to fit all users. There are several beanies that one can rely on to keep the ears warm and in absolute style. Beanies will offer a cool and a casual hipster look, they are also pretty warm. Most of the beanies are close-fitting and they help to trap the heat against the scalp and stay on the head. The beanies are also stylish enough to fit all clothing styles. Let us discuss the top best beanies for both men and women here.


Best Beanies For Men & Women

Quick Answer: The 5 Best Beanies For Men & Women – [2020]

Best Beanies – Men’s

    1. Carhartt Men’s Acrylic Watch Hat A18
    2. FORBUSITE Mens Slouchy Long Oversized Beanie Knit Cap
    3. Timberland Men’s Rib Shallow Beanie

Best Beanies – Women’s

  1. QUEENFUR Women Knit Slouchy Beanie Winter Soft Warm Ski Cap
  2. Funky Junque H-6020a-06 Solid Ribbed Beanie
  3. PAGE ONE Womens Winter Ribbed Beanie Pompom Soft Warm Hat

Best Beanies For Men & Women Reviews

Best Beanies – Men’s

#1. Carhartt Men’s Acrylic Watch Hat A18


Carhartt Men's Acrylic Watch Hat At a Glance:
  • Made from 100% acrylic material
  • Made in the USA
  • Carhartt label is sewn on the front of the beanie
  • Extremely stretchable
  • The crown length is 13 ¼ inches
  • Hand wash only
The Carhartt Men’s Acrylic Watch hat has been working hard to keep the heads warm since 1987. It Features an expert rib-knit construction and its construction consists of a warm and stretchable rib-knit acrylic fabric. This Beanie features a versatile design and it thus works great with almost everything. It also features the classic durability of the Carhartt brand. For more than 130 years, Carhartt has been making gear for those who work in the rugged corners of the world.

These beanies are for men and women and it features the latest built-in technology. Users can always count on this gear, which helps them to work harder and smarter. This beanie is indeed a classic and you would require it every time the wind blows, and gets blustery, and when the temperatures also drop suddenly. This Beanie not just stays warm, but also stays comfortable as well. It consists of 100% acrylic rib-knit fabric and is of stretchable material as well.  This is of a one size fits all type and features a fold-up cuff with the Carhartt patch.

#2. FORBUSITE Mens Slouchy Long Oversized Beanie Knit Cap


FORBUSITE Mens Slouchy Long Oversized Beanie At a Glance:
  • Knit hat style beanie
  • Appeals to both men and women
  • Baggy, loose, and flexible
  • One size fits all design
  • Oversized and long
  • Designed with dual layers
  • Cap has a polyester fabric lining
  •  Light and soft fabric
  • Excellent feel; all-season cap
This is a perfect beanie hat for men, with a knitted construction and pattern.  This can be a perfect gift and it goes great with more casual clothes. It can frame a perfect addition to a wardrobe and packs eminently even in tight spaces. You can stuff it in your handbag, suitcase, and even in the pocket. It is great for travel, as even after crushing it gets back to its shape to wear. It covers the entire head and features an anti-slip and anti-wrinkle design. The cap has a polyester fabric lining and consists of acrylic on the outside.

The slouchy aspect of the knit cap makes it even better to look and feel. It is extremely warm and it also breathable while wearing it. Its oversize design fits the head without constricting it and you can manipulate the cap farther over the ears and even lower on the forehead, as per preference. The cap softly wraps down under the ears and never on them directly. It is available in a variety of colors and thus can be a perfect gift for others.

#3. Timberland Men’s Rib Shallow Beanie


Timberland Men's Rib Shallow Beanie At a Glance:
  • Made from 100% acrylic material
  • Features pull-on closure system
  • Features a fold-up cuff
  • Leather logo patch backing
  • High-quality and weatherproof beanie
  • Durable and comfortable
  • Available in earthy colors
  • Casual and cozy hats
This ribbed and cuffed beanie renders a perfect finish for all cool-weather ensembles. This is a ribbed and a cuffed beanie that is extremely soft with no itching. It also renders a cozy and warm feel and is of 100% acrylic material. The beanie features a leather logo patch and is of a one size fits all pattern. This beanie is from Timberland, which is a classic American label that has its dedication in rendering high quality and weather-resistant ensembles.

This beanie is characterized by a durable and comfortable style and its construction is mainly from premium materials. It also comes in versatile and earthy colors finishing and is casual, cozy, and extremely cool on the wearer. Timberland is indeed an outdoor-inspired lifestyle brand that sells products that reflect on the heritage of the brand for its style, function, and craftsmanship. The brand’s dedication to making quality products escalates many folds, with its commitment to environmental and social responsibilities.

Best Beanies – Women’s

#4. QUEENFUR Women Knit Slouchy Beanie Winter Soft Warm Ski Cap


QUEENFUR Women Knit Slouchy Beanie At a Glance:
  • Made from 100% acrylic material
  • Faux fur pompom at the top of the hat
  • Warm and fashionable
  • Offers a very good stretch
  • Removable pompom
  • Oversized design
  • Used as ski cap
  • Keeps the user warm
This cable knit hat is of 100% acrylic material and it also features a faux fur pompom at the top of the hat, making it thick and comfortable. The beanie can get the user to feel warm and fashionable at the same time. It is a one-size beanie that offers a good stretch and its head circumference is about 52-60 cm and fits most people. Users can remove the pompom and make it easy to care and clean.

The hat features an oversized design, and thus it will match if one dresses up in casual or in youth style outfits. It also comes to use as a ski cap. It also ensures absolute warmness, as it is soft and thick. Users can get the fur fluffy with the help of a hairdryer and brush. the best practice is to consider the hat for hand wash, to prevent deformation. It is indeed a highly fashionable and practical winter item, it is suitable for all types of heads and doesn’t fall off easily. apart from winter months, it is ideal for parties, skiing, traveling, camping, hiking, etc.

#5. Funky Junque H-6020a-06 Solid Ribbed Beanie


Funky Junque H-6020a-06 Solid Ribbed Beanie At a Glance:
  • 100% acrylic material
  • Unisex design
  • Solid ribbed beanie
  • Over 50 color choices
  • Warm and fashionable
  • Perfect fit with ample stretch
  • Measures 8 x 9”
  • Very thick beanie
  • Very soft acrylic material
Funky Junque is a fashion brand that makes 100% super soft acrylic beanies in over 50 color choices. All of these beanies are both warm and fashionable and are from 100% acrylic material. These beanies are unisex and are thus great for both men and women. Being a classic knit beanie, it renders an extremely cool look on the user. It is of a one size fit all pattern and thus doesn’t fail to render plenty of stretches and a snug fit on the head of the wearer. The beanie measures about 8” long and 9” wide when it lies flat.

This beanie is good to use both indoors and outdoors and plays a brilliant role in keeping the earn and the head warm, no matter how cold it is outside. The beanie is of very thick quality and its construction is of 100% soft acrylic material. You can machine wash it and hang to dry. Apart from beanies, the brand also sells several winter gear such as hats, scarves, cuffs, gloves, and jewelry for both women and girls.

#6. PAGE ONE Womens Winter Ribbed Beanie Pompom Soft Warm Hat


PAGE ONE Womens Winter Ribbed Beanie At a Glance:
  • 100% acrylic material
  • Stylish outdoor cap
  • Helps to keep the head and ears warm
  • Ideal for all outdoor winter activities
  • Thick cable knit for warmth
  • Thick crocheted hat
  • Excellent elasticity
  • Stretches to fit.
This winter beanie for women consists of 100% acrylic material and it is a stylish outdoor cap to be worn in the winter months. It helps to keep the head and ears warm during outdoor activities and can be a great companion during endeavors like ice skating, skiing, hiking, etc. It features a thick cable knit for warmth and is one of the most preferred hats for women. This crocheted hat is thick and you should only machine wash it and hang it up to dry as well.

This hat is of high-quality materials and has a design that suits one. It features excellent elasticity, thus making the cap easily adjusting. The cap stretches to fit all the noggins and the crazy hairdos. It is so comfortable and women would want not to take it off forever. The users will stay effortlessly stylish with this beanie and it also features a 100% money-back guarantee too.

Buying Guide For Best Beanies

Best Beanies - Men & Women

Different Types of Beanies:

Over the years, beanies have grown up to be of different types, that are offrom different types of materials such as wool, acrylic, synthetic fibers, fleece, and almost everything in between. The most common types of beanies are as follows,

  • Woolen Beanie
  • Beanies with fleece lining
  • Cotton Beanie
  • Acrylic Beanie

Woolen Beanie:

These beanies are made from natural wool ad cotton fibers. They are great to wear when one feels cold, as it features the best insulating properties and also can wick away moisture away from the head. These beanies ultimately result in a warm and dry head. Woolen beanies generally feature a groovy cross pattern and they also have small holes between the fibers. Though these cannot be avoided, they do not affect the effectiveness of the beanie.

Beanies with Fleece Lining:

Fleece is a material that is of use in the mid-layers of beanies, owing to its crazy properties, that allow it to retain heat, even when it is wet. It is also great in wicking away moisture from the skin and it keeps the hot hair trapped within it. Fleece lining with a woolen outer shell prepares the person for the wildest of weather.

Cotton Beanie:

Cotton is of lightweight material, that is used in all types of clothing, but it is not relevant to snow sports. This is because cotton doesn’t wick away moisture and it soaks up and stays wet until it dries up properly. The general idea is that cotton beanies should not be of use during the winter season.

Acrylic Beanie:

The majority of the beanies are of acrylic material, as they are easy on the head and are cheap to manufacture as well. The material is similar to wool, and it is capable of losing its thermal properties as it is of synthetic material. Acrylic breaths relatively well, but is not as effective as wool, when it comes to keeping the head warm.


How To Choose Your Best Beanies?

Best Beanie

Making sure that the head is completely protected is important for an active day in the mountain. When one is active in the cold, the body requires to send a lot of blood to the extremities. A beanie helps to assist in this and is required to fit well without demanding to adjust. They should also protect from wind and precipitation, and look awesome as well. Let us discuss the key important factors to look for while buying beanies.

  • Liners
  • Ear Covers
  • Visors
  • Headphones
  • Comfort
  • Warmth
  • Construction
  • Thickness


Several beanies, especially those that are made from a coarser fabric help to keep the scratchy fibers off the bare skin, by stitching a liner into the insides of the hat.  These liners are generally of fleece material, but they can also be of cotton, merino wool, or polyester material. They can either line the inner cap completely or only concentrate on the headband. The liners also help to improve the longevity of the beanie as it serves as an additional material to prevent the cap from stretching around the head.

Ear Covers:

The Beanies can leave the ear lobes exposed, and thus can be uncomfortable while traveling at high speeds in the cold temperatures. Snowboarders and skiers will enjoy beanies with ear covers for this reason. At times long tassels also can accompany the ear flaps for two major purposes. They can either tie beneath the chin to keep the covers down, while moving swiftly in high winds, or tie above the head to keep the covers off the ears, while the atmospheric temperature rises.


Some of the beanies come with a short sewn-in visor. These can be exceptional features that can help to block the sunlight and to keep the beanies high above the eyes. They can also help keep the goggles flat against the face. As these visors feature an aesthetic design, they also look popular as baseball or cadet style caps.


As these are covers for the ears, there is no surprise that some of the beanies come with additional features to support audio on the go.


Choose a beanie that is of a comfortable material and best suits one’s skin types. Itchy beanies have plagued the foreheads for decades, coming in the way of warmth and rendering very little comfort. Beanies that are made of fleece, liners, and merino wool have addressed the issue and now leave the user with less head-scratching.


Choose a beanie that is capable of keeping you warm in the winter. But the extent of warmth depends on the kind of weather that prevails in one’s living space. There are beanies made of different materials to deal with different temperatures and environments.


Construction generally covers several features, such as double knit cap, ribbed and chunky knit, etc. There are many items such as ear flaps and the lining material that are constructed with the beanie.


Thickness also relates to construction and materials, and it depends on whether one is planning to wear only the beanie or wear it with other elements of layering. Users can opt to go for a thinner hat if they wear a beanie under a hood or a helmet.


FAQs for The Best Beanies For Men and Women:

Which type of beanie is the best option to try:

A traditional cuff beanie is the best option to try, although a bobble hat can help as long as one adapts for neutral and subtle coloring. Consider mixing the texture as well, while buying the cap.

How should I choose the fit of the beanie?

It is important to choose a beanie that best fits the size of the head. Many beanies tend to have a snug fit while holding warmth in it. But a tight fit can also get too tight and uncomfortable quickly.

Which is the most appropriate material for the beanie?

The common materials that are used to make the beanies include fleece, cotton, acrylic, and wool. They are also easy to clean. Fleece maintains the warmth and wicks away moisture and comes in a range of thicknesses as well. They are also much durable and breathable.


Final Words:

There are several designs and colors of beanies available, and choosing a particular color and design is a matter of personal preference. It is a good idea to wear a bright color beanie with neon or more reflective colors, especially if the person takes part in winter sports for easy identification. Nevertheless, beanies are warm, versatile, fashionable, and are great for a range of activities. We hope our product recommendations and our buying guide helps you in picking up the best beanie for your winter sports.

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