The 6 Best All Mountain Snowboard of 2021

Best All Mountain Snowboard

All-mountain snowboards are the best companions to explore the mountains of the world. Irrespective of the user being a casual cruiser or a seasoned rider, these boards stand up to all skating conditions and on all terrains. These boards are completely dependable in all times of the day and irrespective of the snow conditions. Rides on these mountain boards guarantee the best performance and fun in all types of terrain.

They are the most preferred to explore the snow mountains owing to their versatility and flexibility. They undoubtedly serve the most passionate boarders pretty well on the snow and are specialists in doing so.

Buying the most reliable all mountain snowboard should not be a daunting task as there are hundredths of models to choose from. Though internally all of us feel to buy cheap alternatives, investing in a credible one pays off in the mountain tops. Check out our top 6 collections of the best All-mountain snowboards here for the best snow adventure


The 6 Best All Mountain Snowboard – [2021]

  1. System MTN and APX Complete Men’s Snowboard
  2. STAUBER Summit Snowboard & Binding Package
  3. Burton Ripcord Snowboard
  4. Gnu Billy Goat Snowboard
  5. K2 Broadcast Snowboard
  6. Lib Tech Skate Banana Snowboard

Best All Mountain Snowboard

Best All Mountain Snowboard Reviews

#1. System MTN and APX Complete Men’s Snowboard

System MTN and APX Complete Men SnowboardFeatures:

  • Lightweight performance
  • Rocker chamber profile
  • Snowboard made of wood
  • Full length EVA base pad
  • Base plate and high backs are of fiber
  • Thermos fit molding liners

The system MTN and APX complete Men’s snowboard is apt to float with extreme power in the waters. It offers a lightweight performance to help people excel in their riding. Its rocker chamber profile enhances float and ensures that the rider never gets caught on the edge.

The small chamber sections in the tail and nose engage only when there is a need to jump. The MTN snowboard is of wood from its central tip to the tail, artisan grade heartwood stringer is available down the center of the board.

Its bindings are of lightweight for excellent performance on snow surfaces. Its full-length EVA base pad, gel insert straps, and ladder straps are its excellent features. The base plate and the high backs are of 15% fiber with the anatomical alignment of the foot bed.

There are metal hooks for superior lace hold and for lasting power. Its thermo-fit heat molding liners it is possible to have a customized fit and an articulating cuff for smooth flex.

Best Snowboard

#2. STAUBER Summit Snowboard & Binding Package

TAUBER Summit SnowboardFeatures:

  • All-mountain style snowboard
  • Twin directional rocker chamber
  • Steel edge side wall
  • Lightweight bindings
  • Free stauber sticker

The Stauber Summit snowboard and the binding package is a high-quality snowboard with innovative technology. It allows for comfortable mountain snow riding and is also fit for an exhilarating park riding. The shape of the board prevents the user from catching an edge in the snow.

Its rocker chamber profile and twin directional shape are perfect for the best holiday on the snow mountains. The snowboard accommodates riders of all expert levels from beginners to experts. It is a lightweight all mountain style snowboard with ridge binding.

TAUBER Summit SnowboardThis twin directional chamber rocker features a 2×4 mounting system in sandwich construction. Its components are of 100% real wood at the core and the side walls are of ABS with steel edges. Its base, top, and bottom sheets are resistant to scratch and its bindings have an injection molding and adjusting high back.

Best Snowboard

#3. Burton Ripcord Snowboard  

Burton Ripcord SnowboardFeatures:

  • Product weight: 12 pounds
  • Ideal for beginners and intermediate skaters
  • Flat top bend
  • Directional flex and shape
  • Fiberglass core

The Burton Ripcord snowboard is one the easiest and progression friendly snow board for beginners. Its design accelerates beginners and intermediates in snow skating to advance further in their riding situations. Its directional shape makes it easy to work in any terrain and snow levels. Additional stability and a catch-free feel come from its flat top with easy bevels. Its soft flex makes this snowboard the best alternative to a number of other snowboards.

The Burton Ripcord board offers its users the easiest stance setup and compatible adjustments. The board has a flat top bend with an easy bevel and it’s 5 mm taper directional shape makes it the best snowboard of choice. The core of the board is of 900 G, certified by FSC. Its biax is of fiberglass and super sap is of epoxy with easy bevels.

Best Snowboard

#4. Gnu Billy Goat Snowboard

Gnu Billy Goat SnowboardFeatures:

  • Board weight: 12 pounds
  • All terrain contour
  • Unreal G2 construction
  • Core: Aspen and Paulownia II
  • C3 BTX chamber profile
  • Rocker between the feet

The Gnu billy goat is the best snowboard for those who wish to explore the mountains at an excellent speed. People prefer this board for the speed it offers and thus it is more suitable for advanced riders. The user should be able to handle it with a technique so as to exploit the additional power it offers. Riding the board lazily is not of any use and definitely ends up in falls.

Its C3 BTX chamber profile is excellent and is unique and is a true differentiating factor for this board from the rest of others. There is a rocker between the feet on the board. When there is no weight on the board, the rocker does not touch the ground.

The board features an easy float in powder. It features excellent speed and is in fact designed to go fast on it. The board performs exceptionally well in bumpy points and jumps efficiently without interrupting stability.

Best Snowboard

#5. K2 Broadcast Snowboard

K2 Broadcast Snowboard Features:

  • Product dimensions: 9 x 27.6 x 27.6 inches
  • Weight: 6.57 pounds
  • Base: Sintered 4000
  • Flex rating: 3 (moderate stiffness)
  • Relentless glide
  • Universal durability

The K2 Broadcast snowboard in a well directional all mountain board that is capable of tearing up all the groomers and surfing through the pow. The board’s profile has also been termed as directional camber Baseline as it has chambers between the bindings. There is a slight reverse chamber at its tip and tail and offers a confident edge hold and additional float for the board.

The board is of K2 BAP core with carbon glass top sheet and a medium flex. Thus its strength and durability are guaranteed. Its deck has a K2 sintered base and is capable of absorbing the wax deep into the base for a fast glide without any friction.

The nose of the board is 3 mm wider than the tail and helps in effortless float even at the deepest snow point. In short, it helps to master the powder by speeding up the groomers and helps to broadcast ones skating skills.

Best Snowboard

#6. Lib Tech Skate Banana Snowboard

Lib Tech Skate Banana SnowboardFeatures:

  • Board weight: 12 pounds
  • All terrain snowboard
  • Easy riding geometries
  • Hybrid contours
  • TNT base that is Eco sublimated
  • Floats effortlessly in powder

The all new Lib Tech Skate Banana Snowboard has been built by the world’s most environmental friendly factory. The board has been built with wind and water power generation in the US. This is a revolutionary snowboard that changed the perception towards recycling.

Its users across the globe appreciate its hybrid contours and easy riding geometrics. The Eco sublimated TNT base of the board makes it the fastest one at very low maintenance.

The board is fun, is easy to ride without compromising on the performance. It jibs and floats effortlessly in powder and carves almost everything on its way. There is a rocket between the two foot rests.

Its core is of 75% ASPEN and 25% PAULOWNIA. The glass is of TRI AX fiber and the top is of eco sublimated TNT. The internal sidewalls are sintered and its tips and tails are equipped for impact deflection.

Best Snowboard

Buying Considerations for All mountain snowboards

All Mountain Snowboard

Specifications of All mountain snowboards:

Terminologies that we use with snowboards are a bit confusing and are not understood easily by a first-time shopper. Let us discuss the brief descriptions of these terminologies before discussing the snowboards buying guide.

  • Profile
  • Board Shapes
  • Construction
  • Core
  • Flex



Snow boards can have three types of profile, namely camber, flat and rocker. All-mountain snowboards combine all these three profiles to qualify themselves as versatile boards. E.g., Some boards might feature camber underfoot with rocker tails and tips.

  • Camber: Cambered snowboards will have their ends in contact with the snow and their middle portion has a small upward rise.
  • Rocker: It is exactly the opposite with the middle of the board in contact with the terrain with the end tilt upwards. They are the best to float in fresh powder and to initiate runs.
  • Flat: These boards are flat with the entire length of the ski in contact with the snow.

Board Shapes:

It is not just the profile that has to be considered while choosing the skateboard but the entire shape of it. The different shapes with All mountain boards are,

  • Directional: These boards suit both floating in powder and to carve down the hill. This is the common shape in most boards for its versatility. It is the best for riding forwards and has a tapered nose.
  • Twin: The nose and the tail looks the same in these boards. They are good to ride both forwards and backward and are the board of choice for park riders.
  • Directional twin: In these boards, the nose and the tail are of the same shape but the rider’s stance is towards the tail. They are tuned to ride forward and to perform jibs and jumps.
  • Asymmetrical: These boards have a large side cut with a good edge hole and are good to carve down the hard pack. They appeal to groomers as it offers a perfect turning circle.


Construction of the board is also an important terminology to know before heading to buy a snowboard.

  • Sandwich construction: Also known as sidewall construction, this is the most common type found in the best mountain boards. In these boards, a layer of material is laid flat on one another. ABS sidewalls help to protect the core for additional edge hold.
  • Cap construction: Here the fiberglass layers and the top sheet of the board encase from above sealing the edges automatically. This method is not of use these days but is a lightweight and poppy alternative.
  • Half cap construction: This is a combination of sandwich and cap construction with the fiberglass layer and top sheet encasing the core from top. This meets the ABS sidewall to cover the protect.


The core material is an important feature to check in all boards as it is the powerhouse of the board. The core material defines the power and strength of the board and is the material that holds all other components of the board intact. Some common core materials are,

  • Wood: Most of the cores of high demand boards are of hardwood layers. The density of the woods determines the power of the board. Some common wood types are Birch, Balsa, Bamboo, Ash, poplar, etc.
  • Aluminum: Aluminum honeycomb cores are extremely strong and lightweight. But they are not dampening as wood and might act weird at bumps.
  • Carbon: This is an expensive core material but creates extremely strong and lightweight boards.
  • Kevlar: This is a popular alternative for wood with high tensile strength.


Flex is the extent to which the snowboard can bend between its tail and the nose. It is the measure of the hardness and stiffness of the board to be precise. Medium flex snowboards are capable of the best results.

  • Soft flexible boards: These are for park borders as they are highly maneuverable and allows them to perform tricks.
  • Stiff boards: These are for power and are the best at high speed. It helps users to take advantage of the edge hold and to blaze down the hill


The credibility of the best All-mountain snowboards:

Snowboards need to hold certain qualities so as to qualify for the shopping cart. Some important specifications for high-quality boards are here,

  • Versatility
  • Ability to float
  • Edge hold
  • Stability
  • Responsiveness
  • Pops and jumps



Versatility should be the number one feature of all sporting equipment so as to ensure its optimal functionality. Also, the board should be able to float perfectly in all conditions be it sliding in powder or speeding down the groomers.

Ability to float:

Some of the top performing mountain snowboards float perfectly in powder. This helps the rider to explore the integrities of fresh snow to their content. If the board cannot float in powder, then the rider has to get stuck in deep snow. It will be really annoying to take the board out of the snow every time it gets stuck.

Edge hold:

For riders wanting to race down the ice and hardpack, this feature should be a component of the snowboard. Edge hold ensures safety and stability in a number of challenging situations. It helps in pushing faster and further without having to wash out. Edge hold actually helps in free riding and to board down the hill and is important for those who spend a lot of time in the snow. But for those who are freestyling in the park, this functionality is a deterrent as edge holds can catch on obstacles and hold the rider back. For those spending the majority of the time in the park, the best choice is to choose a freestyle board.


The board has to remain stable even when the rider is cruising fast in it. This is typically important for beginner and intermediate skaters to avoid getting washed out of the board. Inboards with edge hold, it is possible to balance speed with stability even while pulling off at high speed turns and carves.


For snowboards with less experience and confidence, the responsiveness of the board is a typical factor. A board with a high degree of responsiveness is great for boarders wanting to control their speed in different terrains. Boards that are less responsive demand more power to push them and can apply for highly experienced boarders. The rule of thumb is that; lighter snowboards are generally highly responsive whereas heavier boards are not.

Pops and jumps:

These are the most underrated features of mountain snowboards. Pop is the extent of spring or power the board exhibits when the border jumps with it. The border has to work out on how much pop they are comfortable with. A higher pop dictates the extent to which the snowboard can turn. For beginners and inexperienced boarders, boards with little pop are fine but experienced riders may demand a higher josh. The best mountain snowboards tend to maintain their pop throughout their lifetime. The pop degrades with wear and tear with low-quality models.


Final words:

People snowboard to please their aesthetic sense and to please their inner instincts. A perfect snowboard can render so much fun and playtime for the border. But the trick here is to choose the perfect snowboard that matches one’s riding styles irrespective of them being a mountain rider or a park player.

The board has to satisfy so many quality checks starting from being lightweight to enduring pops and jumps. We hope our list of best All-mountain snowboards match the boarding needs of our readers and are up to their content. Invest in a board today and enjoy years of mountain riding fun and adventure.


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