The 5 Best Air Rifles of 2021


Recreational shooting has become a popular activity at the recent time and there are also a number of fun options at one’s fingertips than ever before. Air rifles are not really powerful as real rifles, but they still serve the general purpose without incurring an excess cost. For a moderate cost, it is possible to hit the wilds for target practice, for hunting, and for other shooting competitions.

The market for air rifles is huge and choosing the best rifle that best works for self is pretty tough. So we have reviewed five best air rifles here along with the buying guide to help you choose the best rifle and to have the best fun doing the sport.


Best Air Rifles

Quick Answer: The 5 Best Air Rifles – [2021]

  1. Benjamin Marauder Synthetic Stock Pellet Air Rifle
  2. Gamo Silent Cat air rifle
  3. Crosman Fire Nitro Piston Air Rifle
  4. Magnum Air Rifle
  5. Raptor Whisper Air Rifle

Best Air Rifles Reviews

#1. Benjamin Marauder Synthetic Stock Pellet Air Rifle


Benjamin Marauder Synthetic Stock Pellet Air Rifle At a Glance:
  • Power source: PCP/ Co2
  • Pellet capacity: single shot
  • Safety: Bolt
  • Pre-charged pneumatic
  • Warranty: one-year limited warranty
The Benjamin Marauder air rifle ten shot repeater features an auto-indexing feature. It typically has a 0.25 cal 8 shot repeater and makes use of compressed air with the pressure of about 2000 to 3000 psi.

The user has to make adjustments as shown in the user manual. It is possible to adjust the pressure to different velocities which make this rifle a quite chocked barrel.

The rifle delivers superior accuracy along with two-stage adjustable match trigger. The trigger is of metal and there are raised aluminum breech for easier loading of the circular magazine.

There is raiser aluminum breech for easier loading of the circular magazine of 11mm dovetail and does not come with sights. Its ambidextrous synthetic stock features vertically adjusting comb, which is a full pound lighter than the wood stocked rifle. The air rifle has a reversible bolt to switch from the right to the left.

Its built-in air pressure gauge is 215 cc air, the reservoir is 7.30 lbs and 42.8 long air reservoir ends with a quick disconnect foster fitting which enables quick refills. Its factory-installed designer changes the sharp ping to a dull thud. The improved valve also helps to increase the number of shots.

#2. Gamo Silent Cat air rifle


Gamo Silent Cat air rifle At a Glance:
  • Caliber: 177
  • Velocity: 1200 feet per second
  • Skeleton stock
  • Scope: 4×32 air rifle scope with rings
  • One year limited warranty
  • Break barrel single shot rifle
  • Reduced noise by 52%
The Gamo Silent cat air rifle harnesses the most powerful force that has been in existence. It has the capability to liquidate anything that comes in its path. It can be used to rip apart the fabric of time and space.

The air rifle has the capacity to gut material on an atomic level. When the gun gets fired, the pellet flies so fast that is breaches even the light barrier. The oxygen in front of the pellet is condensed to the level that it reaches its Schwarzschild radius instantly spawning a black hole.

It fires at an unlimited density and features a gravitational pull that is quite strong that even light cannot escape. It takes only one pump for action. Its barrel breaks away after the rear sight and is really powerful to attack birds and rodents.

It is a single shot skeletonized synthetic stock with noise dampening capability. The air rifle reduces the noise by 52% and its fiber optic sights include a 4 x32 scope and mount.

#3. Crosman Fire Nitro Piston Air Rifle


Crosman Fire Nitro Piston Air Rifle At a Glance:
  • Dimensions: 2 x 7.2 x 2.5 inches
  • Weight: 6 pounds
  • Powered by nitro piston technology
  • All-weather synthetic stock
  • Center point 4x32mm riflescope
  • Rifled steel barrel
  • Adjusting two-stage trigger
  • Recommended for adults use only
The corpsman fire Nitro Piston air rifle is a powered break barrel air rifle and features a rifled steel barrel, two-stage adjusting trigger and a center point 4×32 mm scope. This air rifle is not a toy and is recommended for adult use only.

Careless use and misuse of the rifle can result in serious injury or death. Manufacturers recommended that the users are careful and shoot the rifle safely. The user has to be at least 18 years or older to buy any air rifle or air gun in the store.


The weight of the rifle is only 6 pounds and is powered by nitro piston technology.  The all-weather synthetic stock has a center point 4×32 mm riflescope. Its rifled steel barrel features an adjusting two-stage trigger and is recommended for adult use only. It is a one pump gun that breaks in half when it folds back together.

#4. Magnum Air Rifle


Magnum Air Rifle At a Glance:
  • Weight: 8.9 pounds
  • Available in 0.177 and 0.22 Cal pellet
  • Magnum powered air rifle
  • 33 mm cylinder and IGT MACH 1
  • Delivers 1,650 fps in 0,177 Cal
  • Absorbs recoil of the rifle
  • Custom action trigger
  • A comfortable all-weather thumbhole stock
  • 5-year warranty
  • Made in Spain
The Magnum Air rifle is available in .177 or .22 Cal Pellet. This magnum powered air rifle features a 33 mm cylinder and IGT MACH 1. This break battel air rifle is able to deliver 1,650 fps in .177 Cal and 1300 fps ion .22 Cal.

The IGT MACH 1 gas piston that delivers higher muzzle velocity, smoother cocking, and less vibration. The gamo 3-9 x40 Adjustable objective scope with recoil reducing rail. It absorbs the recoil of the rifle and increases the lifespan of the scope.

The custom action trigger independently adjusts the 1st and 2nd stages and adjusts the trigger to the personal preference of the user, making it extremely predictable.

The rifle has a comfortable all-weather synthetic ambidextrous thumbhole stock with five years’ warranty. Gamo magnum also features the latest patent-pending technologies from Gamo, namely the recoil reducing rail.

#5. Raptor Whisper Air Rifle


Raptor Whisper Air Rifle At a Glance:
  • Available in .177 or .22 Cal pellet
  • Inert gas technology replaces spring delivery
  • Less vibration and more consistent power
  • Constant and smooth cocking effort
  • Whisper noise reduction technology
  • Smooth action trigger has a smooth action pull
  • Clean, creep and crisp feel
  • Shock wave absorber
  • One year warranty
The Rapor whisper air rifle is available in .177 and .22 Cal pellet. Its inert gas technology is a gas piston that replaces the spring delivering exceptional terminal velocity at the rate of 1300 fps in .177 Cal.

The air rifle has less vibration, more consistent power and a smooth and constant cocking effort. The air rifle also features a well-known Whisper noise reduction technology that has been patented by Gamo.

Its smooth action trigger features a smooth action pull and maximizes pinpoint accuracy with a clean, creep and a crisp feel. The rifle has a synthetic ambidextrous all-weather stock. Its shock wave absorber is a recoil pad with rubber inserts that are designed to absorb the recoil. The product has on year warranty.

Best Air Rifles Buyer’s Guide

Best Air Rifles

Different Types of Air Rifles

There are different types of Air rifles that are categorized based on their intended use and their method of construction.

  • Break Barrel air rifle
  • Pump air rifle
  • Co2 air rifle

Break Barrel Air Rifle:

These Rifles are also known as the spring piston type. These guns hinge near the front of the fore-stock of the rifle in half. When the guns get cocked, it compresses and secures a powerful spring in its place.

When the trigger gets pulled, the spring recoils and pushes a plunger through an air cylinder as to create the air pressure that is needed to propel the projectile. These rifles are an effective combination of compressed air and steel spring. It is important to cock the gun only when it is ready to fire.

Pump Air Rifle:

In the pump air rifle, the compressed air gets created before the triggers get pulled. The user pumps the hinged forearm a number of times, usually 10-15 times or as recommended by the gunmaker so as to create all the compressed air power. The air is held in the cylinder of the piston until it gets discharged by the trigger pull.

Co2 Air Rifle:

The carbon dioxide rifles are also known as PCP air rifles, and they make use of pre-charged pneumatic cartridge of carbon dioxide as their principal source of air compression.  They have very limited usage and depending on the gun, then can render about 20 to 75 shots.

They do not require any time to reload but their initial cost may overweigh its advantages. Also, they are not very powerful owing to their limitation on the pressure and size of the cartridge.


Best Air Rifles 2

What to look for in the Air rifle?

The scope of the different types of air rifles is different and variant. However, there are certain common factors that one needs to concentrate on with the air rifle, these factors are as follows.

  • The intended use
  • Shooting range
  • Method of propulsion
  • Power and caliber of the rifle
  • Accuracy
  • Air rifle features
  • Look and weight
  • Affordability
  • Ammunition options

The Intended Use:

Before beginning to explore the gun manufacturers, it is important to judge one’s needs, specifications, and desires. For those interested in hunting, they should have a gun that is capable of striking down at animals they wish to hunt. A majority of modern-day guns are suitable to hunt only small game such as squirrels and raccoons.

For those requiring the gun to shoot pests like crows and rate, it is good to choose a gun that fires one thousand feet per second. Hunting bigger prey demands the gun to hold little more power.


Shooting Range:

The specific air rifle will help the hunter to determine their shooting range. Most of the shotguns are unable to offer much range but they have tremendous power. Rifles are capable of rendering a better range, but their power is not up to the mark.

Of the different characteristics that define the air gun, the propulsion method and caliber play an important role. For those intending to hung targets that are far away then the pre-charged pneumatic system is the best choice as it is capable of providing accurate target handling capacity.


Method of Propulsion:

There are a number of propulsion methods, as far as the air rifles are concerned. Each of the propulsion methods should match with the overall requirements, expectancies, and preferences. For some gunners cocking actions and manual pumping can be appealing. But a majority of them prefer quickness and convenience that are a part of the automatic type of air rifles.


Power and Caliber of The Rifle:

The power of the weapon is an important factor to consider before choosing to buy one. Those hunters who wish to slay medium-sized animals should choose a gun with a higher caliber. For those interested only in perfecting the accuracy, it is okay to skim by with a much low caliber and less power. A specific propulsion system and caliber will work in conjunction with each other to determine the power of the rifle.


For those practicing on target shooting for fun, accuracy may not be very significant. But for those who are looking to defeat the opponents in a match, then accuracy is a critical factor. The accuracy component depends on the type of the rifle.

Co2 rifles offer the best convenience and accuracy, there is no need for any manual action thus the gunner is able to concentrate much on accuracy. Break Barrel rifles help with a significant amount of accuracy and pneumatic air rifles also render a tremendous amount of accuracy. These guns are perfect for long-distance shooting games as well.

Air Rifle Features:

There are also a number of optional features that one needs to consider with air rifles. If the gunner equips themselves with a semi-automatic air rifle, then excellent fun and peace of mind is guaranteed for them. Look for an air rifle that renders removable magazine, depending on the selection the gunner will be able to fire 5 to 8

or more bullets in a round without pumping or reloading it. For long-distance shooters, the scope is imperative and will tremendously improve the accuracy of the rifle.

Look and Weight:

The gun’s specific appearance and weight will depend on the style and stature of the gunner. For those wanting to take the rifle with them, it is good to choose a gun that doesn’t look overly realistic.

Some individuals are keen on getting a gun that is hyper-realistic. The weight of the gun also plays a significant role in those carrying it through the woods. It is important for the rifle to be lightweight to avoid panting for breath in the woods.


It is the cost that has made many people turn to air rifles from actual guns for hunting. But the air rifles can still be expensive.  A good rifle with accuracy and strong built will surely cost more but are cheaper than real weapons.

Ammunition options:

most of the hunters prefer air rifles that will allow them to switch their ammunition for different uses. Pellets are perfect for shooting small game and is not preferred for practice shooting. A gun with a large BB reservoir can hold 300 -400 BBs and are great for those who prefer the convenience and who do not wish to reload the rifle continuously. The caliber of the ammunition is pretty important when it comes to the use of the air gun.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) with Air Rifles:

What is the pellet caliber of an air gun?

Many gunners have the doubt of while caliber pellet gun to choose between .177 and .22. It is a fit to purpose proposition and that target only shooters can choose 0.11 whereas hunting shooters can choose .22.


Should I invest in an air gun for target shooting or for hunting?

This depends on a number of factors and it could be impossible that a particular air gun is used with it’s at times and without its scope at other times. For close target shooting, the scope can be less effective than physical sites. The shooting range at which the scope becomes useful depends on the individual and can be determined with some close-range target shooting.

Air rifle scope can be quite effective while hunting as long as long-distance hunters are not shooting beyond the range of the gun. The scope of the air rifle has also been zeroed on a target range prior to the hunt. Air rifle hunting is generally close range and a small game and thus a moderate power scope such as 10×40 can be pretty helpful.


What are the state regulations that exist for air rifle hunting?

Most of the states allow air rifle hunting in general, but some states could have certain exceptions and restrictions as well. It is always good to consult with the state’s regulatory commission to learn the regulations and laws in detail. It is also good to consult the state rules and regulation for air guns caliber and other restrictions.


Some Tips on Effective Hunting Practice:

  • Hunters should always practice on targets and not on live quarry
  • The hunter has to understand their capability to shoot and now the distance in which they can reach their target.
  • Good practice helps to aim better and to execute clean shots
  • Understand the state regulations before setting out to hunt
  • Before starting to shoot ensure that the scope is clear. Also, ensure that the rifle and the sights are in proper alignment.
  • While dispatching rodents, use a shovel to avoid unwanted contact with diseases.

Final Words

Shooting targets in one’s own backyard is fun and also there are opportunities for more formal shooting at clubs. Clubs offer safe targets in a controlled environment to test one’s rifle skills. Those shooting on one’s own property should ensure that there is a backstop in place to prevent the pellets from getting into the neighbor’s land.


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